Records of John Beales, Chester County, PA

These records go from 1684 to 1726. They indicate he was a good citizen–very good.

I hope these records help you find out about the man.

6 Jan 1684

Chester County Courts

John Beales serves on the jury, which hears the case of Herr Lasse Carolus who sold to Justa Anderson all the right and title of land and houses in Upland; various other testimonies, both written and oral, are brought forward Lasse Carolus is also called a “priest” (non-Quaker minister). John Grubb testifies and he’s thirty-two years old. The verdict is for the plaintiff and against the defendants; the defendants make their appeal to the next court of assize held in this county.

Then various other cases are heard, notably finding a master of Margaret Persons; ordered that the inhabitants of Concord Bethel and Chichester confer together at Henry Reynolds’ house about how to provide for maintenance for Miriam Thompson and her child.

7 Apr 1685

Chester County Courts

John Beales serves on the jury that is about John Sumption and Dennis Rochford.

Please click here for the record.

The same jury also hears the case of Henry Reynolds v. Justa Anderson in a case of defamation and scandal. Please click here for the details:

3rd day and 1st week, Sep 1687

Chester County Courts

John Beales serves on the Grand Inquest in the case of Samuel Rowland who is alleged to have beaten Samuel Baker.

Please click here for the details.

11 Dec 1687

Chester County Courts

John Beales is named in a long list of citizens whose homes were benefited with a sixty-foot road.

3rd day 1st week, June 1688

Chester County Courts

John Beales serves on the petty jury that hears the case of Henry Jones and James Brown, in an action that declares for £152.1.4.

Please read about the case here:

3rd day 1st week, Dec 1688

Chester County Courts

John Beales’s pasture is named a case of laying out the road. The jury travelled out to find the best route.

3rd day 1st week Mar 1688

Chester County Courts

John Beales serves on a petty jury that hears the case of John Marten who stole from James Brown.

Please click here for the details:

3rd day last week Aug 1689

Chester County Courts

John Beales and William Clayton serve on the Grand Inquest that hears the case of George Philips v. James Stamfield. Robert Eyre complains that he and his workers repaired the house of Stamfield, but has not been paid. A list of witnesses is called. Verdict for the plaintiff.

1st to 3rd days of 1st week of Mar 1689/90

Chester County Courts

John Beales serves on the Grand Inquest that hears the cases of Robert Eyre for extorting on his bills of fees against various people. The inquest also presents William Coborin, surveyor, for not ordering inhabitants of Chester to mend the way by the river Syde between Chichester and Chester and the said Coborin for not ordering a bridge over the creek at William Woodmansey’s.

1st to 3rd days, 1st week, Sep 1690

Chester County Courts

John Beales serves on two juries that hear various cases of debts owed.

7 Oct 1691

A deed was delivered in the presence of John Bales and Mar. (sic) Maddox; the deed is from Joseph Wood of Darby, yeoman, to Otto Earnest Cocke of Sarashoole in county of Philadelphia, yeoman. Wood grants to Cocke a tract lying west of Darby Cr. bounded by Darby Cr., land of Calin Hooke, Joseph Wood and land of Otto Cocke, formerly belonging to Henry Coleman, 60 acres; rec. 28 Nov 1691 (A1:B120)

8 and 9 Dec 1691

Chester County Courts

John Beales is called as a witness in a boundary dispute between David Lloyd and James Sandilands. John Beales plowed the land fourteen years ago, and the fence is in the same place it was then; other witnesses are called. the jury finds for the defendant.

2 and 3 Mar 1691 (sic)

John Beales serves on the jury, but the cases are either withdrawn or continued on the 3rd day of October, jury adjourned.

10 Mar 1691

A deed was delivered in the presence of John Beales, Joshua Fearne, Joseph Coeburn and Lawrence Routh, from John Kinsman of Chichester, yeoman to John Eyre of Chichester, laborer, for £15 grants to John Eyre a tract in Chichester bounded by land of Humphrey Scarlett, 100 acres; signed John Kinsman; rec. 10 Mar 1693 (A1B161)

13 Dec 1692

Chester County Courts

John Beales serves on a jury in the case of Peter Worrell, but the details are not mentioned. He is found guilty and is bound on his good behavior to the King’s liege people for one year.

13 June 1693

Chester County Courts

John Beales and Albert Hendrickson bind themselves to take into recognizance John Powell who got drunk and swore profanely and attempted to ride over several Indian women; he was held back but drew his knife to rip them up.

12 Sep 1693

Chester County Courts

John Beales serves on a jury in a coroner’s case. John Powell drowned. The jury determined it was an accident, not in any way by force or violence. Samuel Powell of Philadelphia is the nearest kin, so Gov. William Markham, Esq. gave him letters of administration.

12 Dec 1693

Chester County Courts

Widow Ruth passed a deed of 50 acres to John Beals, the land lying in the Township of Chester, deed bearing date the 13th day of the tenth month, 1693.

13 Mar 1693/4

Chester County Courts

An account of John Beales who laid out money for the 50 acres sold to him. Apparently the land brought with it some work and plows and seed wheat and iron work.

Also John Beals and Humphrey Johnson bind themselves in security to the orphans’ estate of the above.

13 Mar 1694 (sic)

Chester County Courts

John Beals is appointed constable for Ashtown.

He also serves on a jury hearing the case of John Bristow. It’s the case of who owns a bay horse, which has marks on its ear. John Bristow took possession of it and the jury finds that Bristow did not imprint a fake or altered mark on him. Not guilty.

14 June 1694

Chester County Courts

John Beals v. Joseph Richards in a case of trespass, but defendant craved a deferral to the next court.

12 Sep 1694

Chester County Courts

John Beals v. Joseph Richards, Jr. in case of trespass. After some debate the defendant craved a deferral to the next court, but the plaintiff (Beals) desired to come to trial now., but the defendant says he is not prepared; the court orders the defendant to pay for half the charges, and it shall be continued to the next court.

2 Oct 1694

Orphans Court

Humphrey Johnson and John Beals appeared at this orphans court for to have the thirds belonging to his wife from the estate of Lawrence Ruth, decd. and the order of the court is that she shall have it allowed. And the said Humphrey Johnson does oblige himself to have the orphans of Lawrence Roth / Routh to be taught to read and write.

2 Oct 1694

Court of Common Pleas

Transcription begins (slightly edited):

John Beals v. Joseph Richards Jr.; the case was read and the defendant’s plea was to have the plaintiff prove his title to his land and the plaintiff’s patent (sic) was read and approved of to be lawful and good; Edward Carter was called for an evidence for the plaintiff and being deposed that John Beals and Joseph Richards had a difference between them about their fences and that William Brown and the deponent went to see it and did see that Joseph Richards had fenced up to John Beals’s fence.

William Brown being attested for the plaintiff deposes that he went to see Joseph’s fence how he had joined his fence to John Beals’s and that the said Joseph did seem to be very fair and said that he would remove it in three weeks time and that he would make good one half of the fence and that plaintiff’s answer was that he would not yield to it unless writings were drawn betwixt (between) them. …

The verdict of the jury is this 2 day of 8th month 1694 we of the jury find for the plaintiff thirty shillings damage with cost of suit.

12 Dec 1694

Chester County Courts

John Beals serves on the jury for various cases of debt and passing deeds and title of land disputes; refusal to deliver a horse bridle and saddle that was John Green’s.

5 Mar 1694/5

Orphans Court

“Thomas Cartwright and Joel Bailey have also promised before the court to become bound for the indemnifying of John Beals and Robert Carter for the seven bonds given to Thomas Green for the value of one hundred and five pounds to be paid in seven payments.”

12 March 1694/5

Court of Quarter Sessions

Josiah Taylor and Mary Williamson were called to answer the presentment of the grand jury for being too familiar each with other;

John Beals serves on the jury. The verdict: “We the petty jury finds Josiah Taylor and Mary Williamson guilty of the presentment as they stand presented.… The order of the court is that Josiah Taylor shall pay all charges that does accrue on both and to give in good security for his good behavior for twelve months.”

Another case:

“Whereas there was a white man named Thomas Spencer and a black man named Ned that was taken up for runaways was were brought before counselor foreman and by him committed to the sheriff. And Richard Hollwell being administrator of the estate of John Ball, decd. of the county of New Castle came and demanded the two persons belonging to the estate ordered the sheriff to deliver the said servants to the said Hollwell, he defraying the charges that were due.”

5 Jan 1695

A deed is delivered in the presence of John Beales, Joseph Coeburn, William Coales, and Samuel Jerrom; it is from George Churchman, weaver to John Churchman, yeoman. George, for a certain sum of money secured to be paid by obligation dated 4 Jan 1695 grants to John a tract in Chester, 30 acres, which George purchased of Isaac Few bounded by Chester Cr. and land of George and other tract of 20 acres, part of tract George bought of William Penn bounded by Isaac Few and Chester Cr., total 50 acres; signed George Churchman; rec. 10 Mar 1695/6.

9 and 10 March 1696/7

Chester County Court

John Beals serves on the jury. He heard the case of Richard Crosby; witnesses testify that Crosby called John Blunstone, one of his majesty’s justices a rogue at the house of James Cooper in Darby and called said Cooper’s kinswoman a whore and said that she had drunk herself blind and was a drunken whore; and also that he called said Cooper’s wife a whore and that he did not care for such a “sallaways” whore. Blunstone had sold Crosby and was now going to redeem him again.

Richard Crosby is found guilty and ordered to pay all charges and be discharged for the time.

3 May 1709

A deed is delivered in the presence of John Beals, Edward Bezar, and Thomas Clayton; from William Clayton, Sr. of Chichester, innkeeper, to his son and heir William Clayton Jr. for natural love and affection, a tract in Chichester, bounded by Broad St., land of William Clayton Sr. and land of Walter Martin, containing 2 lots, a parcel by the Great Road and bounded of Timothy Atkinson, Walter Martin, and William Clayton Sr. and Richard Bezars, containing 5 ½ acres; signed William Clayton Sr. (C3:97)

11 Oct 1726

He left a will, and here is a summary:

Nottingham Twp., Chester County

Written: 11th day, 8th mo. 1726

Proved: Dec. 17, 1726

Oldest son: John (his children: Sarah, John, Thomas, Ann, and Phoebe)

Son: William (his children: Lydia, Mary, and Ruth)

Daughter: Mary Harrold (her children: Rachel, Jonathan, and Richard)

Son: Jacob (his children: John, Jacob, Mary, and William)

Daughter: Patience Jones (her children: Judith, Mary, Sarah, and Charity)

Kinswoman: Mary Davis of Philadelphia

Executors: sons John and Jacob


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