James H. Daniel and Jane Caroline Russell

This post goes from 1818 to 1896 and ranges from Georgia to Texas.

Here are the generational links in the family chain, at a glance:

 Richard → James H. → Frances Victoria m. William Harvey WilbournElla (Rae) Washington Wilbourn m. Floyd (Frank) Rucker Ryland

James H. Daniel

James H. Daniel was born in about 1822-1825, in GA. He was married after 1848 and before September, 1850, to Jane Caroline Russell, near Atlanta. He died in late 1866 or 1867, in Chattooga County, Georgia.

More about him:

The 1850 Census says he is 28 years old, so he was born in 1822. But the 1860 Census says he is 35 years old, so he was born in 1825. (Census records often get ages wrong.) He is the second husband of Jane Caroline (Russell) Daniel. As to his date of death, he signs a petition, dated December 3, 1866, initiated by his stepson James Taylor Daniel, “being over the age of fourteen and the heir of Lemuel Daniel [Jane’s first husband], deceased, to leave the home of James H. Daniel and that Elijah Henely be appointed as his guardian.” James H. Daniel’s granddaughter passed on the tradition that he died in the Civil War (1861-1865), but this is impossible, chronologically, because the war ended in 1865, whereas he signed a document in 1866. It is possible that he was buried in what is now known as Dobbs Cemetery, for it had been an old burial ground on James’ property. The Dobbs family bought his property.

For more information, click on this offsite link: Daniel, James H.

Cousin Thomas Wesley Phinney, the key Daniel researcher, writes:

The statement on Elizabeth being deaf mute came from the 1832 Land Lottery.  There were several Elizabeth Daniel’s near that time in the counties of the lotteries.   Again, difficult to prove to professional genealogists without facts.    We can continue to assume and accept these findings until something better can be found—believe me, I’ve looked, visited sites, and studied some more without improving on those records shown. 8-12-08

Jane Caroline Russell

She was born on May 28, 1818 in Summerville, Chattooga County, Georgia. She died on April 12, 1896 in Santo, Palo Pinto County, Texas. She is buried in Santo East Cemetery.

More about her:

In this post we keep track mostly of Jane Caroline. James H. Daniel was Jane C. Russell’s second husband. Her first husband was Lemuel Wilson Daniel, who was James H. Daniel’s cousin, possibly his first. Lemuel Wilson Daniel died in 1847 from the measles. From 1874 to 1876, her children from her first and second marriage moved to Palo Pinto County, Texas. She lived with her son Wiley, eldest from her second marriage with James H. Daniel.

For more information, go to an offsite link: Jane C. Russell

James Daniel’s Ancestors Richard Daniel and Savannah Moore

We don’t know much about Richard and his wife Savannah, even though Wes Phinney, the long-time researcher of the Daniels, has looked hard and thoroughly.

Here is his page about them:

Source: Newton County Will Book

Written: March 19 1824

Recorded: April 5 1824

Know all men by these presents that I Richard Daniel of said county for and in consideration of the natural love and affection which I have and bear for my children to wit, William Burgess, Jesse, James, Lemuel, William, Elizabeth, Richard and Pollyann Daniel, I have given and granted and do by these presents grant and confirm to my said children, jointly, to them and their heirs forever in fee simple, the following property, both real and personal, to wit fifty acres land whereon I now reside, being parts of lot no. one hundred and eighty seven, four head of cattle, ten head of hogs, one bay mare and all the household and kitchen furniture, working tools, etc. To have and to hold to these my said children and their heirs forever in fee simple the above named property. Given from under my hand seal this 19th March 1824.

Witness  Richard Shackleford and Edward Williams

Richard Daniel (his mark)

Recorded the 5th April 1824

Transcription ends.


Here is more of Wes Phinney’s research:

Name: Richard Daniel 1 2

Birth: ABT 1775 1

Death: UNKNOWN in GA 1

Will: APR 1824 Newton County, GA 1


Marriage 1 Savannah Moore

Married: July 15, 1800 in Wilkes County, GA Groom Index 1792-1925 1


James Daniel

Richard Daniel

Polly Ann Daniel

Elizabeth Daniel

Burgess Daniel

William Daniel

Jesse Daniel

Lemuel W. Daniel b: ABT 1811

December 6, 1837

Henry County Administrative Bond Book B 1837-1868 shows the estate of Elizabeth Daniel bound over to Wilson, Lemuel, and James Daniel. It is possible that this is the James Daniel of record.

http://wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=thomasphinney&id=P2385947821 (James H. Daniel post)
Source: http://wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=thomasphinney&id=P2385950166


Lemuel Wilson Daniel and Jane C. Russell married in 1836. Children from the first marriage follow, after the link.

For more information on Jane’s first husband, please visit this offsite post: Daniel, Lemuel W.

  1. John H. (c. 1837- )

He was born in 1837, per the 1850 Census. No other information is available so far. Here is an offsite link: Daniel, John H.

John Daniel is such a common name, unlike the first names of his brother Lemuel and half-brother Wiley, it is impossible to locate him with certainty in the censuses. But here are some John Daniels that make good candidates.

There is a John Daniel in the 1870 Census, Tyler, Smith County, Texas, who fits the description. He was born about 1838, in Georgia. His wife Altie, 30, was also born in Georgia. John is a farmer with land worth a meager $200.00. Their son John is 7, daughter Manda 5, and son Dockey (Lockey?) 2.

There’s a John (65) and Elizabeth (70) Daniel in the 1900 Census, Marietta Township, Cobb County, Georgia. He was born in March 1835 and Elizabeth in May 1830. They’ve been married 45 years and have had 7 kids, 5 of whom are still living. They are farmers. They and their parents originated in Georgia. Finally, Emmett Daniel, 28, and his wife Sallie, 22, and their kids Lillie M., 4, and William O., 2, reside nearby.

In the 1900 Census, Buford Town and West Buford Town, Gwinnet County, Georgia, John Daniel (65) and Sarah (57) live by themselves. They and their parents are all from Georgia. He’s a Collar (?) Blacker (a bridle maker lives next door). He’s born in February 1835 and she in February 1843.

In the 1910 Census, Atlanta Ward 1, Fulton County, Georgia, John H. is a widow. His age has been traced over, so it’s really dark, but it looks like 68, though it could be 63. (The census taker’s handwriting is sloppy.) If he’s 68, then he fits the description (or he cannot be excluded), but not if he’s 63. He and his parents are from Georgia. His daughter Myrtle L. (11) lives with him, and Milton H. McClare (28) and Homer Landrum (25) are boarders.  John’s occupation is “none,” but the two boarders have jobs.

However, the evidence for these being our John H. Daniel is far from conclusive.

  1. Susan Margaret (1840- )

She was born about in 1840. Not much information on her so far, but here is the offsite link: Daniel, Susan Margaret

  1. Lemuel Russell (1843-1926)

He was born on January 6, 1843, Floyd County, Georgia. He married Frances (Fannie) Elizabeth Edmondson on July 18, 1853, in Chattooga County, GA. Per the Texas Death Index, he died on September 2, 1926, in Mineral Wells, Palo Pinto County, TX; his family buried him in Sturdivant Cemetery.

More about him

The records from Daniel family researchers and his offspring say he enlisted as a private in Co. H, 39th Georgia Infantry, on May 15, 1862, in the Civil War (1861-1865). He was captured on May 16, 1963, at the Battle of Champion, was held as a prisoner at Ft. Delaware, Delaware, and was sent south in a swap for civilians on July 3, 1863. His unit surrendered at Goldsboro, North Carolina, on April 26, 1865. He was one of only twelve remaining men in his unit. Five years later he married Frances (Fannie) Elizabeth Edmondson. He was known as Russell or Russ. He led the family from Georgia to Palo Pinto County, Texas, from 1874 to 1876. He was elected a Palo Pinto County Commissioner for Precinct 1, in 1894. He farmed and ranched and sold land and raised cattle. One of his granddaughters remembers that he often rode back and forth from Weatherford to Grandbury, Texas, to sell cattle. In other words, he went on cattle drives. He and his wife were Methodists.

Lemiel (sic) R. Daniel (57) and Frances E. (5?) appear in the 1900 Census, Justice Ward 5 (exclusive of Mineral Wells), Palo Pinto County, Texas. They’ve been married 30 years, and have four kids, all of whom are still living. A farmer, he was born in January 1843, and she in June 1843, though the census taker crossed out 53 and wrote in 43. Their son Charles L. was born in April 1880 and is a farm laborer. Their son Walter L. was born in July 1882, and his occupation is blank. Lemuel and Frances own their farm free of mortgage.

L. R. Daniel can be found in the 1920 Census, Mineral Wells, Palo Pinto County, Texas. He resides with his son-in-law Jim H. Lyles (45) and daughter Ada Bell Lyles (46) and granddaughter Clara Bell Lyles (6). L. R. is a retired farmer, widower, who hails from Georgia, as do his parents. The census taker’s handwriting is sloppy, but it appears Jim is a thresher and ginner. All the adults can read and write.

Here is a picture of his gravesite:


Go here for more information offsite: Daniel, Lemuel Russell

  1. James Taylor (1847-1925?)

He was born about 1847. He married Charlotte A. (last name unknown) about 1872, in Georgia. He died in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

More about him

Family tradition says he studied law. He came to Texas with his brother Lemuel, from 1874-1876. The 1880 Census finds him living Precinct 3, Palo Pinto County. He was elected District Attorney for that county. He moved to Stephenville, Texas, and became an Erath County judge. Then he moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico, where he continued to practice law. James Taylor had fiery red hair.

One researcher at ancestry.com says he was born December 1, 1846, Lee, Georgia, and died May 18, 1925, in Albuquerque, Bernalillo County, New Mexico, but she cites no source.

James T. (32) and Charlotte A. (26) Daniel are found in the 1880 Census, Precinct 3, Palo Pinto County, Texas. He’s a school teacher who hails from Georgia, as do his parents, while she keeps house and comes from Georgia, as do her parents. Their children are John C. (7) and Sabrina V. (3).

James enumerated a district that was assigned to him, on July 9, 1880, Supervisor’s District 3, Enumeration District 157, Precinct 4, Palo Pinto County, Texas. He writes:

I certify that I have this day completed the Enumeration of the District assigned me, and that the returns have been duly and truthfully made in accordance with law and my oath of office. [signed] J. T. Daniel July 9th, 1880


If the family tradition about him being a judge in Erath County is accurate, then this J. T. Daniel may be the right one. He is in the 1920 Census, Stephenville, Erath County, which is adjacent and south of Palo Pinto County. He’s 67, and Addie’s 52. He’s from Georgia, but his father’s from Virginia, though his mother’s from Georgia also. Addie’s from Ohio, so we have a mismatch in origins and ages with the 1880 Census.  However, the occupation of J. T. is noted as a lawyer, in the industry “Gen pr” (General Practice?), so we have a match with family tradition and his profession.

If he died in 1925, Albuquerque, then he must have moved shortly after this 1920 Census was taken, and in his old age. This kind of confidence means he regarded himself as healthy. Or maybe the move made his health deteriorate so badly he couldn’t recover when an illness hit. But more research needs to be done.

For more information on him, please click on this offsite link: Daniel, James Taylor


The children of James H. Daniel and Jane Caroline (Russell) Daniel, her second marriage, are as follows:

  1. William Beverly

He was born on April 15, 1852. In the Chattooga County Marriage Index, He is shown as marrying Madora Dale Edmondson of Summerville, Georgia, July 30, 1876, Chattooga County, Georgia. By 1880, however, he is widowed. He married Mollie E. Hayden, in about 1890. She was born in Texas, April 1867. Per the Texas State Death Index, he died on April 26, 1914, Howard County, Texas; and a family researcher says he is buried in Ross Cemetery, Baird, Callahan County.

More about him:

Ella Washington Wilbourn, daughter of Frances Victoria, says of him:

My mother’s brother Uncle Billie was a conductor on the railroad from Ft. Worth to Big Springs Texas. He is the one that got a job for my brother “Am” as a boiler maker in the R.R. shops at Big Springs Texas that led to brother “Am” getting a boiler maker job for brother Ellis when he grew up. They both wound up together in the RR shops at Wichita Kans where brother Am died at age 40.

Charles Lafayette Daniel writes:

William, called “Billy” by the family, then became a railroader with the Texas Pacific Railroad and moved to Baird, TX, where he met Molly. They married and had one son, James O. It is not know when William and Molly died; however, they are believed to be buried in Baird, Texas . . . .

In the 1880 Census, Enumeration District 155, Palo Pinto County, Texas, William B. Daniel, 29 (or 28), appears, with his daughter Lillian D., 2. He is cited as widowed. So now we know Madora died between 1876 and 1880. He’s a farmer from Georgia, where his parents originate also.

In the 1900 Census, Baird, Callahan County, Texas, W.  B. Daniel (38) is married to Mollie (33). The census taker appears to have written D for William’s middle initial, but then draws in the lines that can make a B out of a D. William and Mollie have one son “Bertrum” (8), who was born in June 1891, the month that the census was enumerated nine years later in 1900. William is recorded as being born in April 1852 and Mollie in April 1867. They’ve been married 10 years. He’s a conductor for the Railroad; little Bertram is a scholar; that is, he attends school. Mollie’s occupation is left blank. She and William own their house free of mortgage.

In the 1910 Census, Big Springs, Howard County, Texas, W. B. (58) is a conductor for the Railroad, while his wife M. E.’s (43) occupation is “none.” “Burtram” is 18 and his occupation is “none,” also. It looks like William and Mollie, renting a house, have taken in some boarders, so she was busy with that “non-occupation.” They are Claud Terrell (25) and Joe Terrell (20), who were born in Texas; S. J. Taylor (32), who doesn’t know his or his parents’ origins, so the census take writes in “unknown.” S. J.’s wife Jermaine (Jasmine?) (28) doesn’t know her origins for sure, so the census taker writes in “United States” for her and her parents, They have a daughter Bessie Taylor (1), and a newborn Leon (1? Month); Munda (?) Perry, a white female, 21, is a “roomer,” also, and she and her parents are from Texas. Claud and Joe are “laborers” at “odd jobs,” and S. J. is a dispatcher with the railroad. Munda is a music teacher. Everyone but the kids can read and write.

Is it a coincidence that there is a Mollie Ellen (Mason) Daniel who was born April 30, 1867, in Texas and died in San Diego, July 8, 1955, per the California Death Index? The only mismatch with the known data about her is her mother’s maiden name. Her son Bertram Beverly Daniel died out in San Diego, January 25, 1961.

Go here to his offsite link, for more information on him: Daniel, William Beverly

  1. Wiley Echols

He was born on September 1, 1853, in Rome, Chattooga County, Georgia, about four miles from Summerville. On April 13, 1884, he married Ada Newman in Ward Mountain, Palo Pinto County, and settled in Santo, Palo Pinto County, TX. He died on February 22, 1942, in Palo Pinto County, Texas, per the Texas State Death Index; and he’s buried in Santo North.

More about him

He was probably named after an uncle, Echols Daniel, a farmer who came to Floyd County, Georgia, in 1832. Wiley and his wife Ada reared thirteen children. One of them, Ollie Clotilda Bradford, wrote a brief handwritten account (see below).

In the 1880 Census, Enumeration District 155, Palo Pinto County, Texas. Wiley E. Daniel is not yet married, but he’s the head of household, with his mother (our) Jane C. (62) and his sister (our) Fannie V. (25) residing with him. He’s a farmer, Jane’s keeping house, and Fannie’s at home. Jane C. has a goiter. Her parents are from South Carolina. See the table, below.

Willie Ada Newman (14), Wiley’s future wife, is in the same census, previous page. She lives with her rather large family: her father Randolph (37), who’s a farmer and from Alabama, while his parents are from Georgia; her mother Susan (33), who’s keeping house and from Mississippi, while her parents are from South Carolina; and Ada’s siblings: Martin L. (12), a farm hand; Loula? (10); William (8); Alice (6); Josie (4); and Annie (2). Incidentally, Martin (33) Newman and his family live next door, but the census taker says his parents are from North Carolina, so we have a mismatch with North Carolina instead of Georgia; or Martin and Randolph are cousins; or their parents moved from North Carolina to Georgia between births; or this is a startling coincidence, and Randolph and Martin are unrelated. My guess is a census error.

One last interesting point: There’s a family of Daniels living next to each other in the same 1880 Census. Eliza Daniels (48) is the matriarch. She’s a widow and born in Alabama, while her parents are from Georgia. She still has six single and minor children living with her. Lawrence Daniel is married with his family, and so is Peter L. Is this a coincidence?

In the 1900 Census, Justice Precinct No. 4, Palo Pinto County, Texas, Wiley E. (46) and Ada W. (34) Daniel can be found. He’s a farmer, and her occupation is left blank. (Note how her middle and first names have switched.) They’ve been married 16 years and have eight children, all of whom are still living. He’s born in September 1853, and she in September 1866. He’s from Georgia, his mother’s from there also, and his father’s original state is “unknown.” She’s from Texas, her father’s from Alabama, and her mother’s from Arkansas, Wiley and Ada’s children: Laura (15), born March 1885; Walter (13), born April 1887; Ollie (11), born February 1889; Nona (8), born December 1891; Fred (6), born June 1893; Susie (5), born February 1895; Charlie (3), born January 1897; Roy (1), born June 1898. The first four kids have been in school for the past three months. Everyone but the last four can read and write. Wiley and Ada own their farm, but the “free of mortgage” column is not marked.

In the 1910 Census, same precinct and county as the 1900 Census, W. E. (54) and Ada (48) Daniels (note the “s”) have been fruitful and multiplied (their “fruit growing” and “basic arithmetic” skills are good). They’ve been married 26 years. He and his parents are from Georgia, while she’s from Texas, her father’s from Alabama, and her mother is said to be from Mississippi. He’s a farmer on a general farm, and her occupation is “none.” Wiley and Ada’s children: “Mona” (19); Fred (17); Susie (13), Charley (12), Roye (10), Anna (8), Virgil (6), “Gratta” (3), and “Flord” (11 mos.) Mona has not attended school in the past year. Everyone but the last three can read and write. Roye and Virgil have attended school in the past year, but they have not yet learned to read or write. Wiley and Ada rent their farm.

In the 1920 Census, Santo, Palo Pinto County, Texas, Wiley E. (64) and Ada (53) Daniel appear (the transcriber at ancestry.com misread his middle initial as C). He’s farming on a general farm, and her occupation is “none.” They own their farm. He and his parents are from Georgia; she’s from Texas, her father’s from Alabama, and her mother’s from Arkansas. Their children: “Nora” is 18, Virgil 15, “Gretta” 13, and Floyd 10. Everyone can read and write, and the last three kids have attended school in the last year.

Wiley E. (75) and Ada (63) Daniels are found in the 1930 Census, Justice Precinct 4, District 8, Palo Pinto County, Texas. The ink is light, but it seems he was 29 and she was 18, when they first married. “Floid,” 20, lives with them. Wiley’s a farmer, her job is “none,” and Floyd works for the railroad. Wiley and his parents are from Georgia; she’s from Texas, her father’s from Alabama, and her mother’s from Arkansas.

Here is his offsite link: Daniel, Wiley Echols

  1. Frances Victoria: Our direct line. See her post: Frances Victoria Daniel and William Harvey Wilbourn.

She is Ella (Rae) Washington Wilbourn’s mother. It is interesting what Charles Lafayette Daniel says about Frances. He has her middle initial as A. He writes:

Born the third child and first daughter of the second family in 1856, very little information has been gathered on Frances. [Name of Wiley’s daughter] remembers her Aunt Frances as moving to Mt. View, Oklahoma after marrying a Wilbourn in Palo Pinto County. She was called “Fanny” by the family.

What he says is true. It shows that family traditions can be accurate. Charles Lafayette Daniel and I made contact in late 1994 and early 1995, shortly after my mother died (granddaughter of Frances, though of course they never met), and we exchanged nice phone conversations and material. I filled in the picture a lot more on Frances, and he helped me with the rest of the Daniel family.

  1. Virginia Houston Daniel

She was born December 28, 1857, Summerville, Chattooga County, Georgia. On December 27, 1874, she married Ezekiel Marion Beaty of Chattooga County, GA. She died on March 24, 1892, and is buried in New Hope Cemetery, Lone Camp, Palo Pinto, County, TX.

More about her

She came to TX with her husband and the remainder of the family in 1876. Their descendants may still live in Palo Pinto, TX. Ella Washington Wilbourn, daughter of Frances Victoria, in Ella’s handwritten accounts (see below), calls her Virginia May.

The 1880 Census, Palo Pinto County, Texas, Ezeikel (sic) and Virginia Baety (sic) are found, but the census taker’s ink is so light, it’s a wonder the transcriber at ancestry.com could read it. They have three kids: Ocela (4), Franklin (2), and Fannie (2 mos.).

Here is her link: Daniel, Virginia Houston


The account written by Jane C. Russell’s great-grandson, from Dallas, TX, Charles Lafayette Daniel.

Ollie Bradford’s handwritten account, for her grandson from Utah. Here is her offsite link:

Daniel, Ollie Clotilde

Ella Washington Wilbourn’s handwritten accounts (scroll down)

Thomas Wesley Phinney is the dean of Daniel researchers, particularly the GA-TX connection.



Lemuel Wilson Daniel, Jane’s first husband, owned slaves. As usual, the Census totals are off.


1840 Census of the United States

855 District, Georgia Militia, Chattooga County, Georgia

Free White Males Free White Females
Under 5 20-29 Under 5 20-29
L W Daniel 1 1 1 1
Slaves Males Females
Under 10 10-23 24-35 Under 10 10-23 24-35
3 4 3 3 2 2
Totals 20 [sic]
In the 1840 Census, the ages of the free persons go up by fives and tens, to a hundred years old. The categories say, e.g. “20 under 30.” So this has been simplified to “20-29,” and so on. Only the relevant ages have been included in this Census Table. And of the slaves, only the relevant ages, which increase in different increments, have been included. No. of persons in agriculture is marked as 7. The total no. of people has been miscalculated. It should add up to 21.



This is Jane Caroline Daniel’s children from her first marriage to Lemuel Wilson Daniel. James H. Daniel and Lemuel Wilson Daniel were cousins, whether first or second or otherwise is unknown. In ten years, the value of James’ and Jane’s estate decreases from 1840. They may not have owned slaves.


1850 Census of the United States

Subdivision No. 30, Floyd County, Georgia

Names Age Sex Occupation Value: Real, Personal POB Married Within  Year Attend School Within Year
James H Daniel 28 M Farmer 700 GA
Jane C. “ 33 F GA
John H “ 13 M GA
Margaret S. “ 10 F GA |||
Lemuel B. “ 7 M GA |||
James Taylor 3 M GA
Dwelling no. 187; family no. 187. I don’t know why the census taker uses three marks for “Attend School” category.



James H. Daniel is Jane’s second husband and father of Frances Victoria. He will die in late 1866 or in 1867. We now have a blended family. Lemuel Russell Daniel and James T. were from Jane C. Russell’s first marriage with Lemuel Wilson Daniel. Ella W. Wilbourn, James H. and Frances’ daughter, refers to William as “Uncle Billie” (Billy), in her handwritten account. Between 1850 and 1860 the Daniels moved from Floyd to Chattooga Counties, about 40 miles.


1860 Census of the United States

Chattooga Valley, Chattooga, Georgia

Names Age Sex Color Occupation Value: Real, Pers. POB Ed; Married within year
James H. Daniel 35 M Farmer 2,000 (real)

1,600 (person)

Jane C. “ 41 F GA
Lemuel B. “ 17 M GA Attends School
James F. [sic] “ 13 M GA Attends School
Wm. B. “ 9 M GA Attends School
Wiley E. “ 6 M GA
Francis V. “ 4 F GA
Virginia H. “ 2 F GA
Frank Fuller 20 M X Hireling GA
Dwelling no. 188; Family no. 188; enumerated June 25, 1860. I don’t know why Frank Fuller’s name is checked under “Color.”



Lemuel Russell Daniel, son from Jane’s first marriage to Lemuel Wilson Daniel, is now the head of the house.


1870 Census of the United States

925 District, Chattooga County, Georgia

Post Office: Summerville

Names Age Sex Color Occupation Value: Real, Personal
Daniel, Lemuel 26 M W 300 (real)

400 (person)

— Jane C 52 F Keeping House
— William 19 M At School
— Wiley 16 M Farm Laborer
— Frances V. 14 F At Home
— Virginia H. 12 F “ “
Names (cont.) Origins Education Male, US Citizen +21
Daniel, Lemuel GA Yes
— Jane C
— William Attended school within year
— Wiley
— Frances V.
— Virginia H.
Page 81; dwelling no. 5; family no. 5; enumerated 27 June 1870. Only the marked categories have been included.



Many Georgians moved out of the state, especially after the Civil War (1861-1865). Many indeed made their way to Texas. They needed a fresh start. Family tradition says Wiley and the family left GA in 1874 and arrived in TX in 1876.


Wiley Daniel, son from Jane’s second marriage to James H. Daniel, is now the head of the house. It is a pity that Jane developed a goiter, but she lives for another 16 years. Fannie V. is Frances Victoria. She was known as Fannie. This census was finished in June, and she will marry William Harvey Wilbourn in August.


1880 Census of the United States

Palo Pinto County, Texas

Names Color Sex Age Relationship Marital Status Occupation
Daniel Wiley E W M 27 Head Single Farmer
— Jane C. W F 62 Mother Widow Keep House
— Fannie V. W F 25 Sister Single At Home
Names (cont.) Health Education Place of Birth Father’s POB Mother’s POB
Daniel Wiley E GA GA GA
— Jane C. Goiter GA SC SC
— Fannie V. GA GA GA
Page 15; Dwelling no. 118; Family no. 122; Supervisor’s District no. 3; Enumeration District 155 or 153; enumerated 10 June 1880



These are land transactions.

Between 1852-1860. Chattooga County, GA

Chattooga County records indicate that James H. Daniel several sizable land purchases between 1852 and 1860 . . . These adjoining lots of land totaled about 1400 acres. These plots of 160 acres are located today as lots 73, 74, 75, 76, 107, 108, 90, 91, 92. 5th District, 4th Section. This area is about 4 to 5 miles southeast of Summerville and lies along the western side of the mountain range called Taylors Ridge, named for one of the Cherokee chiefs.

Source: Excerpted from the 1992 account of Jane Caroline (Russell) Daniel’s great-grandson, Charles Lafayette Daniel. It is based on county records.


Chattooga County. In 1857, James purchased Land Lots in Chattooga Co. Lot #’s 73, 74, 75, 108 from Wm. Stanton. It was 1873 before that land passed to others, as recorded in Deed Records. Lemuel Russell Daniel (step son) recorded the sale of that property September 1872 in Deed Bk. F of Chattooga Co., GA

Source: James H. Daniel offsite post.

September 21, 1872

Chattooga County. Lemuel sold 480 acres of land (owned by stepfather, James H. Daniel) in Chattooga County, GA. The sale included Lots 73, 75, 76 of the 5th District, 4th Section, 480 acres to Hartford Henly for $400.00.

Maybe this was a preparatory step for the family’s migration to TX in 1874-76.

Source: Lemuel Russell Daniel offsite post


Palo Pinto County, TX. Lemuel Russell Daniel bought property in Mineral Wells, TX, after he arrived there, but it is not yet know when exactly. Then in 1887 he purchased 1476 acres “out of the F. H. Gray Survey A-206, located about four miles south of the city where he built a home, ranched and farmed until Fanny’s [his wife’s] death in 1918.” In 1905, Ella (Rae) Washington Wilbourn visited him and James Taylor, sons from Jane’s first marriage.

Source: From the 1992 account of Charles Lafayette Daniel. It is based on county records. The last tidbit dated in 1887 was from Ella (Rae’s) handwritten accounts (scroll down).


One of Jane Caroline (Russell) Daniel’s granddaughters says that Jane was a member of the Church of Christ, but the next record says she was a member in good standing of the Missionary Baptist Church. Maybe she started out as a member in the Church of Christ and switched to the Baptist church.


This copy is poorly done, so a few lines are illegible. If anyone out there has a better copy, email us. I leave in the mechanics and punctuation as they appear in the document.

Palo Pinto, Tex.

Missionary baptist church at Newhope.

This is to testify that sister Jane C. Daniel is a member of this church in good standing and . . . by  . . . us to unite with you of the same . . . and order [?] Done by order [?] of the church in confidence.

[Signed] R. Newman [right side clipped during copying]

[Signed] W. A. Beaty [right side clipped during copying]


March 1974 (and dates unknown). Ella Washington Wilbourn.

She is William Harvey’s and Frances Victoria’s sixth-born. She refers to Cousin Ollie and Uncle Wiley. She is Wiley Daniel’s daughter, and Wiley is Frances Victoria’s brother (see Ollie’s account, below).

The accounts were written at various times. Most are undated. My comments are inserted in brackets. I leave in her Old School style of writing.

Second page in the account

March 1974

This is all the information I have of my maternal grandparents, Daniels.

Grandfather Daniels I do not not [read: know] his given name the date of birth or where born. He was killed fighting in the Civil War [he died, at the earliest, one year after the Civil War in late 1866]. He and grandmother were living on a farm 6 miles of Atlanta Georgia when he had to go to war. When he died she was left with six children. He was her second husband.

Grandmother Daniel’s name before first marriage was Jane Beverly [actually Russell; William (Uncle Billy), Jane’s first born from her second marriage, has the middle name Beverly]. Her first husband’s name was also Daniels. Though I have heard they were cousins also heard they weren’t [they were cousins]. She had two sons by the first husband – Taylor and Russell [actually three sons and one daughter]. When I was sixteen I visited them [1905]. They had farms near Mineral Wells, Texas.

The last four children born of the 2nd husband are William (called Billie), Frances Victoria (my mother), Wiley, and Virginia May [Virginia Houston]. I do not know when Grandmother & family moved from Georgia to Texas. [They moved from 1874 to 1876] Where or when my father met my mother in Texas.

I do know my father left the farm near Athens La, presumably went to Texas when he was 19 yrs. He never lived on the farm near Magnolia, Ark. When the family moved from Athens, La to Magnolia Ark, my father did not go with the family. So Aunt Millie his sister says. I hope some day to get more information on the Daniels. (Over)

New Page: This appears to be the reverse side of the previous page, but it is not numbered.

My Uncle Wiley’s daughter Ollie Bradford who lives in Las Vegas & whom I expect to go see in May or June maybe can help me.

My mother’s brother Uncle Billie was a conductor on the railroad from Ft. Worth to Big Springs Texas. He is the one that got a job for my brother “Am” as a boiler maker in the R.R. shops at Big Springs Texas that led to brother “Am” getting a boiler maker job for brother Ellis when he grew up. They both wound up together in the RR shops at Wichita Kans where brother Am died at age 40.

More on Wiley Daniels and wife Molly. They had ten children. I only know where one is Ollie Bradford.

Mother’s sister Virginia May had two daughters, Fanny and Ellie. Reese [Clark, Grandmother Rae’s second husband] & and I saw Fannie when we visited Wheeler Texas in 1949. That’s when I should have asked Fanny about the Daniel kinfolks.

New page, which repeats much of the information on numbered page 2

My maternal grandfather was a Daniel. Don’t know his given name nor the date of birth or death except he fought and was killed in the Civil War.

My grandmother’s maiden name was Jane Beverly. Do not know the place of birth or date of birth or death. She was of English descent.

I do know she was married twice both times to a Daniel. I heard these men were cousins & also heard they weren’t. She had two sons by the first husband, Russell and Taylor. The second husband she had four sons & two daughters. William (called “Billie”) Wiley, Frances Victoria and Ettie.

I hope when I go to Las Vegas to visit my cousin Ollie (Uncle Wiley’s daughter) she can tell me more. I hope.

I had a cousin by marriage living at Poway [outside San Diego]. She and her 2nd husband called on me about a year ago she told me the name of my grandmother was Jane Beverly.

Part of New Document from her account

Note: My father Wm Harvey was born in Athens, La, Nov 1851 died 1925 [actually 1927], age 74. My mother Frances Victoria born 6 miles of Atlanta, Georgia . . . .

New Document

No date. Ollie (Daniel) Bradford.

Wiley E. Daniel and Frances Victoria (Daniel) Wilbourn are brother and sister. Ollie (Daniel) Bradford is Wiley’s daughter, and Grandmother Rae is Frances’ daughter, so Ollie and Grandmother Rae are cousins. Grandmother Rae called her cousin and him Uncle Wiley in her accounts, above.

Ollie wrote an account about her family for her grandson who lives in Utah. I have the grandson’s letter, passed on by one of his cousins, but it is not relevant to family tradition, except that it was written in May 1977 says that Olllie is in good health, but with poor eyes, is 88 years old, and lives in Las Vegas. He also provided photocopied pictures of Ollie and many more persons, provided to his cousin and passed on to me. One of them is of Jane Caroline (Russell) Daniel. It is remarkable that Grandmother Rae refers to Ollie in her accounts, saying she lives in Las Vegas, and Grandmother Rae needs to visit her to find out family history. So, these two sets of accounts agree. I leave in the Old School style of writing.

Ollie writes:

When the State of Georgia was settled there were lots of Indians, they stole grandma [Jane C. Russell] Daniel’s aunt also a neighbor’s child. The child came home but the Indians sold grandmother’s aunt to people in New York. They heard from her but she never came home.

Grandma Daniel saw the stars fall in 1832 stars fell all night. Grandpa and grandma Daniel had slaves, one named Thornton and one Henry that I remember papa talking about so much. They carried him every where they went on their backs, when he was a little boy After they were free they came back and lived there and worked for them.

Transcription ends.

The rest of the account is not relevant to our direct lineage, but deals with the Newmans (Ollie’s maternal grandparents) and Wiley’s descendants. For more information on Ollie, please visit this offsite post: Daniel, Ollie Clotilde


No date on one account, but 1992 for the other. Charles Lafayette Daniel provides this information, which I put in a bulleted list and edit.

  • In 1874, Wiley Daniel, in his early 20s, left the rich farm land of GA and rode west by rail, to meet his older half-brother Lemuel Russell.
  • Or they rode together.
  • The Texas & Pacific Railway stopped at Fort Worth.
  • From there Wiley proceeded by wagon from Weatherford, TX, to Palo Pinto County, TX, in June 1876.
  • The Living Ryland says that Wiley sent for his mother Jane and two younger sisters, one of whom is Frances Victoria, after settling in the county. Or, he went back to get them.
  • Actually, I can only find one younger sister (Frances), other than Virginia, next. So it seems Jane Caroline (Russell) Daniel and her daughter Frances traveled out to TX together.
  • Wiley’s “sister Virginia Houston Daniel came with her husband Ezekiel Marian Beaty” to TX.


The 1992 account written by Jane C. (Russell) Daniel’s great-grandson, Charles Lafayette Daniel.

Ollie Bradford’s handwritten account, for her grandson from Utah. Here is her offsite link:

Daniel, Ollie Clotilde

Ella Washington Wilbourn’s handwritten accounts (scroll down);

Thomas Wesley Phinney is the dean of Daniel researchers, particularly the GA-TX connection.


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