Lamkins of Mecklenburg, Lunenburg, and Halifax Counties, Virginia

These records go from 1766 to 1795.

Here are the raw data. We hope this helps your research.

These are only the deed records and court orders.

Please see James Lamkin and Winifred and Thomas Wilbourn and Hannah Lamkin for our family lines that come from these Lamkins.


Dec 4, 1766

Elizabeth Stone of Halifax Co. sells to James Lamkin of Mecklenburg Co. for £60, 200 acres in Mecklenburg Cr. on Woodpecker Branch of Bluestone Cr., being part of 400 acres formerly patented to William Evans, who deeded the land to Abraham Brown, and then from Brown to Elizabeth Stone. Tract bounded by James Lamkin, Benjamin Hatcher, Stephen Evans; signed: Elizabeth (I) Stones (sic); wit: Benjamin Hatcher, Sampson Lamkin, Jeremiah Lamkin, Robbart (sic) (R) Christopher; rec: Dec. 8, 1766 (Deed Book 1, pp. 310-11)

Dec. 13, 1766

Benjamin Hatcher of Mecklenburg Co. sells to William Hunt of Mecklenburg Co. for £150, 500 acres on the branches of Bluestone Cr, being part of a larger tract granted to said Hatcher by patent, Feb. 1, 1764, and bounded by the patent line, new lines; signed: Benjamin Hatcher; wit: Jas. Lamkin, Hutchins Burton, Sampson Lamkin; the deed was acknowledged by said Benjamin and Lucy his wife; rec: Apr 13, 1767 (Deed Book 1, p. 367)

August 8, 1768

James Lamkin and his wife Winnifrit (sic) of Mecklenburg Co. sell to Thomas Brown of the same place, for £100, 2 (sic) acres, being part of 1200 acres, formerly patented to William Evans and bounded by Murrey (sic), a new line, the old line; signed: Jas. Lamkin, Winifreet (sic) Lamkin; wit: Henry Isbell (sic), Henry Fuller; rec: Aug 8, 1769 (Deed Book 2, p. 105)

August 8, 1768

William Hunt and Mary his wife of Mecklenburg Co. sell to Jeremiah Lamkin of the same place, for £40, 100 acres on the branches of Bluestone Cr., part of 20 acres patented to Robert evens and bounded by Picker Branch on William Hunt’s and Abraham Brown’s line, the north side of the Boy Branch, on Charles Burton’s line, Woodpecker Branch on Abraham Brown’s line; signed: Wm Hunt, Mary Hunt; wit: Jas. Lamkin, Holman Freeman; rec: Aug 8, 1768 (Deed Book 2, pp. 107-08)

December 16, 1769

Jeremiah Lamkin of Mecklenburg Co. owes 15 pounds to Charles Duncan and Company of Prince George Co., and for securing its payment, plus lawful interest, plus recording this deed. Some items and articles in possession of Lamkin shall be vested in Duncan and Co. Lamkin grants to Duncan 100 acres on the branches of Woodpecker Cr., which he bought of Charles Burton. It is in trust, to be sold after next Oct 1, for ready money, to pay the debt, plus interest, plus costs; signed: Jeremiah Lamkin; wit: David Christopher, John Gordone (sic) Robert Burton, rec: Mar 12, 1770 (Deed Book 2, p. 364-65)

August 9, 1770

Charles Burton of Mecklenburg sells to Mark Moore of Mecklenburg co., for £300, 220 acres on both sides of Woodpecker Cr., the mouth of Buzzard Branch, Henry Hustin, Charles Lucas, James Hall, Stephen Evans, Richard Lamkin, Jeremiah Lamkin, William Hunt, being part of 420 acres formerly belonging to Menoah Tinsly and being land said Burton purchased of Bryan Cocar, including the plantation said Moore now lives on; signed: Charles Burton; wit: Jesse Ragsdale, Richard Lamkin, Thomas (X) Wilborne. The deed was acknowledged by said Burton and Mary his wife; rec: Sep 10, 1770 (Deed Book 2, p. 486)

June 19, 1770

James Lamken (sic) of Mecklenburg Co. sells to Messieurs Robert Dinwiddie and Company, merchants in Glasgow; Lamken owes Robert Dinwiddie and Company £80. For securing of payment, plus interest from today, plus the cost of writing and recording this deed, it is agreed between the parties aforesaid that the several articles and things hereafter mentioned and described now in possession of said Lamken, shall be these presents be vested in Dinwidie (sic) and Co. Now this indenture witnesses that Lamken, for £80 (the debt aforesaid) to him in hand paid by Dinwiddie and Co. sells to Dinwidie (sic) and Co. all that tract of land in Mecklenburg, being the land said Lamkin (sic) now lives on, containing 200 acres. Also 1 gray mare about 5 years old, branded on the shoulder and buttock with a stirrup iron; 1 sorrel mare about 13 years old, branded on the near shoulder IL and on the near buttock B; 10 head cattle marked with a crop and a slit in the left and ___ and underkeel in the right ear; 10 head of sheep of the same mark as the cattle; 2 featherbeds and furniture. The above property is to be sold by Dinwidie and Co. any time after May 1, 1770 for ready money, towards satisfying the debt, plus interest, plus costs; signed: Ja’s Lamkin; wit: Ro. Burton, Edward Walker, Jos. Speed, John Gordon. Rec: Sep 10, 1770 (Deed Book 2, p. 96-97)

April 8, 1771

William Hunt and his wife Mary of St. James Parish, Mecklenburg Co. sell to Richard Lamkin of same, for £40, 100 acres, bounded by Jeremiah Lamkin’s corner on south side of Woodpecker Branch, Abram Brown, Stephen Evans, Marke (sic) Moore, the north side of Buzzard Branch on Jeremiah Lamkin’s line. Signed: William Hunt; wit: none; rec: April 8, 1771 (Deed Book 3, p. 103)

May 11, 1772

Hutchins Burton of Mecklenburg Co. sells to Joseph Damron (Dameron) of Mecklenburg, for £60, 200 acres on branches of Bluestone Cr, and bounded by Woodpecker Cr. on Jeremiah Lamkin’s line, Mark Moor (sic), Bazzel (sic) Wagstaff, James Lamkin; signed: Hutchins Burton; wit: none; Rec. May 11, 1772; deed acknowledged by Hutchins Burton asnd his wife Susannah (Deed Book 3, p. 376-77)

May 11, 1772

Joel Elem (sic) of Mecklenburg sells to William Crowder of same, for £100, 71 acres, on west side of Middle Bluestone Cr. and bounded by Lucas, Abraham Crowder; the land is part of William Harris’ tract and deeded to said Elem; signed: Joel (X) Elem; wit: Jas. D Lyle, Jas. Lampkins (sic), William Wade; rec: May 11, 1772 (Deed Book 3, p. 382)

June 30, 1772

John Chadwick and his wife Catherine of Bute Co., NC sell to Thomas Jones of Mecklenburg Co., for £100, 172 acres, in Mecklenburg Co., on round Hill Branch on south side of Roanoke R. and bounded bylines of Theophilus Field, William Rose, and County line; John Chadwick purchased land of col. Edmund Taylor; signed John (JC) Chadwick; wit: Samson Lamkin, Thomas Newman, Thomas Willson (sic), Phillip Burford, Bennett Wood; rec: Jan 11, 1773 (Deed Book 3, p. 516)

May 10, 1773

Charles Burton of Halifax Co. sells to Thomas Wilborne of Mecklenburg Co., for £12, 10 shillings, about 100 acres in Mecklenburg Co. on Middle Bluestone Cr., bounded by new lines run by the parties; signed: Charles Burton; wit: James Lamkin, James Hall, Samuel Young; rec: May 10, 1773 (Deed Book 4, p. 67)

July 12, 1773

Richard Lamkin of Charlotte Co. sells to William Wade of Mecklenburg Co. for £500, 100 acres in Mecklenburg, on Woodpecker Cr. and bounded by Mark Moore, Daniel Coleman, Forrest, Jeremiah Lamkin, it being part of a tract of 1420 acres formerly the property of Tinsley, including plantation whereon said Wade now lives; signed: Richard Lamkin; wit: James Lamkin, Thomas Wade, Abraham Forrest. Rec: Sep 13, 1773 (Deed Book 4, p. 146-47)

Sep 13, 1773

Thomas Pinson of St. James Parish, Mecklenburg Co. sells to Payton Skipwith Baronet of same, for £50, 1 (sic) acre, 1 rod, 12 poles, in same place, on south side of Roanoke R. bounded by river bank at Wm Royster’s upper corner, said Pinson; Pinson reserves for himself Fishing landing on the river, which is intended as a ferry landing, and a road for free egress and regress thereto for the use and benefit of said Skipwith, together with timbers, profits, and emoluments attending said road and ferry. Signed: Thomas (X) Pinson; wit: James Lamkin, P. Ragsdale, Edward Lewis; rec: Sep 13, 1773 (Deed Book 4, p. 148)

Nov. 1773 (day not mentioned)

James Harrison of Mecklenburg, for £11, 6 shillings, 6 pence sells and delivered to Sampson Lamkin, 10 sheep, 13 hogs, 1 mare, 4 cattle, and 1 rug, 2 Dutch blankets, 2 sheets, 1 bedstead and bed hide, 1 trunk, 1 spinning wheel, 1 drawing knife, 1 hammer, 1 jointer, 1 handsaw, 1 adds, 2 axes, 3 duguns (sic), 3 chisels, 1 Dutch oven, 1 smooth board, gun, 2 dishes, 1 basin, 3 plates, and a set of shoemaker’s tools and a woman’s saddle; signed: James (X) Harrison; wit: James Lamkin, Thomas Brown; this bill if sale was recorded Jan 10, 1774 (Deed Book 4, p. 228)

March 1, 1775 (sic)

Thomas Brown and Winnefred his wife of Mecklenburg Co. sell to Jeremiah Lamkin, for £70, 200 acres on branches of Bluestone Cr., being part of 1200 acres that was formerly patented to William Evans, and bounded by Murray; signed Thomas Brown, Winfred (sic) Brown; wit: James Lamkin, John Avary (sic), Andrew (X) Grigory; rec: Mar 12, 1775 (Deed Book 4, p. 408)

May 10, 1773 (sic)

Charles Burton of Halifax Co. sells to Richard Hansard of Mecklenburg Co., for £55, 320 acres on great branch of Middle Bluestone cr., and bounded by Ragsdale; signed: Ch’s Burton; wit: Jas. Lamkin, James Hall, Sam’l Young; rec: May 10, 1773 {NB: This deed was omitted in proper place by mistake} (Deed Book 4, p. 502)

April 14, 1777

Jeremiah Lamkin appears in Henry Delony’s Poll for Mecklenburg (Deed Book 4).

August 10, 1778

Griffin Smith and his wife Rebecka of Amelia co. sell to Benjamin Doggett of Mecklenburg Co., for £100, 120 acres on Branches of Bluestone Cr., bounded by said Doggett, Spain’s line, Evan’s line; signed Griffin Smith; wit: James Lamkin, Jeremiah Lamkin, James Garner, John Chandler, John Lamkin; rec: Sep 14, 1778 (Deed Book 5, p. 291)

September 8, 1778

Thomas Wilborn and his wife Hannah, of Mecklenburg sell to Sampson Lamkin (Lampkin) of Mecklenburg Co., for £100, 400 acres, on south side of Middle Bluestone Cr. and bounded by Hunt, Ragsdale; signed: Thomas (X) Wilborn, Hannah (X) Wilborn; wit: James Lamkin, John Chandler, James Lamkin Jr., Wm Wilbern (Wilborn); rec: Sep 14, 1778 (Deed Book 5, p. 303)

February 12, 1779

Edward Cheatham of Mecklenburg Co. sells to James Cheatham of same, for £150, 225 acres, a tract of land willed to him by his father, on east side of Middle Bluestone Cr., bounded by Hall, Brame, Finch, Hudson; signed: Edward Cheatham; wit: Achillis Jeffries, Jeremiah Lampkin (sic), John Wilson; rec: Mar 8, 1779 (Deed Book 5, p. 386-87)

April 12, 1779

Abraham Forrest and his wife Elizabeth of Mecklenburg sell to James Lamkin of same place, for £500, 200 acres, land purchased of Abraham Brown, and bounded by east side of Woodpecker Branch, Evans, Tinsley; signed: Abraham Forrest; wit: none; rec: April 12, 1779 (Deed Book 5, 414)

May 10, 1779

Allen Freeman of Sr. James Parish, Mecklenburg Co. sells to Peter Goodwin of Hanover Co., for £700, 400 acres on both sides of Kettle Cr, which said Freeman purchased of Robert Burton, and bounded by Cargel’s (sic) old road, John Doggett, James Lamkin, Daniel Coleman, John Murray; signed: Allen Freeman; wit: none; Tabitha freeman, wife of said Allen, relinquished her dower rights; rec: May 10, 1779 (Deed Book 5, 418)

June 14, 1779

Daniel Ragsdale and his wife Pheby of Mecklenburg sell to William Wilson of Amelia Co., for £700, 575 acres, bounded by Carden, Ruffin, Macklin, Johnson, Seth Moore; this land Ragsdale purchased of Seth Moore, by deed dated June 3, 1760; signed: Daniel (X) Ragsdale; wit: Thomas Carlton, Sampson Lamkin; rec: June 14, 1779 (Deed Book 5, p. 457)

October 29, 1779

By virtue of a court order of Mecklenburg, dated July 12, 1779, Edward Finch, D Sheriff of Mecklenburg, has caused a jury, to wit: James Lamkin, James Clarke, Samuel Brame, Richard Hutcheson, Charles Hutcheson, Edward Dodson, Philip Poindexter, Jr. Solomon Draper, Peter Burton, David Christopher, Moses Overton, and John Hubbard, who, meeting on the land petitioned for, and being sword to inquire what damages may be occasioned to any person by Richard Jones building a watermill on butcher’s Cr. and also to ascertain thje true value of the acre of land petitioned for by said Jones, upon their oaths do say, £10. We further say the damages William Call may sustain, together with the timber and other inconveniences, to £25. Signed by the jury and by Edward finch SD for William Davis, and the acre of land was granted to Richard Jones, he having paid the valuation money and damages reported by the jury (Deed Book 5, p. 529)

November 27, 1779

James Hall and his wife Marthew (sic) sell to William Lucas of Gumry (Montgomery) Co., MD, for £50, a 300 tract in Mecklenburg on the Branches of Bluestone Cr., being part of 935 acres formerly patented to Stephen Evans and bounded by Hall, William Harris, Joel Elam, Abraham Crowder, Henry Hasten, Mark Moore, James Hall. Signed: James Hall; wit: Jeremiah Lamkin, James (X) Harrison, Thomas (X) Wilburn; rec: Feb. 14, 1780 (Deed Book 6, p. 4)

September 11, 1780

Abraham Crowder sells to Godfrey Crowder, for divers good causes, 200 acres bounded by Middle Bluestone Cr. on William Hudson’s line, thence to Samson Lamkin, Thomas Barry; signed: Abraham Crowder; wit: John Swepson, A. Young, J. Coleman; recorded Sep 11, 1780 (Deed Book 6, p. 93)

March 10, 1783

John Chandler and his wife Molley (sic) sell to Jeremiah Lamkin, for £100, 200 acres, land Chandler purchased of Joseph Dameron, and bounded by south side of Woodpecker Cr., running along said Jeremiah’s line, thence to Mark More and Thos. Wilborn, the head of Buzzard Branch to Wagstaff’s line, thence to Norment, James Lamkin; signed: John Chandler, Mary Chandler; wit: William Robertson, James Lamkin; rec: Mar 10, 1783 (Deed Book 6, p. 242)

February 14, 1783

Thomas Ragsdale of NC sells to John Bruce of Mecklenburg, for £50, a 100 acres tract Bruce (sic) now lives on, bounded by John Ragsdale, Benjamin Ragsdale, Hutchens Burton, Sampson (sic) Lamkin, Thomas Berry and John Berry; signed: Thomas Ragsdale; wit: John Ragsdale, William Ragsdale, Drury (X) Ragsdale; rec: May 12, 1783 (Deed Book 6, p. 263)

November 25, 1782: Godfrey Crowder sells to Abraham Crowder Sr., for value received, 100 acres on south side of Middle Bluestone Cr. bounded by William Hudson at the creek, Samson Lamkin, Thomas Berry; signed: Godfrey Crowder; wit: John Jeffries, Achilles Jeffries, William Mealer, Rich’d Jeffries; rec: Oct 13, 1783 (Deed Book 6, p. 309)

April 14, 1783

Sampson (sic) Lamkin and Jeremiah Lamkin appear in a poll taken for Col. William Randolph, p. 554, and Thomas Wilburn appears on p. 553 (Deed Book 6)

No date: Sampson Lamkin appears in poll taken for Col. Lewis Burwell (Deed Book 6, p. 554)

April 14, 1783

James Lamkin and Sampson (sic) Lamkin appear in poll taken for Mr. Thomas Pettus (Deed Book 6, p. 557)

August 9, 1783

William Newsom and wife Mary of Grenville (sic) [Granville Co., NC?] sell to Thomas Wilburn of Mecklenburg Co, for 100 pounds, 150 acre tract, bounded by upper side of little fork on Berry’s line, Tucker’s corner, Moore’s line, Hastin, Avory (sic), the lower side of Woodpecker Cr., Berry’s line on the lower side of the creek; signed: William Newsum (sic); wit: Richard Jefferies, Sampson Lamkin, James Lamkin; rec: Feb. 9, 1784 (Deed Book 6, p. 336)

November 3, 1784

Jeremiah Lamkin, for divers good causes, appoints his trusty friends Thomas Foulkes (sic) and James Lamkin Sr., my true and lawful attorneys, to demand and receive of all persons, all money or personal estate which is my legal property and from me illegally kept. When recovered, Thompson Fowlkes (sic) and James Lamkin may dispose of my tract of land whereon I last lived in Mecklenburg Co., about 400 acres; signed: Nov. 3, 1784 Jeremiah Lamkin; wit: Edward Finch, Absalom Finch and Robert Smith, and ordered to be recorded. At Mecklenburg Co. Court of March 16, 1812 (sic) this power of attorney was further proved by the oath of Absolem (sic) Hastin, one of the witnesses, and ordered to be recorded (Deed Book 6, p. 428)

October 22, 1784

Mark Moore sells to Thomas Spain of Dinwiddie Co., for 500 pounds, about 200 acres, bounded by lower side of Woodpecker Cr., joining Hasting, and Lucas, then bounded by the lands of said Hasting, Wilborne, Lamkin, Wade, Coleman, Jeffries, and the said Lucas; signed: Mark Moore; wit: Thomas Berry, Abram Crowder; rec: May 9, 1785 (Deed Book 6, p. 462)

December 7, 1785

Daniel Coleman of Amelia Co. sells to Cain Coleman of Mecklenburg Co. for affection Daniel has for his son Cain, 265 acres, where on he now lives, and bounded by Andrew Gregory, Lamkin, Jeffries; signed: Daniel Coleman; wit: Andrew Gregory, Daniel Smith, rec: Feb. 13, 1786 (Deed Book 6, p. 547)

February 11, 1786

Cain Coleman sells to Richard Jeffries for £180 acres, about 265 acres, bounded by Andrew Grigory (sic), Lamkin, Jeffries; signed: Cain Coleman; wit: none; rec: Feb. 13, 1786 (Deed Book 6, p. 544)

March 13, 1787: James Lamkin of Mecklenburg County sells to William Davis of Blandford, for 2 pounds, five shillings and (again) 7 shillings, 10 pence half-penny, and 12,302 pounds of crop of inspected tobacco at Petersburg, 200 acres. Bounded by Martha Wade, Jeremiah Lamkin, Abel Coleman; James resides on land; wit: Thomas Burnet, G. Stokey, Thompson Fowlkes, Geo Craghead, David Stokes; if James Lamkin pays 12,302 pounds of inspected tobacco, then indenture nil (sic) and of none effect (Deed Book 8, pp. 536-37)


October 10, 1776

James Lamkin, a constable, took the Oath required by Law for the preservation of the Breed of dear [sic, read, deer].  (Order Book 4, p. 343)

March 10, 1777

Mark Sharp, Plaintiff, against Hutchins Benton, Defendant} Upon an Attachment sued out by the Plt against the Estate of the Deft for a debt due by notes of hand

This day came the Plt and the attachment having been returned executed on a horse & the Deft failing [careted in: to appear altho solemnly called] to replevy [?] thew same, It is therefore considered by the Court that the Plt recover against the deft twenty pounds sixteen shillings his Debt aforesaid and his Costs by him in this behalf expended, But this Judgement is to be discharged by the Paiment [sic] of thirteen pounds six shillings with Interest on five pounds sixteen shillings part thereof from the twenty fourth day of August 1771, til pain & on seven pounds ten shillings the residue from the eighth day of April 1776, til paid & the Costs. And it is ordered that the sheriff [sic] made sale of the horse attacked [sic, read attached] by James Lamkin, a Constable & pay the produce or so much thereof to the Plt as will satisfy this Judgment & return an account of the Sales to the Court. (Order Book 4, p. 352)

November 11, 1782

On the motion of James Lamkin, it is ordered that a License be granted to him to keep an Ordinary at his House in this County for one year. Whereupon the said James Lamkin, with Martin Glaspy, his security entered into and acknowledged Bond, according to Law (Order Book 5, p. 237).

November 11, 1783

James Lamkin v. Jesse Cox. In trespass, assault, and battery; by agreement of the parties it is ordered that this suit be dismissed and the defendant pay to the plaintiff his costs. (Order Book 5, p. 452)

November 8, 1784

A power of attorney from Jeremiah Lamkin to Thompson Fowlkes [sic] and James Lamkin Sr. was proved by the oaths of Edward Finch and Robert Smith; witnesses thereto and it is ordered to be recorded  (Order Book 6, p. 163)

July 12, 1785

Jeremiah Lamkin removes (moves away) or absconds so he cannot be served (Order Book 6, p. 435)

June 12, 1786

Edward Randolph Yates, Peter Goodwyn, Edward Jones, James Lamkin Sr. or any of these three, are to be sworn and then appraise the estate of Matthew Marable, decd (Order Book 6, p. 522)

November 15, 1786

Henry Rawlins v. James Lamkin. Jeremiah and Tabitha Lamkin are said to be of the state of Georgia (Order Book 6, p. 633).

November 15, 1786

Jeremiah Lamkin (plaintiff) v. Samuel Hopkins (defendant); James Lamkin undertakes for the plaintiff (Order Book 6, p. 636).

Before Jeremiah Lamkin’s move to Georgia, he appears often in the court order books, either being sued or suing for debts. But they are too numerous to list here.


February 12, 1765

Robert Christopher and his wife Hannah of St. James Parish in [blank] Co. sell to James Lamkine (sic) of same, for £50, a 200 acre tract, being part of land patented whereon Robert Christopher now lives, bounded by Murry (sic), the old line; signed: Robert (R) Christopher, Hannah (I) Christopher; wit: none, rec: Feb 14, 1765 (Deed Book 10, pp. 88-89)

Peter Lamkin and Peter Lamkin Jr. appear in many deeds in Lunenburg County, from 1771-1795.


June 17, 1779

Richard Lamkin of Charlotte Co. sells to John Bowman Sr., for £200, 194 acres, being part of a greater 244 acre tract, which was patented to said Lamkin on May 1, 1775; The 914 acres is bounded by Drummond, Walton, Murphy, Stevens, Bowman, Atkerson; signed: Richard Lamkin; wit: none; recorded June 17, 1779 (Deed Book 11, pp. 278-79)

October 17, 1782

Richard Lamkin of Halifax Co. sells to John Bowman Sr., for £50, 50 acres, part of a larger tract of 440 acres, which was patented to said Lamkin May 1, 1775, bounded by William Cannaday, said bowman; signed: Richard Lamkin; wit: none; rec: Oct. 17, 1782

August 25, 1785

John Harris of Halifax Co. sells to Sampson Lamkin of same place, for £17 (?), 50 acres and bounded by Stephen Wade, Elizabeth Stokes, Josiah Strange, Nathaniel Frances; signed: John Harris; wit: none; rec: Sep 15, 1785 (Deed Book 13, p. 288)

September 14, 1785

Indenture from Cornelius Crenshaw of Halifax Co. that sells to Sampson Lamkin of Halifax Co. witnesses that Elexander [sic] Hitson (sic) for £50 to him paid by said Lamkin has granted to said Lamkin has granted to 100 acres bounded by Thomas Lovles (sic), Foggerson, Henry, Yates; signed: Cornelius Crenshaw, Joanna Lewis Crenshaw; wit: none; rec: Oct. 20, 1785 (Deed Book 13, pp. 307-08)

November 24, 1789

Richard Lampkin sells to John Huddleston, for £40. About 57 ½ in Halifax Co., on the second fork of Burches Cr.; signed: Richard Lamkin; wit: Joseph Pettey, James Hardwick, Piens (sic) Huddleston; rec: June 28, 1790 (Deed Book 14, p. 648)

April 18, 1791

Sharp Lamkin and Peter Lamkin Jr witness a deed from Ambrose Gresham and his wife Betty of Lunenburg Co. selling to John Hicks of city of Richmond [in Henrico Co.], 168 acres in Halifax on draughts of Miry Cr., 168 acres for £39 18 shillings, 9 pence, bounded by Echols, Winfrey, Davenport, Wall, the fork of a branch near two springs [called St. John’s and Sr. George’s] thence on Gent’s line; signed: Ambrose Gresham; wit: Sharp Lamkin, Peter Lamkin, Jr., Geo Craghead; rec: Sep 26, 1791; Betty Gresham cannot travel to Halifax County Court, to relinquish dower, so they met at Gresham’s house, where she relinquished her dower; signed Edmd [sic] Ragsdale, Peter Lamkin; rec: Sep 26, 1791 (Deed Book 15, p. 187-88)

December 12, 1792

James Henry of Northumberland Co., Esq. sells to John Thomson of Halifax, planter, for £51, 136 acres on John’s run on waters of Sandy Cr., being part of larger tract, formerly patented to William Rybon, and by him conveyed to said Henry. The part hereby intended to be conveyed is bounded by ridge path, said Henry’s line, formerly laid out to William Steel, thence to Benjamin Haley’s line, the east fork of the County line branch; Ambrose Hailey, Lamkin’s spring branch signed: Jas. Henry; wit: George Thompson, Lewis Hailey, John Trammel; rec: June 24, 1793 (Deed Book 15, p. 576)

January 7, 1793

Thomas Jeffres (sic) sells to Mackness Moore, for £, a 100 acre tract on waters of Sandy Cr., bounded by John Thompson; signed Thomas (X) Jeffries; wit: Richard Lamkin, Jno. Thompson, Edward (X) Henderson; rec: July 22, 1793 (Deed Book 15, p. 620)

June 3, 1795

Charles Dunkin (sic) of Chesterfield County sells to Elisha Palmer of Halifax, for £100, about 400 acres in Halifax, being the tract of land conveyed to said Palmer by Sampson Lampkin, bounded by said Palmer, Bennett, Hunting Cr., and Wilborne;* signed Charles Duncan for self and co. Wit: James A. Glenn, Peter Barksdale, James Eastham; rec: Dec. 28, 1795 (Deed Book 16, p. 486)

*Note: the Wilborne here is Gunnery.


Essential Lamkin Records in Northumberland County, Virginia 

Essential Lamkin Records in Westmoreland County, Virginia


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