Early Hudsons of Virginia

These records go from 1659 to 1838 and are mainly about wills and cover twelve counties.

These records are uninterpreted. You can sort them out and make connections.

With a few exceptions most of these records are about wills. These records are not exhaustive, but are designed to lead you to others.

The counties are placed in alphabetical order, as follows: Albemarle, Amelia, Amherst, Essex, King George, Louisa, Lunenburg, Mecklenburg, Northampton, Old Rappahannock, Surry, and Westmoreland.

Hudsons are found in early court records:

Essential Records of a Key Orphans Court, Part 1 (1677-1690)

Essential Records of a Key Orphans Court, Part 2 (1690-1739)


14 May 1751

William Hudson complains of David Wade that on 14 May 1751 in St. Anne’s Parish, deft. assaulted him and did beat him and evilly treat him and other enormities, to damage £50. Order to arrest David Wade in above suit

11 June 1768

Will of John Hudson, St. Ann Parish

Wife Ann Hudson, negroes Gabriel, Peg, Jack, Stepney, Betty, Isaac, Lydia, and Lewis, the last four of whom were left me by my father during my life; one mulatto girl named Easter;

Son Christopher Hudson and son John Hudson seven negroes Jammey, Indian Jammey, April, Margaret, Ceil, Nan, Phillys; and one child named Coffey;

Dau Margaret Gains, five negroes Betty, Judith, Anneyky, Cate, and little Annekey

Dau Annamarie Hudson, negroes Paul, Patience, Nell, George, Patt;

Signed John Hudson

Wits: Orlando Jones, Judith Jones, Elizabeth Woodson, Francis Barber Jones;

Proven 12 Jan 1769

WB 2, 236-37


Order to summon Ann Hudson, guardian of John and Christopher Hudson, orphans of John Hudson, decd. to answer subpoena in chancery against them by Saniel Gains and Mary his wife, Jesse Buster (sic, Burton) and Annemaria his wife, and Charles Hudson, an infant, by Daniel Gains his next friend, 1 Sept (1769 Folder)

1780 Folder

Complaint of Chancery Court of Albemarle Co. by Daniel Gains and Mary his wife and Jesse Burton and Anne his wife that Charles Hudson, grandfather of Mary and Anne, died, having made a will and did lend all lands on both sides of Hardware R. of 1060 acres, known as Low Ground and seven slaves: Hampton, Cate, Chloe, Anake, Hanner, and Libianer; 2 of Pegg’s children and Stepney to his son John Hudson for life and then the land to be divided among the male issue of said John; and the slaves to both male and female issue; and said Daniel and Jesse have married with said Mary and Anne, daughters of said John; and desire their share. Also Charles Hudson is now of full age and desires his share, but John Hudson’s younger children cannot yet divide the land, and court should grant assent to the division. Answer of the infants under 21 is that they submit to the decision of the court. Albemarle Court, 9 Nov 1769, plea of Jesse Burton and wife and Daniel Gaines and wife, and Charles Hudson, an infant, by Daniel Gaines, his next friend against John and Christopher Hudson Hudson by Anne Hudson, their guardian and next friend. Court order for James Hopkins, Henry Martin, and John Lewis allots to each of John, Charles, and Christopher and the Gaines and Burtons their share of the slaves. Daniel Gaines objects to some aspects of the division, but court orders it anyway

Source: Ruth and Sam Sparacio, Virginia County Court Records: Albemarle County, Virginia Wills, 1764-1775 (McLean, VA: Antient P, 2000)

Benjamin B. Weisiger, Albemarle County, Virginia Court Papers 1744-1783 (privately published, 1987, reprinted 1991)


16 Mar 1747

Will of James Hudson

Son William Hudson plantation where he now lives and 200 acres adj.;

Son James Hudson place that he has been seated on over Little Nottaway R. and 200 acres adj.;

Son Richard Hudson, 200 acres and remainder of tract adj. my son James;

4 sons William, James, Richard, and Henry Hudson my 400 acres adj. Peter Jones’s and Thomas Ellis’s land on Buffalo of Great Nottoway to be divided equally;

Wife (no name) remainder of estate

Wits: Edward Thweatt, John Crenshaw, Elizabeth (X) Crenshaw;

Execs sons William and James Hudson; probated Apr 21 1749

WB1, p. 54

17 Feb 1748

William Hudson, planter, to James Atwood, planter; £80, 600 acres on Deep Cr., adj. Robert Moody’s line and the low grounds of the creek, being part of greater patent to William Hudson on 2 Jan 1737; wits: Thomas Spencer, Edmund Booker, Jr., and John Booker

DB 3, p. 186

1 June 1750

Isaac Hudson of Raleigh Parish to Thomas Bottom of same; £120, 150 acres adj. Thomas Bott’s corner on Little Cr., William Callicott’s line on the creek and the creek as it meanders with all houses, etc., being part of patent to Isaac Hudson on 10 June 1737; wits: William Callicoat, Abraham Burton, Louis Akin;

DB 3, p. 474

10 Mar 1761

Will of Phoebe Hudson

Daughter Anna Hudson negro girl Sue and certain items;

Son Henry remainder of estate;

Wit: Joshua Stanley, William Stanley;

Execs: son Henry and daughter Anna;

Probated 28 Jan 1762

WB 2X, p. 12

23 Nov 1766

Inventory and Appraisement

Appraisers: John Gray, George Davenport, Nathan Fletcher; value £150/2/3; slaves: men Mordico and Tom

WB 2X 162

28 Jan 1769

Will of Nicholas Hudson, Raleigh Parish

Wife (unnamed) plantation I now live on, including 200 acres and 1/3 my estate for life, then to be equally divided among all my children;

Son Burton Hudson, all my land lying N/S road from Burton’s Bridge to the church;

Son John Hudson, land between Neal’s Branch and Burton’s road;

Son Samuel Hudson, remaining part of land between Neal’s Branch and 200 acres lent my wife for life; remaining estate to be equally divided among children; returned and recorded 28 Sep 1769;

Wits: Edmund Booker, Obadiah Clement, Obadiah Hendrick;

Execs: friend James Chappell, Edmund Booker;

Security John Scott

WB 2X p. 301

12 Aug 1776

Wife Sarah Burton, negroes Frank, Fanney, Liddy, Stiry, Sary, and Fanny’s youngest child (no name) at her disposal; also negroes Toney, Ned, Will, Jem, Peter, Ben, Bob, Nan, Lucy, Judy, Dick, and Milly;

Grandson Samuel Hudson £100;

Grandson Robert Hudson my land and negroes York, Prince, Abram, David, Phibb, Jenney, Betty, Julius, Patt, and Lucy

Daughter Martha Burton, sufficient money to buy young negro at my wife’s death;

Brother Edward Hudson;

Brother William Hudson

Probate: no date;

Wits: George Booker, Richeson Booker, Efford Booker, William Booker, Marshall Booker;

Execs: Grandson Robert Hudson and George Booker

WB 2, 254

22 Feb 1777

Will of John Hudson

Brothers Burton Hudson and Samuel Hudson, my land to be equally divided between them in the most convenient manner to suit their tracts of land;

Remaining estate to be equally divided between my two brothers Burton and Samuel and my two sisters Mary Hudson and Magdalene Hudson;

Wits: Edmund Booker, Conradus Piles, Marshall Booker;

Execs: Brother Burton Hudson

WB 2, p. 155

13 Mar 1779

Will of Hall Hudson of Nottoway Parish

Granddaughter Obedience Hudson

Grandson Noe Hudson;

Son Richard Hudson, my great Bible;

Sons Isaac, Hall, Joshua, Benjamin, Joakim, Obadiah;

Daughter Elizabeth Hudson;

Execs: son Peter Hudson;

Wit: John Gray, Eliz. Gray, Richard Ward, Robert Hudson, George Snelling;

OB 15, p. 18, Will was presented 28 Sep 1780

WB 3, p. 10

22 Nov 1781

Will of Robert Hudson

Wife Jane Hudson;

Son John Millener Hudson, underage;

Dau Mary Cobbs Hudson, underage;

Exec: Friend Edmund Booker

Signed Robert Hudson;

Wits: David Booker, Henry Ward, Parham Booker;

Presented 22 Nov 1781 in OB 15, p. 68;

WB 3, p. 53

7 June 1782

Will of Peter Hudson, Nottoway Parish

Granddau Polly Ward Hudson

Daus Rebecca Snelling and Mary Hudson, my youngest

Sons Richard Ward Hudson, Daniel Hudson, Benjamin Hudson

Exec: Mary Hudson and son Richard Ward Hudson

Wits: Ann Hudson, Richard Ward and George Snellings

Signed Peter (X) Hudson

Proven 22 June 1786

WB 3, p. 431

6 Jan 1785

Will of Burton Hudson

Dau Sally Richeson Hudson;

Wife Elizabeth;

Execs: Richeson Booker and wife Elizabeth;

Wits: George Booker, Judith (X) Booker and John Childers; in OB 17, p. 66, the will was presented 23 June 1786

WB 3, p. 365

4 Nov 1788

Christopher Hudson

Wife Elizabeth;

Four sons Lewellin, William Chamberlayne, Charles, and Frances Eppes Hudson;

Friend William Giles to hold in trust for Lewellin Hudson’s son Richard Chamberlayne Hudson; Daus Mary Hudson and Elizabeth Littlepage Hudson Price;

Wife is to have land which my father purchased of Michael McDearman;

Execs: wife and sons William Chamberlayne and Charles Hudson, friends William Giles and John Royal, Jr.;

Wits: Benjamin Braskill, William (X) Ludery, Perrin Cardwell, Wilson Allen;

Proven 26 Feb 1789

WB 4, p. 131

29 Oct 1794

Will of Elizabeth Hudson

Friends William B. Giles and John Royall, trustees for son Francis E. Hudson;

Sons Lewellin William Chamberlayne, Charles Hudson;

Daughters Mary Bass and Eliza Price;

Suit to recover legacy left me by my deceased father;

Execs: friends William B. Giles and John Royall;

Wit: Stephen Daniel, Ursula Bryan, Joseph (A) Royall, James (X) Hutcheson;

Signed Eliza. Hudson;

Presented 25 Dec 1794;

Proven 26 Feb 1795;

Further proved 26 Feb 1795; executors refused at 27 Aug 1795 court and Francis E. Hudson appointed executor;

WB 5, p. 149

21 Jan 1796

Will of Edward Hudson

Wife Elizabeth Hudson, land where Isaac Meador now lives;

Sons Thomas Hudson, William Hudson, John Hudson, Joshua Hudson, and Benjamin Hudson;

Daughters Sarah Hudson, Mary Hudson, Anna Hudson, Betty Hudson;

Execs: friend Thomas Green;

Wits: Joshua Smithey, John Smithey;

Signed Edward (X) Hudson;

Proven 23 Feb 1797

WB 5 p. 353


Gibson Jefferson McConnaughey, Will Book 1, Amelia County, Virginia, Wills 1735-1761, Bonds 1735-1754 (Amelia, VA: Mid-South Publishing, 1978)

—, Will Book 2X, Amelia County, (1761-1771) (Amelia, VA: Mid-South Publishing, 1979)

—, Will Book 2, Amelia County, (1771-1780) (Amelia, VA: Mid-South Publishing, 1980)

Wise, Bel Hubbard, Amelia County, Virginia, Will Book 3, 1780-1786 (Signal Mountain, TN: Mountain P, N D).

—, Amelia County, Virginia, Will Book 4, 1786-1792 (Signal Mountain, TN: Mountain P. N D)

—. Amelia County, Virginia, Will Book 5, 1793-1799 (Signal Mountain, TN: Mountain P. N D)


30 Jan 1784

Will of Mrs. Martha Hudson

Dau Nancy Carter, wife of Griffin Carter;

Dau Martha Hudson

Execs: Martha Hudson, Wm Ware, Edmund Goodrich;

Wits: Jas. Goodrich, Landon and Mary Carter;

Proved 7 June 1784

Book 2, p. 179

1 May 1787

Rev. Davis is unclear whose will this is

Landon Carter and his son James Carter, when 21;

Wits: Wm Ware, Jas. Goodrich, Abm. Carter, Henry Brown

Execs: Wm Ware, Edmund Goodrich

Probated 7 June 1790

Book 3, p. 145

27 Mar 1791

Will of Robert Hudson

Elisha Dennis and Alexander Hudson, land next to Edward Carter and Elisha Dennis;

Wife Lucy;

Three children Bennett, Edmund, and Pamelia Hudson, when of age;

Execs: George Gillespie, Rush Hudson, wife Lucy;

Wits: Joshua Hudson, Sr., Elisha Dennis, Alex. Hudson;

Probated: 16 Apr 1792;

16 Sep 1793

Admin. Bond for Joshua Hudson, Sr. and Reuben Hudson, for Joshua Hudson, Jr. (Book 3, p. 277)

18 Oct 1793

Admin’s Account probably for Joshua Hudson, Jr.

Small hat for Horatio Hudson; washing of Nancy Hudson for five years

Book 3, p. 296

5 Jan 1799

Will of Joshua Hudson

Dau Sarah Wright;

Son Rush;

Dau Mary Dawson—Reuben Hudson to be her trustee;

Dau Eliz. Dennis

Horatio Hudson and Nancy Hudson, children of my deceased son Joshua (Horatio went to KY);

Sons Reuben and George;

Dau. Frances Tate;

Heirs of Robert Hudson, decd.;

Dau Ann Gillespie, one negro girl;

Dau Lucy Sandidge m. Pullem Sandidge and has children

Dau Peggy Childress;

Dau Molly Ballenger;

Dau Rachel Miles, representative of dau Patsy Rucker;

Granddau Rachel Hudson Mills;

Granddau Milly Dawson;

Grandson Fleming Sawson;

Execs: Pullem Sandidge and my son Reuben;

Codicil: misconduct of Fleming Dawson  causes me to withdraw his legacy, which goes to Rush Hudson; wits: Rush Hudson, Jr., D. S. Garland

Second codicil: Children of Joshua, Jr. have received their legacies; wits: Isaac Rucker, Bennett Hudson, Geo Willis;

Note: Joshua was son of Rush Hudson and wife Willis; Joshua’s mother was later married to a Tuberville;

Proven 20 Apr 1801

Wits: Sherrod Bugg, Rush Hudson, Jr., and Jno. Hudson;

Book 4, p. 6

19 Oct 1801

Bennett Hudson

Guardian Bond Lucy Hudson, guardian of Bennett, Edmund, and Pamelia Hudson, orphans of Robert Hudson, decd. George Gillespie is mentioned in bond, and according to Rev. Davis, he had son William who m. Ann Hudson in Amherst Co. in 1777; she was sister of Robert Hudson; they were children of Joshua Hudson m. Mary Terrell, who came from Orange Co. to Amherst; 15 Dec 1848; Bennett was over 14 when guardian bond was assigned; he m. Sally Gillespie, 19 Mar 1804 (Book 4, p. 338)

20 Feb 1809

Administrator’s Bond for Reuben Hudson

Sarah Hudson, Sherrod Bugg, John Hudson, and Jas. Hudson, for Sarah Hudson (Book 4, p. 582)

22 May 1810

Guardian bond for Micajah Camden as guardian of Lucy Hudson, dau of Rewuben Hudson, decd. (Book 5, p. 14)

18 Nov 1811

Peyton Keith is guardian of David Hudson, orphan of Reuben Hudson (Book 5, p. 87)

20 Jan 1812

Admin Account by Sarah Hudson: John Hudson, Jas. Hudson, bond of Rush Hudson (Book 5, p. 53)

20 Jan 1812

Sarah Hudson is guardian of Rush, Frances, and George Hudson, orphans of Reuben Hudson (Book 5, p. 90)

23 Mar 1822

Lucy Hudson is guardian of Frances Hudson, orphan of Reuben Hudson, decd. (Book 6, p. 281)

19 Aug 1823

David Garland is guardian of George Hudson (Book 6, p. 387)

15 Jan 1838

George Hudson and Henry J. Rose is guardian for George Hudson (Book 9, p. 376)

Hudson wills go on beyond the scope of this post. But these Hudsons left wills and administrations, if the reader would like to get Rev. Davis’s book: Permelia Hudson (1850); Sally Hudson (1850);

Source: Rev. Bailey Fulton Davis, The Wills of Amherst County, Virginia, 1961-1865 (Greenville, SC: Southern Historical P, 1985, 1998)


2 May 1765

Will of James Hudson, planter, is badly damaged

Land below mouth of Buffalo Cr.

Wife: unnamed or torn out, but probably Agnes

Son Sier Hudson;

Execs: my ___ Hudson and James Burton, Jr.

At a court held on 1 July 1765, the will of James Hudson, decd. was presented in court by James Burton and David Hudson, the execs., and the same was proved by the oaths of 2 of the witnesses … And on the motion of James Hudson, one of the executors, certificate is granted him for obtaining a probate of the will, giving security whereupon he, together with William Hill and John Bond, his security, entered into bond for that purpose. David Hudson, the other executor, relinquished his execution of the will (Wills 1765-1791, p. 2)

1 Aug 1765

Inventory and Appraisement of estate of James Hudson, decd., valued at £43.18.8; signed Charles Allen, James (I) Burton, sr., Francis Lindsay; rec. 7 Oct 1765 (Wills 1765-1791, p. 28)

24 Nov 1777

Account Current of estate of James Hudson, decd.

Hudsons named in account: David Hudson, Agnes Hudson, William Hudson, Agnes Hudson for Sier Hudson and Patty Hudson

Charlotte County, Virginia wills, 1765-1791 (Miami: T.L.C. Genealogy, 1991)


Marriage Records

22 Dec 1788 (bond)

Charles Walton and Rebecca Hudson, License 10 of Cumberland Co. Fee Book

10 Oct 1793

William Moore and Mary Hudson, daughter of William Hudson; sur: Jesse Davenport; consent: 30 Sep 1793

24 Jan 1809 (bond)

Thomas Hudson and Patsy Dowdy; sur: James Dowdy

23 Dec 1839 (bond)

Caleb Green and Dianna Hudson, daughter of William Hudson; sur: Richard T. Green

19 Feb 1840 (bond)

Thomas Hudson and Lucy Jenkins; sur: Samuel Hudson

Katherine B. Elliott, Marriage Records, 1749-1840, Cumberland County, Virginia (South Hill, VA: privately published, 1969)


4 Dec 1726

Will of Henry Hudson, South Farnham Parish

Dau Judith Hudson;

Dau Ann Hudson;

Wife Catherine Hudson and child my wife is now with;

Son Vincent Hudson;

Other children: Judah Hudson, Winnifred Hudson;

Exec: wife

Wits: James Hipkings, William Broocks, Jr., Thomas Broock, Jr;

John Vass physically wrote out the will;

Signed Henry Hudson

Proved 16 July 1745

WB 1743-1747, pp. 350-54

5 May 1729

Will of William Hudson, South Farnham Parish

Son William;

Wife Elizabeth;

John Hudson (yet without heirs);

Elizabeth Hudson (yet without heirs);

Execs: John Hudson and Elizabeth Hudson

Signed William (W H)

Wits: Samuel Clayton, Wm Johnson, Richard Jones

Wills, etc. 1722-1729, pp. 301-03

19 Aug 1729

Bond to Elizabeth Hudson and John Hudson, executors; signed Eliza. (E H) Hudson and Jno. (J) Hudson Wills, etc. 1722-1729, pp. 304-04

John Frederick Dorman, Essex County, Virginia, Wills, Bonds, Inventories, Etc. 1722-1730 (Washington, DC: privately published, 1961)

Ruth and Sam Sparacio, Virginia County Court Records: Will Abstract of Essex County, Virginia, 1745-1748 (McLean, VA: Antient P, 1991)


24 July 1756

Will of Lucy Hudson of Hanover Parish

Cousins Samuel Peril and Pine Housely;

Sister Ann Houseley;

Weaver Catherine Anderson;

Sister Martha Peril;

Sister Elizabeth Allan;

Brother William Hudson;

Execs: brother William and sister Elizabeth Allan;

Wits: Ann (X) Stevens and John (X) Hammit;

Signed Lucy (X) Hudson;

Presented: 2 Sep 1756;

WB A, pp. 52-53

Ruth and Sam Sparacio, Virginia County Court Records, Will Abstracts of King County, Virginia (1752-1780) (McLean, VA: Antient P, 1986)


14 Oct 1786

Will of David Hudson

Son David Hudson;

Sons John and George Hudson, land on the Byrd in Goochland

Son Christopher Hudson

Daus: Elizabeth Hudson, Lucy Hudson, Mary Hudson

Execs: David Hudson and John Hudson

Wits: Jesse Lacy, Stephen Farrer, Thomas Shelton

Signed David Hudson

Rec. 9 Apr 1787

WB 3, p. 169

Nancy Chappelear and Kate Binford Hatch, Abstracts of Louisa County, Virginia Will Books 1743-1810 (privately published 1964)


___ Oct 1774

Nuncupative will of Robert Hudson

Mary Hudson and other witnesses gave oath that will of Richard Hudson, decd. had been mislaid or destroyed;

Charles and James Hudson, two surviving sons, failed to appear when summoned;

Son John is underage

Depositions of Thomas Winn and John Ward and Ward Hudson were exhibited in court, which decided that a nuncupative will should be followed;

Thomas Winn swears that since death of said Richard Hudson he saw a writing said to be the last will and testament, manor plantation to be given to son John; land called Petersfield to be give to son Charles; land between manor tract and Petersfield to give to Richard

Son James to be given negro fellow when he comes of age;

Wife Mary to get all other estate;

Execs: wife Mary and son Charles

John Ward swears he made will in Oct 1774 and as well remembers; Ward Hudson swears to above;

Wits: Thomas Winn, John Ward, Ward Hudson

Rec. 8 May 1777

WB 2, p. 453

13 Jan 1790

Will of Ward Hudson

Son John

Son Richard land and negro man Ben

Rowland, not stated as son, land and negro woman Clay

Son Ward negro girl Judy

Dau Edith Ward negro girl Esabill (Isabel?)

Dau Phoebe negro girl Dal

Dau Nancy negro girl Sarah

Son Lamack negro boy Ned

Wife Martha remainder of estate and negro man Cook (and then to Rowland), woman Aggy (and then to Richard

Execs: Samuel Ward, Richard Hudson and wife

Wits: Kezia Crymes, and John Crymes

Signed Ward (X) Hudson

WB 4, p. 42a

8 May 1794

13 Feb 1794

Account of estate of John Hudson, decd.

Admin: Robert Beasley; Alexander Dacus; Daniel Hudson; John Ward, Jr.; Seth Ward; Wm Craghead; Edward Jordan; Chas. Thompson; Mark Andrews; hire of negro woman Fanny

Wits: J. Billups, Jos. Yarbrough, Field Clark

Rec. 8 May 1794

WB 4, p. 53a

June Banks Evans, Lunenburg County, Virginia Will Book 2, 1767-1778 (New Orleans: Bryn Ffyliaid, 1991)

—, Lunenburg County, Virginia, Will Book 4, 1791-1799 (New Orleans: Bryn Ffyliaid, 1991)


10 Mar 1763

Will of Charles Hudson

Wife Martha Hudson;

Children John Hudson, Stephen Hudson, Richard Hudson;

Other unnamed children

Execs: Wife Martha and Mark Moore

Wits: Peter Ragsdale, Benjamin Ragsdale and Luke Cocks

Rec. 11 Aug 1766

WB 1, p. 85

25 July 1778

Will of Christopher Hudson

Wife Cary Hudson

Children John Hudson, Cary Greenwood, William Hudson, Sabre Hudson, Cuthbert Hudson

Execs: Wife Cary and sons John and William Hudson;

Wits: John Atkinson, Thomas Hale, and William Kendrick

Rec: 11 Oct 1779

WB 1, p. 312

17 Feb 1787

Will of Robert Hudson

Unnamed wife

Children Ephraim Hudson, Winney Kidd, Mary Hudson, Lucy Kirks, Elizabeth Percies (?)

Grandson John Hudson;

Execs: William and Ephraim Hudson;

Wits: Isham Malone, Thomas Booth, William Ezell

Rec. 11 Apr 1796

WB 3, p. 337

Katherine B. Elliot, Early Wills 1765-1799 of Mecklenburg County, Virginia (1963, repr. Easley, SC: Southern Historical P, 1983)


Undated but probably in 1659

Nuncupative Will of Richard Hudson

Unnamed wife;

Son Nicholas;

Two other unnamed children;

Wits: John Robinson;

Marshall adds: Barbery Hudson petitioned the court for her bed (folio 59).

Orders, VIII, no. 8, 1657-1664, p. 59

18 Aug 1784

Will of Jesse Hudson

Son John to receive negro wench Rachel when he is 15;

Wife Peggy;

Living unnamed children;

Execs: Friends Jonathan Stott and Richard Dunton, Jr.

Wits: Ann Stott and Nathaniel Tyson

Proved 14 Dec 1784;

Wills, etc. no. 27 1783-1788, pp.

James Handley Marshall, Abstracts of the Wills and Administrations of Northampton County, Virginia, 1632-1802, rev. ed. (Rockport, ME: Picton P, 2001)


This county no longer exists, because it was absorbed into other ones.

12 June 1679

Will of Thomas Hudson

Dau Mary Yates and son-in-law Elias Yates;

Exec: son-in-law Elias;

Wits: Richard Glover and Wm Thornton

Signed Thomas (TH) Hudson;

Proved: 5 Nov 1679

Deeds and Wills 1677-1682, Part 1, pp. 140-42

Source: Ruth and Sam Sparacio, Virginia County Court Records: Deed and Will Abstracts of (Old) Rappahannock County, Virginia (1677-1682), Part 1 (McLean, VA: Antient P, 1990)


25 July 1758

Will of Daniel Hudson

Nephew John Crutchfield

Martha, wife of John Ruffin

Wits: Augustine Hunnicutt, William Ruffin, Mary Haswell;

Exec: Nephew John Crutchfield;

Rec: 16 June 1761

WB 10, p. 255

Source: Lyndon H. Hart, Surry County, Virginia Wills, Estate Accounts, and Inventories, 1730-1800 (Easley, SC: Southern Historical P, 1983)


6 June 1704

Will of Joshua Hudson

Son John Hudson;

Son Joshua Hudson;

Caleb Hudson;

Rush Hudson;

Wife Eliza executrix;

Wits: John Lilley, wm Ramsey, Hannah Baker

Execs: Son Joshua and wife Eliza.;

Proved: 26 July 26 July 1704, though’ Joshua relinquished his executorship;

Wills and Deeds no. 3, pp. 246-47;

26 July 1704 Inventory by Joshua Hudson, valued at 26,220 pounds of tobacco, appraisers: Daniel Field, John Pratt, John Jones, returned by Mary Davenport

Pp. 271-72

27 Jan 1704/05

Will of Chap. Dark

Friends Sarah Hudson, Ann Hudson, Elizabeth Hudson, and Margaret Hudson, all under seventeen years, except Elizabeth, daughters of Joshua Hudson, late deceased; in one line of the will Margaret is named Judson, but that’s a mistake;

Wits: Cossom Bennett and Caleb Hudson

Ack: 31 Jan 1704/05

Wills and Deeds no. 3, pp. 288-89

Source: John Frederick Dorman, Westmoreland County, Virginia, Wills and Deeds no. 3, 1701-1707 (Washington DC: privately published, 1967)


Early Hudsons of Three Virginia Counties (key post)

Bowmans of Early Virginia

Peter Hudson and Martha Pride

William Hudson and Sarah

Cairy Hudson and William Wilbourn

Cairy Hudson Wilbourn

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  1. Hi —
    Samuel Bunch, s/o John Bunch & Rebecca Harrison of New Kent/Hanover married Mary R. Hudson, d/o John Hudson and Elizabeth Harris

    Name: Samuel BUNCH •Birth: 1726 in Hanover Co, Va Death: 1783 in Louisa Co, Virginia
    •Religion: Quaker
    •Note: Louisa County, Va. Deed Records – Book: B, Page: 283, Grantor: William Hudson, Grantee: Samuel Bunch, Date: 23-Feb-1758 William Hudson of Louisa Co. to Samuel Bunch of same. £6 for 25 acres to farm let adj. said Bunches line on south side the River to a corner by sd. Bunches Spring. Sig. Wm Hudson and Samuel Bunch. wit George Holland, John Moor, Mary Holland, Charles Moreman, Mumford Robinson.

    •Note: Samuel Bunch was born circa 1726 in Hanover County, Virginia, to John Bunch Jr. and Rebecca Harrison. Samuel Bunch was the son of John Bunch Jr. and Rebecca Harrison.
    •Note: Samuel Bunch married Mary R. Hudson circa 1746.Samuel Bunch died 1783, Louisa County, Virginia.

    Children of Samuel Bunch and Mary R. Hudson

    Rebecca Meredith Bunch b. 1748, d. b 1848
    James Bunch b. 1750, d. b 1820 married an Asher
    John Bunch Sr.+ b. 1752, d. b 1852 married an Asher
    Samuel Bunch Jr.+ b. 1754, d. b 10 Feb 1794
    Ann Bunch b. 1756, d. b 1856
    Judith Bunch+ b. 1759, d. c 1839
    Mary Bunch+ b. 1761, d. b 18 Jun 1797
    George Bunch b. bt 1763 – 1765, d. b 1820
    Charles Bunch+ b. 1767, d. b 1867

    •Note: His will was dated Jan. 30, 1782 and proved Jun. 9, 1783. Married about 1747 Mary HUDSON (b. 1726, Hanover Co., Virginia; d. 1783, Louisa Co., Virginia), daughter of John HUDSON and Elizabeth HARRIS. Children: Rebecca married Mr. MEREDITH; James married; John married; Samuel married Sally; Ann; Judith married David BUNCH (first cousin and son of David); Mary married Anthony BUNCH (first cousin and son of David); George married Sally SARGENT; and Charles married Mary BELLAMY.

    •Note: His will is dated January 1782, proved January 9, 1783. Samuel and his family were members of the Cedar Creek Monthly Meeting Quakers, Hanover Co. Virginia. He was known as Samuel the Quaker and some of his children were disowned by the faith including, Charles, Samuel, George, Mary, Rebecca, James, and Molly.

    •Note: His will was unusual in that he left land to two of his daughters. From the book ‘Early Quaker Families in Louisa County Virginia’ his will is referenced. It reads as follows; ‘This will was dated 30 January 1782 and was proved at a Court held at Louisa on 9 January 1783. He named his wife Mary BUNCH and gave her his estate for life. He devised to his son Samuel BUNCH, Jr. 125 acres of land with ‘the plantation whereon John MOORE lives at this time”. He devised to his son George BUNCH 200 acres of land, ‘the upper tract whereon I now live with the plantation whereon Benj. PHARES formerly lived’. And to his son Charles BUNCH he gave ‘125 acres with the plantation I now live on’. To his daughter Judith BUNCH he gave ‘100 acres lying between Camp Creek and the creek called Found Fork that I purchased of Roger THOMPSON. To his daughter Mary BUNCH he devised ‘124 acres of land in North Garden, Albemarle County, Virginia’. He mentions his sons James and John BUNCH and daughters Rebecca and Ann BUNCH. He named as his executors his wife Mary BUNCH, son Samuel BUNCH Jr. and Samuel RICHARDSON. Witnesses were Samuel RICHARDSON, William PAYNE and Richard MORRIS.
    •Note: In his brother John’s will dated Jun. 8, 1774, and proved Jan. 18, 1777, he names his sister Lucretia, brothers William, Samuel, David and James, and William’s daughter Nanny. John apparently did not marry. In his will he left 15 lbs to his sister Lucrecia Meredith, 10 lbs to “Nannie, the daughter of William Bunch”, and the remainder to be divided among his brothers, Samuel, David and James.


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