Randolphs of Early Virginia

Henry Randolph and William Randolph were gateway ancestors (descend from royalty) who arrived in Virginia in the mid-seventeenth century. Virginia was a populous colony and then state. Surely one of your lines links up to them. They and their descendants left behind excellent records to sort out relationships.

This post uses primary sources and goes from 1678 to 1806.

These records are uninterpreted, and mainly those that reveal family relationship or interesting data are included. You can have the fun of sorting out family connections.

The Randolphs are prominent in early court records:

Essential Records of a Key Orphans Court, Part 1 (1677-1690)

Essential Records of a Key Orphans Court, Part 2 (1690-1739)


Ages at Depositions

2 Dec 1678

William Randolph, 28 (Court Order Book 1678-1693, p. 65)

1 Feb 1678

Henry Randolph, 13 (1677-1692 Will and Deed Book, p. 71)

1 Aug 1689

William Randolph, 38 (1688-1697 Wills and Deeds Books p. 74)

1 Aug 1690

William Randolph, 39 (Wills and Deeds 1688-1697, p. 146)

1 Sept 1691

Henry Randolph, 25 (ditto p. 228)

Main Records

2 Apr 1678

William Randolph to William Robins, planter, 591 acres on north side of Appomattox R and north side of Swift Cr.; (written on back of a patent for same, rec. 1 Oct 1674, wit. Richard Cock, Sr. and Thos. Charles); wit: Anthony Tall and Thos. Charles; Mary, wife of Randolph, relinquishes her dower rights (Wills, Deeds, etc. 1677-1692, p. 37)

1 Sep 1678

Judith Randolph, widow and relict of Henry Randolph, decd. is in debt to her son Henry Randolph 6471 pounds of tobacco given to my son by the General Assembly, being a debt to the public from estate of my husband due to my son; for affection to my son I bind myself to give him 5529 pounds of tobacco when my son is 21; wit: Wm Randolph, George Worsham; signed Judith Randolph; I appoint my cousin William Randolph my attorney to acknowledge same at court; wit: George Worsham; signed Judith Randolph (Court Orders 1678-1693, p. 59)

12 Nov 1678

Will of Henry Isham

To half brother Joseph Royal £40 in goods;

To Richard Kennon’s wife, John Wilkinson’s wife, William Byrd’s wife, to each a gold ring at 12 shillings;

To honorable mother, Mrs. Katherine Isham, 1/3 of my personal effects, both in Virginia and in England;

To loving sister Anne Isham, 1/3 part of my estate;

I bequeath my plantation, commonly known by name of Doggams, to be equally divided by my two sisters Mrs. Mary Randolph and Mrs. Anne Isham;

To Mr. William Randolph, all the rest of my estate in Virginia and England and to be executor;

Wit: Ja. Tubb, John Wynn, Wilbert Daniel, Hugh Davis’

Proved 1 Feb 1678 by oaths of Tubb, Wynn, and Daniel (Wills and Administrations, Part I, 1677-1692, Will and Deed Book p. 71)

31 May 1682

Mary Randolph appoints friend Mr. Thomas Cock attorney to relinquish dower rights in Martin’s Swamp; wit: James Cocke; signed Mary Randolph (Wills, Deeds, etc. 1677-1692, p. 216)

1 Oct 1687

Mr. Henry Randolph, late of Henrico Co., decd. took up patent 21 Sep 1671, formerly deserted by John William as by patent 1673 he assigned patent to Margery Gilliam, relict of John, 16 July 1673, but died before it was recorded. I Henry Randolph the son and heir do confirm his gift to said Margery Briggs, late the relict of John Gilliam, a parcel in Bristol, Charles City Co. on south side of Appomattox R. wit: Wm Glover James Cocke; signed Hen. Randolph; rec. 1687 (Wills and Deeds 1677-1692, p. 462)

10 Oct 1686

Will of Katherine Isham

To grandson William Randolph, £20

To grandson Henry Randolph £5

To granddaughter Mary Randolph and Elizabeth Randolph, each £ (sic)

All such money is now in hands of son-in-law William Randolph;

Residue of money in hands of my son-in-law William Randolph to go to my daughters Mary Randolph and Ann Epes, equally;

The above two daughters to be divided what is on my trunk and each to have two silver salt cellars;

To Mary Randolph, my wedding ring, best feather bed, my best silver tankard, and 15 shillings to buy mourning ring;

To grandson Joseph Royal, one servant named John Townes, for the time he has to serve and my small silver tankard;

To every child of my son Royal, two silver spoons;

To my loving son Joseph Royal, my best tankard;

To my grandson Richard Denis, one of best cows and 2 silver spoons;

To grandson Isham Epes, my negro man Dick;

To grandson Frances Epes, my best silver tankard but one;

To child daughter Anne Epes now goes with, my largest silver porringer and great cup, my sealed ring, great hoop ring, pair of silver clasps, and silver bodkin to daughter Anne Epes;

To grandson Richard Perrin, 1 feather bed and furniture

To granddaughter Sarah Royal, 1 yearling heifer;

To granddaughters Katherine Farrar, Mary, Sarah, and Anne Perrin, each 2 silver spoons;

To Katherine Farrar 1 Guinea

To Anne Perrin, one silver porringer

To granddaughter Sarah Dennis, 2 silver spoons and 1 pair of dowlass sheets;

To 2 daughters Sarah Wilkinson and Katherine Perrin, all my wearing clothes;

To my loving friend Mary Parker, 6 ells of best dowlas and as much of the finest serge to make a gown and petticoat;

To grandson Maiden Marshall, 1 heifer, two years old;

To my son Joseph Royal all my land;

All my crop of corn to executors, except enough to buy 2 gravestones, one to cover me and other my dear decd. husband;

All the rest to be divided between my four children: Sarah Wilkinson, Joseph Royal, Katherine Perrin, And Anne Epes, and to each 15 shillings for mourning rings;

Executors: son Joseph Royal and son-in-law Francis Epes;

My body to be buried near my dead husband on my own plantation;

Wit: John Worsham, Nathaniel Hill, Littlebury Epes;

Probated 1 Dec 1686

(1677-1692 Will and Deed Book, p. 392-301)

29 Nov 1687

Henry Randolph wrote a will and bequeathed to his daughter Judith 323 acres on south side of Swift Cr., but Judith died in her minority, so Henry Jr. only brother and lawful heir of Judith sell property to John Wilson for £40 (Wills and Deeds, etc. 1677-1692, pp. 473-77)

1 Aug 1689

Judith Field makes her loving son Henry Randolph her attorney to relinquish her dower right in land sold by my husband Peter Field to James Franling; wit: Rich. Kennon J. Griffin (?); signed Judith Field; rec. 1 Aug 1689 (Will and Deeds Book 1688-1697, p. 73)

1 Apr 1693

Inventory of Henry Randolph by court order, appraised 20 May 1693, valued at £125/12, taken by Richard Kennon, Fra. Epes, John Worsham; rec. 1 June 1693 (Book £3 Wills and Deeds 1688-1697, p. 427)

31 May 1693

I appoint my friend John Soane my attorney to relinquish my dower right in land sold by my husband Henry Randolph, decd. to James Hill; signed Sarah Randolph; rec. 1 June 1693 (Will and Deeds Book 1688-1697, p. 422)

20 Aug to 2 Sep 1695

It is ordered that Capt. Giles Webb who married the relict of Capt. Henry Randolph, late of this county, decd., be summoned to the next court to give security for the orphans’ estate (Orphans Court Order, p. 38)

20 Aug 1707

Capt. John Worsham and Capt. Joseph Royall enter themselves securities for the estate belonging to the orphans of Capt. Henry Randolph, decd. in the room [place] of Maj. Peter Field, dec., and have accordingly given bond (Orphans Court Order, p. 48)

6 Mar 17__ (probably 1710-1713)

Will of William Randolph, Gentleman

Turkey Island, County and Parish of Henrico

Being in 60th year of my age (pages missing)

To my wife Mary, for life, plantation, 400 acres, part of 1000 acres called Turkey Is. and at her death to my son William; also to her rest of land in VA, except land already disposed of; also to her land on Martin’s Swamp and an acre in Town of Bermuda Hundred;

To sons Thomas and Isham, 750 acres to be equally divided, my son Thomas to have his choice;

To sons Richard and John, 3 tracts I purchased of John Woodson, Samuel Knibb and John ____; 900 acres to be divided; to Richard the upper part and to John the lower part.

To son Edward all the tract in Chickahominy Swamp, between lands given to son William above Westham upper Cr and Tuckahoe Cr, being 3256 acres, purchased of Edmund Jennings, Esq., to be equally divided between sons Isham, Thomas, Richard, John and Edward. Son Isham to have the lower part adj. son William and then Thomas, Richard, John and Edward;

To son Isham half of lower island above Westham;

Land on north side of James R. above Turkey Is. To son Edward; …

Daughters Stith and Bland, each a ring;

Executors wife and sons William, Henry and Thomas

Wit: illegible

Rec. 1 June 1713

(Wills and Deeds 1710-1714, pp. 215-18)

30 Oct 1706

William Randolph to William Randolph the younger, son to said William, for love and affection, tract lately purchased of Samuel Woodward of New England, mariner, 167 acres, joining land of said William Randolph the younger and Mr. John Pleasants, lying on Turkey Cr. Island; wit: Wm Henshaw; Hen. Randolph; rec. 1 Nov 1706 (Deeds 1706-1709, p. 3)

1 Nov 1706

William Randolph to Henry Randolph, son of said William for love and affection, tract called Curles with Long Field and all marshes and swamps, land lately belonging to Nathaniel Bacon, Esq.; wit: William Randolph, Jr. and Wm Henshaw; signed Wm Randolph; rec. 1 Nov 1706 (Deeds 1706-1709)

31 Aug 1710

William Randolph, Jr. to Robert Mumford, Henry Cary, Jr. Isham Randolph and Thomas Eldridge, 4 acres on north side of James R. above falls on north end of tract given me by my father, to be equally divided between them; (Wills and Deeds 1710-1714, p. 25)

14 Oct 1710

Will of Allenson Clarke

To servant boy Joseph, on condition he married with white woman, 100 acres land at Coats,

To Col. William Randolph and William Randolph, Jr. all my lands and houses and all servants and slaves and personal estate, and they to be executors; wit: William Finney, John Randolph Edward Randolph (both Randolphs refused to be executors); rec. Jan Court 1710 (Wills and Deeds 1710-1714, p. 34)

5 Feb 1710

Henry Randolph Jr., son and heir of Henry Randolph, late of Bristol Parish, decd. for £100 to John Pleasants, 175 acres and 2 mills in Bristol Parish on Swift Cr., descended to me from my father, patentee and builder of Mills, next to John Archer and Thomas Jefferson; wit: Richard Ligon and Will Kennon; signed Henry Randolph, Jr. rec. 1st Mon in 1710 (Wills and Deeds 1710-1714, p. 36)

20 July 1712

Isham Randolph to William Randolph for £25, 2 tracts, 580 acres; one of 500 acres on Westham Cr. on north side of James R., next to lands of said William; the other of 80 acres, known as Lower Tuckahoe Island; said land was devised to said Isham by will of his father William Randolph, decd.; wit William Finney, Jos. Royall, Jr. Thomas Randolph, Richard Randolph, Henry Randolph, Jr. John Randolph; signed Isham Randolph; rec. 3 Aug 1713 (Wills and Deeds 1710-1714, p. 221)

5 Nov 1716

Henry Randolph to my brother Richard, 147 acres at a place called Newcombs with ½ of Curles Swamp, bounded by Henry, John Lester and said Richard; if I die without heirs of my body, then land goes to said Richard; wit: Franc’s Epes, Jr. and C. Evans; signed Henry Randolph; rec. 5 Nov 1716 (Deeds 1714-1718, p. 118)

10 Nov 1716

Mary Randolph, widow, and Francis Epes and Anne his wife, to Joseph Royall, Jr. for £30 land on south side of James R. at bottom of Bermuda Hundred, next to swamp; 74 acres bounded by patent to Henry Isham 24 Sept 1661, next to Royall and Gurgaine’s landing; wit: Richard Randolph, John Ewert, John Wilkinson, Rene LaForce; Thos. Eldridge, Will Kennon; signed Mary Randolph, Fran. Epes, Anne Epes; rec. 3 June 1717 (Deeds 1714-1718, p. 170)

1 July 1717

William Randolph to John Bolling, Gent., for £22, land on south side of James R. bounded by land of Henry Lound, John Bowman, Jr., being 150 acres, which Henry Gee sold to Giles Webb, Gent., decd. and by him devised to his brother Thomas Webb of city of Gloucester, Esq., and by him sold to William Randolph; wit: Will Kennon, Jos. Royall, Jr.; Elizabeth, wife of Randolph, relinquishes her dower rights; rec. 1 July 1717 (Deeds 1714-1718, p. 186)

12 Aug 1718

Will of Margaret Cocke, widow, Henrico Parish;

Many names, but in this post, Mrs. Mary Randolph is to get a mulatto (Miscellaneous Court Records, p. 433)

April 1724 Court

Thomas Randolph to Robert Carter, deed; Judith, wife of Thomas, relinquishes her dower rights (Court Order Book 1719-1224, p. 332)

27 Aug 1726

Will of Henry Randolph of Bristol Parish

To daughter Sarah Randolph, a tract on Ashen Swamp in Henrico Co., 750 acres, formerly granted to Samuel Fowler by patent 21 Oct 1687, and certain negroes;

To daughter Anne Randolph 550 acres in Henrico on south side of Swift Cr. and negroes;

To son Henry, negroes and £20

To son Francis a tract in Prince George Co. and Bever Dam Branch, 1053 acres, negroes, and £20

Sons Henry and Francis under 21;

To wife Elizabeth Randolph for widowhood the land bounded by Back Cr. and Swift Cr. and to executrix;

Wit: Will Kennon, Richard Kennon, John Wilson; rec. 2 Jan 1726

(Wills and Deeds 1725-1737, pp. 78-79)

9 Apr 1727

Will of John Bolling of Bristol Parish

Wife Mary; Mr. John Fleming who lately m. daughter Mary; Elizabeth Bolling; daughters Martha and Ann Bolling; grandson Richard Randolph; son John; John and Richard Randolph and John Fleming to be executors; wit: William Happer, Thomas White, Joseph Wilkinson; rec. Aug 1729 (Wills and Deeds 1725-1737, pp. 242-43)

6 Oct 1729

Field Jefferson (Thomas Jefferson’s uncle) of County and Parish of Henrico to William Cheatham of same, for £35, 375 acres in Bristol Parish on north side of Swift Cr., next to Hatcher’s Run and Cross Swamp, Elizabeth Randolph, Mrs. Judith Randolph (alias Field), and Pickanockey branch; wits: Tarlton Woodson, John Anderson, Josiah Woodson; signed: Field Jefferson; Francis his wife, relinquished her dower right; rec. 1st Mon Oct 1729 (Wills and Deeds 1725-1737, p. 248)

5 July 1731

Frances Epes and Richard Randolph, Gent., to William Randolph, Esq., as trustees of Bermuda Hundred, sell for 530 lbs of tobacco, two lots in town; the two lots were originally granted to Wm Randolph, decd. to whom said William is son and heir-at-law and by him lapsed; wit: John Nash, Bowler Cocke; signed Fran’s Epes, Richard Randolph; rec. 1st Mon in July 1731 (Wills and Deeds 1725-1737, p. 310)

7 July 1735 (recorded date)

William Randolph, Esq., for love and affection to my son Beverly Randolph, a tract known as Green Quarter on back of tract where I live, 900 acres, which was purchased by me of my brothers John and Thomas Randolph; no wit; signed William Randolph; (Wills and Deeds 1725-1737, p. 496)

October 1740 Court

Mary Randolph, one of the orphans of William Randolph, Gent., decd. chooses Dr. James Thompson as her guardian, John Robertson, Gent. security (Court Orders 1737-1746, p. 126)

July 1743 Court

Elizabeth Randolph to her son Henry, deed (Court Orders 1737-1744 p. 224)

Same date

Henry Randolph to his mother Elizabeth Randolph, deed (Court Orders 1737-1744 p. 224)

Same date

Elizabeth Randolph to Thomas Wells, deed (Court Orders 1737-1744 p. 224)

Mar 1746

Will of James Thompson of Dale Parish

Wife Mary; daughter Anne, wife and son-in-law Isham Randolph to be executors; wit: Field Archer, Elizabeth Archer, Kath. Mail; rec. Nov. 1747 (Wills and Deeds 1744-1748, p. 314)

2 Nov 1747

Bond of Richard Randolph, Jr. to Richard Eppes and William Eppes, for £550. Amos Lass has obtained a decree in General Court against Eppeses for 1000 acres, part of 6500 acres granted tp Francis Eppes, their late father, 28 Sep 1730, which said Amos has since sold to said Randolph, without any deed from Eppeses; Randolph shall indemnify them from any claim; wit: Littlebury Royall, Peter Eppes; signed Richard Randolph, Jr. rec. 1st Mon May 1749 (p. 1744-1748 Book p. 382)

18 Nov 1747

Will of Richard Randolph

Wife Jane, land and plantation at Curls;

Daughter Mary

Daughters Jane and Elizabeth

Son Brett, under age;

Son Ryland, under age;

Son John under age;

Son Richard;

Granddaughters Ann Cary and Mary Cary;

Peyton Randolph, Esq., Peter Randolph, William Stith, clerk, and Richard Bland to settle disputes that might rise;

Executors: wife, son Richard, Col. Peter Randolph, Col. Richard Bland; Mr. Archibald Cary; and the executors, along with Peyton Randolph, Esq., and William Stith, Clerk, to be guardians to children;

Wit: Richard Wilkinson, Richard Hooper, Stephen Childers; rec. June 1749

(1737-1746, Court Order Book, p. 112-14)

12 Aug 1748

Richard Randolph the elder of County and Parish of Henrico to Richard Randolph the younger, eldest son of said Richard, for love and affection, land called Tuckaho in counties of Henrico and Goochland, 2250 acres, now in possession of Richard the younger; wit: J. Bolling, Joseph Randolph, John Fleming, Jr.; signed Richard Randolph; rec. 1st Mon. in Dec. 1748 (1748-1750 Book, p. 58)

6 Sep 1748

Henry Randolph of Dale Parish to William Poythress of Bristol Parish, Prince George Co. for £50, 447 ½ acres in Dale Parish, bounded by George Cousins, James Franklin and Charles Burton, being part of tract of 1790 acres granted said Randolph by patent 12 Jan 1747; wit: Chr. Martin, Field Archer, Drury Ragsdale; signed Henry Randolph; rec. 1st Mon. in Dec 1748 (1748-1750 Book, p. 59)

1 May 1748

Henry Randolph, Jr., of Dale Parish to George Cousins, for £40, 447 acres in Dale Parish, next to Field Archer, George Cousins, Gills, widow Franklin, Col. Poythress, and Isham Randolph and is part of 1790 acres patented to Col. Francis Eppes, grandfather of said Randolph, but lapsed and was granted to said Randolph; no wit; signed Henry Randolph; rec. 1st Mon. May 1749; (1748-1750, p. 99)

3 Apr 1750

Articles of Agreement between Jane Randolph, widow to Richard Randolph, Gent. her son, in which she agrees to convey in lawful writing to said Richard when required to do so, all of her right in land and plantation known as Curls, except dwelling house, kitchen, dairies, meat house and smoke house and slaves: Betty, Cate, Joan Phillis, Jenny, Sukey, Nelly, Rhoda, Hannibal, Boumshire, Jamy, George, devised to her by her husband’s will, late of Curls, which she reserves to her own use, but that Boumshire, the tailor, shall make all the clothes for all the Negroes belonging to the said Richard; wit: Richard Bland, Robert Pleasants, John Lancaster; signed Jane Randolph, Richard Randolph; rec. 1st Mon in Oct. 1750 (DB 1750-1767 p. 31)

22 Sept 1750

Will of Beverly Randolph

Wife Elizabeth; brother Peter Randolph; brother William Randolph; cousin Thomas Randolph, son of my uncle Isham Randolph; nieces Elizabeth, Susanne, and Mary Chiswell; nephew John Price; executors wife and brothers William and Peter; wit: Bowler Cocke, John Goner, J. Wayles; rec. Dec. 1750 (Wills and Deeds, 1748-1750, pp. 42-52)

17 Jan 1753

William Randolph, Gent. to William Byrd of Charles City Co., for £2500, 5000 acres known as Westham, being part of the entire tract lately purchased by the said William from his brother Hon. Peter Randolph, Esq., to whom the same was delivered by his late father Hon. William Randolph and his brother Beverly Randolph, decd. but agreement for Randolph’s slaves to be suffered to continue on the within lands until 20 Oct next, ensuing to finish their crop; wit: Peyton Randolph, Charles Carter, Bowler Cocke, Jr. John Wayles; signed William Randolph; rec. 3 Apr 1753 (DB 1750-1767, p. 224)

18 Oct 1753

John Hanbury, London merchant to Col. Richard Randolph of James R. colony of Virginia, Esq., one of the executors of his father, Richard Randolph, decd. for 25 shillings and for divers other good causes, the assignment of a mortgage and all interest and all collateral thereunder. The estate of the elder Randolph assumed the liability of a debt incurred by an indenture of a mortgage of 19 Nov 1748 between John Randolph, Gent., formerly of Bruton Parish, York Co. VA but then of Middle Temple, London and said John Hanbury in which said John Randolph was to pay £1200 by the first of June next ensuing but he defaulted by will of his father, the late Sir John Randolph of Virginia; wit: William Tudman of the Parish of St. Edmund, by deposition taken before the Lord Mayor of London, Sir Crisp Gascoyne; signed John Hanbury; rec. 6 May 1754 (DB 1750-1767 p. 318)

16 Sep 1754

Agreement between Elizabeth Randolph, widow of Beverly Randolph, Esq., decd. and Hon. Peter Randolph, Esq., elder brother and heir-at-law of the said Beverly Randolph, decd. and remainder under the will of said decedent, in consideration of 200 pounds sterling annually, with the first payment to be made 1 Apr 1756 and on first of April every year afterwards for said willingness (sic) of Elizabeth Randolph to release lands, slaves and personal estate to the said Peter by 25 Dec, next, which she is entitled to for life under the said will of her late husband;

Said Peter further agree that on or before 25 Dec he will sell to Elizabeth all his right in the following slaves: Rachel and her five children Sally, Gabriel, Robert, Sam and Sukey; and Agnes and her three children Johnny, Absalom and Frank, which slaves belonged to the said Elizabeth before her marriage with Beverly;

And Peter will further permit Elizabeth to possess Ary and a boy named Malo for her life and then said slaves and their increase to be returned to Peter and those claiming under him;

And he will also give by 25 Dec next a silver teapot, coffee pot, milk pot, marrow spoon, punch strainer and silver cup intended for her by direction of her grandmother, and table linens and sheets, two feather beds with blankets and quilts belonging to them; and a chariot and horse used by her; wit: Phil Watson, Philip Roots, Jr. Thomas Aselby; signed Elizabeth Randolph, Peter Randolph; rec. 5 Feb 1770 (DB 1767-1774, p. 201)

27 Feb 1760

Col. Richard Randolph, Gent., and Ann his wife to Capt. John Ellis for £58/1/2. 105 acres on both sides of Tuckaho Cr., adj said Ellis’s tract, land whereon he now lives and part of tract of 945 acres belonging to said Richard Randolph, known as Windsor Forrest; wit: Henry Ellis, Charles Jordan, Benjamin Clark; signed Richard Randolph and Ann Randolph; rec. 5 May 1760 (DB 1750-1767, p. 626)

Note: Three other deeds, dated closely, from Richard and Ann Randolph go to Henry Ellis, Thomas Ellis, and William Ellis.

July 1762 Court

Will of William Randolph presented by Anne Randolph, the executrix and Archibald Cary, Gent., the executor and proved by John Pleasants, Jr. a Quaker; Anne Randolph, Peter Randolph, Peyton Randolph, Richard Randolph, Ryland Randolph, and Archibald Cary, Gent. entered into bond together (Court Order Book 1755-1762, p. 613)

May 1763 Court

Beverly Randolph, orphan of Peter Randolph, Esq., decd. chooses Mrs. Lucy Randolph and Richard Randolph, his guardians; George Cox, security (Court Order Book for 1767-1769, p. 237)

10 July 1765

Thomas Mann Randolph of Tuckahoe Goochland Co. to Archibald Cary of Ampthill, Chesterfield Co. for £25, 150 acres … Wit: Thomas Randolph, James Murray, Mary Eldridge; signed Thos. M. Randolph; rec. 5 Sep 1768 (DB 1767-1774, p. 83)

2 Mar 1766

Will of Jane Randolph

Son Richard Randolph; son Ryland Randolph; daughter-in-law Anne Randolph; Sons Brett, Ryland, John Randolph; daughter Elizabeth; niece Jane Eldridge; son John; unnamed eldest son of Brett; Richard, Ryland and Col. Archibald Cary to be executors; Wit: Elizabeth Gay and Anne Murray; rec. 1 June 1767 (Miscellaneous Court Records 1650-1800, vol. 6, pp. 1995-2001)

24 Apr 1766

Power of attorney from Samuel Sedgley, Esq., William Heilhouse (sic) and William Randolph, merchants and partners all of the City of Bristol to Randolph, Esq., of James Rover, Colony of Virginia to sue for, recover, and receive debts due; wit: Henry Bengsugh, Daniel Burgess; acknowledged before Isaac Baugh, Esq., mayor of City of Bristol; signed Sam’l Sedgeley, William Helhous (sic), William Randolph; rec. 5 Sep 1768 (DB 1767-1774, p. 84)

4 May 1767

Will of Peter Randolph

Wife Lucy; son William; son Beverly; son Robert; executors Col. Archibald Cary, Col. Richard Randolph, John Wayles and Seth Ward, Sr.; wit: Carter Braxton, John Sylton, Anthony Hay (From Probate Registry of Perogative Court of Canterbury, Somerset House, Londson; Book Seker (p. 393)

June 1767 Court

Will of Jane Randolph presented by Richard Randolph and Ryland Randolph, the executors; John Wayles, security (Court Order Book for 1767-1769, p. 4)

Aug 1767 Court

Will of Hon. Peter Randolph, Esq. was presented by Archibald Cary, Richard Randolph, John Hayles (Wayles), Seth Ward, Sr., Gent. (Court Order Book for 1767-1769, pp. 98-120)

Sept 1767 Court

William Randolph, orphan of Peter Randolph, chooses Richard Randolph, Gent., his guardian (Court Order Book for 1767-1769, p. 137)

6 June 1768

Thomas Man Randolph, Gent. of Goochland Co. to Samuel Shephard of Henrico Co. for £87/10, 175 acres on Deep Run, part of greater tract belonging to Thomas Man Randolph … (a line reestablished by Odadian (sic) Smith for damages done by Thomas Randolph’s Mill Pond unto David Hall and Joseph Brown’s line; wit (none; signed Thos. M. Randolph (DB 1767-1774, p. 62)

5 Aug 1771

Ann Randolph, widow and relict of William Randolph, decd. to Peter Randolph son of said Ann, for 5 shillings, her interest in 100 acres on main road from Warwick to Four Mile Cr. where the back of the tract known as Wilton crosses the said road near a place called Cox’s Old Field, thence along the road towards Varina Ferry, thence to a slash, thence along to Burton, thence north to the road that leads from Warwick Ferry to Four Mile Cr. Wit: Robert Walker, Parrobe Boswell, Archibald Cary, Thomas Fleming; signed Ann Randolph; rec. 5 Aug 1771; (DB 1767-1774, p. 282)


20 Sep 1695

Giles Webb and (unnamed) widow of Henry Randolph, Orphans Court, 1677-1739, p. 38)

Feb. 1701

Richard Blande and Elizabeth Randolph (Deeds, Wills, etc. 1697-1704, p. 279)

7 May 1782

Brett Randolph and Ann Randolph, daughter of Richard Randolph, who consents; sur. St. George Tucker (p. 81)

20 Mar 1787

Joseph Latil and Lucy Randolph; sur. Beverly Randolph (p. 57)

8 Oct 1788

Anthony Singleton and Lucy Randolph, who consents; sur. John Groves; wits: John Scruggs, W. Philex, John Hopewell, Thos. Speers (p. 88)

26 Feb 1789

David Meade, Jr. and Elizabeth Randolph, daughter of Col. Richard Randolph; sur. Richard Randolph; wit. Edm. Randolph (p. 62)

30 Dec 1789

Richard Randolph and Judith Randolph, daughter of Thomas M. Randolph who consents; sur. Archibald Randolph; wit: H. Randolph (p. 81)

11 Sep 1790

Thomas M. Randolph and Gabriella Harvie, daughter of John Harvie who consents; sur. Harry Heath (p. 81)

17 Apr 1797

John Brockenborough and Mrs. Gabriella Randolph; sur. Spence Roane (p. 11)

23 Feb 1798

William Bolling and Mary Randolph of lawful age; daughter of Richard Randolph, decd; sur. Thomas Bolling, father of William (p. 9)

12 June 1806

Thomas Lewis Preston and Edmonia Madison Randolph, daughter of Edmund Randolph of the City of Richmond; sur. James Breckenridge (p. 76)


Goochland grew out of Henrico in 1728.

Main Records

Nowel (Noel) Burton of St. James Parish to Thomas Randolph £123.10.10, plantation where Noel Burton dwells, 322 acres in same parish, also six slaves: Tom, Frank, Mary, Ned, Peter, and Bess, as security until debt is paid, unless paid by 18 Nov 1734; wits: John Fleming, John Woodson, Henry Wood; rec. 19 Nov 1728 (Wills and Deeds 1728-1734, p. 45; see deed dated 14 Aug 1730)

20 May 1729

James Holman of St. James Parish, Goochland Co., planter to Thomas Randolph, John Wood, William Mayo, Daniel Stoner, George Paine, William Womack, Robert Adams, Noel Burton, Leonard Ballew, Tarlton Fleming, and Henry Wood, vestrymen of St. James Parish, for £100., for a Glebe for use of the parish, 400 acres on north side of James R., bounded by Deer Pen Br., Evans’s line, Russell’s and Clark’s line; no wits; rec. 20 May 1729; Sarah, wife of Holman, relinquishes her dower rights (Wills and Deeds 1728-1734, p. 76)

19 Aug 1729

Bouth (Booth) Napier of St. James Parish, planter, to Col. Thomas Randolph, gent., for £30, 150 acres in same parish, on lower side of William Hoggatt and upper side of William Towns, being part of a patent to said Napier 11 July 1719 for 497 acres; wits: Thos. Prosser, John Ruin, Thos. Dickins; signed Bouth Napier; Sarah, wife of Napier, relinquishes her dower rights; rec. 29 Aug 1729 (Wills and Deeds 1728-1734, p. 115)

14 Aug 1730

We subscribers, three executors of will of Thomas Randolph, decd., have acknowledged that for £123.10.10 for security of within mortgage has been paid the decd. in his lifetime and his executrix since his decease; signed William Randolph, John Fleming, Richard Randolph; above receipt acknowledged by John Fleming and on motion of Noel Burton is to be recorded; refers to deed on p. 45 (Wills and Deeds 1728-1734, p. 219)

15 June 1731

William Mayo, Gent., to William Randolph, son and heir of Thomas Randolph, late of this county, decd., Gent., 1600 acres on south side of James R., bounded by John Redford, William Allen, Matthew Ligon, William Randolph, Esq. and William Mayo; wits: Henry Wood, Thos, Prosser; signed William Mayo; rec. 15 June 17321 (Wills and Deeds 1728-1734, p. 256)

21 Jan 1734

William Randolph Jr. to Isham Randolph, Gent., 400 acres on south side of James R. in St. James Parish, as by patent 9 Feb 1727 to Thos. Randolph, decd. whose son and heir William is; not wits.; signed Will’m Randolph; Mary, wife of William relinquishes her dower rights; rec. 21 Jan 1734 (DB 2, p. 41)

30 June 1736

John Newland, cordwainer, an indentured servant of Isham Randolph for four years 8 Apr 1737 … [words missing] satisfaction for time of servitude due from said Newland, he did ___ to make for said Randolph 250 pairs of men’s, women’s, children’s and negroes’ shoes and mend shoes, horse harness for chariot and cart, as occasion should require, till the shoes above mentioned should be made and the said Newland to be set free; signed Isham Randolph, John Newland; rec. 16 Nov 1736 (DB 2, p. 259)

30 Nov 1736

George Dudley, laborer, a servant to Isham Randolph, for 4 years 4 Feb 1737/8 in satisfaction for his servitude does agree to make Randolph 100,000 bricks for use to outline a garden, with a double ditch of 300 feet square, to pave with pebble a stone coach house, hen house, mill house and well house and to make for Richard Randolph 14,000 bricks and then to be set free; signed Isham Randolph, George Dudley; rec. 16 Nov 1736 (DB 2, p. 259)

16 July 1738

Bouth (Booth) Napier to John Carter, Esq., and Isham Randolph, Gent., £20, 100 acres on both sides of Tuckahoe Cr., bounded by Aniho. (sic) Hoggatt, Capt. Rene Laforce, and Capt. Henry Wood; no wits; signed Booth Napier (DB 3, p. 148)

16 Sep 1740

William Randolph, Jr., Gent., son and heir of Thomas Randolph, Gent., decd. to Hon. John Carter, Esq. of Charles City Co., for £130, land in St. James Parish, bounded by Bouth (Booth) Napier, 4 acres with a water grist mill on Tukahoe Cr., which 4 acres was conveyed to said Thos. Randolph, decd. by Anthony Hoggatt and Edward Scott, 19 Nov 1728; no wits; signed Will’m Randolph; rec. 17 Mar 1740 (DB 3, 403)

6 Apr 1741

Will of Isham Randolph

To prevent my creditor John Hanbury of London, Merchant, from being put to any difficulty in recovering money I owe him;

To enable my executrix to discharge and pay my promise to Peter Jefferson upon his marriage to my daughter Jane, £200 after Hanbury is paid;

My wife is to give my unmarried daus £200 each; she may well sell some land and give money to my unmarried daughters and my three sons;

To my wife Jane all my land in Goochland Co. and Amelia Co. and all my slaves;

I have in my possession in right of my wife certain leasehold estates of yearly value and am entitled to certain sums of money jointly with her by decree in chancery chargeable on Kenton, the estate of William Lilburn, Esq., decd., in the Bishopric of Durham;

Also one other sum of money, the legacy of Elizabeth Lilburn, to be my executors when estate of Kenton is sold;

I confirm my wife my right therein;

William Randolph, Esq., Col. Richard Randolph, William Randolph, Jr., Beverly Randolph, and Peter Jackson to be guardians to my children;

Exec: my wife

Wits: Tarlton Fleming, William Redford, Hannah Fleming;

Signed Isham Randolph

Codicil: Negro Phyllis was given to my dau Mary by my sister Mary Stith, and negro girl Hannah was purchased by me with money given by Sir John Randolph, knight, for my dau; also 1 negro boy Slatee was given to my son William by my brother William Randolph, Esq. (same wits)

Rec. 21 Dec 1742

DB 4, 110 (addendum)

17 Oct 1742

Will of William Randolph of Henrico County

To daughter Mary £800 sterling and £100 current money, with new chaise, harness, and six horses, which I have sent and 6 of her own choosing;

To son Peter, all my land at Westham with 16 negroes, also my tact at Letalone in Goochland Co., 900 acres, with 7 negroes; also my land at fork of Appomattox on north side of the river, not given before his brother Beverly, with 7 negroes; 2 negroes Jemmy and Flora;

To son William, all my land on branches of Fighting Cr. in Goochland Co., 7000 acres with all negroes; also 2 negroes Hercules and Isaac; all my plates, household goods and plantation where I live in Goochland Co.

To Sarah Cobb, for use of her daughter, £100 and to her dau. Sarah Stagg, all my land on south side of Appomattox R.; 5 negroes, Pedriff, Affegg, Bagwell, Jack, Phibby;

All of the rest of my estate to my son Beverly, except to my daughter Mary, 5 negroes: Phibby, Mirtilla, Phillys, and her three children;

The £200 owing from my son-in-law John Chiswell, to his daus. Elizabeth and Susannah

Execs: my three sons Beverly, Peter, William;

Dated 17 Oct 1742

Wits: Wm Mayo, Sam’l Cobb, and John (X) Scruggs;

Signed William Randolph

Rec. 16 Nov 1742

Wills 1742-1745, pp. 100-06

2 Mar 1745

Will of William Randolph of Tuckahoe, St. James Parish

To dau Judith Randolph, £1200 at 21 or marriage, with £200 of it at age 16 for her use in such trinkets as her guardians see fit; also to her all gold rings and other trinkets which belonged to her mother, my dear deceased wife, and three negro girls;

Dau Mary Randolph £1200 (£100 at 21 or marriage and £200 at 16 for trinkets, etc.); also 3 negro girls;

Monuments are to be erected to memory of Thomas Randolph, my ever-honored father and dear and loving mother of my dear and ever-loving wife Mary Randolph;

To my son Thomas Mann Randolph, all rest of my estate; he shall not be educated sat College of William and Mary or sent to England, but by private tutor;

My two daus to be educated suitable to their quality and circumstances;

If all my children die under 21, then all my estate to be divided between children of Rev. William Stith of Henrico Co., by his present wife Judith, my beloved sister;

My friends of John Lewis of Gloucester Co. and William Bassett of New Kewnt Co. to be guardians to my two daughters and William Stith guardian to my son;

Execs: friends William Bassett, Beverly Randolph, Peter Randolph, Rev. William Stith, and Peter Jefferson;

Codicil: Execs are to be Beverly Randolph, Peter Randolph, Rev. William Stith and Peter Jefferson of Albemarle Co. Peter Randolph and Rev. Wm Stith to be guardians to my son; Col. John Lewis of Gloucester Co. and my brother-in-law Mann Page of Rosewell, in Gloucester Co. to be guardians to my daughters;

Execs are to pay my faithful man (valet) Robert Harding, £50;

Execs are to confirm agreement between Col. Lunsford Lomax and myself re exchange made by us of some lands at Wart Mtn. and Nassau;

My desire is that my dear friend Peter Jefferson move down with his family to my Tuckahoe house and remain there till my son comes of age, with whom my dear son and his sisters shall live;

Execs are not to put my mulatto coachman William Merchant to any hard service, but he shall be kept to wait in the house;

Dated 20 July 1745

Wits: William Allison, William Walker, William Fitzhugh

Rec. 20 May 1746

DB 5, 1745-1749, pp. 73

5 Dec 1760

Will of Jane Randolph

Son Isham Randolph, land called Dungeness

Son William Randolph

Thomas Randolph

Dau Elizabeth Raley

Dau Dorothea Woodson

Dau Anne Pleasants

Dau Susanna Randolph

To Rewv. Wm Douglas, sum of five guineas

Execs: None

Wits: Henry Patillo, William Britt

Proved 21 July 1761

DB 8, 168-69

Marriage Records

19 Dec 1733

Nicholas Davis m. Judith Randolph; sur. Middleton Shaw (p. 1)

17 May 1738

William Stith m. Judith Randolph; sur. Nicholas Davies; wit: William Randolph (p. 263)

3 Oct 1739

Peter Jefferson m. Jane Randolph; sur. Arthur Hopkins; wit: H. Wood (p. 1)

15 July 1746

Charles Lewis Jr. m. Mary Randolph; sur. Valentine Wood (p. 3)

25 Oct 1751

John Woodson m. Dorothea Randolph; sur. Tarlton Woodson, Jr. (p. 8)

26 Nov 1751

Daniel Scott m. Anna Randolph; sur. John Woodson; wit: Valentine Wood (p. 264)

7 Nov 1760

Carter Henry Harrison m. Susanna Randolph, dau. of Isham Randolph, decd.; sur. William Meriwether; wit: Nicholas Meriwether (p. 8)

11 Dec 1780

David Randolph m. Mary Randolph, dau. of Thomas M. Randolph; sur. Brett Randolph; wit: Joseph Woodson; David “was 21 years of age last month” (p. 271)

15 Oct 1784

Robert Pleasants, Jr. and Elizabeth Randolph, dau of Thomas M. Randolph; sur. George Payne; wit: Matthew Page and Jesse Redd; Robert Pleasants Jr. is of Henrico Co. (p. 274)

15 Mar 1790

Randolph Harrison m. Mary Randolph, dau. of Thomas Randolph; sur. Arch’d Randolph; wit: John L. Harris (p. 12)

18 Apr 1797

John Brockenbrough m. Gabriella Randolph; married by Rev. Charles Hopkins; Goochalnd Co. Ministers’ Return (p. 341)


It grew out of Goochland in 1749.

Main Records

29 Sep 1757

To William Randolph and Richard Randolph of the County of Henrico, Gent. greeting: Whereas John Kendall of the County of Cumberland and Elizabeth his wife by deed dated 4 Dec 1755 have conveyed to Alexander Spears , merchant in Great Britain, the fee simple estate of 200 acres of land lying in county aforesaid; and whereas said Elizabeth cannot conveniently travel to our said court of Cumberland to make acknowledgement of the said conveyances, therefore we do give you power to receive her acknowledgement; signed 4 Oct in 30th year of our reign; Thompson Swann, clerk of court; Elizabeth Kendall was examined separate and aaprt from her husband and she does relinquish her dower rights; William Randolph, Richard Randolph (DB 2, p. 394)

Marriage Records

29 Jan 1750 (bond)

John Railey and Elizabeth Randolph; sur: Stephen Hughes

14 June 1759 (married)

John Pleasants and Ann Randolph, married by Rev. William Douglas; John Pleasants of Cumberland Co.; Ann Randolph of Goochland Co.

9 Nov 1760 (married)

Carter Henry Harrison and Susannah Randolph, married by Rev. William Douglas; Susannah, daughter of Isham Randolph, decd.; bond 7 Nov 1760—Goochland Co.; Carter Henry Harrison of Cumberland Co.; Susannah Randolph of Goochland Co.

11 Dec 1805

Richard Hackley and Harriet Randolph; sur: William Randolph; wit: Peyton Randolph; admin. of Gov. John Page 12/29/1805 to 12/11/1805

10 Sep 1817 (bond)

William F. Randolph and Jane C. Harrison, Jane Cary Harrison, daughter of Randolph Harrison; sur: John W. Nash

27 Oct 1825 (bond)

William S. Jones and Ann C. Randolph; sur: Thos. Hobson


This county was formed in 1749 out of the part of Henrico that is south of the James River.

6 Sep 1751

Mary Thompson, mother of Isham Randolph, decd. having relinquished her right to administer estate, same is granted to Burwell green as greatest creditor; William Pride and Edward Hill, security (OB 1, p. 138)

25 Oct 1751

Inventory of Isham Randolph’s estate valued at £102/5/6, Burrell Green, Adm’r; appraised by Thomas Dance, John Rowlett, John Gibbs (WB 1, p. 207)

May Court 1756

Accounts of Mr. Isham Randolph, by Burrell Green, Adm’r., sworn in court (WB 1, p. 206)

1 Oct 1761

Peter Randolph, Esq., of Henrico Co. to Jordan Anderson of Chesterfield Co. for £120, 200 acres bounded by Henry Clay, Bass, Gordon, being tract Randolph purchased of Joseph Tanner; wits: Robt. Goode, Matt’w Branch, Francis Moseley; signed Peter Randolph; rec. 5 Feb 1762 (DB 5, p. 180)

31 July 1766

Elizabeth Randolph and Greif Randolph of Dale Parish to Archibald Cary, Esq., and John Archer Sr., for £142.6.8, paid by John Archer Sr. and £300 to be advanced by John Archer, Sr. and Archibald Cary, 300 acres in same parish on south side of Timsbery Swamp, bounded by Henry Randolph and Charles Featherstone, but if all money repaid by 31 July 1772, deed is void; signed Eliz’a Randolph, Grief Randolph; wits: Richard Covington, r’d Jackson, Thomas Covington, John (I) Ratcliff; rec. 1 Aug 1766 (DB 5, p. 442)

17 June 1769

Will of Henry Randolph

To son John, land called the Old Plantation, 1000 acres, where I live;

To son William, my land called Rich Neck

All my lands in Amelia Co. divided equally between my sons Peter and Thomas;

Slaves and personal estate among my sons;

To sons Robert and Richard, £500, each;

Executors wife and son John, Maj. Peter Poythress, John Gilliam, Sr. and John Gilliam, Jr.; wit: Henry Featherstone, William Dyson, John Ratlief (WB 2, p. 6)

6 Nov 1773

Tabitha Randolph is appointed guardian to Robert and Richard Randolph, orphans (OB 5 1771-1774, p. 176)

Same date

William Randolph chooses John Ruffin as his guardian (OB 5, 1771-1774, p. 189)

2 July 1773

Will of Henry Randolph, formerly administered by John Randolph, to be administered by John Archer; John Randolph is to make up an account of his executorship before Thomas Bolling, Joseph Bass, Ben Branch, and James Turner, Gent. (OB 3 1771-1774, p. 294)

25 July 1774

Will of John Randolph of Cumberland County

Son Richard; son Theodorick Bland, tract on Stanton R. below mouth of Little Roanok in Charlotte Co., if he does not let it get into hands of one Paul Carrington or any of his agents children, etc. (who cheated my brother Ryland out of lot #570 in a deal for 310 acres of low ground on opposite side of Little Roanok) “to this day I feel, and all my children feel the villainy of Paul Carrington”; to son John; wife to divide estate to our children as she thinks proper; unable to make brother Ryland and brother Richard my executor for various reasons; slaves to be divided between sons Richard, Theodorick Blank, and John, and Richard when he is of age; my wife to spend what is necessary to educate my children; exec: Col. Theodorick Bland, Dr. Thomas Bland and Col. John Banister; no wit; exec. added: friend Thomas Randolph; wit: Elizabeth Banister, Neil Buchanan, Sr., Polly Buchanan (WB 2, p. 328)

13 Apr 1775

Will of Elizabeth Randolph

To dau Ann Leonard, 2 negroes, silver and items

To grandson Henry Randolph, 1 negro;

To granddau Elizabeth Wormeley Randolph, 1 negro;

To granddau Elizabeth Sherwin, 1 mourning ring;

To granddau Ann Randolph Watson, 1 plain gold ring;

To grandson John Archer, 1 negro and spoons marked FEA and 40 acres adj. land sold to Jesse Cogbill, which is short of deed of 300 acres from Henry Randolph and now in possession of John Randolph; rest of negroes to be divided among my son Grief Randolph’s children now living; exec: grandson John Archer; dated 13 Apr 1775; wits: Henry Archer, William Rowland (WB 3, p. 208)

3 Nov 1775

Will of John Randolph presented by Theodore Bland, Theo. Bland, Jr. and Thomas Randolph, execs, and proved by Neil Buchanan and James Fairlie and the codicil proved by Neil and Polly Buchanan and Elizabeth Bannister. Robert Kennon, George Robertson, Parker Hare, and David Holt to appraise estate in this county. Peter Johns, Philip Holcomb, Charles Archer and James Allen to appraise estate in Prince Edward and Cumberland Cos. Walter and Isaac Coles, Isaac Read and Joseph Morton to appraise estate in Charlotte Co. (OB 6, p. 90)

7 Sep 1778

Mary Rind, orphan of William bind chooses Frances Randolph as her guardian (OB 6, p. 185)

3 July 1778

Richard Randolph, orphan of Henry Randolph, chooses Peter Randolph as his guardian (OB 6, p. 179)

12 Feb 1787

Will of Archibald Cary of Ampthill

Son-in-law Archibald Bolling and wife Jane land and plantation they live on in Buckingham Co. called Red Oak, 1000 acres, with remainder to grandson Archibald Cary Bolling, if he lives to 21;

To dau Anne Randolph, negroes;

To son-in-law Carter Page and his wife Mary land in Buckingham Co., 2700 acresd and then to their son if helives to 21; and if two sons then to 2nd, 800 acres at lower end of tract;

To dau Mary Page, negroes;

To my executors, a tract in Buckingham Co.; in trust for my dau Betty for life and at her death to her first son then living who should reach 21;

To son-in-law Thomas Randolph, negroes;

To grandau Mary Randolph, dau of Thomas, £300 and 1 negro;

To son-in-law Carter Page, houses Archibald is building for him, £400 to finish them;

Rest to my execs in fee simple to sell and remainder to my dau. Anne Randolph, and if sheis dead to my grandson Archibald Cary Randolph; and if she is dead to my grandson Archibald Cary Randolph; and if he is dead to his brothers Isham and Thomas; and if they are dead to their sister Mary Randolph, my grandson Archibald Cary Bolling, my dau Betty and my dau Mary Page;

My dau Betty’s share is to be in control of my trustees and free from control of Robert Kincaid if he should become her husband; but if she m. someone else or becomes a widow, then estate to her own use and control;

Ececs: sons-in-law Thomas Mann Randolph, Thomas Randolph, and Carter Page; wits: Roderick Frayser, Jesse Vaughn, M. Randolph;

Codicil: one of negroes given to my son-in-law Thomas Randolph of Dungenys to go to my dau Mary Page;

To nephew Henry Bell, 70 acres if he pay execs £70;

To dau anne Randolph, negroes;

To son-in-law Thomas Randolph, negroes I have given him or my deceased dau Jane;

Dau Elizabeth, furniture

Granddau Anne Randolph, a mulatto girl;

I alos appoint David Ross one of my executors; wits: William Fleming, Roderick Frayser, and Jesse Vaughn; dated 19 Feb 1787

Second coldicil, land left to Mary Page and husband, 2700 acres is left to my execs to be sold and slaves bought for my dau Mary Page and dau Elizabeth Cary, for life;

To son-in-law Carter Page and dau Mary Page, a moiety of land devised in my will to use of my dau Betty for life; other part of land to my execs in trust for my dau betty;

As my estate is complicated, I give my execs 5% of what they get from my debts, sales, etc.; Wits Robert Goode, John Leitch, Wm Fleming; dated 21 Feb 1787

WB 4, p. 20-28

The Randolphs grew into a very prominent family in Virginia. There are too many records to search throughout all of Virginia. But I hope this post can get you started.

Happy researching!


Peter Jefferson’s Last Will and Testament

Essential Records of a Key Orphans Court, Part 1 (1677-1690)

Essential Records of a Key Orphans Court, Part 2 (1690-1739)


Henrico County

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Goochland County

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Cumberland County

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Chesterfield County

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