Our Partial Victory in Vietnam

All my life I’ve heard we lost the Vietnam War. For example, when I was in college, I heard it from a young, sneering professor who had recently got his Ph.D. in history and seemed to delight in our “loss.”But a fresh look at the Paris Peace Accords, which the North signed, tells a different story.

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The Redemption of Councilman Luke Watson, Philadelphia, 1686-88

What happened when Luke Watson messed up by messing around with his brother-in-law’s unnamed servant girl?

When he got kicked off the Council, the highest governing body in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania, could he find his way back?

We can learn a lot from the earliest Founders of our nation–not just the leaders in the eighteenth century–but the ones living daily life in the seventeenth century too.

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Revisiting Watergate: A Review of the Real Watergate Scandal

Geoff Shepard has written an important book, The Real Watergate Scandal: Collusion, Conspiracy, and the Plot that Brought Nixon Down.  It will probably go a long way to restore President Nixon’s and his administration’s reputation.

My father, were he still alive, would like that very much.

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Three Cures for the Sneering Age!

This topic may seem obscure and irrelevant to your life, but think again.

How can you read the Bible and its historical background, for example, if you let hyper-skeptics kick sand in your face during your devotionals and personal study?

This article provides three ways for you to be confident.

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So What’s Wrong with Socialism Anyway?

Have you ever heard a student or young adult ask it today? And what if Leftists rebrand their ideology and hide it under a current political party in American politics? It’s still going strong in Europe and numerous countries around the globe. Let’s take a closer look at it.

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Was William Weaver The Father or Not? 1689 Paternity Case in Chester Co., PA

What did the court conclude about widow Anne Richards’ two children who were born out of wedlock?

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