Jacob Roland and Barbara Zorn

This post goes from 1682 to 1816 and ranges from Germany to Pennsylvania. It includes transcriptions of two wills and two inventories of items owned at their decease, revealing how everyday people lived back then.

Here are the generations like links in a chain, at a glance:

JACOB ROLAND → Maria Catherina m. Michael KissingerSusannah m. John RylandWilliamWilliam Jr.Floyd (Frank) Rucker Ryland

Frank Ryland was our grandfather. The reason there are not more generations is that John Ryland and Susannah stated their family late, and William Jr. married a second time late in his life, after his first wife had died.


Jacob was born May 19, 1682, in Wuerttemberg, Germany. They married in 1718, back in Germany. He died before November 6, 1864.

More about him:

Berks County Genealogical Society comes up with a Family Group Sheet that has Jacob’s father as Hans Johannes, and Jacob’s mother was Anna Schumacher. Apart from those basics, I haven’t done any more research.

Jacob became a naturalized citizen August 22, 1761, swearing an oath of citizenship, before the justices. He drew up his will September 2, 1763, and it was proved November 6, 1764, citing him as deceased. Therefore he died between those two dates, but closer to November 6, in Earl Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.


Barbara was born in 1690. They married in 1718, back in Germany. She died April 1816, in Cocalico Township, Lancaster County.


September 2, 1763, November 6, December 10, December 15, 1764, and November 2, 1766.

Earl Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Jacob Roland drew up his will September 2, 1763. It was probated November 6, 1764, so now we know he died between those two dates, most likely shortly before November 6, 1764, for it did not take all that long for probate to be initiated. Indeed, his estate inventory was done December 10 and confirmed December 15, of that year. His final account was “exhibited” (i.e. presented) to the court November 2, 1766. Jacob’s son Jonathan and son-in-law George Hinkle, married to Barbara Roland, were the executors.

Jacob Roland’s Will

The main features of the will are as follows:

Written: September 2, 1763

Proved: November 6, 1764

Wife: Barbara is to receive one-third part of his real estate, and one-third part of his personal estate.


Philip is to be paid £50.00 (Pounds), to be paid one year after Jacob’s decease.

Eva, widow of Henry Folts: £30.00 (Pounds), to be paid one year after Jacob’s decease

Melchior: 5 schillings

Jacob: 5 schillings

The remainder of the estate, to be shared among the rest of Jacob’s offspring, namely:





Catherina, wife of Michael Risinger (= Kissinger; see discussion, below)

Barbara, wife of George Hinkle

Elizabeth, wife of Christopher Frederick

Grandchildren: Frederick Werns and Barbara Werns, equal share

Executors of will: son Jonathan and son-in-law George Hinkle

Source: Lancaster County Will Book C-1 pages 28-29

The will reads:

Jacob Rowland


In the Name of God Amen. I Jacob Rowland of Earl Township in the County of Lancaster and Province of Pennsylvania, Yeoman, being weak of [cared in:] in Body but of sound mind and memory, blessed be God, therefore calling unto mind the Mortality of my Body and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament in manner & form following:

Imprimis: It is my Will and I do order that in the first place all my just Debts and funeral Charges be paid and satisfied.

Item: I give, devise, and bequeath unto Barbara my loving Wife one-third of my Real Estate during her Natural Life and also one third part of my Personal Estate forever.

Item: I give devise and bequeath unto my son Philip the sum of Fifty pounds, Lawful Money of the Province aforesaid, to be paid him in one year after my decease by my Executors hereafter named.

Item: I give, devise and bequeath unto my Daughter Eva the widow of Henry Folts the Sum of thirty pounds, lawful Money as aforesaid, to be paid unto her in one year after my decease by my Executors.

Item: I give and bequeath unto my Son Melker [sic] the sum of five shillings, lawful Money as aforesaid.

Item: I give and bequeath unto my son Jacob the sum of Five shillings, lawful Money afs’d, to be paid to them or either of them if they or either of them make, demand thereof in two years after my decease.

Item: the remainder and Residue of my Estate both real and Personal I give, devise, and bequeath unto my Children hereafter named viz. to my Sons Abraham, Joseph, David & Jonathan and to my Daughters Catherina the Wife of Michael Risinger*, Barbara the wife of George Hinkle, Elizabeth the Wife of Christopher Frederick, and to my Grand Children Frederick Werns and Barbara Werns or the survivors of them one equal Shear [sic, read: share] with my children last named to be held by my Children and grand Children last Named and their Heirs & Assigns forever; and if my said Grand Children should die in their Minority unmarried and without Issue, then their Share Shall be equally divid [sic, read: divided] Between my Children last Named;

But if my land and Plantation cannot be divided between all my Children last Named in Equal Shares as aforesaid, then I do hereby Order and direct that my Executors hereafter named of the survivors of them may sell the same or any Part thereof for the best Price they can get and convey the same by deed or Deeds or fee simple to the purchaser or purchasers as fully and effectually as I myself could have done;

And if my Executors should sell the whole Land and plantation, then the one Third part of the Money arising from the sale shall be put out on Interest and my said Wife shall have and receive the Interest thereof for her seport [sic, read: support] and metainance [sic, read: maintenance] during her Natural Life, but if my said Wife should chuse [sic, read: choose] to have the use of the one third of the Lands and Buildings, then the Purchasor [sic] upon Giving security for the payment [careted in:] thereof to my children lat [sic, read: last] named after her decease may keep the one-third of the money in his hands till after her decease and then to be equally divided between my said Children and Grand Children last named;

And lastly I do hereby constitute, appoint, make, and ordain my son Jonathan and my said son-in-law George Hinkle my only and sole Executors of this my last Will and Testament, and I do hereby utterly disallow, revoke, and disanull [sic, read: annul] all and every other former Testaments, Wills, Legacies and Executors by me in any Ways [? third letter is smudged] before this one [?] named, willed and bequeathed, Ratifying and confirming this to be my last Will and Testament.

In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal the second day of September in the year of our Lord 1763;

Signed, sealed, published and declared by the said Jacob Rowland as and for his last Will and Testament in the presence of us the Subscribers Ludwig Wohlfarht [illegible] Michael [illegible], Emanuel Carpenter.

Jacob Roland**

County of Lancaster, ss

The Sixth Day of November Anno Domini [A.D.] one thousand seven hundred and sixty-four before me the Subscriber personally appeared Lodwick Wohlfart and Emanuel Carpenter, Esquire two of the Witnesses of the within Will and on their solem [sic] affirmation according to Law did severally declare and say that they were present and said and Heard Jacob Rowland the Testator within Named sign, seal, Publish, pronounce and declare the within writing as & for his Last Will and Testament and that at the doing thereof he was of sound and Good disposing mind, memory and understanding, to the best of their Knowledge,*** Observation & Belief

Edw’d Shippen D Rrd’ [Deputy Recorder]

Be it Remembered that on the sixth day of November Anno Domini 1764 the Last Will and Testament of Jacob Rowland, late of Earl Township in the County of Lancaster, yeoman deceased, was proved in due form of Law and Letters Testamentary thereon were granted to Jonathan Roland & George Hinkel the Executors therein Named the said Executors being first duly Qualified well and truly to Administer the Estate of the said decedent and to Exhibit into the Registors [sic] Office at Lancaster on or before the sixth Day of December next a true and prefect Inventory of all and Singular the Goods and Chattles [sic] of the said Jacob Rowland at the Time of his Death and to render a full account of the Administration on the Estate of the said decedent when thereto Lawfully require;

Given under the seal of the said office the day and Year aforesaid

Cor. Me [coram me = in my presence]

Edw’d Shippen D _R’r [Deputy Recorder]

*The deputy recorder Edward Shippen at first appears unsure of the spelling of Kissinger. He opts for Risinger and traces the capital R several times, darkening it. He may have been unable to decipher the capital K in Kissinger in the original will from the lawyer’s office, which he copied (see the three asterisks, below).

**Jacob signs his name as Roland, not Rowland or Ruland. His son Jonathan signs it Rolland. Rowland is the more anglicized version, since the “w” in that position in German isn’t smooth. Note how Shippen spells Ludwig (German) as Lodwick or Lodowick (anglicized). And Ruland in other documents can best be explained as a failure to close the circle in the letter o.

***Shippen’s capital K in Knowledge looks like the capital R in Residual. Maybe the original will that Shippen copied was equally ambiguous. That may explain the confusion between Risinger / Kissinger.

Jacob Roland’s Estate Inventory

December 10, 1764 and December 15, 1764. Earl Township, Lancaster County. This is the Inventory and Appraisement, which Emanuel Carpenter and Vincent Meyer took on December 10, 1764 and which the clerk Edward Shippen submitted for legal confirmation on December 15 of the same year. Shippen’s handwriting is very big, bold and clear.

What’s most important in the list is the fact that Jacob Roland owned two Bibles, and they seem expensive, that is, large. No doubt they have a family history in them. If someone out there were to look in the attic and find them, email us, or share them with the public in some way.

Source: Archives Estate Inventory 1764.

The Estate Inventory reads:

1764 Inventory of Jacob Rowland, Deceased

An Inventory of all and Singular the Goods & Chattles, Rights & Credits which were of Jacob Rowland of Earl Township in the County of Lancaster & Province of Pennsylvania, Yeoman, Late Deceased, made the Tenth Day of December 1764, as follows & Mostly sold at Publick [sic] Vendue £ S D
To a Hand saw, Froe & Augurs 0 19 3
To 14 Bags 2 1 9
To a Hackle (9 S / 6 d) & a Hand Screw (£ 2) 2 9 6
To a Waggon, Cloth (9 S / 1 d) & a Cross cut Saw (£ 1 S 18 d 11) 2 8 0
To 2 Falling axes & 2 ropes 0 13 6
To 2 old sadles, a Hackle & 2 iron fetters 1 7 11
To a Plough, Apples &c 2 2 1
To 8 Sheep 3 12 0
To 12 Head of Horn’d Cattle 39 16 1
To 8 Head of Horses, Mares, &c 66 14 6
To 6 Heads of Hogs 9 1 10
To Horse Gears & a Saddle 3 3 3
To a Hogshead, 3 Pans, & a Churn 1 8 5
To a Bason, Skimmer & Wooden Kann [?] 0 6 7
To 9 Yards of Cloth 4 15 0
To Buckwheat, Salt & a Chest 2 6 7
To Wearing Apparel & Bed Clothes 3 4 2
To a Bible 1 12 0
To Wearing Apparel & Yarn 7 7 2
To Hemp 9 2 8
To Pewter, Plates, & Spoons 0 6 7
To Tankards & Pewter Plates 1 0 0
To 2 Grindstones & a Harrow 1 13 6
To a Waggon 9 0 0
To Hay 15 7 1
To a Windmill & 3 Riddles 3 7 1
To Hemp not Broke 4 5 0
To 10 Bushels of Buckwheat at 2 S / 6 S 1 6 8
Car’d Over 203 6 4
Brought Over 203 6 4
To a Feather Bed 3 0 9
To a Chain & Swingletree [?] 0 4 3
To 41 __? Of Hackled Hemp 4 2 0
To 15 Yards of Linnin 1 17 0
To Iron Potts, Pans, Kettles & Pails 2 19 0
To a Bible (£2 S 5 D 0) & a Chest (£ 1) 3 5 0
To a Grub’g Hoe, Bedsted, Buckets & Pails 1 5 3
To Sythes, Sickles, Bells & a Watering Pot 0 6 9
To an Ax, Walking Stick, & a small Chain 0 13 7
To a Hatt, Shirts & Bed Sheats & a Wallet 1 18 4
To Tubs and Barrels 0 9 8
To Riddles & Old Casks 0 8 6
To Pitchforks, Spades, & Shovels 0 16 9
To Bags, Iron Pots, Old Tubs & Buckwheat 3 19 8
To Tubs, Barrels & an Old Chest 0 18 10
To Old Weavers Tacklings 0 14 0
To Old Casks & Spinning Wheel 1 3 11
To Beds & Bedsteads 10 13 2
To Dried Apples, Stillard [?] & Cow Chains 1 10 ?
To 57 __? Of Ton [?] 1 8 0
To a Bed 5 0 7
To a Pewter Tankard & other articles 4 3 0
To Cash 87 13 6
341 18 1

Examined and Appraised by us

[Signed] Emanuel Carpenter

[Signed] Vincent Meyer

Exhibited at Lancaster the 15th December 1764 By me

Cor. Me

Edw. Shippen

D R [= Deputy Recorder]

[Signed] Jonathan Rolland

Transcription ends.

Jacob Roland’s Final Account

George Hinkle is Jacob’s son-in-law, married to Barbara; and Christopher Frederick is also Jacob’s son-in-law, married to Elizabeth.

The Accompt of Jonathan Rowland & George Hinkle, Executors of the Last Will and Testament of Jacob Rowland, Late Deceased as Follows:
Imprimis: The Said Accomptants charge themselves with all and Singular the Goods & Chattles, Rights and Credits of the said Decedent come to the hands of these Accomptants according to an Inventory thereof Exhibited into the Register’s Office at Lancaster Amounting to £341.18

Came to the hands of said Accomptants since the making the Inventory £51.17


The Lands and Real Estate of Jacob Rowland, Deceased, is Sold and Valued at  2342.10


Exhibited into the Register’s Office the 2 Day of November 1766

Affirmed before me the same day and year by the Executors

Edw Shippen D. R.

[signed] Jonathan Rolland

[signed] George Hinkle


The Accomptants pray an Allowance and Disbursement out of the said Estate as follows £ S D
1 Paid for Quit Rents as per Receipt 31 0 4
And two shillings for Entering 0 2 0
2 Paid to Matthias Herter as per D[itt]o 14 10 0
3 Paid to George Wedder as per Do 2 19 0
4 Paid to Frederick Shits [sic] as per Do 0 7 6
5 Paid to Henry Caffrod [sic] as per Do 0 10 0
6 Paid to Philip Epprecht as per Do 1 15 0
7 Paid to Abraham Forney as per Do 0 7 6
8 Paid to Conrad Philip as per Do 0 7 11
9 Paid to Henry Kemper as per Do 0 5 7
10 Paid to Peter Miller for Advertisements 0 3 0
11 Paid George Hinkle a Debt Due to him 2 3 9
12 Paid Joseph Rowland as per Receipt 30 13 9
13 Paid Henry Walter as per Do 3 5 6
14 Paid Lodowick Woolfort as per Do 4 8 9
15 Paid Margaret Bolts as per Do 19 0 0
16 Paid Catherine Huber as per Do 0 10 6
17 Paid Francis Gibe as per Do 0 15 9
18 Paid Vincent Mier as per Do 2 16 2
19 Paid George Bents as per Do 0 12 0
20 Paid Mark Gruce as per Do 0 12 0
21 Paid Frederick Stoner as per Do 0 5 0
22 Paid Emanuel Carpenter as per Do 0 10 0
23 Paid Abraham Forney as per Do 2 4 6
24 Paid Peter Miller as per Do 0 3 6? 0?
25 Paid Christopher Frederick as per Do 0 7 6
26 Paid Abraham Forney as per Do 0 9 6
27 Paid John Shibly as per Do 0 16 3
28 Paid Jacob Good as per Do 0 5 0
29 Paid Lodowick Lowman as per Do 0 7 0
30 Paid Lawrence Segrest as per Do 0 9 6
31 Paid Christian Mier as per Do 0 4 0
32 Paid Matthias Slough as per Do 3 5 0
Paid the Register for the Probate of the Will 1 5 0
Passing the Account 0 15 0
For the Executors’ Trouble £136 0 0
Balance remaining in the Hands of the Accountant [sic] to be distributed as the Will directs of the Testator Directs …………….} £264 13 3
2471 12 2
£2736 5 5



Barbara Roland died shortly before April 22, 1816, when her will was probated. Christian Meyer, her neighbor, was appointed executor of the will. He carried out and completed his duties June 16, 1817. The Inventory and Appraisement or estate Inventory reveals Barbara owned quite a few goods and a lot of livestock, for her modest thirty acres of land.

Barbara Roland’s Will

May 10, 1815 and April 22, 1816

Cocalico Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Her will was drawn up May 10, 1815, and it was proved April 22, 1816, Cocalico Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Now we know she died between those two dates, shortly before April 22, 1816, for it did not take all that long for probate to be initiated.

The X between Barbara’s first and last name means she signed with her mark, not a written out signature. Typically this indicates she did not know how to read or write. However, her Inventory and Appraisement, below, reveals she owned some books.

Christian Meyer, her neighbor, was appointed executor, and he was required to appraise the estate by one month after April 22, 1816. Then he was to render a final account one year after that date, or whenever the law allows.

Barbara Roland says in her will that she had already distributed the share of her estate to her children, during her lifetime, except the following conditions: First, the estate was to be sold, both real and moveable; then her daughter Elizabeth was to get one hundred pounds, and her unnamed granddaughter, the wife of John Carrel, was to have two hundred dollars; and finally her two daughters Elizabeth and Eve were to divide up the remainder money arising from the sale. Will Book M-1, pages 69-70

The will reads:

This Will being written in the German language, the same is duly provided, and the translation thereof is follows [sic] –

In the Name of God, Amen. I Barbara Roland of Cocalico Township, Lancaster County and State of Pennsylvania, widow, being old and weak, but thank God, yet in sound mind and memory, do hereby make this Last Will and Testament in the following manner and form, Viz.

First, it is my will that all my just debts and funeral expenses shall be paid by me [my], hereafter Executor;

Further, it is my will that my hereafter named Executor shall sell by Public Vendue my small Plantation, containing about thirty acres (be the same more or less) as soon as conveniently may be after my death;

And I authorize the said Executor to give a good and Lawfull Deed for the said piece of Land to the purchaser and the same shall be in all cases as good as if I with my own hand hath subscribed it;

Further, it is my will that my said Executor shall sell all the remainder of my Estate as above mentioned as soon as convenient after my death;

Further, it is my will that the money arising out of my Estate shall be divided in the following manner, Viz. my Daughter Elizabeth shall have one hundred Pound, Lawfull money foremost; thereafter shall my Granddaughter the wife of John Carrel have two hundred dollars foremost; and thereafter no further of my Estate;

And the Remainder of my Estate shall be equally divided into two shares to my two Daughters Elizabeth and Eve Elizabeth, the wife of Charles Sheffer or their Lawful heirs; I do this because I gave the rest of my Children their share of my Estate in my lifetime already;

And lastly, I ordain for Executor of this my last Will and Testament my friend and Neighbor Christian Meyer; and he shall Execute this my Last Will and Testament;

For Testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and Seal the Tenth Day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifteen.

Barbara X Roland

Subscribed, sealed and pronounced by the said Barbara Roland as her Last Will and Testament in our presence as Witnesses, John Kemper, Jacob Enk.

Lancaster County, ss

On the 22nd day of April Anno Domini 1816, personally appeared John Kemper and Jacob Enk the two subscribing witnesses to the foregoing Will, and being truly Affirmed according to Law, did declare and say that they were present and saw and heard Barbara Roland the Testatrix make her mark and pronounce and declare the foregoing writing as and for her last Will and Testament and that at the doing thereof she was of sound mind, memory and understanding, to the best of their knowledge, observation, and belief.

J. William Bausman, Register.

Be it remembered that on the 22nd day of April, Anno Domini 1816, the Last Will and Testament of Barbara Roland, deceased, was proven in due form of Law and Letters Testamentary thereon were granted to Christian Meyer, the Executor therein named; he having first been duly qualified, will and truly to administer the Estate of said deceased and to Render a true and perfect Inventory thereof within one month from the date hereof; and to Render a true and just Account on said Estate within one year or when thereto Lawfully Required;

Given under the seal of said Office

J. William Bausman, Register

Transcription ends.

Barbara Roland’s Inventory and Appraisement

April 20 and 22, 1816.

Cocalico Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Christian Meyer, Barbara Roland’s neighbor, was told in her will on April 22, 1816, to complete an estate inventory in one month. So he took the initiative and got it done April 20 and it was approved of on April 22, 1816, the day he and the appraisers were sworn. In any case, John Kemper and Michael Danner are the ones who took the inventory. Incidentally, the Final Account, below the Estate Inventory, shows there a Catherine Danner, and this is probably Michael’s wife. Source: Archives, Estate Inventory, 1816, b. 101, f. 1

The Estate Inventory Reads:

1816 Inventory of Barbara Roland, Deceased (copied)

A Just and true Inventory of the Goods and Chattles, [sic] Rights and Credits which were of Barbara Roland, Late of Cocalico Township, Lancaster County, deceased, valued and appraised by John Kemper and Michael Danner, the twentieth day of April Domini 1816
£ S d.
First her Apparel 7 6
One Clock 5 0 0
One Chest and two Chears [sic] 1 0 0
One stove and pipe 7 10 0
One old Sable Looking Glass and Books 15 0
About 16 years of Linnen [sic] at 4/6 3 12 0
About 10 ditto of ton [tow?] linnen at 1/6 15 0
Table Clothes & Sheets &c 15 0
One Cart 2 5 0
One Plough and Harrow 1 2 6
Dung Hook & fork, Spade & Shovel 15 0
A windmill 1 10 0
One cow and calf 6 0 0
One ditto 3 0 0
2 calves 2 5 0
Iron Kettle, pots and pans 1 5 0
2 Brass Kettles 1 10 0
One Clothes Press 1 10 0
One Hog 15 0
One Kitchen Dresser and some earthen ware 5 0 0
Pewter Basons [sic], dishes, & Spoons 1 5 0
2 Tin Buckets Tubs &c. 1 0 0
1 ? Leadles [sic, read: ladles], lanthern [sic] and bellows 1 0 0
Steelyards, Saw & hatchet 18 0
A pot hook & Small Table 1 0 0
Carried over £51 15 0
New Page
£ S d.
Brought over 51 15 0
Earthen Pots and hogs Lard 10 0
A Church 10 0
Tubs 1 10 0
3 Casks and a half bushel 17 6
One Bed & Bedstead 4 10 0
One ditto 3 0 0
One Small ditto 3 0 0
One wool wheel & old Spinning wheels 10 9
6 Bags 15 0
2 heckles and Bees baskets 10 0
One Saw, one chain, and old Iron 1 2 6
One Brake and Some Boards 15 0
A Small Quantity of Bacon 15 0
One Small Pipe Stove and pipe 1 2 6
Horse Gears and one old Saddle 15 0
A Small piece of winter grain in  the Ground 1 17 6
A Book Debt due by Peter Brown 19 16 0
Money in Cash 5 5 0
A Book Debt due by Phillip Werns 15 0 0
A ditto due by Phillip Werns 1 17 5
£115 14 2

Appraised by us

[signed] Michael Danner

[signed] John Kemper

Exhibited into the Register’s Office at Lancaster the 22 Day of April, Anno Domini 1816.

The appraisers and the Executor aff’d [affirmed or sworn] the same day & year } By [signed] Christian Meyer


William Bausman, Reg’r

Transcription ends.

Barbara Roland’s Final Account

April 29, 1817

Cocalico Township, Lancaster County. Here is Barbara Roland’s Final Account, done by her executor Christian Meyer, who got a huge $70.00 for his troubles. Barbara Roland’s daughter Elizabeth Roland and grandson Philip Wern appear in the table. John Correll is the son of Barbara’s unnamed granddaughter, and he appears also. Source: Archives, Administrative Account, 1817, b. 310, F. 2

The Final Account says:


Administration account Barbara Roland, deceased, 1817 (copied)

June 16th 1817, Read & allowed

Cert [illegible]





[Name illegible]

The Administration account of Christian Meyer, Executor, of the Last will and Testament of Barbara Roland, late of Cocalico Township, Lancaster County, deceased, as well of Such and so much of the Goods and Chattles, Rights and Credits of the said deceased as have come into his Hands, possession, knowledge as of his payments and disbursements out of the Same as follows, to wit —
Imprimis: the accountant Charges himself with the Goods Chattles Rights and Credits of the said deceased agreeable to an Inventory thereof exhibited into the Register’s Office at Lancaster amounting to Item: the said account as an allowance for his payments and disbursements out of the Estate, as follows, to wit —
Dolls Cents
No 1 Cash paid Register as per Receipt 4 75
$308 55 2 Ditto paid Anthony Albright ditto 4 00
3 Ditto Jacob Slick as per ditto 10 00
The accountant also Charges himself with the advance made upon the sales at Public Auction 4 Ditto John Michael as per ditto 4 12
5 Ditto Benjamin Bowman 1 94
$114 78 6 Ditto Henry Eberly, per ditto 37
7 Ditto Michael Slober per ditto 15 00
The accountant also Charges himself with the Purchase Money of the Real Estate of the deceased sold Pursuant to her Last will and the act of the Assembly by the accountant as Executor to Frederick Adam at and for the sum of 8 Ditto Mary Sprigel per ditto 3 00
9 Ditto John Kemper per ditto 4 ?7
10 Ditto George Adam per ditto 3 03
11 Ditto John Hamilton per ditto 3 50
12 Ditto Christian Brubaker ditto 7 00
13 Ditto Catherine Danner ditto 1 00
$1985 15 14 Ditto George Geyer per ditto 1 90
15 Ditto Elizabeth Roland ditto 50 00
$2408 48 16 Ditto ditto as per Receipt 134 30
17 Ditto Ludwick Kurtz per ditto 6 00
18 Ditto Adam Kemper, per ditto 2 00
19 Ditto Christian Carpenter ditto 8 00
20 Ditto John Weidman ditto 2 37
21 Ditto David Bollinger ditto 19 66
22 Ditto Jacob Enk as per ditto 0 75
23 Ditto Peter Brown per ditto 3 00
24 Ditto Christian Weber per ditto 1 00
25 Ditto John Hert per ditto 1 00
26 Ditto Philip Werns 33 96
Also a Credit for the Legacy paid according to the Will, to wit —
27 Cash paid John Correll per Receipt 200 00
28 Ditto paid Michael Danner per ditto 1 75
29 Ditto paid Frederick Adam per ditto 1 72
Cash paid Register for Examining, Copying &c of this account 3 50
Cash paid for advertising this account For presentation to the Orphan’s Court 2
Cash paid Council [sic] for advice and assistance in prepairing [sic] Stating and passing this account at Court 12
Allowed this accountant for his time, Trouble and expense in administering the Estate of the Deceased 70?
Balance in the hands of this accountant to be paid as the will directs 618 35
2408 48


Exhibited into the Register’s Office at Lancaster this 29th of April 1817 by Christian Meyer, Exe’r

Same day affirmed before me

William Bausman, Reg’r

Transcription ends.

Please go to their daughter’s post:

Maria Catherina Roland and Michael Kissinger

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