Bowmans of Early Virginia

These records go from 1671 to 1770.

I hope these uninterpreted records help you in your family search.



These are ages given at court depositions.

1 Aug 1678

John Bowman, 45 (OB 1678-1693, p. 53)

10 Nov 1679

Edward Bowman, 23 (1677-1692 Will and Deed Book, p. 110)

Robert Bowman, 30 (1677-1692 Will and Deed Book, p. 111)

John Bowman, 18 (ditto)

22 May 1681

Edward Bowman, 20 (1677-1692 Will and Deed Book, p. 165)

Main Records

17 Apr 1671

Bond of Robert Bowman, son of Robert Bowman, decd., for considerable sum of tobacco, to estate of Col. Thomas Stegg, decd. and lists for security: 1 cow, 1 calf, 1 steer, 1 fowling piece, 1 wolf bed and the collection and clearing of crop of tobacco I shall this year make; wit: Wm Harris, Thomas P (indecipherable); signed Rob. (R) Bowman; rec. Apr 1671 (Miscellaneous Court Records, vol. 1, p. 37)

1 Oct 1677

An account of the cattle of John Bowman, an orphan in the wardship of _____ one cow and one yearling heifer of his own mark and ____ the joint stock (Orphans Court p. 1)

20 Aug 1678

John Bowman Jr., an orphan in the wardship of John Bowman Sr. being at lawful age does this day appear, and in open court discharge the said John Bowman, Sr. from what estate he was possessed with as guardian of the aforesaid orphan (Orphans Court 5)

16 Mar 1678/9

Robert Bowman, Sr. of Roxdale in Henrico Co., planter, to Richard Kennon of Bermuda Hundred, for £30/20 and payment of said Robert Bowman’s passage from England, two tracts of land, one 551 acres on James R. at Roxdale, bordered by line marked by Henry Lound, Parker’s gut, Possum Meadow, Robert Bowman’s land given him by his father, Martin Elam’s line (now Mr. Stratton’s) and Joseph Tanner, as patent 9 June 1671. The other land, 100 acres being late in possession of Gilbert Bowman, decd. on the swamp and bounded by the preceding 551 acres and by land given by William Bowman to William Bowman and William Hudson; wit: John Pleasants, Henry Gee, Wm Randolph, Tomas Polden; signed Robert bowman Sr. rec. 1 Apr 1679 (Wills, Deed, etc. 1677-1692, p. 83)

1 Apr 1681

Robert Bowman, Sr. is mentioned in a deed from William Byrd, Esq., to Richard Kennon, Gent., for £8, two tracts of 657 acres on James R., near Roxdale, lately in occupation of Robert Bowman, Sr. and by him conveyed to said Kennon 17 Mar 1678/9; the land was formerly in possession of Sir John Couch, Knight, and lately fallen to his majesty by escheat 21 Oct last and by Lord Culpepper granted to Abel Gower and by him assigned to said Byrd; wit: John Farrar, Abel Gower; signed William Byrd; rec. 1 Apr 1681 (Wills, Deeds, etc. 1677-1692, p. 156)

1 Apr 1682

William Byrd, for a valuable consideration, to John Bowman, 133 acres as in deed from Martin Elam to said Bowman, 1 May 1678, which land escheated to his majesty and was granted to Abel Gower and by him assigned to me; wit: Wm Randolph; signed William Byrd (Wills and Deeds, etc. 1677-1692, p. 214)

20 Sep 1686

John Bowman witnesses deed from Henry Wyatt of New Kent Co., planter, to Hugh Jones of Henrico Co. for valuable consideration, 200 acres, bounded by Chickahominy Swamp, Francis Warren, and said Wyatt; Wm Soane and Lyonell Morris also witness deed; signed Henry Wyatt and Alice Wyatt; Alice, wife of Henry, relinquishes her dower rights; rec. 1 Oct 1686 (Wills, Deeds, etc. 1677-1692, p. 386)

1 Feb 1688

Edward Bowman, son and heir of Robert Bowman, decd., whereas my father did by his will give to my brother John Bowman the lower part of his tract of land, which place is called Old School House and the word heirs was omitted, I confirm to my brother my father’s intention; wit: John Woodson, Joseph Tanner; signed Edward (EB) Bowman; rec. 1 Apr 1689 (Will and Deed Book 1688-1697, p. 42)

1 Oct 1689

At request of Gilbert Elam, Sr., and Edward and John Bowman in debate over land boundaries, we have set the dividing line between them; signed Wm Glover, John Worsham, Richard Ligon, John Woodson (Will and Deed Book 1688-1697 p. 87)

1 Feb 1691

John Bowman’s land is mentioned in deed from Gilbert Elam, Sr. of Varina Parish to Thomas Edwards, for 2500 lbs, 100 acres, bounded by John Bowman at Possum Meadow, the river and Henry Lound; wit: Wm Thompson, Wm Cock, Jr., Ben Hatcher, Edw. Haskins; signed Gilbert (GE) Watkins (Will and Deed Book 1688-1697, p. 268)

20 Apr 1693

John Bowman of Roxdale, Henrico Co. and Elizabeth my wife, late widow and relict of Daniel Nunnelly of Charles City Co.; said Nunnelly by his will bequeathed to his wife plantation called Bull Hill in Charles City Co. Therefore for 1200 lbs tobacco paid by Walter Nunnelly, son and heir of Daniel, we sell him the aforesaid plantation; wit: Thomas [illegible, looks like Sisson), Nich. Dison; signed John Bowman, Elizabeth X Bowman; rec. 1 Mar 1707 (Deeds 1706-1709, p. 83)

21 Nov 1698

John Bowman Jr.’s land is mentioned in deed from Henry Gee of Varina Parish, planter for £23 to Giles Webb, land between Mr. Henry Lound and John Bowman, Jr. 150 acres; wit: John (IP) Paine and Mich. Turpin; signed Henry Gee; rec. 1 Dec 1698 (Wills, Deeds, etc. 1697-1704, p. 125)

30 Sep 1697

John Bowman witnesses deed of gift from John Stewart, Jr. for love and affection to my brother Daniel Stewart, with good will, discretion and order of my dear and honorable father John Stewart, Sr., the land now in possession of my father, bounded by William Walthall near Pride’s Path, from death of my father and Dorothy his wife; wit: also Samuel Newman and Nich. Dison; signed John Stewart, Jr.; rec. 1 Dec 1698 (Wills, Deeds, etc. 1697-1704, p. 130)

1 June 1703

William Bowman of county and parish of Henrico to John Archer of the same, Gent., 46 acres where said Bowman now lives, at Roxdale on south side of James R., adjoining land of William Hudson, decd.; wit: John Pleasants Step. Sarrazin; signed William Bowman; rec. 1 June 1702 (Wills and Deeds, Etc. 1697-1794, p. 326)

1 Mar 1706

Samuel Newman of Bristol Parish, Henrico Co. to John Bowman of Henrico Parish, Henrico Co. for £4, 100 acres in Appomattox on north side of Swift Cr., bounded by Ralph Jackson, land that was granted by said Newman by patent 20 Apr 1687, with all houses, etc. Wit: Isham Epes, Fran. Epes, Jr.; signed Samuel Newman; rec. 1 Mar 1706 (Deeds 1706-1709, p. 21)

1 Mar 1706

Samuel Newman of Bristol Parish to Edward Bowman of Henrico Parish, for £4 100 acres in Appomattox on north side of Swift Cr., bounded by Mrs. Mary Farrar, being land granted to said Newman 20 Apr 1687, with all houses, etc.; wit: Isham Epes, Fran. Epes; signed Samuel Newman; rec. 1 Mar 1706 (Deeds 1706-1709, p. 22)

2 May 1711

Deed from William Kennon of Henrico Co. to Thomas Eldridge of Surry Co., for £10, 2 tracts. 657 acres on James R. at place called Roxdale, bounded by Parker’s Gut, Possum Meadow, upper landing at the house, Robert Bowman, land of Joseph Tanner’s orphans, the river, as by patent 29 June 1671; the other 100 acres next to above 500 odd acres, late in occupation of Gilbert Bowman, decd. next to land given by William Bowman, decd. to William Bowman and William Hudson; the land was purchased from Robert Bowman by Robert Kennon, decd., father of said William Kennon 17 Mar 1678/9 and was escheated to the king and resold by wm Byrd, esq. to Richard Kennon 1 Apr 1681; wit: Henry Randolph, Jr. John Ingles, Martha Monford; signed Will Kennon; rec. 1st Mon in June 1711 (Wills and Deeds 1710-1714, p. 82)

7 June 1714

Benjamin Hopkins and Anne his wife, relict and executrix of Richard Thomas, decd. to John Bowman, Sr. £20, land where said Hopkins dwells, 100 acres; wit: James Cocke, James Cocke, Jr. signed Benj. X) Hopkins, Anne Hopkins; rec. 7 June 1714 (Wills and Deeds, p. 1725-1737, p. 266)

7 June 1714

John Bowman, Sr. to Benjamin Hopkins for £20, all interest I have in land where Benj. Hopkins dwells, formerly belonging to Richard Homes, late of Henrico Co., decd. wit: James Cocke, James Cock, Jr.; signed John Bowman; rec. 7 July 1714 (Wills and Deeds, 1725-1737, p. 267)

22 Aug 1716

Edward Bowman to Rice Jones for £5, 60 acres on north side of Swift Cr., part of 1146 acres granted to John Bolling, Edward Bowman and John Bowman, bounded by said Edward and Peter Ashbrook; wit: Wm Worsham, Wm Royall, John Bowman; signed Edw’d (EB) Bowman; rec. 5 Oct 1716 (Deeds 1714-1718, p. 111)

1 Aug 1716

Edward Bowman for love and affection for my son Rice Jones and my daughters Frances, a plantation now in my possession on north side of Swift Cr. and an Indian child, Aggy; Wm Worsham, Wm Royall, John Bowman; signed Edw’d (EB) Bowman; rec. 5 Oct 1716 (Deeds 1714-1718, p. 113)

14 Mar 1717

Will of John Archer

William Bowman’s land of 46 acres in Roxdale, which John Archer bought of him; the rest of the will is complicated and does not mention other Bowmans (Miscellaneous Records 1650-1807, Part II, p. 393)

1 July 1717

John Bowman Jr.’s land is mentioned in a deed from William Randolph to John Bolling, Gent. for £22, land on south side of James R. in Henrico Parish, bounded by land of Henry Lound, John Bowman, Jr., being 150 acres, which Henry Gee sold to Giles Webb, Gent., decd. and by him devised to his brother Thomas Webb of City of Gloucester, Esq. and by him sold to Randolph; wit: Will Kennon and Jos. Royall; signed William Randolph; Elizabeth, wife of William Randolph, relinquishes her dower rights; rec. 1 July 1717 (Deeds 1714-1718, p. 186)

6 Apr 1719 (recorded date)

John Bowman of Roxdale for love and affection to my son Robert Bowman, 385 acres on Swift Cr. on south side of James R., being part of a tract taken up jointly by Maj. John Bolling and my brother Edward Bowman and myself; wit: John Worsham and D. Worsham; signed John (IB) Bowman; (Miscellaneous Records vol. II, Loose Papers 1718-1725, p. 457)

Dec Court 1720

John Bowman to John Bolling, deed (OB 1719-1724, p. 55)

10 May 1722

Will of Edward Bowman of Henrico Pariah

To son Gilbert, 200 acres on third branch of Swift Cr., being my upper lot;

To son Henry, 100 acres joining John Stewart, being land I bought of Samuel Newman;

To son Abraham, 100 acres on south side of Swift Cr., being the remainder of land that I gave to son-in-law Rice Jones;

To son Abraham and son-in-law Rice Jones, 200 acres surveyed for me on Swift Cr. and also an netry I have joining my brother John Bowman, equally;

To each of my four sons, a feather bed and money in Mr. Perry’s hands to be laid out for blankets, etc.;

Son Henry to live at thus plantation I live on until 21;

I appoint my son-in-law Henry Charles ______ (probably Featherstone; see record dated 5 Nov 1722);

Wit: J. Bolling, Robert Hudson, Sr. Edward Tanner;

To three daughters Elizabeth, Frances, and Mary, 1 shilling each; (Miscellaneous Records 1650-1807, Part II, p. 555)

16 Aug 1722 Court

Will of Edward Bowman presented by Henry Charles Featherstone and Edward Bowman, his executors, and proved by John Bolling, Jr. and Robert Hudson, Sr. and Edward Tanner, three of the witnesses; Maj. William Kennon and Capt. Henry Randolph, security; Edward Stratton, William Ligon, Robert Elam, Edward Haskins to appraise estate (Minute Book, 1719-1724, p. 196)

1 Oct 1722 Court

On petition of John Stewart, setting forth that he married Mary, daughter of Edward Bowman, decd. who in his lifetime gave said Mary 1 featherbed, prays the executors deliver the same; ordered that sheriff summon Henry Charles Featherstone and Edward Bowman, executors of said Bowman to appear and answer (Minute Book 1719-1724 p. 211)

5 Nov 1722 Court

Henry Charles Featherstone, one of the executors of will of Edward Bowman, informing the court that Henry and Abraham, two orphans of said Bowman are under age to choose a guardian and that said Bowman did not dispose of guardianship by his will and on motion of Featherstone that the church wardens bind the orphans to him and that he teach thgem to read and write and learn the trade of blacksmith, it is ordered (Minute Book 1719-1724, p. 229)

Nov Court 1722

Petition of Rice Jones that Edward Bowman, decd. did in his lifetime give him by deed 1 Aug 1716, a featherbed and that Henry Charles Featherstone and Edward Bowman, the executors, keep it from him (Minute Book 1719-1724, p. 219)

Jan Court 1722

John Bowman to John Stewart, deed (Minute Book 1719-1724, p. 226)

7 Jan 1722 Court

Henry Bowman chooses Edward Bowman as his guardian; Robert Hudson and Rice Jones, security (Minute Book 1719-1726, p. 226)

1 Apr 1723 Court

Upon petition of Henry Bowman, setting forth that after the death of his father, Edward Bowman, he did work on his lathery plantation in making a crop of corn and tobacco, begun in his father’s lifetime, and that Henry Charles Featherstone has applied it ot his own use and refused to allow him, the said Henry, any part of it and praying that the said Featherstone deliver to his sheep given to him by his Aunt Rebecca Briarly. Court orders Henry Bowman to be paid 250 lbs tobacco from the estate; Rebecca Briarly makes oath she gave said Henry the sheep; said Featherstone to deliver to Henry 8 sheep and 5 lambs (Minute Book 1719-1726, p. 246)

3 June 1723 Court

On petition of Rice Jones, guardian of Gilbert Bowman, praying the executors of Edward Bowman, decd. deliver to him estate of said Gilbert Bowman. Court appoints Col. Francis Epes, Capt. Joseph Royall to assign to said Gilbert his share of the estate (Minute Book 1719-1726, p. 263)

3 Dec 1723

Robert (R) Bowman and Edward (E) Bowman witness deed from Robert Hudson to William Hudson, for £20, 100 acres on Beaver Ponds; wit: also John Green; signed Robert (R) Hudson (Miscellaneous Records vol. II, Loose Papers 1718-1725, p. 565)

7 Sep 1724

Henry Bowman chooses Rice Jones as his guardian (Minute Book 1719-1724, p. 356)

2 Nov 1724

Rice Jones granted administration of estate of Edward Bowman, decd. Seth Ward and Michael Turpin, security; Robert Bowman, Robert Hudson, Robert Elam, Edward Stratton to appraise estate (Minute Book 1719-1724, p. 371)

3 Dec 1725

Will of John Bowman of Henrico Parish

To son Robert, my plantation at Rocksdale, allowing my wife Sarah all privileges, also to Robert the tract on swift Cr. already deeded him;

To my godson Peter Hudson, 200 acres, being the lower part, and adjoining his land called Nut Tree Run;

To daughter Sarah Knibb, for life, 150 acres of the foresaid tract, below Peter Hudson and after her death to my grandson John Knibb;

To my granddaughter Prudence (?), a mare filly;

To my granddaughter Jane, daughter of my son Robert, a yearly heifer;

To daughter Sarah Knibb, a 15 shilling ring;

To my son John, items, also to son Robert items;

All the rest to wife and she to be executor;

Wit: Joseph Royal, Joseph Royal Jr. James Henry Shorthose; rec. 7 Mar 1725 (Wills and Deeds 1725-1737, pp. 5-6)

6 June 1726

John Bowman witnesses a deed from Robert Hudson and John Ferguson to Robert Hudson, Jr. for £20, 200 acres at the Beaver Ponds on Swift Cr., being part of 400 acres taken up by said Hudson and Ferguson 17 Aug 1725; wit: John Green, John Bowman, Henry Hudson; rec. 5 Sept 1726; Mary Hudson and Mary Fargusson, wives of Robert and John, relinquish their dower rights (Wills and Deeds 1725-1737, p. 42)

6 June 1726

John Bowman witnesses a deed from Robert Hudson, Sr. and John Fargusson to Henry Hatcher, Sr. for £5, 100 acres on north side of Swift Cr. part of 400 acres granted to said Hudson and Fargusson 17 Aug 1725; Wit: John Green, John Bowman, Robert Hudson; signed Robert (R) Hudson, Sr. John Fargusson; Mary Hudson and Mary Fargusson, wives of said Robert and John, relinquish their dower rights; rec. 5 Sep 1726 (Wills and Deeds 1725-1737 p. 50)

3 Oct 1726 (recorded date)

Robert Bowman, John Worsham, Jr. William Worsham, D. Worsham take the inventory of John Bullington’s estate, valued at £65/10/103/4; presented in court by Temperance Bullington (Wills and Deeds 1725-1737, p. 60)

5 June 1727 (recorded date)

John Bowman, Henry Hudson and Robert Hudson take the inventory of Edward Stanley’s estate valued at £49/9/11; presented in court my Martha Stanley (Wills and Deeds 1725-1737, p. 115)

4 Sep 1727 (recorded date)

Accounts of Edward Bowman recorded (Wills and Deeds 1725-1737, p. 130)

1 Jan 1727

John Goode, planter, for love to my son Benjamin Goode, land in main forks of Four Mile Cr., 70 acres; wit: Thomas Childers, Sr., Thomas (T) Childers, Jr.; Robert Bowman; signed John (J) Goode; rec. 1 Jan. 1727 (Wills and Deeds 1725-1737, p. 157)

1 Jan 1727

Thomas Childers, Sr., planter, or good and tender love to my son Thomas Childers, 75 acres of tract I live on, next to William Hobson, John Williams, Benjamin Childers and Thomas Robinson; wit: Benj. (B) Childers, John (I) Good, jr., Robert (X) Bowman; signed Thos. Childers; rec. 1 Jan 1727 (Wills and Deeds, 1725-1737, p. 161)

15 Sep 1728

John Bowman witnesses the bond of Peter Hudson of Henrico Co. to John Towns for £40, that the heirs of Halcott Pride, when they come of age, will make over to said Towns, 150 acres next to John Pride on Butterwood Cr. in Goochland Co. wit: James Akin, Jr., John Bowman, John Farmer; signed Peter Hudson; rec. 1st Mon Oct 1728 (Wills and Deeds 1725-1737, p. 216)

19 May 1730

Robt. Bowman witness deed from Robert Hudson, Sr. of County and Parish of Henrco to his son John Hudson of same, for £30, plantation at Rocksdale where said Hudson lives, 46 acres as by deed from Col. Wm Byrd, 22 Nov 1710; wit: also John Green, Jeffore (sic) Robeson; signed Robert Hudson; rec. 6 July 1730 (Wills and Deeds 1725-1737, p. 270)

Apr 1731 (recorded date)

Robert Bowman, Abraham Womeck, Jr., and Joseph Wood take the inventory of Edward Stratton, valued at £242/1/4 and presented in court by Ann Stratton (Wills and Deeds, 1725-1737, p. 297)

26 May 1731

Gilbert Bowman to Jeffrey Robertson, for £55, land on south side of James R. on Skinquarter Cr., called Skinquarter, lately bought by said Gilbert of Robert Hancock, 250 acres; wit: John Besbeach, Samuel Stones, Will Baugh, Joh X Sleton; signed Gilbert Bowman; Amy, wife of Gilbert, relinquished her dower rights; rec. 1st Mon in Aug 1731 (Wills and Deeds, 1725-1737, p. 311)

2 Aug 1731

Gilbert Bowman to John Bolling, for £21 land on south side of Jmes R., 175 acres, being part of a grant to John Bolling, Edward Bowman, and John Bowman, 15 July 1717, next to John Bolling in fork of Falling Cr.; wit: Robert Bolling, John Hudson, Robt. Netherland; signerd Gilbert Bowman; Amy, wife of Gilbert, relinquishes her dower rights; rec. 1st Mon in Aug 1731 (Wills and Deeds 1725-1737, p. 311)

2 July 1733

Deed form Jeffrey Robertson to William Worsham, Gent., £30, two parcels of south side of James R., 180 acres, 130 of which was purchased of Martin Elam by John Bowman in 1678 and by his will devised to Elizabeth Bowman his wife and by her sold to Maj. John Bolling, decd. on 9 Feb. 1718 and by him conveyed to said Jeffrey; wit: Peter Hudson, John Green, Edward Osborne; signed Jeffrey Robins; [missing] wife of Jeffrey, relinquished her dower rights; rec. 1st Mon in July 1733 (Wills and Deed 1725-1737, p. 400)

2 Aug 1734

Mrs. Frances Jones to Francis Jenkins, for £10, 100 acres on north side of Swift Cr., being part of 400 acres by patent dated 6 Apr 1634, bounded by John Bowman, Abraham Bowman, William Atkins, said Jenkins, Benjamin Fernando; wit: Henry Cox, John Bowman, Mary Cox, Jas. Wood, Jr. signed Frances (X) Jones; rec. 1st Mon Nov 1734 (Wills and Deeds 1725-1737, p. 454)

3 Aug 1734

Robert Bowman of county and parish of Henrico to John Cobbs of same for £40, land in same parish on south side of Swift Cr., 352 acres, being part of 1148 acres taken up by Maj. John Bolling and Edward Bowman and John Bowman and given by will of John Bowman, decd. to his son Robert Bowman, land that was surveyed by 20 Feb. 1701 by Richard Ligon, former surveyor of the county and is bounded by the creek; wit: John Bowman, Abraham Bowman; signed Robert (R) Bowman; (missing) wife of Robert, relinquishes her dower rights; rec. 1st Mon Sept 1734 (Wills and Deeds 1725-1737, p. 450)

21 Oct 1734

Will of Jeffrey Robinson (signed Robintson)

To son William £5 store pay, 200 acres joining Edward Haskins at Skin Quarter, where he lives, part of 250 purchased of Gilbert Bowman;

The remainder of said tract to son Richard with all buildings, where I am now seated and the mill;

To son-in-law John Hudson and his wife Anne, ½ of a survey of 400 acres joining William Bass and Thomas Bass and said Haskins and the other half to my sons John and Thomas Robinson;

To two sons George and Jeffrey Robinson, ½ of a survey taken up between James Gates and I;

All land not given to be sold and money equally divided after the death or marriage of my wife Elizabeth;

To daughter Martha Robinson, 1 shilling

Son William to be executor;

Wit: John Green, William Baugh, Peter Baugh

Presented in court by William Robertson, executor and rec. Nov 1734 (Wills and Deeds 1725-1737 pp. 455-56)

26 Dec 1734

A deed from John Bowman to Samuel Hancock, for £20, land on north side of Swift Cr., next to land said Hancock lives on, 53 acres, bounded by said Bowman, said Hancock; wit: Peter Hudson, Benjamin Fernando and John Thomas; signed John Bowman; rec. 4 Aug 1735 (Wills and Deeds, 1725-1737, p. 499)

15 Apr 1735

Henry Bowman to Dr. Thomas Gibson for £30, 100 acres on north side of Swift Cr. where said Henry lately dwelled and where Gibson now lives; tract was given said Henry by Edward Bowman, his father, by his will; wit: John Green, Robt. Cobbs, John Tillotson; signed Henry Bowman; rec. 7 July 1735 (Wills and Deeds 1725-1737, p. 498)

28 Aug 1735

John Bowman witnesses deed from John Farguson to Anne Farguson for 40 shillings, 100 acres on south side of Swift Cr., bounded by Grills’s line and the main road; wit: also Peter Hudson and Rich’d Cawthorn; signed John Ferguson; rec. 2 Feb. 1735 (Wills and Deeds, p. 515)

6 Oct 1735

Edward Bowman’s land is mentioned in deed from Samuel Hudson and Drusilla his wife of Amelia Co. to Joseph Ligon of Henrico Co. for £100, 119 acres on south side of James R., known as Roxdale, bounded by Roxdale Swamp, land of Robert Hancock, formerly Edward Bowman’s, Tarlton Woodson, John Archer; not wit; signed Samuel (S) Hudson and Drusilla Hudson; rec. 6 Oct 1735 (Wills and Deeds 1725-1737, p. 505)

29 Mar 1736

Will of William Hatcher

To son William, 100 acres on Lower Licking Branch of Falling Dr., up branch to land of William Atkins, joining my son John;

To son Jameston, 100 acres joining his brothers William and John on Licking /branch, and items;

To son John a great chest, now at Abraham Bowman’s;

To daughter Elizabeth Bowman, items;

To granddaughter Martha Parker, items

Son William to be executor;

Wit: John Green, John Coobs (sic) Patrick Gibbin; rec. Dec. 1736 (Wills and Deeds 1725-1737, pp. 589-93)

3 May 1736 (recorded date)

Robert (R) Bowman witnesses deed from Thomas Jones of Princess Amelia Co. to Samuel Hancock, Sr. for £40, 400 acres, formerly taken up by Richard Grills, decd. and conveyed to Daniel Jones, father of said Thomas, 2 July 1715, bounded by Wintopock Cr. and John Rod. Wit: also Joseph Ligon, John Redford, Jr.; signed Thomas Jones; Sarah, wife of Thomas, relinquishes her dower right; rec. 3 May 1736 (Wills and Deeds 1725-1737, p. 543)

2 Aug 1736

Henry Bowman’s land is mentioned in a deed from John Towns of Amelia Co to William Pride of Henrico Co., for £50, 150 acres on both sides of Swift Cr., bounded by said Towns, Henry Bowman; wit: James Akin, Jr., Richard Wells, William Towns, John X Man; signed John Towns; Ann, wife of John, relinquishes her dower right; rec. 1st Mon Feb 1736 (Wills and deeds, 1725-1737, p. 587)

Nov 1736 (recorded date)

John Bowman and Robert Bowman presented in court the inventory of Sarah Knibb, taken by John Worsham, Robert Elam, Alexander Marshal, and valued at £209/1/0/¾ (Wills and Deeds 1725-1737 p. 577)

4 Sep 1738

Robert Bowman to Edward Folks for £100/5, 200 acres where said Robert now lives, given him by his will of his decd. father John Bowman, called Roxdale; wit: John Worsham, Jr., John Royall, Richard Ligon; signed Robert (R) Bowman; Brown, wife of Robert, relinquishes her dower rights; rec. 1st Mon Oct 1728 (Miscellaneous Court Records 1738-1746, vol. 4, p. 1080)

Oct Court 1738

Robert Bowman to Edward Folks, deed; Brown, wife of Robert, relinquishes her dower rights (OB 1737-1744, p. 59)

Feb Court 1738

Katherine Knibb chooses John Knibb her guardian who accepts, Joseph Royall and John Bowman, security (OB 1737-1746, p. 64)

Oct Court 1740

Gilbert Bowman to Joseph Ligon, deed (OB 1737-1744, p. 127)

June Court 1741

Will of John Newby, decd. presented by William Newby, his executor and proved by oath of Abraham Bowman and John Cobbs, two witnesses (OB 1737-1744 p. 147)

8 Mar 1742

John Bowman’s land is mentioned in a deed from Peter Hudson of Dale Parish to Benjamin Cheatham of same for £100, 366 acres, being part of 491 acres with 125 acres excepted out of whole tract; first tract is 202 acres, next to Thomas Powland, Col. Francis Epes, and John Bowman; second tract of 289 acres is next to Nutree Run, LaPrade, Henry Clay, and John Bowman, being where Peter now lives; wit: Charles Clay, Henry Cox, George Renyer Turner; signed Peter Hudson; Martha, wife of Peter, relinquishes her dower rights; rec. 1st Mon May 1743 (Deeds from Miscellaneous Court Records, vol. 3, 1725-1737, p. 1242)

4 June 1745

Robert Bowman witnesses a deed from John Pleasants, minor, of Baleys in Henrico to James Powell Cocke of same for £, 600 acres on south side White Oak Swamp, bounded by Col. Richard Randolph, Edward Goode, and James Woodfin; wit: Robert (X) Bowman, John (L) Lipcott; Mary (X) Lensie (sic); signed John Pleasants; rec. 1st Mon July 1745 (Wills and Deeds 1744-1748, p. 41)

2 Jan 1745

Henry Bowman witnesses a deed from Henry Randolph to Charles Featherstone for £45, 120 acres on north side of Timbury Run, bounded by Sarah Steward’s Spring Branch; wit: Henry Bowman, John (X) Chumley, Henry (X) Featherston; signed Henry Randolph; rec. 1st Mon May 1746 (Wills and Deeds 1744-1748, p. 135)

30 July 1746

John Bowman’s land is mentioned in a deed from Eleanor Turner and George Renyer Turner to Edward Watkins of Goochland Co. for £80, a tract in Dale Parish on north side of Swift Cr., 50 acres, bounded by Francis Flournoy, John Bowman, land late of Aaron Haskins, decd. being part of tract of 80 acres granted to Henry Soane, decd. by patent 14 July 1718; wit: John Watkins, John Clay, Francis Moseley; signed Eleanor (  ) Turner, George Renyer Turner; rec. 1st Mon Sep 1746 (1744 to 1748, p. 195)

15 Nov 1746

Mr. John Bowman’s land, called Jeffrey, is mentioned in will of William Worsham of Dale Parish; will is long and complicated and does not name another Bowman (Wills and Deeds 1748-1750, p. 60)

4 Apr 1748

Bowman land is mentioned in a deed from Joseph Ligon of Dale Parish, Henrico Co. to Edward Folks of same, for £20, 60 acres at Rocksdale, bounded by land Edward Folks purchased of Robert Bowman, Possum Meadow, said Ligon, Edward Bowman, John Bowman, and James R. No witnesses; signed Joseph Ligon, Judith Ligon; rec. 1st Mon Apr 1748; Judith, wife of Joseph, relinquishes dower rights (Wills and Deeds, 1744-1748, p. 367)

6 Aug 1770

Francis Bowman’s spring is mentioned in Jonathan Williams to John Hopson, for £10, 23 acres on Roundabout Swamp, adj. parcel said John Hopson bought of Constantine, John Burton, Francis Bowman’s spring, and Maj. Francis Eppes; wit: Hays Whitlow, Joseph Whitlow; signed Jonathan Williams; Sarah, wife of Jonathan Williams, relinquishes her dower rights; rec. 4 Mar 1771 (Deed Book 1767-1774, p. 253)


17 Feb 1785

Levi Johnson and Kitchora Bowman; sur. John Scott (p. 52)

28 Dec 1786

Edward Bowman and Catherine Scott, dau of Robert and Mary Scott who consent; sur. John Scott and Andrew Scott (p. 9)

29 June 1790

Charles Bowman and Nancy Auldin, widow, who consents; sur. Francis Bowman; wits: M. Rawlings and Edward Bowman (p. 10)


This county grew out of Henrico in 1728.

Main Records

1 Feb 1737

Gilbert Bowman witnesses a deed from Thomas Saunders to Robert Cauthorne, for £40. Land formerly in Henrico co. but now in St. James Parish, on north side of James R., 267 acres, bounded by John Saunders, being part of a greater tract granted to Thomas Saunders 24 Mar 1725; other wits: Roger Thompson, Thos. Underwood; signed Thos. Sanders; Anne, wife of Thomas, relinquishes her dower rights (DB 3, p. 66)


25 Dec 1779

William Bowman and Mary Cosby; sur. Zachariah Haden; wits: Ellisons Clarke and Peter Clarke; William, 21 years of age on 20 July 1774, of Chesterfield County, is the son of Joseph Bowman.


This county was formed in 1749 out of the part of Henrico that is south of the James River.

Main records

18 Jan 1749

Thomas Jones to Edward Osborn, for £100, land on south side of Third Branch, next to Abram Bowman and Col. John Bolling, 206 acres, purchased of said Jones of John Cobb; being part of a patent to John Bolling, Edward Bowman, John Bowman, 2 May 1705; wit: Evan Owen, Math’l Terry, Sarah Terry; rec. 6 July 1750 (DB 1, 111)

7 June 1754

John Bowman of Dale Parish for good will and affection to my son Joseph Bowman 140 acres on north side of Swift Cr., bounded by Maj. John Bolling and Samuel Hancock; 7 June 1754; wit: Simon Hancock, Lodowick Farmer, Peter Farmer; rec. 7 June 1754 (DB 2 p. 156)

10 Aug 1754

Will of William Cooke

To wife Mary, land I live on for life, all movables and to be executrix;

To daughter Hannah Cooke, a featherbed;

To daughter Mary Bowman, after my wife’s death, my land;

To sons Joseph and William, 300 acres I purchased of Robert Childers, equally divided;

Wife to be executrix;

Wit: John Farguson, John Ellis, Allison Clark (WB 1, p. 171)

5 Dec 1754

John Bowman of Dale Parish for good will and affection to my son Drury Bowman, 150 acres in fork of Parishes Branch, next to Samuel Hancock and James Newby; wit: Simon Hancock; John Bowman, Jr., John (I) Hancock; rec. Dec. Court 1754 (DB 2, p. 183)

25 Mar 1756

Will of John Bowman

To children John Bowman, Drury Bowman, Joseph Bowman, Prudence Bowman, Amy Farmer, Sarah Hill, Obedience Clark each 1 shilling;

To daughter Preseller (sic) Bowman, featherbed and other items;

To son Daniel, land and plantation I live on, 160 acres and rest of estate;

If he die, land to be sold and money divided among all my children;

Executors: sons John and Daniel

Wit: Simon Hancock, Joseph Taylor, Joe Hancock (WB 2, p. 39)

1762 (undated)

Deposition of Francis Perkinson, William Royall, and Martha Perkinson declares that they heard Henry Bowman say his estate should go to the children of his sister, wife of John Stuart (WB 1, p. 334)

14 Jan 1772

Will of William Atkins

Wife Mary, four negroes; son William; grandson Enoch Adkins, to have plantation when he comes of age; dau Sarah Bowman, 2 negroes; dau Obedience Farmer, 1 negro; dau Mary Cox, 1 negro; rest of estate after wife’s death to son William and grandson Enoch Adkins; execs: son William (unnamed) son-in-law; wits: Absalom Creel, Daniel Bowman, Jane Hudson (WB 3, p. 196)

5 Sep 1777

Ann Bowman granted admin. of estate of Daniel Bowman (OB 4, p. 144)

19 Dec 1777

Will of Mary Rowlett

To son Joseph Cooke, 2 cows;

To son William Cooke, 2 cows;

To daughter Mary Bowman, 1 cow;

So son Peter Rowlett, rest of estate and she and my friend George Markham to be execs.

Wits: John Hill, John Hill (WB 3, p. 146)

23 May 1778

Will of Joseph Farmer

Son Mark; Son Arter (sic); Dau Edea Farmer; dau Tabiths Hatcher, 1 negro; dau Judea Farmer, 1 negro and items; dau Ann Bowman, 1 negro; dau Phoebe Adkins, 1 negro; dau Millason Franklin, 1 negro; to wife for life 100 acres where I live and ½ the houses and use of various items: my children: Mark Farmer, Arter Farmer, Ann Bowman, Phoebe Adkins, Ede farmer, Tabitha Hatcher, Millason Franklin, Judea Farmer; execs: sons Mark and Arter; wits; Daniel Bowman, John McRoberts, Absalom Creel; (WB 3, p. 473)

3 Aug 1782

Will of Abraham Bowman

To grandson Pleasant Bowman, 300 acres, 100 on south side of Swift Cr. and 200 acres on north side;

Dau-in-law Ann Bowman, to have her lifetime on said land, also items;

To wife Elizabeth, land, etc.;

Rest of estate to Pleasant Bowman;

Execs: grandson Pleasant and dau-in-law Ann

Wits: Mark Farmer, Jeremiah Franklin, William Barnett (WB 3, p. 304)

12 May 1783

Will of Stephen Cheatham and Manchester Parish

Wife Elizabeth; five sons Stephen, William, Josiah, Joel, Ezekiel; daus: Mary Perdue, Prudence Cheatham, Rany Bowman, Elizabeth Farmer, Tabitha Cheatham; execs: son Stephen and Thomas Wooldridge; wits: Richard Cheatham, James turner, Grace Cheatham (WB 3, p. 404)

5 June 1783

Will of John Bowman

To wife Lorany items;

To dau Betsey Bowman, items;

The rest I lend to my wife until dau Betsey is 18 or married and then to said Betsey; exec: John Watkins;

Wits: Stephen Cheatham, Charles Smith, William Roberts (WB 3, p. 393)

4 July 1783

Churchwardens of Dale Parish bind William Bowman, orphan of Robert Bowman, apprentice to William Edwards (OB 6, p. 456)

3 Dec 1784

Nathaniel Hatcher and Tabitha his wife, Ann Bowman, Phoebe Adkins, Edith Farmer, Elisha Newby and Judith his wife v. Martha Farmer, exec. of Joseph Farmer; court orders estate of Joseph Farmer to be divided among parties including legacy given to Arthur Farmer, decd. (OB 7, p. 87)

5 Mar 1785

Churchwardens of Dale Parish bind William Bowman (OB 7, p. 101)

13 Feb 1789

Overseers of Poor for District 1 bind Henry Bowman (OB 8, p. 199)

8 Oct 1789

Overseers of Poor for District 3 bind Abel Bowman and Hannah Bowman (parents not stated) (OB 7, p. 344)

8 July 1789

Overseers of Poor, District 1, bind Henry Orphan, orphan of Robert Orphan (OB 8, p. 450)

12 Dec 1795

Will of William Cheatham, Sr.

Wife Frances; dau Elizabeth Bowman, 6 negroes and one of these to her son Granville Bowman at 21; dau Rhoda Walthall, 3 negroes; grandson William Archer Walthall, 1 negro at age 13; son William, 1 negro and items; son Edmund, 1 negro; grandson Samuel Griffin Cheatham, 1 negro; dau Frances Cheatham, 1 negro; dau Becky Berry Cheatham, 1 negro; to son Christopher, 1 negro; son Major, 1 negro; grandsons Granville and Wilson Bowman, their board and money advanced by hire of negor, to their schoolmaster for their schooling; son Major to live with his mother and his education to be paid for; execs: wife and sons William and Edmund; wits: James Ferguson, Christopher Cheatham, Archer farmer (WB 4, p. 593)

3 May 1796

Will of John Bowman

Wife Mary, 1 negro and items and land and houses on east side of Licking branch where John Snelling lives, joining Richard Cheatham and Elizabeth Cheatham;

Dau Sally Snelling, 2 negroes;

Dau Amy Martin, 1 shilling;

Grandson John Bowman Taylor, 2 featherbeds;

Certain negroes to grandson John bowman Taylor and son John bowman when grandson is 21; if both die to Sally Snelling’s children;

Execs: John Snelling, Josiah Flournoy and my wife Mary

Wits: John turner, Daniel Hudson, Alexander Snellings (WB 4, p. 603)

12 Dec 1796

Christopher Cheatham chooses Pleasant Bowman as his guardian (OB 12, p. 68)

22 Dec 1796

Inventory of John Bowman, no total, by John Baker (son of John), William Baker, James Baker (WB 5, p. 93)

11 Sep 1797

Drury Bowman appointed guardian to Caron H. Hancock (OB 12, p. 303)


This county was formed out of Goochland in 1749.

25 Apr 1791 (court date)

Appraisal of estate of David Bowman; Richard Taylor, John Minter, Joseph Taylor (WB 2, p. 413)


Early Hudsons of Virginia

Early Hudsons of Three Virginia Counties

Richard Hudson and Martha Bowman

Essential Records of a Key Orphans Court, Part 1 (1677-1690)

Essential Records of a Key Orphans Court, Part 2 (1690-1739)


Henrico County

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Goochland County

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Chesterfield County

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Cumberland County

Katherine Reynolds, Abstracts of Cumberland County, Virginia, Will Books 1 and 2, 1749-1782 (Easley, SC: Southern Historical P, 1985)

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