Early Wilbourns of Cumberland County, Virginia

Lots of names other than Wilbourn in this post that includes deeds. wills, and marriages.

March 22, 1756: Anthony Hughes of Lunenburg Co. sells to William Davis of Cumberland Co., for 60 lbs money, one tract in Cumberland Co. 150 acres, bounded by William Chandler, Joel Chandler, Matthews Licking Branch; signed Anthony (A) Hughes; wit: Joseph Mosby, William Naish, Robert Willbon (sic); deed acknowledged by Anthony Hughes. (Deed Book 2, p. 269)

February 28, 1757: On the motion of Robert Wilburn, a witness for Samuel Osling, against John Hyde Sanders; Samuel is to pay him ninety-eight pounds of tobacco and one shilling for two days attendance, once coming 16 miles and returning and ferriages at Carter’s Ferry, according to law. (Court Order, Part II b, p. 447)

June 27, 1757: John Pleasants, Sr. & John Pleasants Jr. plaintiffs against Robert Wilburne, defendant. On attachment against estate, John Hyde Saunders, a garnishee, appeared and says he has in hand of the defendant’s estate 7 lbs 13 shillings, and 4 pence, 3 farthings; he is to keep the money until court continues the matter. (Court Order, Part II b, p, 474)

June 26, 1759: Anne Moss, admin of William Moss, decd, Plaintiff against Lewis Wilburn, defendant} In Debt. The conditional judgment and James Moss his common bail, is confirmed and that she recover against them 10 shillings to be discharged by the payment of 5 lbs with interest from the first of May 1757 until paid together with costs (Court Order, Part III, pp. 80-81)

Aug 24, 1762: Edmund Peters and Anne Peters, she’s admin of estate of William Moss, decd; plaintiffs against Lewis Wilburn and James Moss, defendants. On writ of scire facias; Oyer of the scire facias (Court Order, Part IV p. 39)

October 26, 1762: Edmund Peters and Anne Peters, his wife; she’s admin of William Moss; Plaintiff against Lewis Wilburn and James Moss, defendants} on writ of scire facias. Payment and issue (Court Order, Part IV, p. 89)

May 24, 1763: Edmund Peters and Anne Peters, his wife; she’s admin of William Moss, decd, plaintiffs against Lewis Wilburn and James Moss, defendants}This day defendants say plaintiffs say they should have execution against them for the debt and costs for the sum of 10 lbs 10 shillings to the rate of 5% interest, per annum, for 1 May 1757 until paid; also ninety-six pounds of net tobacco and 15r shillings or 150 pounds of tobacco and costs (Court Order: Part IV, p. 213)

Trial of Frank (negro) of Bowler Cocke and Dick (negro) of Abraham Sallee, plotting to poison Thomas Wilburn (sic) (Court Order dated 4 Sept. 1769, p. 428)

Lucy Hodges admin of Johnson Hodges’s estate with securities by John Moss and Thomas Wilburn (Court Order dated 25 Nov. 1771, p. 369)

Thomas Wilburn appointed surveyor from crossroads by the courthouse down to Peterville Church (Court Order dated 26 June 1773, p. 278)

Gennery (sic) Wilborne appointed surveyor from the fork above Callands to Brook’s Mill with hands of Archibald Cary, Archibald Bollin, Peter F. Trent, Alexander Trent, and Joseph Stinson, in the room of Clifford Woodroofe (Court Order dated 26 June 1786, p. 86)

Grand Jury presents for not keeping roads: Robert Furlong from Willis’s Lower Bridge to Carter’s Ferry Road; Isham Richardson from Sandy Fork Bridge to Henry Wrights; Gunnery Wilbourn from the fork above Callands to Brook’s Mill; Stephen Cooke from Ward’s Path to Main Road to Skipwith’s Mill; . . . (Court Order dated 28 Aug 1786, p. 98)

Amos Lipford, witness for Gunnery Wilborne, come and go 15 miles (Court Order dated 29 May 1787, p. 322)

Nov 10, 1774, probated 26 Dec. 1774 Cumberland Co. Will of Thomas Willbourn (sic) bequeaths to wife Christian, all his estate during her natural life or as long as she remains a widow; in case of marriage, then land to be divided equally between his two sons Robert and Thompson; remaining part to be divided her and my children; Executors: Littleberry Mosby, Joseph Carrington; wit: Jacob Mosby, Wm. Smith, William Willbourn (sic) (Will Book 1, p. 163)

Gunnery Wilbourn in Cumberland and Halifax Counties, VA:

Nov. 25, 1775: John Stewart of Halifax Co. sells to Gunnery Wilburn of Cumberland Co., for 14 lbs (money), all that dividend of land in Halifax, about 200 acres, and is the same land which said John Stewart purchased of William Owen; signed John Stewart; wit: W. Wright, William Powell, James Owen, Wm. Scott; recorded July 18, 1776 (Deed Book 10, p. 83)

Nov. 29, 1775: Robert Owen of Halifax Co. sells to Gunnery (Gunnery) Wilborne of Cumberland Co. for 7 lbs (money) one certain tract of land in Halifax on the branches of Hunting Creek, adjoining the land of Thomas Owen and the said Wilborne (the land he purchased of John Stewart), and an entry of John Wooting, containing 50 ascres; signed Robert (X) Owen; wit: Humphrey Brook, James Own, Rich’d; recorded Mar 21, 1776; Martha, wife of Robert, relinquished her dower (Halifax Co. Deed Book 10, pp. p. 64)

Jan. 30, 1790: Halifax Co. Gunnery Wilborne’s estate was inventoried and appraised. Signed Geo. Carrington, Thos. Thweatt, and Thos, Clark (Will Book 2, p. 397)


Robert Wilbourn witnesses the marriage between William Flippen and Agnes Walton, on October 22, 1804; daughter herself consents; Robert Flippen also witnesses marriage.

Jesse Wilbourn is the surety for the marriage between James M. Cullen and Mary Lipford, on March 30, 1811; consent: daughter of Henry Lipford herself; wit: Robert Walton, Daniel Brown, and William Bondurant.

Thompson Wilbourne marries Susanna Harris; M. B. January 10, 1822; surety: Henry Martin

William H. Wilbourne marries Eliza F. Anderson; M. B. September 25, 1837; surety: Nath’l Penick; note: consent of James B. Anderson for daughter Eliza Frances Anderson; wit: Winston Hazelgrove

Claiborne W. Wilbourne marries Julia F. Amonette, December 4, 1834, daughter of William Amonette; surety: Robert Barker; wit: Henry B. Oliver; Rev. F. C. Lowery; M. B. 2 Dec 1834


My Direct Line in Virginia:

Earliest Wilbourns of Virginia

John Wilbourn and Judith

Thomas Wilbourn and Hannah Lamkin

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Most of these posts have names other than Wilbourn. Some posts have hundreds of names.


Roger G. Ward, Cumberland County, Virginia, Court Order Books, August 1767 to December 1787, by Roger G. Ward, Athens, Georgia: New Papyrus, 2003). The page nos. are to the originals.

Katherine B. Elliot, Marriage Records (1749-1840), Cumberland County, Virginia, Easley, South Carolina: Southern Historical Press, 1969.

Katherine Reynolds, Abstracts of Cumberland County, Virginia, Will Books 1 and 2 (1749-1782), Easley, South Carolina: Southern Historical Press, 1985.

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