Hadleys of Orange County, NC

Here are the raw data, uninterpreted. I hope this helps in your research.

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Joshua Hadley and Patience Brown Hadley and their son Simon are our direct line.

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Dec. 1756

Josiah (Joshua, see next entry) Hadley is ordered to be overseer of the road from the court house to Mary William’s house to Haw R. along with John Hadley, John Marshall, William Johnson, Charles Johnson, and Charles Johnson, Matthew Words, Thomas Cate, Jr., Thomas Cate, Sr., Capt. Robert Cate, Joseph Cate, Robert Willey, William Roseberry, Edmund Davis (OB 1, p. 193)

Mar.-Apr. 1757

Ordered that John Marshall be appointed overseer of the road in place of Joshua Hadley, and William Craig in place of David Bradford, Jr. (OB 1, p. 215)

Sep. 1759

Ordered that Thomas Hadley to have license to keep a tavern at his dwelling house, after he gives bond and security (OB 1, p. 395)

Sep. 1759

Ordered that Thomas Hadley and Robert Rainey be overseer of a road to be laid out on western path where Alexander Mebane, Esq., lives to John Woody’s ferry on Hico R. (OB 1, p. 397)

Sep. 1759

Willie Jones v. John Hatley, petition (34-205)

Mar. 1760

Ordered that William Morrow be overseer of Cape Fare Road, from Woody’s Ferry to Terrell Cr. and Joshua Hadley thence to the fork of the road (OB 1, p. 423)

Mar. 1760

Deed a sale from William Virnal to Joshua Hadley for 300 acs of land was proved in open court on oath of William Reed, Esq., (OB 1, p. 427)

Nov. 1760

Ordered that Letters Testamentary be issued unto Patience Hadley and Joshua Hadley, executors of the last will and testament of Joshua Hadley, decd., their having brought the will into court and proved by their oath, and ordered to be recorded (OB 1, p. 441)

Nov. 1760

Ordered that Edward Tyrie be appointed overseer of the road in the place of Joshua Hadley, decd. (OB 1, p. 444)

Aug. 1761

Joshua Adley is appointed to a jury to lay a road to begin where the road crosses the county line leading from where the John Pryor, Esq., lives to Orange Co. court house thence … to … Granville Co. line (57-252)

May 1763

Jeremiah Hadley is appointed overseer of road in place of Edward Teague, on Cape Fare Road, from Terrell’s Cr. to the fork of the road, this side of Zachary Martin’s Jr. (OB 2, p. 581)

May 1763

Ordered that John Hornedy be appointed overseer of the road called Cape Fare Road, from Jeremiah Hadley’s to the fork of the road where Joshua Hadley did live (OB 2, 584)

May 1763

Ordered that John Johnson be appointed overseer of the road from a black oak above his house to Jeremiah Handley’s (sic) place, in the place of Brumley Barnes (OB 2, p. 584)

Aug. 1763

James and Joshua Adley are bondsmen for Elizabeth Johnson who was granted Letters of Administration for John Johnson, decd., bond: £200 (Vol. Aug. 1762 to Aug. 1766, p. 52)

Feb. 1765

On a motion by Joshua Hadley it is ordered that his mark be recorded, to wit: a crop in the left ear and a half (sic) in the upper right (OB 2, p. 857)

Feb. 1765

Isaac Beverly, orphan child of John Beverly, decd, aged about 11 years is given to Joshua Hadley until he reaches 21 years; he is to get £12 above his freedom dues (OB 2, p. 858)

Aug. 1765

Joshua Hadley appointed overseer of the road in the place of Joseph Kirk (Vol. Aug. 1762 to Aug. 1766, p. 406)

Aug. 1765

John Salling v. Joshua Hadley, TVA (Vol. Aug. 1762 to Aug. 1766, p. 430)

Aug. 1766

William Teague is appointed overseer of the road in place of Joseph Hadley (Vol. Aug. 1762 to Aug. 1766, p. 450)

Nov. 1784

Joshua Hadley and Henry Holloday proved in open court, as subscribing witnesses, the will of William Lindley (OB 3, p. 1488)


Sep. 13, 1756

Benjamin Clements to John Hatley, 105 acs. wit: Robert Patterson (Deed Register)

Mar. 13, 1759

William Vernon to Joshua Hadley, 300 acs. wit: William Reed (Deed Register)

Mar. 25, 1759

James Vestal of Orange, planter, to David Vestal, of same, planter, 20 pounds, 28 ¾ acs. on middle branch of Rocky R. begin at marked white oak on south side of Rocky R., W. 11 ½ ch., to a post, N. 25 ch., to the given line, E 11 ½ ch., S. 25 ch. to first station, part of 405 acs. Granville to William Leakey, Feb. 5, 1755, 172 acs. Leakey to Simon Hadley, Nov. 7, 175[blank], Hadley to James Vestal, Aug. 11, 1766; s. James X Vestal; wit: Jeremiah Piggott, William Hobson, Rachel Piggott; proved by Jeremiah Piggott, July term 1769 (DB 2, pp. 558-59)

Mar. 22, 1762

Jeremiah Hadley has 700 acs. on Nicks Cr. on waters of Rocky R. including improvements Elijah Teague lives on (Granville Proprietary Land Office)

Mar. 14, 1765

Luke and Martin Bynum to John Hatley, 350 acs., Daniel Murphey (Deed Register)

Aug. 13, 1765

John Hornaday to John Hadley, 400 acs. wit: William Reed (Deed Register)

May 13, 1766

James Vestal to Joshua Hadley, 80 acs. wit: Jeremiah Harrison (Deed Register)

July 26, 1766

Simon Hadley witnesses a deed between Jeffrey Beck and John Johnston, 175 acs. (Deed Register)

Oct. 25, 1782

Elmore Hadley’s land is mentioned in a deed between North Carolina unto James Williams, on the waters of New Hope and Eno (DB 2, p. 410)


Sep. 20, 1760 and Nov. 1760

Joshua Hadley

Will written: September 20, 1760
Will proved: Second Tuesday in November, 1760
Wife Patience: she is to get property and commodities from the plantation, working utensils, furniture, horses, cattle, sheep, and swine; if she dies or remarries, the land is to go to son Joseph;
Daughter Lydia: she is to get 50.00 pounds from her mother, 5.06 pounds from brothers Jeremiah and Joshua, each; and Joseph is to pay 25.00 pounds, for Proclamation money at her marriage or when she reaches 18;
Son Joshua: he gets horses; two tracts of land on the James River in Virginia;
Son Joseph: he gets horses
Son Jeremiah: he gets one tract of land on the James River in Virginia
Son Thomas: he gets five shillings sterling
Daughter Ruth Marshall: five shillings; she had been already portioned by Joshua’s father and himself;
Daughter Mary Piggott: five shillings; she had been already portioned by Joshua’s father and himself;
Daughter Deborah: five shillings; she had been already portioned by Joshua’s father and himself;
Daughter Hannah: five shillings; she had been already portioned by Joshua’s father and himself;
Daughter Katherine: five shillings; she had been already portioned by Joshua’s father and himself;
Daughter Sarah Fred: bonds and money due Joshua in Pennsylvania;
Son Simon: Sarah Fred is to pay him five pounds within six months, next, after Joshua’s decease;
Unnamed Stepmother: ten shillings, yearly, during her widowhood;
Executors: son Joshua and wife Patience;
Geography: the will was written in Orange County, North Carolina; it mentions land on the James River in Virginia; and it says Joshua has bonds and money still in Pennsylvania. These places reflect Joshua and Patience’s three-state journey

Source: A, p. 7

Mar. 15, 1780 and Aug. 1782

Thomas Lindley, very advanced in years, writes his will, and his wife Ruth; Ruth Hadley is one of their daus. He gives away two acs. for Spring Meeting House, where it now is

Source: A, p. 252

Sep. 22, 1784 and Nov. 1784

Joshua Hadley witnessed will made by William Lindley and wife Mary

Source: A, p. 311

July 1794 and Aug. 1794

James Thompson left a will in which he names one of his daughters: Elizabeth Hadley

Source: C, p. 21

June 8, 1805 and Aug. 1805

John Newlin left a will in which ne names a dau. Mary Hadley
Son: Nathaniel gets plantation “I now live on”
Other children: Jas. Newlin, John Newlin, Hannah Holliday, Mary Hadley
Five grandchildren of son Eli, decd.: Joshua, John, Ruth Vestal, Edith and Mary Newlin
Ex: unnamed
Wit: John Carter, Anne Carter, Hannah Carter

Source: D, p. 162

July 9, 1812

Jonathan Hadley witnesses a will written by Philip Eulice (sic) and wife Elizabeth

Source: D, 346

June 28, 1815 and Aug. 1815

Jonathan Hadley witnesses will made by John Coble, wife Catherine

Source: D, 447

June 26, 1816 and May 1818

Jacob Marshill makes will (wife Margaret), and dau. Ruth Hadley is named.

Source: D, p. 533

Sep. 22, 1824 and proved 1826; probated in Paoli, Orange Co., Indiana, July 25, 1828

Jonathan Lindley makes his will (wife Martha) in which he names his dau. Sarah Hadley

Source: E, pp. 167-171

Jan. 11, 1839 and Feb. 1841

Widow Zernah Hobson makes her will and names her dau. Lydia Hadley

Source: F, p. 84


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Eve B. Weeks, Register of Orange County, NC, Deeds, 1752-1768, 1793, Danielsville, GA: Heritage Papers, 1984. Copyright by Mary B. Warren.

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