Madison v. Madison

After the Father of the Constitution dies on June 28, 1836, his wife, Dolley P. Madison, has to distribute $9,000 within three years to his many nephews and nieces. Here are the court records of the ordeal, to fulfill the conditions of the President’s Last Will and Testament. These records also reveal the names of his nephews and nieces, for anyone doing genealogical research.

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Slaves and Owners Attend Same Pre-Civil War Church

Dateline: Edgefield County, South Carolina, 1810-1847. This is a list of church members who attended Bethany Baptist Church. Both slaves and owners went to the same Christian community—certainly blacks and whites attended together.

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Trouble in the First Twelve Years of the Virginia Colony

Dateline: 1623/4, Virginia.

The earliest settlers on the American shores suffered greatly in the first twelve years. What follows is their entire firsthand account of their deadly ordeal. This is the short version with my comments.

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