Early Wilbourns of Frederick County, Virginia

A short post with interesting original documents, including dozens of names other than Wilbourn.

February 8, 1743/4: Thomas Wilborn is mentioned in the will of Samuel Tomson (or Thompson) of Opequon, Frederick Co. Samuel bought ½ acre tract from Thomas Wilborn (no date of purchase given), and Samuel’s son-in-law Samuel Allen and (unnamed) wife is to get it; another ½ acre tract he purchased of Thomas Wilborn (no dates given for purchase), and grandson Wm. Allen is to get it. Samuel’s wife Margaret is to get remaining part; executors: Margaret and cousin Henry Mills; will probated March 9, 1743 (Will Book 1, p. 14)

May 12, 1744: Morgan Bryan v. William Willburn, debt (p. 98)

June 17, 1745: Thomas Wilbourne witnesses Lewis DeMoss’s will. Lewis is of Orange County, in colony of Virginia; Lewis’ family: son-in-law James Crabtree and heirs of daughter Catherine; they are to have 100 acres where they now live, being part of his home tract; son Lewis Demoss, 200 acres, with horses and stock animals; John, 100 acres, adjoining lands of James Crabtree; Peter 100 acres, adjoining land of James Crabtree, plus named animals and cattle; daughter Jane Demoss, one featherbed with cows; Wm already has his portion; Thomas and James to equally divide his present home plantation of 160 acres; son Charles to receive monies to cover three years of schooling and a young mare; wife Catherine to have all remaining part of estate; signed Lewis Demoss; executors: wife Catherine and son John; wit: Thomas Wilbourn, Henry Ouldakers, and Morgan Morgan; will probated March 9, 1746(Will Book 1, p. 16)

December 2, 1746: Margaret Wilburne is bonded to be the administrator of the estate of the late Thomas Wilburne, decd, for 200 pounds. John Hampton and John Demoss are also bonded, all to Morgan Morgan, justice of the peace (Will Book 1, p. 93).

March 2, 1746/7: Thomas Welbourn’s estate, decd, is inventoried; its value is 32 pounds, 19 shillings, 9 ½ pence for farming utensils, horses, household items, stock, and wearing apparel; report taken by Morgan Morgan, John Hunton, Henry Mills and John (I) Demoss (Will Book 1, p. 110)

February 7, 1748: John Wilburn inventories Josiah Ballinger’s estate, decd; estate valued at 123 pounds, 3 shillings, 9 pence; report also taken by Jonathan Taylor and Wm. Barrett (Will Book 1, p. 244)


My Direct Line in Virginia:

Earliest Wilbourns of Virginia

John Wilbourn and Judith

Thomas Wilbourn and Hannah Lamkin

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Most of these posts have names other than Wilbourn. Some posts have hundreds of names.


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John David Davis, Frederick County, Virginia Minutes of Court Records, Bowie, Maryland: Heritage Books, 2001.

J. Estelle Stewart King, Abstracts of Wills, Inventories, and Administrations Accounts of Frederick County, Virginia 1743-1800, with Cemetery Inscriptions, Rent Rolls and Other Data, an Improved Edition, Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing, 1982, originally published 1961.

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