Early Wilbourns of Sussex County, Virginia

Hundreds of names other than Wilbourns are included in this post about probate and marriages.


Dec. 17, 1753 / Apr 14, 1755: Henry Freeman Sr. publishes will. He has a plantation in Lunenburg Co. Some of his grandchildren (by his dau Amey [sic] Blank) are surnamed Blank. Wit: Silvanus Stokes, John Willborn, and Pheby (sic) Freeman (Will Book A, p. 23)

Jan 19, 1759: Inventory of estate of Joel Freeman, decd, for Josiah Freeman by James Jones, John Wilborn, and William Oliver (Will Book A, p. 114)

June 20, 1760: Inventory of Estate of Thomas Oliver, decd, by James Jones, John Wilburn, and Richard Jones, Jr. (Will Book A, p. 168)

May 20, 1762: (No date, but entry is found between that one): Inventory of estate of James Gee, decd, (lying in North Carolina) for Charles Gee and [H]enry (cut off in copying) Gee, by Thomas Wilburn, Thomas Chappell, and Thomas Amis (sic) (Will Book A, p. 241)

Jun 21, 1764: John Wilborn leaves will: two sons William Wilborn and John Wilborn the land I live on; wife Temperance Wilborn the rest of my estate for life. Daughter Sarah Wilborn and the child my wife now goes with; Exors: Brother William Wilborn and my wife (Will Book A, p. 328)

Aug 16, 1764: Inventory of estate of John Wilborn Jr., decd, by James Jones, William Oliver, and Richard Jones (Will Book B, 1764-1771, parts 1 and 2, p. 9)

June 20, 1765: Inventory of estate of Lucy Hill, decd, for William Wilborne, admin. (Will Book B, p. 48)

June 18, 1767: Inventory of estate of Lucrecy (sic) Hill, decd, with William Wilburn (Will Book B, p. 123)

Mar 17, 1768: Account of estate of Capt. William Gilliam for Capt. James Jones shows payments to Robert Jones, John Wilburn, Arthur Dillinghay, George Randolph, Henry Bailey, James Spain, Robert Whitehead, Richard Hill, John Sturdivant, John Spain, Capt. Seymour Powel (sic), Mrs. Kirkland, William Parham, John Wilkerson, William Yarbro, Capt. William Parker, William Spain, James Horn, Matthew Whitehead, Robert Jones, David Owen, Bolling Stark, Henry Freeman, Moses Knight, William Oliver, George Booth, John Hobbs, Richard Northcross, Robert Pettway, Niell Buckanan (sic), William Bishop, Littleberry Spain, John Anderson Sturdivant, John Hardie, Benjamin Hunt, and William Stuart (Will Book B, p. 151)

Mar 16, 1769: Inventory of estate of John Avery, decd, for Lewis Tyus, admin., by Richard Hill, [J]ones (cut off in copying) Freeman, and William Wilburn (Will Book B, p. 196)

Aug 17, 1769: Account of estate of Frances Treewitts, (sic) decd, by Peter Threewitts shows James Jones, Robert Newman, Amey (sic) Hill, William Wilburn, David Mason, John Dillihay, Mrs. Gilliam, Betty Wynne, William Malone, William Malone, Jr., Richard Hill, Joel Tucker, Robert Newman, James [H]all (cut off in copying), Temp Wilborn, Robert Newsum and Walker, John Edmunds, Mildred Hill, Miles Cary’s estate, and William Oliver (Will Book B, p. 214)

17 Aug, 1769: Account of estate of William Gilliam, Jr. decd, by Mary Gilliam, executrix, shows Stith Wynne, Holam Sturdivant, Thomas Hardaway, Sarah Sturdivant, John Hobbs, Eliza Whitehead, Lawrence Gibbon, Bidl (sic) Spain, William Wilburn, George Robertson, James Ganway, Robert Winfield, Robert Newman, John Ford, Thomas Wade, James Buchanan, Robert Owen, William [R]aney (cut off in copying) (Will Book B, p. 215)

Aug 16, 1770: Account of estate of Michael Hill shows payments to Roger Atkinson, William Parham, Bolling Stark, Laurence Gibbons the sheriff in 1764, Richard Hill, George Booth, Burwell Banks, Thomas Cheaves, Mildred Hill, Frederick Green, William Oliver, William Roland, James Jones, Robert Newman, John Verell (Will Book B, p. 266)

Sep 9, 1770 and Jan 17, 1771: John Wilbourn leaves a will. Wife Ann Wilbourn the use of the land whereon I now live, for life; sons Burril Wilbourn and Benjamin Wilbourn, the above land at the death of my wife (land bounded by John Anderson Sturdivant, the Spring Road and the river). Son William Wilbourn one shilling; grandson William Wilbourn, son of John Wilbourn, one shilling; dau Susannah Weathers; dau Sarah Slate; dau Ann Wilbourn; granddau Amey (sic) Knight; grandson John Wilbourn son of Henry Wilbourn, twenty shillings; exors: wife and Benjamin Wilbourn; wit: Joseph Dennis, Jesse Sturdivant, and Anderson Sturdivant (Will Book B, p. 288)

Mar 21, 1771: Account of the estate of Susannah Rottenberry, decd, with Thomas Eckols, and Littleberry Robertson, executors, shows payments to Rachel Fanin, William Winfield, Daniel Fisher, Thomas Sturdivant, Temperance Wilbourn, John Rottenberry, Hannah Win[field?], William Winfieldm Jr., Michael Oats, John Delekay, and Isham Exell; approved by Timothy Reves and Jordan Richardson (Will Book B, p. 292)

Note: July 3, 1770 and Apr 18, 1771: Samuel Stokes leaves will and names natural son Christopher Crosslin, wife Mary, son David Stokes, dau Lorel Rochel, dau Cilla Thompson, three children Judith Crosslin, Rebecca [Stokes], and Samuel Stokes; exor: James Bell; wit: Silvanus Bell, Thomas Felts, and William Smith (Will Book B, p. 301; please see the posts on Wilbourns of Surry and Brunswick Cos.)

Jan 14, 1772 and Sep 17, 1772: John Wilbourn leaves a will: granddau Amey (sic) Knight (underage); son Benjamin Wilbourn; dau Ann Lynn; dau Susannah Weathers, one shilling; dau Sarah Slate one shilling; son Burrell Wilbourn one shilling; grandson John Wilbourn one shilling; son William Wilbourn one shilling; grandson William one shilling; son Benjamin Wilbourn the rest of my estate; exor: son Benjamin Wilbourn wit: Joseph Dennis, Charles Dillehay, and James Bilberry (Will Book C, p. 16)

June 18, 1772: Inventory of estate of Mary Wilburn, decd, by Thomas Ezell, Samuel Northington, and Silvanus Bell (Will Book B, p. 255)

Mar 18, 1773: Account of estate of John Wilburn decd, by William Wilburn, executor, audited by William Wylie, W. Pettway, and William Wilson (Will Book C, p. 35)

Aug 19, 1773: account of estate of Mary Wilbourn, decd, by William Rose, admin., audited by Thomas Saunders and James Chambliss, shows payments to William Woodland, Thomas Peets, Mr. Robert Jones, admin of George Randall, and Abel Mabry (Will Book C, p. 61)

Apr 18, 1776: Inventory of estate of Joel Wilburn, decd, for William Wilburn, admin., by Reuben Wingfield, Daniel Malone, and Michael Malone (Will Book C, p. 201)

Feb 18, 1777 or 1778 (cut off in copying): Account of estate of Josiah Freeman, decd, by Silvanus Bell and audited by Sterlin Harwell and Saymour (sic) Powell shows payments made to Sylo Bell and John Bell, Capt. Richard Hill, Capt. William Mason, Hartwell Freeman, Robert Jones, William Cain, John Mason, James Bell, John Berryman, Thomas Clark, John Wilborne, Buril Green, Gray (sic) Judkins, Webb Roland, Joseph Dennis, Peter Threewit, Dr. Thomas Peete, Cicilia Freeman, Molley Freeman, Isaac Adams, John Wilborne (sic), James Chamblis, Samuel Kell (Will Book C, p. 317)

Jan 17, 1778: Account of Estate of Thomas Weather, decd, by Isham Gilliam shows Thomas Adkin, decd, John Scott, Benjamin Tyus, Ephraim Knight, Benjamin Wilborn, James Bilbro, Michael Weathers, Mrs. Susannah Weathers for boarding her two children and Richard Rose for boarding Weathers (Will Book D, p. 477)

Jan 17, 1778: Inventory of estate of John Anderson Sturdivant for Anderson Sturdivant, executor, by William Spain, Jr., Burwell Wilburn, Benjamin Wilburn (Will Book C, p. 287)

July 11, 1778 and Nov 18, 1779: William Wilborn is a witness to John Dillehay’s will; other wit: Isaac Robinson, Daniel Malone (Will Book C, p. 346)

June 17, 1779: Account of estate of Mrs. Mary Gilliam, decd, by William Mason, executor, shows Payment to Barl (sic) Wilburn, Averis Wilkerson, Winney Adkins, Sylvia Adkins, William Avery, Stephen [L]ucas (cut off in copying), Solomon Graves, Richard Smith, Hollam Sturdivant, John Sturdivant, Benjamin Tyus, John [H]ardie (cut off in copying), Jesse Sturdivant, Richard Booker, William Spain, Sr., William Spain, Jr., James Mason, George Randall’s executors, Henry Cocke, John Lucas, Robert Owens’ estate, William Gilliam orphan, Charles Gilliam orphan, Samuel Gilliam orphan, Elizabeth Gilliam orphan, Cealy Stokes, John Anderson Sturdivant, John Adkins, Edward Moody, Isham Gilliam, George Kerr, Webb [R]owland (cut off in copying), John Berriman, Mary Gilliam orphan, and Capt Seymour Powell (Will Book C, p. 330)

Aug 26, 1779 and Dec 21, 1780: Benjamin Wilborne is an executor of James Bilbro’s will; Elizabeth Wilborne is a witness, and so are Robert Jones and William Hardie (Will Book C, p. 385)

Aug 29, 1782 and June 19, 1783: William Wilbourn leaves a will. Dau Sarah Jones and her husband; dau Elizabeth Mangrum; son William Wilbourn, the land I live on; granddau Betsey Wilbourn; granddau Jolly (?) Mangum at the deaths of my dau Sarah Jones and her husband; my three children Sarah Jones, Elizabeth Mangum, and William Wilbourn; exor: son; wit: Isaac Robinson, Betty Hill, Peter Raney, and Seymour Powell (Will Book D, p. 161)
Feb 19, 1784: Inventory of estate of William Wilborne, decd (Will Book D, p. 212)

Oct 21, 1784: Account of estate of James Jones, decd, shows Burrel Macklemore, Mille Hill, Mary Holt [B]oiseau (cut off in copying), Wnne (sic) Adkerson, Francis Eppes, Rebecca Roland, Ambrose Davenport, Edward Erwing (sic), Joel Threewitts, William Dabney for Temperance Wilborne, and Elizabeth Owen; suit of Rebecca Jones, widow of James Jones, decd, against Frederick Jones, Edmund Jones, and William Jones, Infant Orphans and Devisees of the said James Jones by Robert Jones, gent., their guardian. Land in question is bounded by Nottoway, mouth of High Hills Branch, Robert Jones’ path, [?]yers Branch (cut off in copying), and Nathaniel Dunn, Robert Jones, gent., is the surviving executor of James Jones, decd. (Will Book D, p. 265)

Mar 5, 1793 and Oct 3, 1793: John Wilborne is a witness to James Parham’s will; other witnesses: Rebecka Parham and Robert Jones; James’ brother is William and brother-in-law is John Graves; his wife Polly. Children are unnamed. (Will Book E, p. 227)

Feb 5, 1795: Inventory of Estate of Robert Owens by William Gilliam, Burwell Wilborn, and Benjamin Wilborn, Sr. (Will Book E, p. 314)

Feb 4, 1796: Inventory of estate of James Parham, decd, by Richard Rose, John Wilbourn and Nathaniel Chambliss (Will Book E, p. 405)

Sep 6, 1796 and Feb 1, 1798: Benjamin Wilborne leaves will. Wife Rebecka Wilborne my whole estate; exor: wife; wit: William Towle, Edwin Tyas, Robert Jones, and Francis Oliver (Will Book F, p. 83)

Dec 1, 1796 and Feb 2, 1797: Burril Wilborne leaves a will. My eight children: Lucy Wilborne, Fanne Wilborne, Burril Wilborne, John Wilborne, Tempe Wilborne, Nancy Wilborne, Owen Wilborne, Rebecka Wilbourne; exor: Robert Jones; wit: John Owen, Joseph M. Bacon and Drewry Owen (Will Book F, p. 10)

Aug 2, 1798: William Wilborne qualifies as administrator of Benjamin Wilborne, decd (Will Book F, p. 115)

Aug 27, 1801 and Feb 4, 1802: Levi Gilliam, Sr. leaves a will: Preciller Jordin one dollar; two dau Lucy Wilborne and Sally Johnson; son Leve (sic) Gilliam’s widow, Frances Gilliam (who is now pregnant). Exor: John Wilborne; wit: Robert Jones, Littleberry Partridge, and Henry Freeman (Will Book F, p. 282)

Oct 13, 1801 and Dec 2, 1802: Benjamin Wilborne leaves a will: Dau Rebecka Abernathy; grandson Benjamin Wilborne; son Richard Wilborne; grandson Benjamin Wilborne, son of Benjamin wilborne; dau Polly Owen wife of Drewry (sic) Owen. Son John Wilborne half of my land on north side of Nottaway R.; son James Wilborne the other half of above land; dau Patsey Wilborne; wife Mary Wilborne, the house I now live in; son James Wilborne my three tracts of land, being the one I live on, the one where by brother Burwell Wilborne formerly lived and the other lying on Hunting Quarter; exor: John Parham; wit: John Parham, Jr. Robert Jones, Sr. and Stith Parham (Will Book F, p. 309)

May 28, 1802 and Dec 6, 1804: John Bonner Sr. leaves will. Son John Bonner; son Robert Hix Bonner; son Thomas Bonner; dau Elizabeth Love, and grandson John Love; dau Phebe Brown; dau Patty Rainey; dau Selea Fox; dau Jane Harper; dau Margaret Batts; granddau Lucy Gary; grandson Night Irwin Bonner (underage); grandson James Wilborne; grandson Robert Raney; grandson John Harper; two granddau Eliza Love and Polly Allen; three granddau Becky B. Wilborne, Sally Wilborne, and Patsy Wilborne (all underage); wife Sarah Bonner all my land for life; exors: sons John Bonner and Robert Hix and Thomas Bonner; wit: Robert Jones, Wilkins Harper, John –ires (cut off in copying), and Peter Raney (Will Book F, p. 445)

Nov 4, 1802: Account of estate of William Fowler, decd, with Sarah Fowler, admin, shows paid Anna Wilbrne, the admin. of Richard Wilborne (Will Book F, p. 306)


Robinson, William and Rebecca Welborne 7 Jan 1808; bond: Wm Welborne

Wilborne, Benj. Jr. and Rebecca, Oliver 9 May 1796; bond: Wm. Malone Jr.

Wilborne, Harris and Polly Berryman, 4 Dec 1806; bond: Benj. Harrison

Wilborne, James and Milcah Cain, 4 Jun 1801; bond: Geo Randolph

Wilborne, James and Nancy Wilborne, 15 Sep 1810; bond: Harrison Wynne

Wilborne, James A. and Margaret H. Fannin, 17 Dec 1827; bond: Allen Wynn

Wilborne, John Jr. and Lucy Mabry, 9 Apr 1792; bond: Abel Mabry

Wilborne, John Jr. and Matilda Williams, 28 May 1811; bond: Nancy Williams, mother

Wilborne, John and Sarah Spain, 15 Oct. 1827; bond: John Williams

Wilborne, Jones and Elizabeth Fannen, 5 Aug 1819; bond: Bryant fannen, father

Wilborn, Owen and Mary B. Harwell, 2 Jul 1829; bond: Wm. R. Robinson

Wilborne, Thomas and Julia M. Parham, 1 Apr 1824; bond: Thos. Parham, father

Wilborne, William and Rebecca Wilborne, 24 Apr 1798; bond: Gabriel Moss

Wilbourn, Littleberry and Sally P. Sledge, 15 Dec 1824; bond: Mary Sledge, mother


William Lindsay Hopkins, Sussex County, Virginia, Will Books A-F, 1754-1806, Gen-N-Dex, 1990.

Genealogical Society of Utah, Sussex County, Virginia Marriage Bonds, 1750-1850; typed by the society, 1936.


My Direct Line in Virginia:

Earliest Wilbourns of Virginia

John Wilbourn and Judith

Thomas Wilbourn and Hannah Lamkin

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Most of these posts have names other than Wilbourn. Some posts have hundreds of names.

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