The Daniels of Early Virginia and Beyond

This post has most (not all) of the wills and a few key deed records of the Daniels in all of the Virginia Counties, where the Daniels appear.

No effort has been made to sort out family relations. Rather, I just record the wills and other probate in an abstract summary. You can have the fun of sorting them out!

Bonus: some out-of-state counties are included.


27 Feb 1688

Will of William Daniel

Son Alexander; grandson (no name); two sons, but only names Alexander; exec: wife Sarah; wits: John Williams Sr., Henry Bech; proven 21 Feb 1692 (Wills etc. 1792-1715, xi, p. 2)

27 Feb 1705

Will of Hendrick Johnson

To friend William Daniel; to Ann Daniel, wife of William; Comfort Daniel; wits: Natthaniel William, John Bradford, William Havett (Wills etc. 1792-1715, xi, p. 366)


Henry Daniel’s estate is inventoried.

10 Jan 1749

Will of William Daniel

Dau Mary Daniel; sister Elizabeth, wife of Elias Bell; mother Jean Collins to have tuition of my dau until she arrive at full age; should my mother die before that time, then her grandmother Joyce, wife of William Whealton, to take her; exec: mother; wits: George Douglas, William Chance, Daniel Collins; proven 25 Mar 1750 (Wills 1749-1752 p. 54)

Stratton Nottingham, Wills and Administrations, Accomack County, Virginia, 1663-1800 (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing, 1931, 1999)


This county grew out of Goochland County in 1744.

This will belongs to the James Daniel who m. Jane and who came in from Middlesex Co. (see Goochland records dated 20 and 21 Nov 1735, below).

30 Oct 1760 (proved 12 Feb 1761)

Will of James Daniel

In the name of God, Amen. I James Daniel of Albemarle County, being weak in state but of perfect sense of mind and memory, do make this my Last Will and Testament, as follows, etc.

Item: I give and bequeath unto my son Chisley Daniel my tract of land in Lunenburg County on Roanoke R. as I bought of Walter Campbell. to him and his forever;

Item: I give and bequeath unto my son Abraham Daniel the land whereon I live with half my tract joining where Margaret Abbot did live after my decease. to him and his forever;

Item: I give and bequeath unto my sons Leonard Daniel my tract of land in Lunenburg County on Roanoke R. as I bought of John Maclin and Thomas Smith, to him and his heirs forever;

Item: I give and bequeath unto my son Josiah Daniel, one hundred and sixty pounds of current money of Virginia to be paid out of my estate to purchase a tract of land of John Robinson;

Item: I give and bequeath unto my son James Daniel the tract of land as I bought of William Meggenson, with my island opposite against it and the other half of the tract of land joining where Margaret Abbott did live, to him and his heirs forever;

Item: I give and bequeath unto my son John Daniel one hundred asnd fifty pounds current money of Virginia to be raised out of my estate to purchase a tract of land when he comes to the age of twenty-one years;

Item: I give and bequeath unto my daughter Susanna Bedford for negroes, to wit: Siller, June, Tom and Winne, which are now delivered;

Item: I give and bequeath unto my son Chisley Daniel for negroes, to wit: Gloster, Numan, Annica, and Alice, which are now delivered to him and his heirs forever;

Item: I give and bequeath unto my sons and daughters, namely Abraham Daniel, Leonard Daniel, Josiah Daniel, James Daniel, John Daniel, Mary Daniel, Mercy Daniel an equal share of all my negroes when they come to the age of twenty-one years or marry and all the rest of my personal estate to be equally divided among my sons and daughters before mentioned, excepting Susann Bedford;

I desire that my executors may make John Douglas a lawful deed for all my land at Seven Islands if he will pay the money that is due the same;

Lastly I appoint Chisley Daniel, Abraham Daniel, Leonard Daniel executors of this my Last Will and Testament.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 30th day of October one thousand seven hundred and sixty;

[Signed] James Daniel

Test: Benoni Bootwright (Boatwright), William (X) Bootwright (Boatwright), James Douglas

At a court held for Albemarle County the twelfth day of February 1761; this writing was proved by Benoni Bootwright, William Bootwright and John Douglas, there witnesses thereunto and ordered to be recorded and the motion of Chisley Daniel, Abraham Daniel and Leonard Daniel, the executors therein named who made oath according to law, certificate was granted them for obtaining a probate thereof in due form giving security, whereupon they with John Hunter, Theodorick Webb and Abraham Childers their securities, entered into and acknowledge their bond accordingly; Test John Nicholas, clerk

WB 2, pp. 94-95

For more information on the origins of this James Daniel and where some of his kids ended up, please see out-of-state counties, below.

Ruth and Sam Sparacio, Virginia County Court Records, Albemarle County, Virginia, Wills 1752-1764 (McLean, VA: Antient P, 2000)



Elizabeth left a will, but Berkeley County is in West Virginia, and the abstract books don’t go up that high.


28 Jan 1786

Will of William Daniel of St. Andrew’s Parish

Wife Anne, to have negroes Jacob, Sue and Lydia; youngest son Ellick; son George; son John; son Drury; execs: friends John Rogers and William Barrow; wits: John Wright and Thomas Daniel; signed William (X) Daniel); proved 23 Oct 1786 (WB 5, p. 183)

12 Jan 1793

Will of Joseph Daniel

Wife Mary; dau Elizabeth Daniel; dau Martha Daniel; son Thomas; son Joseph; dau Mary Hawkles (sic); dau Sarah Daniel; dau Dinna Barrow; execs: my son Joseph Daniel; John Flood Edmunds; wits: Thomas Edmunds, John Orgain, Charles Edmunds (WB 5, p. 547)

Stephen E. Bradley, Jr. Brunswick County, Virginia, Will Books, vol. 3 (Lawrenceville: Privately published 1997)


8 Nov 1753

William Daniel, Jr. and Eliza. his wife acknowledge their deed indented to Caleb Lindsay (OB p. 434).

12 Jan 1756

John Daniel and Ann his wife, deed indented to George Buckner was proved by the oaths of Catsby Woodford, Joseph Spicer and George Spicer, wits thereto, and ordered to be recorded (OB, p. 323)

14 Oct 1784 (proved)

Will of Elijah Daniel

Abstract books don’t go that far in the date

Ruth Trickey Sparacio and Sam Sparacio, Pamunkey Neighbors of Orange County, Virginia, (Baltimore: Gateway P, 1985)

—, A Supplement to Pamunkey Neighbors of Orange County, Virginia: The Daniel Family, vol. 1, (McLean, VA: Antient P, 1994)



Benjamin Daniel’s estate is inventoried.


15 Jan 1757

Will of Margaret Daniel and John Towles (dau of James Daniel m. Margaret Vivion); Proved 15 Dec 1757: Children: Oliver Towles, called Junior; Ann Towles m. John Terrell, son of Robert Terrell


Robert Daniel’s estate is inventoried.


Please see the Parkers, Daniels, and Jenkins of Early Virginia

Katherine B. Elliott, Marriage Records 1749-1840, Cumberland County, Virginia (South Hill, VA)


16 Feb 1719

William Daniel gives to his son-in-law, James Lindsay, land lying in Essex Co. on Peumansend Swamp containing 116 acres, a deed granted from William Berry (Essex Co. DB 16, p. 21)

18 July 1727

Will of Richard Daniel

Son William Daniel my plantation whereon he now lives after wife’s decease and all my sheep and house furniture; to my son Richard Daniel my old plantation that was my father’s after his mother’s decease; to my beloved wife Eliz. Daniel my whole estate real and personal, during her life and after her decease to be equally divided amongst my children, namely Judith, Anne, Eliza., Joshabed, Richard; Capt. Wortham and my brother James Daniel, execs.; signed Richard Daniel; wits: James Hipking, Hugh William, Mary Hipking; proved 18 July 1727 by eldest son William Daniel (the executors relinquish their executorship) (no. p. 220)

7 June 1731

Will of James Daniel, St. Anne’s Parish

Son James one hundred seventy acres whereon he now lives; son John Daniel one hundred acres whereon he has seated to be laid off with his plantation; son William Daniel, one hundred acres with the plantation whereon I now live; wife Mary shall keep all personal estate and sole exec.; wits: William Miller, John Long, Bloomfield Long; proven 17 Aug 1742 (WB 6, p. 380)


Thomas Daniel’s estate is inventoried.


Oliver left a will, but the abstract books don’t go up that high.

John Frederick Dorman, Essex County, Virginia, Wills, Bonds, Inventories, etc. no. 4, 1722-1730 (privately published, Washington, D.C., 1961)

Ruth and Sam Sparacio, Virginia County Court Records: Will Abstracts of Essex County of Essex County, Virginia (1735-1743), Will Book no. 6, 20 Jan. 1735 – 17 May 1743 (McLean, VA Antient P, 1989)



John O. left a will, but the abstract books don’t go up that high.


3 Oct 1760

Will of James Daniel (son of Robert Daniel); Proved 12 Feb 1761

The Sparacios say that James Daniel here m. Jane Hicks and was sheriff in Albemarle County, so this is probably the same James Daniel who left a will in Albemarle County (see above)

Ruth and Sam Sparacio, Ruth Trickey Sparacio and Sam Sparacio, Pamunkey Neighbors of Orange County, Virginia, (Baltimore: Gateway P, 1985)

—, A Supplement to Pamunkey Neighbors of Orange County, Virginia: The Daniel Family, vol. 1, (McLean, VA: Antient P, 1994)


20 Nov 1735

James Neville of Goochland Co. to James Daniel of Middlesex Co., to observe deed to Daniel; wit: Francis James, Charles Burks, William Mixon, John Macaney; rec. 18 May 1736; DB 2, p. 224)

21 Nov 1735

James Neville of Goochland Co. to James Daniel of Middlesex Co., planter, for £70, land on south side of the Fluvanna, being part granted to James Neville for 700 acres 28 Sep 1735, bounded by Watkins C., the river William Cannon, for 400 acres; wit: William Mixon, Fras. James, Chas. Burke, John Murray; signed James Neville; rec. 18 May 1736 (DB 2, p. 215)


Obadiah left behind a will, but the abstract books don’t go that high.


Ezekiel left behind a will, but the abstract books don’t go up that high.

For another line of Daniels in Goochland, please click here:

The Parkers, Daniels and Jenkins of Early Virginia


Goochland County, Virginia Court Orders, 1735-1737, Miami: T.L.C. Genealogy, 1991.

Benjamin Weisiger, Goochland County, Virginia, Wills and Deeds, 1728-1736, privately published, 1983, reprinted 1985.

—. Goochland County, Virginia, Wills and Deeds, 1736-1742, privately published, 1984, reprinted 1986.

—, Goochland County, Virginia, Wills 1742-1749, privately published


25 Oct 1752

James Daniel of Albemarle Co. to James Cocke of Lunenburg Co. for £200, 340 acres on south side of Staunton R. granted by Patent to Peter King, 20 Jan 1746, beginning at a red oak on the south side of the river, thence south, etc. to the river thence down to the beginning; signed James Daniel; wit James Stewart, Chesley Crisp, John Crisp, rec. 17 July 1753 (DB 1, p. 36)

1 July 1766

From Samuel Jones and Judith his wife of Halifax Co. to Chesley Daniel of Granville County, NC, for £636 (sic) 4 shillings, one tract of about 276 acres in Halifax on Dan R. …. Memorandum: if the title of the land becomes vested in me, I oblige myself to pay Samuel Jones £34 plus interest from time I become vested; signed 1 July 1766 (no signature); rec. 19 Aug 1773 (DB 9, p. 110)

Marian Dodson Chiarito, Halifax County, Virginia, Deed Books 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 1759-1767

See Parkers, Daniels and Jenkins of Early Virginia and Beyond for more Daniels in Halifax County

To see what happened to Chesley, scroll down to Granville County, North Carolina (and stop by Lunenburg Co., Virginia).


30 Mar 1679

Will of John Daniel, planter

Wife Elizabeth, son Thomas, son William; wife is exec; wits: Philip Thomas and Richard Reynolds; proven 17 July 1679 (Will and Deed Book 2, 1661-1701, p. 203)

9 Aug 1679

Probation of John Daniel

By will appointed his relict, Elizabeth, exec. Probation requested by Thomas Goldham who m. relict of said Daniel; rec. 27 Feb 1679 (Will and Deed Book 2, 1671-1701, p. 49)


Thomas Daniel’s estate is inventoried.

24 Jan 1728

Will of John Daniel

Wife Elizabeth and my two children; exec: wife; wits: Joseph Norsworthy, Thomas Norsworthy; proven 25 Nov 1728 (WB 4, 1734-1745)

10 Sep 1738

Will of William Daniel

Son Peter; son William; son John; dau Mary Rite; dau Sarah Barrett; dau Deberry Lucas; dau Ann; dau Garland; son James; wife Deborah, exec; rec. 7 Mar 1750; wits: John Darden, Mary Darden (WB 5, p. 315)

Blanche Adams Chapman, Wills and Administrations of Isle of Wight County, Virginia, 1647-1800 (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing, 1975)


7 Oct 1750

Will of Henry Ware m. Margaret Daniel (dau. of Robert Daniel)

Son Markham; wife to get four negroes Dick, Neaton, Betty, and James; remainder of estate to be equally divided among his children; execs: Maj. Harry Turner and my brother John Ware; wits: Markham, William Marshall, Benj. Marshall; in presence of Elizabeth; proved 7 Dec 1750

Ruth and Sam Sparacio, Ruth Trickey Sparacio and Sam Sparacio, Pamunkey Neighbors of Orange County, Virginia, (Baltimore: Gateway P, 1985)

—,  A Supplement to Pamunkey Neighbors of Orange County, Virginia: The Daniel Family, vol. 1, (McLean, VA: Antient P, 1994)


25 Mar 1754

James Daniel and Mary his wife of Orange Co. and John Daniel of Louisa Co. to Charles Daniel, 400 acres in Louisa Co.; in presence of William Trice, Vivion Daniel, James Daniel, and Mary Daniel (DB B p. 41)

John Daniel and Susanna Roane

Children: (1) Dorothy Daniel, died young; (2) John Daniel, died in 1809 in Orange County, will dated 23 June and proved 28 Aug 1809; (3) Susanna Daniel m. Turner Anderson on 12 June 1776 in Louisa Co.

13 Jan 1786

Will of John Daniel, Sr. of Trinity Parish (possibly son or grandson of James Daniel and Margaret Vivion Daniel, see immediately below)

Son John, without issue, yet;

Dau Susanna Anderson who has children;

Execs: John Daniel and son-in-law Turner Anderson;

Wits: Vivian Daniel, George Quisenberry, Jane Quisenberry, Margaret Daniel;

Rec: 12 June 1786;

WB 3, p. 159

Charles Daniel was the son of James Daniel and Margaret Vivion Daniel. James Daniel is the son of James Daniel who m. Margaret Vivion 27 Jan 1704, in Middlesex Co., son of Capt. William Daniel of Middlesex Co. and his wife Jochobed. Charles Daniel died in Louiusa Co. in 1799. He m. Jane Mickleburrough.

Peter Mickleborough Daniel and Anne Pembleton Gooch

He’s son of James Daniel of Montgomery Co., KY (see below)

He stayed behind in VA, while everyone else moved westward. But he fetched his bother Henry and educated him until he was old enough to return to KY and study law under Henry Clay


(1) James H. Daniel m. Mary A. Jones

(2) Susanna E. Daniel, b. Dec 1811 and d. June 1887; m. 1st ____ Porter of Fluvanna Co., VA and 2nd ____ Robins and Susanna and Porter had six children

(3) Jesse Micklemborough Daniel, M.D. b. 1817 and d. 1879; m. his first cousin Cornelia Gooch; they moved to KY and had ten children

(4) Stephen Daniel, d. 1852/53, m. Betty Morris

(5) Charles Beverly Daniel, b. ca. 1826 and d. 1861

(6) Peter Mickleborough Daniel, b. ca. 1828 and m. Margaret E. Thompson

(7) Sarah Montague Daniel, b. ca. 1827, m. William Young Hiter, b. 1815 (son of Rev. William Hiter and Jane Goodwin), Louisa Co., ten children

(8) Travers Aldridge Daniel

(9) Mary Jane Daniel, b. ca. 1831, m. James J. Trice, b. ca. 1825, Louisa Co., five children

(10) Nicie H. Daniel, b. ca. 1833, m. as 2nd wife William Quarles Thompson of Trevilliam’s Depot, VA and had three children (son of David Thompson, d. 1845 and Maria Ellis)

Nancy Chappelear and Kate Binford Hatch, Abstracts of Louisa County, Virginia Will Books 1743-1810 (privately published 1964)

Ruth Trickey Sparacio and Sam Sparacio, Pamunkey Neighbors of Orange County, Virginia, (Baltimore: Gateway P, 1985)

—, A Supplement to Pamunkey Neighbors of Orange County, Virginia: The Daniel Family, vol. 1, (McLean, VA: Antient P, 1994)


Feb 1764

Chesley Daniel and Judith Woodson, his wife, of Lunenburg Co. to Jacob Michaux of Cumberland Co., for £1300, a certain tract of land in Lunenburg Co on Roanoke R. and its branches, about 1069 acres of which 469 acres were granted to James Daniel, decd. father of said Chesley, by patent dated 3 Nov 1750 and bounded as per the patent. Another 400 acres was granted to James Stephens by patent dated 15 Dec 1757 and by the said James Daniel, decd. purchased of the said James Stephens and is bounded as per the patent. Another 200 acres, the residue of the 1069 and is bounded as per that patent; signed Chesley Daniel, Judith Woodson Daniel; wits: Thos. Bressie, Josiah Daniel, Benjamin Pulliam; rec. 9 Aug 1764 (DB 8, p. 278)

For more information on where Chesley ended up, please scroll down to Granville County, North Carolina, below.

Lunenburg County, Virginia, Deed Books 7 and 8 (1761-1764) (Miami: T.L.C. Genealogy, 1990)


7 Sep 1761

Account Current of Leonard Daniel

Account current of estate of Leonard Daniel, decd. showing list f accounts to be paid by Chesley Daniel, admin. – total £163.13.8 (WB 2, p. 49)

Same date

Inventory of goods and chattels sold to discharge debts of estate (all in possession of me, Chesley Daniel, admin). Part sold 7 Sep 1761 and part sold 29 Jan 1762 – total £146.17.1 and ½; rec. 7 Apr 1762 (WB 2, p. 49)

21 Sep 1780

Will of William Daniel

Wife is Margaret Daniel; children are Thomas Daniel, William Daniel, John Daniel, Milly Toone, Sally Wall; execs: Thomas and William Daniel; wits: Tignal (sic) Jones, Sr., Sherwood Willis, and James Anderson (WB 1, p. 396)

Katherine B. Elliot, Early Wills 1765-1799 of Mecklenburg County, Virginia (1963, repr. Easley, SC: Southern Historical P, 1983)


There are so many Daniels that they have their own post:

The Daniels of Middlesex County


17 Nov 1676

Will of John Daniel, planter

To my loving wife Elizabeth entire estate and exec.; wit: Charles Parkes, Maj. John Robins, Daniel Neech, Hillary Stringer; he signed with an X; proved 28 Sep 1688 (Orders, Wills, XV, no. 12 1683-1689 p. 384)

Hugh Daniel was first married to Alice, when he imported himself, his wife, and 12 others. He married Mary Billington, daughter of Luke and Barbary Billington. After Hugh died, Mary m. Richard Hines about 1673.

Hugh and Mary had a son William Daniel, Jr., who had these children: (1) Sarah Daniel m. James Lindsay, son of Caleb and Clare Daniel of Essex Co., living in caroline Co. (2) William Daniel m. Elizabeth (probably daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Coleman of Caroline Co.). (3) Thomas Daniel, his son Thomas Daniel Jr. m. Mary Lindsay, daughter of James and Sarah Daniel Lindsay of Caroline Co.; Thomas Jr. died in Caroline Co. before 1771. (4) Elizjah Daniel m. Mary Hawes and moved to Orange Co. (5) Moses Daniel died in Carolina Co. in 1745. James Lindsay was his executor. (6) Mary Daniel m. Edward Walker; Phoebe Daniel m. Thomas Jackson and flourished in Caroline Co.

James Handley Marshall, Abstracts of the Wills and Administrations of Northampton County, Virginia, 1632-1802, rev. ed. (Rockport, ME: Picton P, 2001)

Ruth Trickey Sparacio and Sam Sparacio, Pamunkey Neighbors of Orange County, Virginia, (Baltimore: Gateway P, 1985)


26 Mar 1756

On motion of Reuben and Authorit, his wife, execs of Peter Mountague, decd, and John Stevens, who intermarried with Sarah, one of the decedent’s daughter …. (OB 6, p. 233)

20 Sep 1760

Elizabeth Merry is about to intermarry with Reuben Daniel, but before she does she gives to her son James Merry one negro girl named Bett; ack. 23 Oct 1760 (DB 13, p. 132)

25 Aug 1770

An indenture of bargain and sale from Markham Ware and his wife Clara and Elizabeth Ware and Jane Ware to Richard Abell, acknowledged by the said Markham, Clara, Elizabeth and Jane (OB 8)

22 June 1772

Indenture between James Daniel and Mary (sic) his wife and William Pollock … for £6.7.6 sell acres bounded … Henry Tandy and James Daniel; wits: Henry Tandy, Samuel (X) Brockman, Vivion Daniel; signed James Daniel, Elizabeth (X) Daniel; rec. 25 June 1772 (DB 15, pp. 495-97)

XARth (sic) June 1772

Vivion and Elizabeth his wife sell land; rec. 25 June 1772; signed Vivion Daniel and Elizabeth Daniel (DB 15, 491)

2 Jan 1779

Will of Reuben Daniel

Son Reuben Daniel, one negro girl Delpha;

Dau Nancy Daniel, one negro girl named Jenny;

Dau Lucy Conner, one negro boy Dick;

Son William Merry Daniel (under 21), one negro boy Simon;

Dau Frankey Daniel;

Grandson Reuben Conner, whose mother is Lucy

Dau Betty Davers, wife of James Davers, one negro girl named Isabel;

Wife Elizabeth Daniel;

Son Robert Daniel, already given him his full portion, but he is in will so no one will think I had forgotten or neglected him

Execs: Friends Mr. William Smith and Mr. Edward Herndon of Spotsylvania Co.;

Signed Reuben Daniel;

Wits: William Plunkett, James Coleman, Thomas Merry, Jos. Hawkins

Probated 25 Feb 1779;

James Madison and Thomas Barbour are securities for £20,000

WB 3, pp. 3-6

28 Oct 1779 (returned date)

Inventory and appraisement of estate or Reuben Daniel, decd. valued at £4319.2.6, appraised by Jas. Coleman, Henry Tandy, Wm Plunkett, John Hobday (WB 3, pp. 13-15)

9 Feb 1780

Bond of James Divers (Davers)

He is obliged to pay unto Elizabeth Daniel, John Conner, Nancy Daniel, Frankey Daniel, William Merry Daniel …sum of £100,000; wits: James Coleman, Edmund Dear; signed James Divers; condition: whereas James Divers claims a part of the negroes belonging to Reuben Daniel, decd. by marrying his dau … negroes Reuben Daniel recovered by law by his wife, Penney and mother to Robert Daniel, Molly Seager and Betty Diver, now wife to above Diver; Above Conner and Daniel have agreed to give Diver … negro boy named Major … discharge Conner and Daniel from all claims relating to said negroes; wits: Edmund Dear, Jas. Coleman; rec. 23 Mar 1780 (DB 17, pp. 303-04)

8 Nov 1791

Will of James Daniel Sr.

Children Elizabeth Daniel, Margaret Daniel, Frances Daniel, James Daniel, William Daniel, Susannah Daniel, Mary Daniel; exec: John Daniel; wits: Joseph duke, Armstead Gordon, John Daniel, Samuel Bronaugh; signed James Daniel; probated 27 Feb 1792 (WB 3, pp. 251-52)

Ruth and Sam Sparacio in Pamunkey Neighbors say James m. Mary Killingham in 1753 and exec John Daniel was son of his brother (and they don’t name which brother)


Robert Daniel’s estate is inventoried.

9 Aug 1804

Will of Elizabeth Daniel

Dau-in-law Patty Daniel;

Three grandaus: Elizabeth Daniel, Polly Daniel, Nancy Daniel;

Other grandchildren: Reuben Daniel, Thomas Daniel, James Daniel;

Execs: grandsons Reuben Daniel and Thomas Daniel;

Signed Elizabeth (X) Daniel;

Wits: Ptolemy Powell, Edmund Burrus

Probated 24 Oct 1814

WB 5, pp. 19-20

1 Oct 1811

Indenture between Betsey Daniel, Peggy Daniel, and Susan Daniel of the one part, and James Daniel of the other part; personal estate was devised by their father James Daniel, decd. the aforesaid sisters relinquish all right to certain slaves and for $1.00 land that adjoins John Brockman, Jacob Graves, and others, being land given them by the will of their father James Daniel; wits: Thos. Ellis, Wm. Stevens, Rowland Gooch, Thos. W. Bell, Wm. B. Bell; signed Betsy Daniel, Peggy Daniel, and Susan Daniel (DB 25, p. 246)

9 Sep 1828

Will of Margaret Daniel and Susannah Daniel

Whoever lives longest gets the property, but on their passing, the estate goes to Travis Daniel, son of our brother James Daniel; execs friends William Stephens and Dr. John M. Goodwin; Margaret (X) Daniel and Susanna (X) Daniel; Susannah’s will proved 24 July 1848 by William T. Daniel and Peter M. Daniel (WB 11, p. 121)

13 Mar 1830

Indenture from James Daniel and his wife Sarah, Jacob Graves and his wife Mary graves … William Stevens, Thomas H. Ellis, Robert S. Ellis, Oswald Brockman, Asa Brockman, and Brockman Bell, trustees in and for the uses and purposes hereinafter mentioned, all of Orange Co. … land … neighbors named ;;; wits: Isaac W. Graves, William H. Jackson, William Graves; signed James Daniel, Sarah Daniel, Jacob Graves, Mary Graves (DB 33, p. 243)

24 Sep 1832 and 12 Aug 1856

Pension application of James Daniel, aged about 74. In his first tour he volunteered under John Scott at Yorktown and was there under the command of Gen. Nelson, serving about three months; he resided in Orange Co. at the time he entered the service … Afterwards drafted under Capt. Francis Moore of Orange and marched to the Barracks in Albemarle, Maj. Thomas Barbour was in command … after about two months was discharged at the Barracks … afterwards drafted under Capt. Benjamin Johnson, marched to Cabbin (sic) Point and was drafted under Capt. Richard Webb and marched to Richmond and retreated to Raccoon Ford through Louisa, Fluvanna, Goochland on our way to Richmond, but was discharged near Black Marsh in Hanover before we reached Richmond; the affidavits of Frances Henderson and Margaret Daniel taken before me this 7th day of September 1832 in the county of Orange … being first sworn upon the holy Evangelist of Almighty God … James Daniel served four terms of duty in the old Revolutionary war to our own knowledge for ourselves and sisters had to fix and trim him off for the different times … sworn before Jacob Graves; Sarah Brockman, widow of James Daniel, her former husband, was pens[ioned] under the act of June 7, 1832, at $30.00. Given under my hand this 12th day of August 1856 … Samuel Andrews. (National Archives)

27 Apr 1835

I, Frances Henderson, for love and affection for my brother James Daniel paid $1.00 to hold and keep right and title of negroes as mentioned above; wits: Jacob Graves, Thos. I. Ellis, Richd. P. Ellis (DB 35, p. 377)

9 Apr 1836

Will of James Daniel

Real and personal estate to be kept together and I do lend the same to my beloved wife; three younger children: Beverly, Mary, Sarah; lot of negroes deeded from my sister Frances Henderson; son William Travis Daniel; execs Jacob Graves and son William Travis Daniel, so soon as he may arrive to age of 21; wits: William F. Graves, Garrett Greaves, Isaac M. Graves, William Graves; proved 27 Feb 1837; Jacob Graves refused on motion of Sarah Daniel, widow of the testator (Will Book 8, p.p. 259-61)

Ruth Trickey Sparacio and Sam Sparacio, Pamunkey Neighbors of Orange County, Virginia, (Baltimore: Gateway P, 1985)

—, Virginia County Court Records: Deed Abstracts of Orange County, Virginia, 1778-1786, Orange County Deed Book 17 (1778-1781) and Orange County Deed Book 18 (1781-1786) (Privately published, McLean, VA, 1986)

—, Deed Abstracts of Orange County, Virginia (17569-1778) Deed Book 13 (1759-1765), Deed Book 14 (1765-1768), Deed Book 15 (1768-1772), Deed Book 16 (1772-1778) (McLean, VA: privately published, 1986)

—, Will Abstracts of Orange County, Virginia (1788-1821) (McLean, VA: Antient P, 1985)


15 May 1779

The will of Tapley Merritt names her brother William Daniel’s son Henry Daniel who gets all her estate and is to give her mother £5 per years for life; if Henry dies underage, then estate to William’s dau Betsey; exec. brother William Daniel; no wits; signed Tapley Merritt; rec. 16 Oct 1783 (p. 89)

6 Oct 1793

Inquest on William Daniel’s body

Inquest held at Clement’s Mill, before Vincent Markham, coroner; the (named ) jury find that his death was accidental, caused by a fall off of the mill dam; rec. 17 Oct 1793 (p. 276)

Benjamin B. Weisiger, Powhatan County, Virginia, Wills, 1777-1795 (Privately published Richmond: 1986)



John Daniel’s estate is inventoried.



Abraham Daniel’s estate is inventoried.



Chris. Daniel’s estate is assigned an administrator.


Edmund left a will, but the abstract books don’t up that far.

Ruth and Sam Sparacio, A Supplement to Pamunkey Neighbors of Orange County, Virginia: The Daniel Family, vol. 1, (McLean, VA: Antient P, 1994)


29 Feb 1720

Will of Thomas Daniel

To Joan Hogwood, 20 shillings; to William Hogwood, clothing; to Mr. Wm Duell, clothing; to Elizabeth Hogwood, 20 shillings; to George Hogwood, clothing and remainder of estate; exec. George Hogwood; wit: Harry Floyd, William Williams; proved 21 Sep 1720 (WB 7, p. 281)

Eliza Timberlake Davis, Wills and Administrations of Surry County, Virginia, 1671-1750 (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing, 1980)



Richard Daniel’s estate is inventoried.


John Daniel’s estate is inventoried.


Granville County, North Carolina

19 June 1762

Will of John Daniel

Wife Anne: all my estate real and personal, for lifetime and at her death to my five children: James, John William (sic), Sarah Harrison, Martha Banby, Elizabeth Dudley; some years ago I made a deed of gift to my daughter Elizabeth, wife of Christopher Dudley and I now reclaim that gift; executors: John William Daniel and James Daniel, my sons; wit: Joseph Lindsey, John Dunkin, John Walker; proved Aug. 1762 (Unrecorded wills, no. 13)

15 Dec 1778

Will of John Daniel

To son Martin Daniel, all my land after death of my wife Celia and when he is of age all my guns and money; all else to wife of her lifetime, then to son Martin Daniel; executors: my brother William Daniel; wits: Lewis Ames, Luke Landers, John Dillon (Book 1, p. 235)

8 Dec 1783

Thomas Daniel, heir-at-law of William Daniel, decd., assigns land to James Tucne (?) as purchase from Thomas Banks was made for him for his use; wits: James Anderson, James Taylor; both bond and assignment proved in court Feb. 1784 (Book 1, pp. 383-84)

10 Oct 1785

Will of James Daniel

Wife Sarah Daniel: I lend for life land and house that later goes to son Richard, 8 negroes, 5 horses, a wagon, stock of all kinds, furniture, tools and at her death the cattle divided to my son Richard and daughter Anne Daniel, and she to give each child as each arrives of age or married a featherbed and furniture; when she dies all else divided amongst all my children except daughter Mary Royster;

Son John: 210 acres adj. my mill pond to head of small branch to middle of Anderson’s fork swamp to Philemon Hawkins’ line also a negro slave and cattle;

Son William: 210 acres at the old school house spring branch to Deep Branch, 2 negroes and cattle after his mother’s death; one other negro when my wife dies;

Son Reuben: 210 acres at old school house branch to William’s line, 2 negroes, cattle, horse, reserving cold to my daughter Anne Daniel;

Son Richard: after death of my wife, 210 acres, including dwelling house where I now live, a negro slave and a horse;

Son Joseph: a negro slave, my mill, and 2 acres of land on either side of mill, cattle, and money to rebuild the mill;

Son-in-law Edmund Smith: a negro slave;

Daughter Mary Royster: for lifetime, 3 negroes and at her death to three daughters Lucy, Polly, and Becky, and if any die, then to the survivors;

Daughter Ann Daniel: 2 negroes and a horse

Son-in-law David Royster: 10 shillings;

Executors: wife Sarah Daniel, Joseph Daniel, Reuben Daniel, John Daniel; wit: Phil Hawkins, Isham Harris; proved Nov court 1785 (WB 1, pp. 452-54)

5 Aug 1794

Peter Bennett, guardian of Martin Daniel, orphan, acct. (Book 3, p. 140)

Aug court 1794

Martin Daniel, orphan, with Willis Roberts, guardian, accounting for year (Book pp. 142-43) (order entry is repeated on pp. 144-45).

Nov Court 1804

Ordered Beverly Daniel, administrator of William Edwards, decd., sell personalty (pp. 164-65)

23 Apr 1811

Will of Josiah Daniel

Josiah Daniel wills to his children: James K., Thomas, Leonard, my sons; Nancy Graves, Martha Brown, my daughters, all I have already given them and to Martha Brown, a negro slave;

To William and Martin Daniel, sons, I give the land I bought of Daniel Mabson, each to take part of the dwelling house whereon they live and which they may occupy and to each a slave;

To sons Chesly, Henry, Josiah, Joshua, Martin, Samuel and daughter Elizabeth all my personal estate that isn’t used by my wife;

To sons Josiah and Martin and Samuel Daniel the land whereon I live with wife, holding it for her lifetime and Samuel working it;

Also wife to keep household furnishing for her life and four negroes;

Executors Thomas Brown, wife Elizabeth, Woodson Daniel, Josiah Daniel, Jr.;

Wit: Chesley Daniel, David Knott, Jr.;

Proved Aug court 1811 (pp. 152-53)

Nov Court 1812

Inventory and sales of estate of George Daniel, decd. by Martha Daniel, admin., sold 20 July 1812 to Woodson Daniel, Logustin Pool, Alexander Hamilton, John Oliver, William Wilkerson, Chesley Daniel for Martha Daniel, the widow (Chesley of South Carolina (Book 7, pp. 264-65)

17 Aug 1814

Will of Chesley Daniel

Chesley Daniel Sr. wills to wife Judith 12 negroes being all I have not disposed of, my old mansion house, as much stock and household items as she needs and as much land as she needs to work the negroes lent to her in order to support herself and my daughter Jane Daniel and at her death all to Jane; Sons Woodson and Beverly Daniel, forever, all else that is not willed to my wife and daughter Jane, and after the death of them, all that I loaned them for life; executors: my wife Judith, James, Woodson and Beverly Daniel; wit: Josiah Daniel and A. S. Satterwhite; proved Nov court 1814 (Abstracts of Wills and Estate Records, 1810-1833, by Zae Hargett Gwynn, p. 475)

15 Feb 1819

Property of Samuel D. Daniel sold by Joseph Daniel, admin. (Book 8, p. 217)

18 Feb 1819

Will of Joseph Daniel

To wife Nelly for life or as long as widow the land whereon I live with houses and buildings thereon, tools, wagon and gear, , household furniture, still, horses, cattle, hogs, sheep, except that which I shall hereafter give away; also all crop and 15 negroes;

To daughter Sally Key, a negro woman and all increase which she now has in her possession, a negro boy at death of my wife;

To daughter Eleanor Key a negro woman and increase which she already has in her possession and another negro which she already has and another after death of my wife and at death of said daughter the negroes to her then living children;

To daughter Eliza Daniel a negro she already has in her possession and another after death of my wife;

To daughter Polly Smith a negro which she already has in her possession and another after death of my wife;

To son John Daniel, 210 acres known and the Old Tract, in Warren County and also the 2 acres and mill seat thereon, adj. land of John Daniel Sr., a negro, a shot gun, a cow and calf, and another negro at death of my wife;

To son Cephas Daniel, the land I now live on at death of my wife, also 16 acres across road adj. land of Wm Gilliam and also 101 acres adj. Wm Hawkins and others and known as Bullocks, 5 negroes, my still, a featherbed and furniture, cows, mare, when he is 21 years old or when my wife wishes, she to have use of it for her lifetime;

To grandsons William, Richard Daniel, sons of Chesley Daniel (sic), land adj. Wm Stampers known as Burdens, 2 negroes when they are 21 years old and if either dies then to survivor, and if both die without issue, then to return to my children;

My negro Patt to choose where she to live;

All else not given away herein to be sold and after debts paid to be divided among all my daughters;

Executors: my wife, Jacqueline Wiggins, Thomas and John Daniel;

Wits: Wm H. Sims, Wm. H. Gilliam;

Proved May court 1819 (Book 8, pp. 224-26)

6 Apr 1829

Will of Thomas Daniel Sr.

To wife 2 negroes; all debts paid; at wife’s death all sold except one negro which I give my son Merriman and divided to my children, my wife keeping all except negro above mentioned for her lifetime; to each of my grandchildren, $100.00—that is Thomas Harris and Nancy Harris—and all else divided to children of son Merriman and children of daughter Susanna Wilkerson; executors: Washington H. Thomas, William G. Thomas; wit: M. Smith, Joseph Lewis, William G. Thomas qualified Nov court 1838 (pp. 192-93)

Halifax County, North Carolina

9 Mar 1770

James Daniel and Elizabeth his wife to Peter Daniel, £100 proclamation money; 150 acres which Francis Drake had acquired 15 Nov 1756, joining Jacket Swamp, Turkey Branch; signed James Daniel, Eliza. Daniel; wits: John Daniel, Jr., David Daniel; Aug. Court 1770 (DB 11, p 165)

8 Apr 1789

Will of James Daniel

Son West Daniel, 200 acres in Nash Co., on Toseot; dau Patsey Daniel, 1 negro, etc.; wife Elizabeth Daniel, negroes and the residue of estate to raise my children; wits: Thomas Cavenah, Matthew Gilbert, Edward Cavenah; execs: wife and William West and Howell Ellen (Will no. 409, p. 173)

20 Jan 1793

West Daniel, Ephraim Daniel, and Patsy Daniel of Halifax Co to James Judge of same; £500; the land below the grantors held by Israel West to the children of Elizabeth Daniel “at the marriage and death of his wife Priscilla West”; 300 acres on north side of Rocky Swamp, which William Wallace acquired 28 Jan 1740; 30 acres which Israel west purchased from Matthew Rabon, joining Knight, Sumner, Rabon, Wright; signed West Daniel, Ephraim Daniel, Patsy (X) Daniel; wits: William Brinkley, Elizabeth Daniel; Feb Court 1793 (DB 17, p. 500)

Stephen E. Bradley, The Deeds of Halifax County, North Carolina, 1758-1771 (South Boston, VA: privately published, 1989)

—, The Deeds of Halifax County, North Carolina, 1786-1796 (Keysville, VA: privately published, 1990)

Margret M. Hofmann, Genealogical Abstracts of Wills, 1758 through 1824, Halifax County, North Carolina (Weldon, North Carolina: Roanoke New Co., 1970)

Edgecombe County, North Carolina

22 Sep 1761

Nuncupative Will of Aaron Daniel

£4.4 to David Brassell; all wearing clothes, tools, and saddle bag divided between David and Samuel Brassell; wit: signed Elisha Battle and proved Dorcas Powell on oath of D. Powell

26 May 1768

Will of Samuel Daniel

Wife and exec: Elizabeth all the estate, then to be divided between my children; son and exec: William; son Simon; son Elijah; daughters Mary and Darkis (Dorcas) wit: John Stansell, William Bentley, Joshua Bentley

4 Apr 1800

Will of Joseph Daniel

Wife Sarah; son Nathan; sons Josiah and Asa; daughter Zilpah Dickesson; son Stephen; son Levi; daughter Delanah Barnes; daughter Martha Daudana; daughter Salley Daniel; son and exec: Ephraim; wits: Jesse Farmer, Archelaus Barnes

5 Apr 1813

Will of Asa Daniel

Wife Judith; son Levi; son Isaac; daughter Martha Barnes; exec and bro: Ephriam Daniel and son-in-law James Barnes; wits: Joseph Farmer and L. Rogers (Book E p. 61)

20 Sep 1821

Will of Lemuel Daniel

Wife Ana (Ava?); son Josiah, land adjoining Lucy Daniel and Archelaus Barnes; son and exec James; daughter Julan Woodard; daughter Mary Jordan; daughter Nancy Daniel; daughter Tresey Simms; wits: Dempsey Daniel and Stephen Barnes; proved Feb Court 1822 (Book E, p. 286)

Ruth Smith Williams and Margaret Glenn Griffin, Abstracts of the Wills of Edgecombe County, North Carolina, 1733-1856 (Rocky Mount, NC: Joseph W. Watson, 1980)

Montgomery County, Kentucky

James Daniel and Mary Elizabeth Montague

James was born 15 June 1739 in Middlesex Co., VA and died 14 Dec 1835 in Montgomery Co., KY


(1) Peter Mickleborough Daniel, Captain (will probated 8 Dec 1856, Louisa Co. WB) m. Anne Pembleton Gooch, daughter of Stephen Gooch of Prince William Co.

(2) Jesse Daniel, b. 14 Fevb 1766 in Louisa co. and d. 13 Mar 1853 in Boone Co., KY; m. Frances Anderson Nelson; Jesse removed to Bath Co., KY before 1850

(3) Beverly Daniel, b. 1768 and d. Clark Co., Ky; will dated 6 Aug 1827 and probated 18 Oct 1827; m. Esther Hampton, d. 21 Nov 1861, aged 80 years (daughter of David Hampton and Sarah

(4) James Daniel, b. 1770 in Louisa Co.

(6) Charles Daniel, b. ca. 1775 and d. in 1805 in Clark Co., KY; will dated 24 Nov 1805 and proved 23 Dec 1805; m. Nancy Duncan, daughter of Joseph Duncan and Nancy Stevens; she m. 2nd 2 July 1807 Shastain C. Watkins;

(7) Authorit Daniel, m. 12 Jan 1807 Charles Gilkey, Jr. of Montgomery Co., KY

(8) Nancy Daniel, b. 18 Mar 1783

(9) Elizabeth Daniel

(10) Henry Daniel, Captain, lawyer, b. 15 Mar 1786 in Louisa Co., d. Mt. Stirling, KY, 5 Oct 1873; m. 6 Sep 1809 Louisa Thompson, b. ca. 1790, d. 10 June 1859, daughter of Clifton Thompson, m. 1788 Mary Ragland; he m. 2nd Mrs. Mary Cravens, Fayette Co., KY

(11) William Daniel, m. Peggy Duncan in Clark Co., KY; d. by Feb 1818, daughter of Joseph Duncan and Nancy Stevens, Clark co., KY, deed Book 5, p. 22, 7 Mar 1803, deed from Joseph and Nancy Duncan to Peggy Daniel, delivered to his husband W. Daniel

Ruth (Trickey) Sparacio and Sam Sparcio, A Supplement to Pamunkey Neighbors of Orange County, Virginia: The Daniel Family, vol. 1, (McLean, VA: Antient P, 1994)

Clark County, Kentucky

2 June 1802

Will of Vivion Daniel

Daughter Margaret, one negro girl and the plantation where son John Daniel now lives, as long as she lives single; son Peter one negro boy named Jerry; friend George Quisenberry, who married my daughter Jane, one negro girl named Sarah; daughter Frances Deale’s three children, viz. Elizabeth Deale, Daniel Deale, and Janette Deale; daughter Nancy Oldham; wife Nancy; trusty female servant, Kisiat, shall be free; execs Dill Collins and David Bullock; signed Vivon Daniel (WB 1, pp. 279-82)

Beverly Daniel and Esther / Easter Hampton

He was b. 1768 and d. 1827 in Clark Co., KY; she d. 21 Nov 1861, aged 80 years; Beverly was said to be 61 years of age at time of his death, but could not be if he was twin of Jesse. Beerly’s will mentions three children, and other legatees unnamed.

(1) John D, lawyer and his exec.

(2) Pleasant Daniel, b. ca. 1796 and d. by 1827; m. Elizabeth Anderson Daniel, b. 18 Jan 1795; he was supposed to have m. 2nd a Mrs. Jane Wilson (daughter of Jesse Daniel and Frances Anderson Nelson); Plesant’s children are to receive one equal share of Beverly’s estate with John, Jane and other heirs, in Estill Co., KY in 1850 Census

(3) Mary Jane / Polly Daniel, m. 19 Nov 1829 Thomas Jefferson Jouett, b. 14 Jan 1801 (son of John Jouett, Jr., b. 7 Dec 1754 and Sally Robards); Mary Jane / Polly m. 2nd ___ Hampton

Ruth Trickey Sparacio and Sam Sparacio, Pamunkey Neighbors of Orange County, Virginia, (Baltimore: Gateway P, 1985)

—, A Supplement to Pamunkey Neighbors of Orange County, Virginia: The Daniel Family, vol. 1, (McLean, VA: Antient P, 1994)

Boone County, Kentucky

Jesse Daniel and Frances Anderson Nelson

He was b. 14 Feb 1766 in Louisa Co. and d. 13 Mar 1853 in Boone Co., KY; m. 11 May 1790 in Virginia Frances Anderson Nelson;


John Nelson Daniel, b. 1791, d. infant

(2) Jane Anderson Daniel, b. 1793, d. unm.

(3) Elizabeth Anderson Daniel, b. 18 Jan 1795, m. Pleasant Daniel, b. ca. 1796, d. by 1827; he m. 2nd Mrs. Jane Wilson (Pleasant Daniel, son of Beverly Daniel and Esther Hampton

(4) Ellison A. Daniel, b. 1797 m. Elizabeth A. in Bath Co. KY in 1850; Ellison d. in TX

(5) Ann Montague Daniel b, 1802, d. 15 Aug 1860; m. James G. Grigsby, b. ca. 1794, Clark Co., KY

(6) Charlotte Stith Daniel, b. 1803, m. William H. Nelson, b. ca. 1806, in 1850 Census of Montgomery Co., KY

(7) Matilda D. Authorit Daniel (Matilda A.) b. 11 Aug 1811, m. Charles W. Daniel, b. ca. 1805 (son of William Daniel and Peggy Duncan, d. by 1818

(8) Jesse Mickleborough Daniel, b. ca. 1803-05

Ruth (Trickey) Sparacio and Sam Sparcio, A Supplement to Pamunkey Neighbors of Orange County, Virginia: The Daniel Family, vol. 1, (McLean, VA: Antient P, 1994)

Shelby County, Indiana

William Daniel and Mary Gaines

He was born 12 May 1761, Orange Co., VA and d. 13 Apr 1855 in Shelby Co., IN; moved from Orange Co. to Boone Co., KY to Shelby Co. IN to live with son John M. Daniel; in Revolutionary War, Orange Co. he enlisted May 1778, served twelve months in three month segments, 1778-1781; pension application dated 2 Jan 1834


(1) William M. Daniel, b. ca. 1810 and died June 1862, Orange Co. Will book 12, p. 455; m. 28 Nov 1836 Maria Ellen Estes, b. ca. 1815; no children named in his will;

(2) Mary Daniel

(3) Ann Daniel

(4) Elizabeth M. Daniel

(5) James Baxter Daniel, b. ca. 1821; m. Maria, b. ca. 1824 in Orange Co.

(6) John M. Daniel, b. ca 1822; m. 4 Oct 1845 Mildred A. Jackson, b. ca. 1831 in Orange Co.; he m. 2nd Nancy; b. ca. 1822; Orange Co. to Shelby Co., IN;

(7) Abner Daniel

Ruth (Trickey) Sparacio and Sam Sparcio, A Supplement to Pamunkey Neighbors of Orange County, Virginia: The Daniel Family, vol. 1, (McLean, VA: Antient P, 1994)


Family Heads of Georgia

Richard Daniel, Wilkes County, Elizabeth Goulding, daughter of Henry or Fanny Burgess. He is son of James Daniel.


Daniels of Middlesex County, Virginia

Parkers, Daniels and Jenkins of Early Virginia and Beyond (Parker is a royal gateway ancestor)

This post only scratches the surface of the Daniels. Happy hunting!


Clayton Torrence, Virginia Wills and Administrations 1632-1800 (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing, 1930, reprinted 1995)

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