Francis Calloway and Frances Gaddah

These records cover the 1740’s to the 1780’s.

Here are the Calloway generations, like links in a chain:

Joseph → FRANCIS → SamuelNancy m. Joel LeakeyAnn S. Leakey m. Thomas GrayNancy Margaret m. Amonet Washington WilbournWilliam HarveyElla Washington (Rae) (our grandmother)

Please note: Joseph’s post includes early military records of many Calloways.

We have the Callaway Family Association to guide us through the hard work of family relationships:

Francis Callaway b: ABT 1716 in Essex Co., VA

Autobiography of Elder Francis Callaway

This is not the same as Francis, the subject of this post.

Written When in His Seventieth Year (1861)

Born February 17, 1792

Died April 4, l864

Here are the key facts in that brief family history linked to, above:

My grandfather, Francis Callaway, and his wife, my grandmother, were natives of Virginia. They raised three sons, viz.: Samuel; Joseph; and Francis ….

Francis has a three-state journey: Virginia, North Carolina, and Georgia.

For more Callaways in Virginia and North Carolina, please click on these links:

Calloways of Surry County, North Carolina

Calloways of Bedford County, Virginia

For military records, visit Francis’s father’s post: Joseph Calloway.

Francis could qualify as a patriot in the French – Indian wars, if anyone would like to join a group.


Goochland County

20 Sep 1745

Francis Calloway is patented 400 acres in Goochland County, on both sides of Tomahawk Swamp (pp. 40-41, recorded in Virginia Magazine 292)

Pittsylvania County


Francis Caloway owns 13 acres in Pittsylvania County, Virginia; he is not taxed (Clement 308).

Lunenburg County

March Court 1746

William Pryor, assignee of William Hopkins, plaintiff v. Francis Calloway, defendant, in Debt. This day came James Meridith his atty, and came also John Phelps of Lunenburg and has become bail and pledge for defendant. Defendant says he cannot gainsay the action of the plaintiff. Judgment for plaintiff for £17.0.3, the debt plus costs. But this judgment, except as to costs, is to be discharged by the payment of £8,10 and 1.5 pennies + 5% interest from May 1, 1747 (Lunenburg OB 1, p. 120)

April Court 1747

Alexander McKie, petitioner v. Francis Calloway, defendant. On a petition: the petitioner having proved his account for £3.16 to be just, by his own oath, it is ruled that he recover against defendant his debt + costs + lawyer’s fee (Lunenburg OB 1, p. 165)

May Court 1747

Francis Calloway serves on a jury (Lunenburg OB 1, p. 174)

29 June 1750

Francis Callaway, planter, Lunenburg County, to William Callaway, planter, of Lunenburg County, 40 pounds, 244 acres; Lunenburg, on lower side of Buffalo Cr.; wit: Thomas Pitman, Thomas Pitman, Joseph Miller, William Tomson; signed Francis Callaway, Frances Callaway (DB 2, 51-52)

Albemarle County

9 Aug 1749

George III grants to Francis Calloway and Charles Lynch, Gent. Charles Lynch has conveyed estate of four hundred acres unto Moses Edger; Sarah Lynch, wife of late Charles Lynch, now wife of John Ward, cannot conveniently travel to court, so Francis Calloway and Charles Lynch (sic, probably her son) is empowered to go out an interview her to receive her acknowledgement; wit: John Nicholson, clerk of court. XXV day of February 1768, in eighth year of our reign; signed Henry Fry; Bedford, V March 1768: Francis Calloway and Charles Lynch went to receive her acknowledgement; signed Francis Calloway and Charles Lynch; recorded March Court in Albemarle, March 1768 (DB 4, 1764-1768, pp. 475-76)

10 Sep 1755

Francis Calloway’s land is said to border William Stith’s 4,000 acs. (Stith is a court clerk) in Albemarle and Lunenburg Counties, on brook of Black Water on Fluvanna on Brooks of Otter R., crossing Tomahawk R. near the ridge between James R. and Roanoak R., near Irwins’s Path, in Callaway’s Mill Path, on Francis Calloway’s line and Thomas Moseley (Land Patent Book 31, p. 745; PB 26, p. 197 and p. 201)

Bedford County

27 July 1762

Francis Calloway and his wife Jane sell to Thomas Moorman (Mooreman) 200 acres for 121 pounds; Francis is in possession of 400 acres by his majesty’s patent dated Sep. 20, 1745, 200 acres of which has been sold to John Thompson, and the remaining 200 acres is now granted to Thomas Moorman; the land was surveyed when in Goochland, but now in Bedford, on Tomahawk Cr. and bounded by Tomahawk Swamp, the dividing line between Thompson and Calloway, the ridge in the patent line between  Thompson and Calloway; signed Francis and Jane; rec. July 27, 1762 (DB 2, p. 67)

27 July 1762

Francis Callaway sells to Thomas Mooreman, 200 acs. lying on Tomahawk Cr. (DB B-2, p. 67)

23 Jan 1763

Zechariah Adams sells to William Stamps 135 acres for 15 pounds, on Bear Branch, bounded by Sherwood Gaddy’s, Richard Tullious’, and Francis Callaway’s lines; signed Zechariah X Adams; wit: Francis Thorp, Stokley Brent, Jonathan Pr____, Samuel Murphy; rec. Aug. 23, 1763 (DB 2, p. 257)

23 Feb 1763

William Calloway, merchant, sells to Francis Thorpe, planter, for divers good causes, for 10 pounds, a tract on Buffalo Cr. and bounded by Francis Calloway, including 36 acres of William Calloway’s patent dated Mar. 25, 1762, and 244 acres from Francis Calloway’s patent dated Aug. 20, 1747, totaling 280 acres; signed William Calloway; rec. Feb. 22, 1763 (sic) (DB 2, p. 147)

24 May 1763

Thomas Greenwood to Francis Callaway, 190 acs. on Seneca Cr. wit: Michael Gash, Peter Brooks, John Mattox (DB B-2, p. 168)

27 Mar 1764

Francis Callaway sells to John Roberson for 20 pounds 380 acres bounded by Rev. Mr. Stith’s corner, in said Callaway’s line, on branch of Tomahawk Cr. Signed Francis Callaway; rec. Mar. 27, 1764 (DB 2, p. 334)

24 Aug 1764

Archibald Kyle sells to Jarred Doughtery, planter, for 20 pounds, 139 acres, on Bear Branch, bounded by lines of Sherwood Gaddy, Richard Tullos, Francis Callaway; signed Archibald Kyle; wit: Stephen Goggin Sr, Sarah Goggin, Lettice Goggin; rec. Aug. 28, 1764 (DB 2, p. 452)

Transcription begins:

In 1745 Rev. Mr. Stith (the historian) bought 200 acres of land from Francis Calloway of “Poplar Forest,” the founder of the Calloway family in the Colonies.

Francis Calloway had three sons, viz. Thomas, Richard, and William. Richard was sergeant and lieutenant in the French and Indian wars from Bedford county, Virginia; he was trustee for the town of New London in 1761; went to Kentucky with Daniel Boone in 1764; was a burgess in Virginia in 1777; was killed by the Indians in 1780.

William patented 15,000 acres of land in Lunenburg, Brunswick, Bedford and Halifax counties.

In 1761 William Calloway, gent., made a free gift of a hundred acres of land to the county of Bedford to be settled with a town to be called New London. He married Miss Crawley and has many descendants throughout the South. (Carrington, p. 134)

Transcription ends.

North Carolina

Surry County

25 May 1778

Peter Eason enters 300 acs. near Yadkin R. on lines of John Pipes, William Silveas, and Francis Calloway (Land Entry 109)

6 Oct. 1778

William McBride enters 640 acs. on Little Read Cr. beginning at forked pine, running up creek, both sides of creek, including all Francis Calloway Sr. (warrant granted – transferred) (Land Entry 819)

1779 (no date given)

William Cook enters 300 acs. on Yadkin, R. and the branches between Olive Roberts, Joseph Johnson, Francis Calloway (warrant granted to R. L.) (Land Entry 1408)

1779 (no date given)

William Cook enters 300 acs. on branch William Atkins, Francis Calloway, and Henderson Rd. (entry withdrawn and refund given) (Land Entry 1409)

3 Nov. 1784

Francis Calloway is granted 275 acs. on Mitchell’s R. (DB C, p. 211)

3 June 1789

Francis Calloway of Wilkes Co., GA to Isaac Winfrey of Wilks Co., NC, 200 lbs, 275 acs. on North Fork of Mitchell’s R. John King, Richard Hartsfield, Caleb Winfree, (signed) Francis Calloway, Jane X Calloway (DB D, pp. 425-26)


Wilkes County

1786 Returns

Capt. Gilmore’s District

Francis Callaway has 200 acres, 400 acres, 200 acres; one slave

John Calloway has 500 acres; no slave

Joshua Calloway has 200 acres; one slave

Job Calloway has 200 acres and 1720 acres; ten slaves

Jacob Calloway has 100 acres and 200 acres; two slaves

Transcription begins:

WILL BOOK “D D” 1779-92

The following is the index to WILL BOOK “D D,” supposed to have been burned in the office of a lawyer who had borrowed it. The earliest date is before the year 1779 and includes the year 1792. The identity of the will book was established by Judge Fanning finding some original wills, marked as having been recorded in Book D D, pages corresponding to the index. Abstracts of all original wills recorded in this book which have been found up to June 1931, follow this index. The loss of this book is nothing short of a tragedy.

Callaway, Francis …………………….. 210, 212

Transcription ends.


Transcription begins:

July 22, 2013

Re: Francis Callaway

Dear Dr. _____ My name

This letter is to let you know that according to information posted in Wilkes County Probate Book DD, which covered years 1779 (or earlier) and 1792, was lost in a fire. There is no mention of the cause or location of the fire.



Connie Zello, clerk

Wilkes County Probate Court

Transcription ends.

In other word, the records for Francis Calloway in Wilkes, County, Georgia, were destroyed.


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  1. Hello, my name is Patricia Calloway Morris and my great grandfather and my great great grandfather were both slaves to John and America (Hairston) Calloway. What I am most interested in knowing is where exactly in Bedford County did they live? I have been doing research since 2014 and I do have documented proof that they lived under John “Jack” Calloway (1781-1865) but as I stated , I would just like to know where his property was located just for reference in my family history scrapbook. If can help me with this, I would be truly grateful.
    Patricia Calloway Morris


    • God bless you, Patricia. Unfortunately, I have stopped doing gen. research. I have this post, though, which seems a little early for your needs, but check it out! You may see a connection:

      And here is the Calloway Family Association. Maybe they can help. That’s the best I can do. But God bless you in your research and open doors for you. You caught this website just in time. It is about to go defunct. So copy and paste all my records on the Calloways into your own system. Hurry, because I think it goes defunct on the 16th or 17th!


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