Farrars of Early Virginia and Beyond

William Farrar (and his brother John) is a gateway ancestor; he and his descendants left behind excellent records to sort out family relationships. Counties: Henrico (original one), Goochland, and Chesterfield. These records go from 1610 to 1815 and include marriages.

These records are raw and uninterpreted, and only those that reveal family relations or have other interesting facts are included.

The Farrars are prominent in early court  records:

Essential Records of a Key Orphans Court, Part 1 (1677-1690)

Essential Records of a Key Orphans Court, Part 2 (1690-1739)

Earliest Records and Arrivals

These records have been slightly edited to modernize them and spell out the abbreviations.


Sisley (Cicely) Jordan. In the Swan of August 1610; widow of Samuel Jordan at time of the Muster of 1624/5; she afterwards married Councilor Wm. Farrar.

I said the records are uninterpreted, but here is an exception. This Wm. Farrar is either the same William Farrar (the subject of this post) or his father. The Jordans figure in at least one record, below, dated 25 Feb 1728, and so does a Cicely in a record, below, dated 20 Aug 1685.

So were dealing with the same family of Farrars and the original immigrant William Farrar and probably his son of the same name.

8 Mar 1636

He was here before that date, not on it. The same goes for the other records in this section.

CHRISTOPHER WOODWARD, 350 acres upon Appomattox Riv., bounded N. upon the river, S. into the main woods, E. upon Mr. William Farrar & W. upon the winding river, 8 Mar. 1636, p. 414, 50 acres due for his own per. adv., 50 acres for the personal adventure of his late wife Margaret Woodward & 50 acres for the personal adventure of his now wife Dorothy Woodward, & 200 acres for transporting of 4 persons.

14 July 1637

FRANCIS OSBORNE, 1300 acres in Appomattox Riv., bounding N. upon same, S. into the woods, W. upon land of Mr. William Farrar, butting eastwardly on Charles City now in the tenure of Capt. Francis Epes. 14 July 1637, p. 439. Due in right of his late father Jenkin Osborne, who transported 26 persons: Mary Welch, Wm. Brock, Tho. Asson, John

Congly (or Cougly), Thomas Batman, Thomas Tyler, Geo. Purser, Hannah May, Richard Gaily, Samll. Ramsby, Rich. Aboge (or A boye), Tho. Baylye, Wm. Waller, John Yeo, Joane Walters, John Tinwell, Wm. Wright, Symon Trencher, Wm. Lighthollier, Hen. Ward, Thomas Lewis, Wm. Austin, 2 Negroes, 1 Negroe more, Jon. Chamell.

9 Nov 1637

CHRISTOPHER WOODDARD, 300 acres upon Appomattox River., 9 Nov. 1635, p. 301. N. upon the river, S. into the main woods, E. upon Mr. Farrar & W. upon the winding river. 100 acs. for the per. adv. of himself & wife & 200 acres for transporting of 4 persons: Wm. Thomas, Thomas Williams, Rich. Burpott, Tho. Jones.

11 June 1637

Slightly edited:

WILLIAM FARRAR, son & heir to William Farrar, late of Henrico, deed., 2000 acs. Henrico Co., 11 June 1637, p. 436. Abutting eastwardly upon the Gleab land of Varina, extending Westwardly to the bottom of Island, Southernly upon the main river & Nearly into the woods. Transporting at his own costs of 40 persons: Tho. Williams, Rich. Johnson, Jon. Hely, Jon. Frame (or France), Eustace Downes, Jon. Pead, Edwd. Fewson, Rich. Greeke, James Rigsby, Jon. Pratt, Eliza. Foster, Jon. Hues, Hen. Gyllom, Wm. Thomas, Jon. Baker, Patrick Robinson, Christo. Penhorne, Math. Waraner, Jon. Smith, Wm. Towers, Wm. Baker, Edwd. Hooke, Mary Heynes, John Garner, Wm. Richardson, Jon. Howman, Math. Brownridge, Rich. Lewd, Jon. Gibson, Jon. Price, Fr. Posey, James Roberts, Robert Turner, William Dawson, Giles Crump, Rich. Garner, Howell Edmonds, Martin Dimock, Henry Howell, Robert Coleman.

10 Mar 1647

Ann Farrar:

EDWARD BLAND, Merchant, 1,300 acres on the S. side of James River, about a mile from the head of Upper Chipoaks, from the path leading from Swann Bay to the Indian Fields. Due for transporting of 26 persons: Edward Bland, Ja. Bland, Wm. Beare, Eliza. Bland, Tho. Leigh, Geo. Proby, Richard Littler, Robt. Woodruff, Jo. Smith, Lydia Emeroy, Mary Beard, Griffith Davis, John Thomas, Anna Burk, Nich. Weather, Kat. Lands (?), Ann. Farrar, Geo. Marrow, Lucy Evans, Geo. Price, Tho. Dorwin, William Turke, Thomas Ridley, Richard Strader, Charles Baldwin. Mar. 10, 1647, Page 115.

3 Oct 1664

THO. LIGON & CAPT. WM. FARRAR, 375 acs. Henrico Co., 3 Oct. 1664, p. 376, (416). N. side of James Riv., beg. at the Round about slash, adj. Morgan Price & running through

another br. of sd. slash W.N.W. &c. Transporting of 8 persons Walter Felkes, Sam. Rigot, Ellinor Wallis, James Hickton, Ann Armestrong, Jone Davis, Tho. Peldon, Wm. Dodson.

CAPT. WM. FARRAR & THOMAS LIGON (Liggon), 335 acs. 25 po. Henrico

Co., 3 Oct. 1664, p. 377, (417). S. side of James Riv., beg. at a white oak upon the River in Mont Malada (Mount my lady) field, against a place where an old Oven had stood, running N.W. by W. to the red Water Slash &c down the falling ground of Proctors &c. Transporting of 7 persons: Phillis (a ?) Servant, Robt. Winter, Danll. Fishes, Tho. Morsey, Jane Holmes, Wm. Young, Mary Worts.

See Thomas Ligon’s own post: Early Ligons of Henrico County, Virginia.

8 Oct 1665

George Farrar:

JOHN PROSSER, 4892 acres in the fresh of Rappa. above Nanzaticon next the land of Mr. Jno. Paine on the S. side of the Riv., 8 Oct. 1665, p. 413, (479). Beg. at an oake parting his & land of Mr. Jno. Paine, running down the river, over the Goulden Vale Cr. to cor. of Jno. Gilletts land, dec’d., &c. S.E. on back line formerly Clement Herberts to a pochikery nere Pwomansend Cr. &c. to head of Muzazin Sw. &c transporting of 90 persons: Harman Ford, Henry Kelderkin, Richd. Bartlett, Abraham Packford, Richd. Downer, Francis Clifton, Robt. Clifton, Francis Coniers, Tymothy Holt, Rich. Hudson, Robt. Chambers, Richd. Eay, James Clayson, Tho. Portman, Jno. Bawdon, Giles Burd, Tho. Moone, Jesper Arnold, Jonathan Dew, Joseph Axon, Thomas Carvile, Wm. Lampert, Wm. Roberts, Wm. Courte, Jno. Foreman, Tho. Corken, Jno. Ashford, George Farrar, Jno. Sherman, Ann Tawkerd, Ann Collins, Mary Cartwright, Mary Harper, Judith Teakby, Tho. Tart, Jno. Cole, Em. Porte (or Porter), Hannah Spike, Fred. Clowderson, Jeremiah Frett, Jno. West, James Stone, Richd. Wells, Tho. Wms. (Williams), Mary Samper, Jane Hofer, Stephen Howard, Jno. Reeve, Tho. Adam, Brigett Drothers, 13 Negroes; George Gwilliford, Tho. Davis, Gilbert Geny (or Gery), Eliz. Edwards, Jno. Evans, Jno. Hosnell (or Hosnett), Wm. Treason, Edwd. Rich, Jno. Chart, Abigail Tee (?), Tho. Right, Tho. Merreday, Joane Cotton, Mary Jones, Wm. Tye, Henry Lee, Peter Stevens, Andrew Goodlad, Peter White, Susan Hide, Tho. Yong, Jno. Mayson, Andrew Jones, Wm. Wright, Stephen Goodlad, Mary Jones, Susan King.

Final Note: William Farrar appears everywhere in early records of the House of Burgesses.

Ages at Depositions

20 Feb 1681

William Farrar, 24 (1677-1692 Will and Deed Book, p. 211)

1 Apr 1689

Thomas Farrar, 24 (Wills and Deeds 1688-1697, p. 43)

2 April 1695

John Farrar, 25 (Wills and Deeds 1688-1697, p. 576)

1st Mon Mar 1710

William Farrar, 50 (Wills and Deeds 1710-1714, p. 48)

Main Records

6 May 1676

Will of William Farrar of Varina Parish

Brother Capt. John Farrar, two tracts of land laid out formerly by Col. Thomas Ligon

Sons Thomas and John and William;

Executors: Brother John and son William;

Witnesses Thos. Daulby, Michael Turpin; rec. Feb 1677 (Part I 1677-1692 Will and Deed Book, p. 31)

1 Feb 1677

To the justices of Henrico County: Whereas my brother Col. William Farrar did by deed 1 Oct 1649 did grant me 200 acres next to the Glebe at Varina, commonly called Coal Field, and has now by his will given me 500 acres being his dividend on both sides of Capt. Davis’s bottom, with proviso I relinquish claim to aforesaid 200 acres, which I willingly do so; wit: William Byrd, William Harris; signed John Farrar (Wills and Deed, etc. 1677-1692, p. 31)

21 Aug 1682

Lt. Col. John Farrar in open court acknowledges and obliges himself his heirs, executors and administrators until the next orphans court (to be held this time twelve month) to be security for Mrs. Mary Shipley (relict and administratrix of Col. Wm Farrar, decd.) and to save (until the next orphans court) this worthy court and their successors harmless and keep them indemnified from the estate belonging to the orphan (of the said Col. Farrar, decd.) and is now in the custody of his said relict and administratrix (Orphans Court Order p. 8)

2 Apr 1683

William Farrar and Priscilla his wife (late Priscilla Baugh) for valuable consideration to Thomas Lockett, land on Appomattox R. between the Spring and Deed Bottom, formerly granted by Mr. William Baugh, his grandchild, since deceased, by deed 6 Dec 1668 and since confirmed to his sister, the said Priscilla; wit: Thos. Cocke, Philip Jones; signed William Farrar, Priscilla (/) Farrar; rec. 2 Apr 1683 (Wills and Deeds, etc. 1677-1692, p. 230)

20 Aug 1683

Col. John Farrar in open court continues himself security till the next orphans …. Mrs. Mary Farrar, relict …. (bottom of page missing) (Orphans Court Order p. 8)

20 Aug 1683

Mr. Thos. Farrar (one of the orphans of Col. Will Farrar, decd) being at lawful age as appears by the testimony of Lt. Col. John Farrar does in open court acknowledge that he has received his full and whole estate upon which Mr. Will Farrar, security for the same, is hereby acquitted and discharged from …. (Orphans Court Order p. 12)

1 Jan 1683

Account of Farrar’s estate (first name?); to Mrs. Martha Farrar, her share of her father’s estate 5185 tobacco; Mr. Thomas Farrar, 5616 lbs; Mr. John Farrar 5616 lbs of tobacco; Mrs. Cicely Farrar 5616 lbs of tobacco (Part I, 1677-1692 Will and Deed Book, p. 266)

1 Apr 1685

William and Thomas Farrar appointed executors of will of Lt. Col. John Farrar (Part I 1677-1692 Will and Deed Book, p. 300)

20 Aug 1685

Whereas Mr. Walter Shipley as marrying the guardian of Cicley, one of the orphans of Col. Will Farrar, decd. has in his custody and possession the said orphans and her estate, which he has removed out of this county without giving security for the same, he is requested at the next court held for this county to appear and present security for the said orphan’s estate according to law (Orphans Court Order, p. 14)

20 Aug 1685

Mr. Thomas Osborne Sen’r and Mr. Richard Ligon in open court enter themselves Mr. William Farrar’s security for the estate belonging to John Farrar as orphan under his [sic] wardship (Orphans Court Order, p. 14)

17 Feb 1685

Mr. Walter Shipley who married the guardian of Cicely Farrar, one of the orphans of Col. Will Farrar, decd. appears and Mr. Will’m Cocke in open court enters himself as the said Shipley’s security for the estate  of the said orphan (Orphan Court Order, p. 16)

10 Oct 1686

Will of Katherine Isham

To grandson William Randolph, £20

To grandson Henry Randolph £5

To granddaughter Mary Randolph and Elizabeth Randolph, each £ (sic)

All such money is now in hands of son-in-law William Randolph;

Residue of money in hands of my son-in-law;

William Randolph to go to my daughters Mary Randolph and Ann Epes, equally;

The above two daughters to divide what is on my trunk and each to have two silver salt cellars;

To Mary Randolph, my wedding ring, best feather bed, my best silver tankard, and 15 shillings to buy mourning ring;

To grandson Joseph Royal, one servant named John Townes, for the time he has to serve and my small silver tankard;

To every child of my son Royal, two silver spoons;

To my loving son Joseph Royal, my best tankard;

To my grandson Richard Denis, one of best cows and 2 silver spoons;

To grandson Isham Epes, my negro man Dick;

To grandson Francis Epes, my best silver tankard but one;

To child daughter Anne Epes now goes with, my largest silver porringer and great cup, my sealed ring, great hoop ring, pair of silver clasps, and silver bodkin to daughter Anne Epes;

To grandson Richard Perrin, 1 feather bed and furniture

To granddaughter Sarah Royal, 1 yearling heifer;

To granddaughters Katherine Farrar, Mary, Sarah, and Anne Perrin, each 2 silver spoons;

To Katherine Farrar 1 Guinea

To Anne Perrin, one silver porringer

To granddaughter Sarah Dennis, 2 silver spoons and 1 pair of dowlass sheets;

To 2 daughters Sarah Wilkinson and Katherine Perrin, all my wearing clothes;

To my loving friend Mary Parker, 6 ells of best dowlas and as much of the finest serge to make a gown and petticoat;

To grandson Maiden Marshall, 1 heifer, two years old;

To my son Joseph Royal all my land;

All my crop of corn to executors, except enough to buy 2 gravestones, one to cover me and other my dear decd. husband;

All the rest to be divided between my four children: Sarah Wilkinson, Joseph Royal, Katherine Perrin, and Anne Epes, and to each 15 shillings for mourning rings;

Executors: son Joseph Royal and son-in-law Francis Epes;

My body to be buried near my dead husband on my own plantation;

Wit: John Worsham, Nathaniel Hill, Littlebury Epes;

Probated 1 Dec 1686

(Wills and Administrations, Part I, 1677-1692, Will and Deed Book p. 392-301)

20 Aug 1687

The petition of John, one of the orphans of Col. William Farrar, decd. that he may have his estate delivered him into his own possession being yet in his nonage is referred unto the next court (Orphans Court Order, p. 20)

1 Dec 1691

Deed: Richard Perrin of Henrico Co. to Thomas Farrar and Katherine his wife (my daughter) and to my grandson Perrin Farrar their son, a tract at World’s End, part of tract where I live, 265 acres, bounded by the river and William Ballow; wit: R. Beverly and Tho. Cocke; signed Rich’d (RP) Perrin; rec. 1 Dec. 1691 (Will and Deed Book 1688-1697, p. 259)

21 Aug 1693

It is ordered that Mr. John Farrar who married the relict of Mr. Thomas Batte, late of this county, decd. be summoned to appear at the next court and to give bond with security for what estate he has in his hands belonging to the said Batte orphan (Orphan Court Order p. 34)

2 Oct 1693

We Thomas Farrar and John Farrar, sons of Col. William Farrar, decd. send greeting: Our father by his will bequeathed to us jointly certain land in this county. Also our uncle, Col. John Farrar, bequeathed to us other lands jointly in this county, none of these lands being divided until now; land division mentions land between river and Capt. Davis’s bottom, the Glebe land and Richard Rabone’s house; wit: All. Clerke, Stephen Cocke; signed Thos. Farrar, John Farrar (Will and Deed Book 1688-1697, p. 439)

16 Mar 1694/5

Will of Richard Perrin of Parish of Henrico, planter

My house and land commonly called “World’s End” 400 acres with 200 acres fronting on the river to my dear wife Katherine for life and at her death to daughter Sarah;

If wife and Sarah both die, then to daughter Mary Napier and if she die, to her children;

If child my wife now goes with is a boy, the land goes to him;

To my wife my negro man Jack;

To grandson William Farrar 2 silver spoons and a silver dram cup;

To grandson Farrar not yet baptized, 2 silver spoons;

To grandson Bouth Napier, items;

To daughters Katherine Farrar and Mary Napier, 1 shilling apiece

To granddaughter Napier 1 old silver porringer and 2 old silver spoons;

To granddaughter Sarah Farrar, one ewe;

All the rest to wife Katherine and daughter Sarah, and they are to be executors;

Wit: Will Soane, Tho. Farrar, Geo. Cogbill, William Garrett

Rec: 1 Apr 1695 (Book £3 Henrico County Wills and Deeds 1688-1697, p. 559)

4 Mar 1684/5

Will of John Farrar of Parish and County of Henrico

Son Thomas Batte, Jr. son of Thomas Batte, Sr.; Mr. Thomas Batte’s three daughter Mary, Amy, and Sarah;

Cousin Martha Shippy, wife of Walter Shippy of Charles City Co.;

Kinsmen William Farrar, Thomas Farrar, and John Farrar (minor); negro Jack is to get freedom after Christmas Day, next;

Executors: kinsmen William Farrar and Thomas Farrar, who are to give Mrs. Amy Kent a ring of 12-15 shillings price; wit: William Randolph, Thos. Daulby, Thos. Wells; probate 4 Apr 1685 (Part I 1677-1692 Will and Deed Book, pp. 298-300)

1 Apr 1685

William and Thomas Farrar appointed executors of will of Lt. Col. John Farrar (Part I 1677-1692 Will and Deed Book, p. 300)

Same date

Division of estate of John Farrar by order of the court; divided 10 Apr 1685; long list of items divided between William Farrar, Thomas Farrar, and John Farrar by Richard Cocke, Sr., William Randolph, Francis Epes; rec. 1 June 1685 (Part I 1677-1692 Will and Deed Book, p. 320)

1 June 1688

William Farrar returned account of Maurice Delarue’s estate; to make an outcry at next court for any claim against estate (OB 1678-1693, p. 272)

21 Jan 1688

Will of William Ligon

To sons Thomas and William, the plantation I now live on, my part of the Ashen Swamp to son John. My land that joins Mr. Hancock’s to be equally divided between my son Joseph and Thomas Farrar Jr.;

Land lying on back of Curls, joining land that belonged to Solomon Knibb goes to daughter Mary and child my wife now goes with; Mary is a minor to age 21 unless she marries, then only to age 16; to each of the sons a gun when they shall come of age; all the rest to my wife during her widowhood;

Capt. Fra. Epes and Mr. Robert and John Worsham to see the will performed; wife is executrix; wit: Thomas Jefferson, Repps Jones, Edward Skerme; rec. 20 Aug 1689 (Book £3 Wills and Deeds 1688-1697, p. 75)

16 July 1695

Will of Sarah Knibb of Henrico Parish, spinster

Son Samuel Knibb; son Solomon Knibb, 100 acres on south side of James R. known by the name of the Ware, which I purchased of William Harris; son Thomas Knibb, negro boy Jemy; son John Knibb a silver tankard Richard Kennon is to bring in, also a gold ring with this posie: “I have obtained who God ordained”; to dear mother Mrs. Sarah Woodson, a side saddle, etc.; loving sister Temperance Farrar, wearing apparel; Martha Batte, daughter of my sister Temperance; mother to be executor and sons Samuel and Solomon; two youngest sons to learn to read and write and to cipher to rule of three; wit: John Worsham, Joseph Royall, All. Clarke; rec. 1 Dec 1696 (Book £3 Wills and Deeds 1688-1697, p. 671)

1 May 1700

William Farrar and John Davis, Gent. to Michael Turpin, Gent. for £ 34, land on north side of James R. on Cornelius Run, known as Blair’s Quarter, sold to Farrar and Davis 26 Oct 1699; signed James Cocke, Will Randolph, Jr. signed Wm Farrar, John Davis; Priscilla Farrar and Elizabeth Davis relinquish dower rights; rec. 1 May 1700 (Wills and Deeds etc. 1697-1704, p. 172)

4 Feb 1701/2

Will of Sarah Woodson, widow

Martha Batte, daughter of Thomas Batte, late of this county, decd. to get negro man Peter; granddaughter Martha Batte, and her father-in-law John Farrar, etc.; grandson John Knibb to get negro boy Jack; grandson Soll. Knibb; Seth Ward’s daughter, who was goddaughter of Mary Ragsdale, decd.; grandson John Farrar to get negro boy Peter; grandson Thomas Knibb also to get negro boy Jack; daughter Temperance; granddaughter Mary Farrar to get negro woman Temp; grandchildren Martha Batte, and John & Mary Farrar; daughter (unnamed) Farrar, and she to be executrix; wit: John Bolling, Arth. Moseley, F. Bondurant; rec. 1 Oct 1704 (OB 1678-1693, pp. 427-429)

16 Apr 1702/3 (sic)

Will of Mary Ligon, Sr.

To son Richard Ligon, 100 acres in Henrico, known by name of “Curles,” joining land of Richard Cocke;

To son Hugh Ligon, 100 acres joining land of Richard Ligon;

To grandson Thomas Farrar, items when he is 21;

To son-in-law Thomas Farrar, the Indian boy Robin given to his wife by her father;

To grandson Henry Ligon, one horse;

To daughter Hancock all my sheep to be equally divided;

Son-in-law Robert Hancock and daughter Johan Hancock, executors

Wit: Abra. Womack, John Hatcher, John Brown

Codicil: No dispute over the 200 acres left by me, since my son William Ligon died before he was possessed of the land; to the Indian boy Robin, clothing; probated 1 Feb. 1703/4 (Wills and Deeds 1697-1704, p. 366)

1 Nov 1704

Probate granted Temperance Farrar on will of her mother Sarah Woodson; Chas. Russell, John Farrar, Sam. Knibb and Sol. Knibb, security (Wills and Deeds 1697-1704, p. 450)

21 Aug 1705

Capt. Francis Epes, Capt. John Worsham, Capt. Joseph Royall are requested  and empowered to see Solomon Knibb’s estate delivered up unto him, as also what estate is in the possession of Mrs. Temperance Farrar (belonging unto John and Thomas Knibb delivered up unto Sam’l Knibb he giving security for the same); Capt. John Worsham, Capt. Joseph Royall enter themselves securities accordingly (Orphans Court Order p. 49)

1 Mar 1706

Samuel Newman of Bristol Parish to Edward Bowman of Henrico Parish, for £4 100 acres in Appomattox on north side of Swift Cr., bounded by Mrs. Mary Farrar, being land granted to said Newman 20 Apr 1687, with all houses, etc.; wit: Isham Epes, Fran. Epes; signed Samuel Newman; rec. 1 Mar 1706 (Deeds 1706-1709, p. 22)

20 Aug 1707

It is ordered that Mr. Thomas Farrar give bond with security for what he has in his hands belonging to the orphans of Michael Turpin, decd (Orphans Court Order, p. 49)

7 Dec 1710

Will of Jane Gower

Grandson William Cox; granddaughter Mary Cox; granddaughter Obedience Turpin; granddaughter Priscilla Wilkinson; grandson William Farrar, Abel Farrar; Mary Womack; Mary Wilkinson; granddaughter Martha Wilkinson; John Spike (not known whether son or grandson or friend); William Womack; sister Mary Hatcher; granddaughter Judith Womack; daughter Mrs. Mary Cox; wit: Thomas Sadle, William Blackmun; rec. Jan Court 1710 (Wills and Deeds 1710-1714, pp. 35-39)

5 Dec 1715

Verbal will of William Farrar

Temperance Farrar makes oath that William Farrar, son of Mr. Thomas Farrar, two days before he died did say these words: “Father, I hope you will not take what little I have from my wife.” His father answered, “No.” Then he replied and said he should die easy if his wife could have what little he had. This verbal will proved by the oath of Temperance Farrar (Wills and Deeds 1714-1518, p. 55)

12 Dec 1715

Inventory of William Farrar appraised and valued at £33/13/08 by William Cocke, Thomas Bayley, John Giles; Martha Farrar presented inventory in court; rec. 6 Feb 1715 (Wills and Deeds 1714-1718, p. 68)

5 Feb 1721 Court

John Sutton Farrar granted administration of estate of Temperance Farrar, decd.; Edward Stratton and William Cox, security; Richard Rayborn, William Parker, Robert Burton, and Abraham Childers to appraise estate (Minute Book 1719-1724, p. 155)

3 Apr 1721 Court

Mary Farrar granted administration of estate of William Farrar, decd.; William Randolph and William Ligon, security; Thomas Taylor, William Burton, Richard Rayborn and George Cox to appraise estate (Minute Book 1719-1724, p. 88)

5 Mar 1721 Court

John Sutton Farrar presents inventory of Temperance Farrar (Minute Book 1719-1724, p. 160)

Sept 1724 Court

Deed: Thomas Farrar and Katherine his wife to William Finney (Court Order Book 1719-1724, p. 355)

15 Mar 1725

Will of Thomas Jefferson (too early to be that Thomas Jefferson)

To son field, mourning ring worth 20 shillings;

To son Peter, my land on Fine Cr. and Manekin Cr. but if he die before 21 to my three daughters Judith, Mary, and Martha; also to son Peter negroes and items, some of which were bought of Turpin, Joseph Wilkinson and Thomas Edwards;

To daughters Mary Martha, items, the ½ part of Gilley’s Mill, the land I lately bought off George Carter, the land mortgaged by Grills, and all the rest of the estate to be sold by Maj. William Kennon and Henry Wood; and then £10 to be given to my daughters Mary and Martha;

To my sister Martha Winn, to take care of my daughter Martha and Capt. Henry Randolph to take care of my daughter Mary;

If daughters die before 21, survivor to get their share and if both die to daughter Judith Farrar;

Son Peter to be executor;

Wit: Benjamin Branch, Henry Moody; rec. April (Wills and Deed 1725-1737, p. 293)

2 Dec 1725

John Farrar and Joseph Farrar of St. James Parish to William Finney of County and Parish of Henrico, for £150. Land known as World’s End, 265 acres, bounded by the James R. and Sarah Cocke; wit: Robert (RL) Loveday, John Pritchett, Emanuel Hall, Eliz. Croom; signed John Farrar, Joseph Farrar; rec. 7 Feb 1725 (Wills and Deeds 1725-1737, p. 2)

5 Feb 1727

Thomas Farrar to Thomas Randolph for £400, 550 acres on north side of James R., adjoining the Glebe land at Varina, part of the a patent to William Farrar, father of said Thomas, and devised to him in his will dated 6 May 1776; wit: Wm Mayo, William Farrar, Henry Wood; Thomas Randolph, Thomas Farrar; rec. Sarah wife of William, relinquished her dower right; rec. 5 Feb. 1727 (Wills and Deed 1725-1737, p. 168)

Same date

William Farrar to Thomas Randolph, for £650 (sic) 686 acres on north side of James R. commonly called Farrar’s Island, granted by patent to William Farrar and devised to his son William Farrar, father of said William; wit: Wm Womack, Job Moore, Richard Thomas, Henry Wood, Wm Mayo, Thos. Farrar; Sarah, wife of William, relinquishes dower right; rec. 5 Feb 1727 (Wills and Deeds 1725-1737, p. 168)

1st Mon Mar 1710 (recorded date)

Deposition of William Farrar, age about 50, says that 16 years ago he and John Davis, at request of Mrs. Jane Gower, went to see the plantation Mount Misery to measure a piece of land she had cleared, which was about an acre; signed Wm Farrar (Wills and Deeds 1710-1714, p. 48)

4 Nov 1728

Matthew Ligon to George Farrar in obedience to a decree of Henrico Court of 2 Oct 1728 in a suit in chancery between Thomas Jefferson, complainant, and said Ligon, concerning title in said land, confirms to said George farrar, plantation where Allanson Clark formerly dwelled, 150 acres, being upper half of tract taken up by said Richard Grills, late of this county. Lands were sold by said Matthew and his father Richard Ligon to said Grills 31 July 1719 and is part of land conveyed by Grills to Thomas Jefferson 13 Sept. 1717 and some granted to said Matthew by patent, Land is on south side of Swift Cr. Wit: Geo. Payne, Art’r Moseley, Jr.; signed Matt. Ligon; rec. 1 Mon Apr 1729 (Wills and Deeds 1725-1737, p. 226)

25 Feb 1728

John Sutton Farrar to Thomas Randolph, Gent. for £500, land in County and Parish of Henrico, commonly called Henrico, 432 acre, bounded by James R., land of John Bolling Jr., late in possession of Thos. Farrar and lately conveyed to Thomas Randolph, land of Robert Bullington, land of Thomas and Henry Jordan and land of Martha Cox, which land was part of a grant to William Farrar, grandfather of said John S. on 11 June 1637; wit: John Woodson, Wm Womack, Francis James, Henry Wood; signed John Sutton Farrar, Thomas Randolph; rec. 1st Mon Apr 1729  (Wills and Deed 1725-1737, p. 224)

__ May 1739

Henry Cary, Gent., who was appointed by this county court guardian to John Sutton Farrar son of John Sutton Farrar, decd. presents upon oath an account debtors and creditors of the said decedent’s estate while the same was in his hands, which is received and ordered to be recorded (Orphans Court Order p. 56)

April 1740 Court

Temperance Farrar chooses Samuel Hancock to be her guardian; John Hancock security (Court Orders 1737-1746, p. 102)

Dec 1742 Court

Case of Temperance Farrar by her guardian Samuel Hancock v. Richard Leven, administrator of estate of John Sutton Farrar, decd., sets forth that Joan Hancock, grandmother of plaintiff, in her will dated 22 Sep 1726 gave her daughter Elizabeth Hancock the slave Matt and also made her executor of her estate. Said Elizabeth later intermarried with John Sutton Farrar, and Temperance was their only child. John Sutton Farrar died intestate about 1730, and Richard Leven was granted administration by court of Goochland County and kept Matt and her increase for his personal use (Court Orders 1737-1748, p. 200)

6 Feb 1747

Will of Joseph Royall of Dale Parish

To daughter Mary Farrar, 6 silver spoons;

To daughter Elizabeth Archer, 6 silver spoons, silver porringer, 1 negro;

To granddaughter Elizabeth Royall, daughter of my son William, decd. a negro at 21 or marriage, but if she die, then to my grandson Joseph Royall, son of Richard Royall;

To son John, items and negroes;

To grandson Joseph Royall, son of Littlebury Royall, a negro and items;

To son Littlebury, 200 acres on Appomattox R. being part of of a tract I gave him, plus items and negroes with tended land, etc. if he chooses to live in house I now live in; also my part of Martin Swamp;

To son Richard all my land at Bermuda Hundred and negroes;

All rest of estate divided among my three sons who are to be executors;

Wit: Edmund Eppes, John Knibb; rec. Apr 1748 (Wills and Deeds 1744-1748, p. 376)

4 July 1757

William Harlowe of Albemarle Co. to Nathan Dunaway of Hanover Co., for £, 50 acres, being part of a patent of 400 acres granted to Thomas Farrar, decd., adj. John Harlowe and David Bowles and Farrar’s Branch; wit: John Harlowe, Jr., George Lucas, Edmund (A) Humphrey; signed William Harlow; rec. 3 Oct 1757 (DB 1750-1767, p. 514)

12 Mar 1767

Thomas Howerton of Henrico Co. to Richard Farrar of Goochland Co., for £, 227 acres at head of northern branch of the Brook; same tract of land whereon the said Howerton now lives and which he bought of David Whitlock; adj. David Clarke, John Staples, Jesse Smith, and Tyree; wit: William Street, William (X) Willis, Sutton Farrar, William Cornett, William (X) Miller, Suttun (sic) Farrar; signed Thos. Howerton, Gerzle Howerton; rec. 7 Sep 1767 (DB 1750-1767, p. 14)

19 Feb 1771

John Sutton Farrar and Susanna his wife, Samuel Williamson, Allen Williamson, Thomas Williamson, James Browning and Ann his wife, William Miller, and Elizabeth his wife, Groves Harding and Sarah his wife, William Allen Lancaster and Judith his wife, and Lucy Williamson—residual legatees under will of John Williamson, decd. to Charles Sneed for £30, 170 acres on George Branch; wit: Daniel Kelly, Robert Sneed; rec. 5 Aug 1771 (Deed Book 1767-1774, p. 293)

19 Feb 1771

John Sutton Farrar and Susanna his wife; Samuel Williamson, Allen Williamson, James Browning and Anne his wife; William Miller and Elizabeth his wife; Groves Hardin and Sarah his wife; Harwood Bacon and Mary his wife; William Allen Lancaster and Judah (sic) his wife; and Lucy Williamson, residuary legatees under the will of John Williamson, decd. to Charles Snead, for £30, 170 acres on George’s Branch; adj. Henry Stokes, Watson, Patrick and Patman; being entered for, with the surveyor and the works assigned by the said John Williamson to William Patman, notwithstanding the said assignment a patent has since issued in the name of John Williamson and agreeable to the will of said William Patman; wit: Daniel Kelley, Robert Snead; signed John Sutton Farrar, Susanna (X) Farrar, James (X) Browning, Ann (X) Browning, William Miller, Elizabeth (X) Miller, Allen Williamsons, Samuel Williamson (not signed by Thomas Williamson and last seven grantors); rec. 5 Aug 1771 (DB 1767-1774, pp. 293-96)

5 Mar 1771

John Sutton Farrar to Richard Cotterell, for £41, 227 acres on the branches of Chickahominy Swamp; adj. David Clark, William Staples, crossing Long and Hungry Branch, Jesse Smith and Tyree; wit: Nathaniel Dennis, John Dennis, Nathaniel Dennis; signed John Sutton Farrar; Susanna, wife of JSF, relinquishes her dower rights; rec. 3 June 1771 (DB 1750-1774, p. 274)

4 Apr 1772

Whereas William Patman by his will directed the negro wench Lucy and all of his estate divided after the death of his wife, equally among his five children, namely Agnes Thorpe, wife of Thomas Thorpe; Elizabeth Morris, wife of William Morris; Sarah Freeman, wife of Gdeon Freeman; Mary Allen Patman and Susanna Patman; and since John Sutton Farrar now married to Susanna Patman, and reversion of estate so far as said Susanna Patman’s legacy extended, now wrested in said John Sutton Farrar, said Farrar and is to have £20 to James Allen, all right they have in said Lucy and her increase; wit: William Allen Burton, Matthew Hopson, James Drake (DB 1767-1774, p. 410, by Weisiger)

4 Apr 1772

John Sutton Farrar and Susanna his wife to James Allen for £20, their interest in one negro wench named Lucy and her increase who was to be sold pursuant to the will of William Patman at the death of his wife and equally divided among his five children: Agness Tharp, wife of Thomas Tharp; Elizabeth Morris, wife of William Morris; Sarah Freeman, wife of Gideoan Freeman; Mary Allen Patman and Susanna Patman, who has since the death of her father married John Sutton Farrar; wit: William Allen Burton, Matthew Hopson, James (X) Drake; signed John Sutton Farrar, Susanna (X) Farrar; rec: not given (DB 1767-1774, p. 410, by Hutcheson Davis and Williams)

Gary Murdock Williams, the editor of the abstract book, writes:

Note: This deed recorded on page 410 seems to show unequivocally that John Sutton Farrar’s wife, Susanna, was definitely a Patman. The deed recorded on page 293 at first glance would ordinarily be interpreted to suggest that Susanna was a Williamson. Yet that deed also makes reference to William Patman. I would conclude that Elizabeth Miller, Mary Bacon and Judah (Judith) Lancaster were definitely Williamsons, but the deed on page 410 would discount Susanna as being one. It is interesting that her sisters are not mentioned on p. 293. GMW


Between 1685-1686

Thomas Farrar and Katherine Perrin (Deeds, Wills, etc. 1677-1692)

11 Nov 1691

John Farrar and Tempe Batte; sur Richard Jones and Jos. Pattison (Deeds, Wills, etc., 1688-1697 (p. 357)

6 May 1784

John Royster and Sarah Farrar, daughter of Joseph R. Farrar who consents; sur. Robert Watkins; wit: Rebecca DuVall and William Giles (p. 83)

7 July 1788

John Joseph Farra (sic) and Sarah Henley daughter of Leonard Henley who consents; sur. And wit Hezekiah Henley (p. 33)

2 June 1801

Samuel Harwood and Anne Farrar; sur. Josiah Bingham; Pleasant Harwood makes oath that Samuel his brother is over 21 (p. 44)


This county grew out of Henrico in 1728.

Main Records

25 Feb 1726

From Noel Burton to John Sutton Farrar for £120, 325 acres in St. James Parish, bounded by Josiah Paine, Robert Burton, Robert Adams, John Bellamy, Col. Harrison, and John Woodson; wits: John woods, Wm Womack, Francis James, Henry Woods; rec. 16 Mar 1728 (Willis and deeds 1728-1734, p. 58)

16 Aug 1728

Thos. Farrar and Kathe (sic) Farrar witness the will of Rene Laforce, whose wife is Sarah and children are Rene, Sarah, Rachel when of age; execs: Thomas Randolph, William Kennon, and Richard Randolph, and they to e guardian to my children; other wit: (Peter?) Chastain (sic) rec. 17 Sep 1728 (Wills and Deeds, 1728-1734, p. 37)

16 Dec 1729

From John Farrar to John Barnett, for £40, 165 acres, being part of upper part of tract granted by patent 12 July 1718 to John Barnes, Jr. and William Barnes; wits: William Holdarbe and Joseph Farrar (Wills and Deeds, 1728-1734, p. 157)

19 June 1732

John Sutton Farrar is cited as decd. in deed from John Bellamy of St. James Parish, Goochland to Sanburn Woodson; wits: Paul Michaux, Jeremiah Dumas, Jr. Robert Payne; signed John Bellamy; rec. 16 July 1732; (Wills and Deeds 1728-1734, p. 336)

9 July 1742

Inventory of Thomas Farrar, decd. taken but value not totaled, by George Payne, Phil Webber, James Holman; rec. 20 July 1742 (Wills 1742-1745, p. 43)

28 Feb 1740

Will of Thomas Farrar

Son John Farrar

Daughters Martha, Sarah, Mary

Daughter Katherine Barnet

Granddaughter Mary Watkins

Granddaughter Elizabeth Farrar

Granddaughter Lucy Farrar

Wife Katherine Farrar

Son Joseph Farrar

Slaves are mentioned, but unnamed.

Wits: George Payne, John Watson, Edward Moore, Joseph Hamilton

Proved 15 June 1742

DB 3, p. 561

14 Nov 1743

Will of William Farrar

Son Thomas; son William, one negro girl Phoebe;

Son Richard, one negro boy Peter;

Wife Sarah, one negro woman Quina, 1 named Sarah, 1 named Jenny, and at her death to my two sons Joseph and Perrin;

Execs: sons Joseph and William;

Wits: George Payne, Rob. Burton, Jr. Christian Burton, Mary (X) Womack;

Signed William Farrar;

Rec. 19 June 1744

Wills 1742-1747, p. 374

17 June 1746

Joseph m. Mary Farrar to John Bibb (DB 5, p. 126)

4 Aug 1749

Will of Joseph Farrar

Son Joseph Royal Farrar

Dau Judith

Dau Mary Farrar

Dau Elizabeth Farrar

Son-in-law Joseph Woodson

Wife Mary Farrar

Exec: Wife Mary and sons-in-law John and Jos. Woodson

Wit: Abel Farrar, Sarah Barrett, John Woodson, Joseph Woodson

Proved 21 Nov 1749

DB 6, pp. 28-30

1 Feb 1757

Will of Mary Farrar

Son John Woodson

Son Joseph Woodson

Daughters Elizabeth Sallee, Lucy Farrar, Mary Farrar

Son Joseph Royal Farrar

Execs: Sons, John and Joseph Woodson

Wits: Ralph Graves, Tarlton Woodson, Jr., John Bullock

Proved 20 Sept 1757

DB 7, 186-87

17 Arp 1760

Will of Thomas Farrar

Eldest son William Farrar

Wife Elizabeth

Youngest child—unnamed

All my children I had by my last wife—children unnamed

Four sons I had by my last wife—children unnamed

Execs: Wife, Elizabeth Farrar, and sons William and Joseph Farrar

Wits: Ralph Graves, Joseph Farrar, and David Huddleston

Proved 15 Sept 1761

DB 8, 190-91

Marriage Records

16 Mar 1762

William Farrar m. Elizabeth Bibb “under 21 years of age,” dau. John Bibb; sur. Joseph Woodson; wit: William Bibb and John Bibb, Jr. (p. 9)

1 Feb 1778

Joseph Farrar m. Sarah Farrar, dau. of John Farrar; sur. Stephen crouch; wit: John Hamner and Thomas Farrar (p. 20)

15 Mar 1779

Barratt Farrar m. Sarah Harris; sur. Stephen Crouch; wit. Joseph Farrar (p. 22)

10 June 1779

Robert Barnett m. Elizabeth Farrar, 21 years of age, dau. of Thomas Farrar, decd. and Elizabeth Farrar (p. 22)

19 Aug 1782

Robert Farrar m. Fanny Woodson; sur. Matthew Woodson (p. 27)

17 Dec 1782

Matthew Farrar m. Martha Murrell; sur. Drury Murrell (p. 27)

17 Feb 1783

Charles Johnson, Jr. m. Mary Ann Farrar; sur. Stephen Crouch (p. 27)

17 Aug 1783

William Morrissette and Ann Farrar; sur. Robert Farrar (p. 28)

10 Mar 1784

Benjamin Farrar m. Eliz. Cochrane; sur. Mary Cochran; wit: Fleming Payne (p. 29)

21 Aug 1786, m. 28 Aug.

Daniel Traube m. Elizabeth Farrar; sur. William Farrar (DB 15, p. 15); Goochland County Marriage Register, p. 34)

20 Oct 1787

John Crouch m. Lucy Farrar of Powhatan Co.; married by Rev. George Smith, Baptist; the bond for this marriage is in Powhatan Co. Marriage Register and the above record in Goochland Co. Ministers’ Returns (p. 313)

14 May 1792, m. 15 May

Reuben Ford, Jr. m. Sally Farrar, dau of William Farrar; sur. John Brown; wit. Ro. Farrar and Jesse Payne; Reuben is son of Reuben Ford, married by Rev. Reuben Ford (OB 19, p. 327); Goochland Co. Marriage Register (p. 48)

23 Nov 1796

William Farrar, Jr. m. Mary Bernard of lawful age, dau. of Joshua Bernard; sur. Reuben Ford, Jr. wit: John Bernard (p. 61)

20 Sep 1799, m. 3 Oct

Jeremiah Woolridge m. Susanna Farrar, dau of William Farrar; sur. Tene Hancock, married by Rev. William Webber (p. 72)

21 Oct 1799

John Webber m. Elizabeth Farrar, dau of Robert Farrar; sur. Pleasant Turner; wit. Josiah Woodson (p. 72)

29 May 1800

Thomas B. Farrar m. Patsy Moore, dau. of Amos L’d Moore; sur. Joshua Woodward (p. 75)

17 Nov 1800

Benjamin Hughes m. Lucy Farrar; sur. John Ford (p. 76)

2 Dec 1801, m. 3 Dec

Drury Farrar m. Elizabeth Banks, dau. of Jacob Banks; sur. John tyler, married by Rev. Lewis Chaudoin (p. 79)

12 Nov 1808

Royal Farrar m. Margaret (Margrete) Morrissette, granddaughter of William Farrar; sur. William Hix (p. 102)

12 May 1810

William Harding m. Polly Farrar, dau. of Frances (sic) Farrar; sur. William Farrar, Jr.; wit: R. D. Hines (p. 107)

30 Sep 1815, m. 1 Oct

Anderson Sheppard m. Martha Farrar; sur. Peter Sheppard; married by Rev. Lewis Chaudoin (p. 308)


This county was formed in 1749 out of the part of Henrico that is south of the James River.

These few records don’t reveal family relationships, but they are included to let researchers go further.

28 Mar 1749

George Farrar, Allison Clarke and George Reny’r Turner witness Henry Clay’s will (the details of which are not included here) (WB 2, p. 244)

6 Oct 1749

Benjamin Farrar witnesses deed from Leonard Cheatham and his wife Elizabeth of Royle Parish, Amelia Co. to Charles Cheatham of Dale Parish, Chesterfield Co.; William Robertson, Jr., and James Hill also witness the will; rec. 6 Oct 1749 (DB 1, p. 39)

6 July 1750

George Farrar’s land is mentioned in a deed from William Baugh of Parish and County of Chesterfield to William Newby, £12, 62 acres on south side of Swift Cr., being part of a tract of 400 acres, bounded by George Farrar, William Newby, Moses Ferguson and Holle Branch; wit: John Ward, Jas. Dasear, Wm Elam; rec. 3 Aug 1750 (DB 1, p. 127)

31 Mar 1756

George Farrar, George Hancock, and Abel Farrar witness deed from Henry Hudson of Chesterfield Co to his son Abraham Hudson, for love and affection, land I live on, 117 acres on north side of Swift Cr. also a negro girl Sarah and various household furnishings and livestock and all remainder of estate; signed Henry Hudson; rec. 2 Apr 1756 (DB 3, p. 18)

6 Apr 1759

George Farrar to William Newby for £2/3/0, land where William Newby’s mill now stands, 2 acres on both sides of Ready run; wit: William Bass, John Osborne, Henry Hatcher; signed George Farrar; rec. 6 Apr 1759 (DB 3, p. 329)

5 Sep 1760

George Farrar and Allison Clark prove will of Henry Clay, which as presented by William, Henry, Charles, and John Clay, executors; George Farrar, William Akin, William Newby, Allison Clark to appraise (OB 3, p. 75)

4 Aug 1761

Joseph Royal Farrar, Benj. Harris, Thomas Smith, William Harris witness a deed from John Flournoy, native of Virginia, Burgess of City of Geneva, Switzerland, to Samuel Flournoy his brother, county of Cumberland (details omitted) (DB 4, p. 488)

No date, but about 1762

George Farrar, Allison Clarke, and William Akin, Jr. take the inventory of Henry Clay Sr.’s estate (WB 1, p. 35)

14 Apr 1800

Will of John Farrar proved by Philip Turpin, witness, and Peterfield Farrar, exec., granted probate


George Washington’s Royal Lineage

Gateway Ancestors of Virginia

Gateway Ancestors of the Middle Colonies

Gateway Ancestors of the Northeast

Essential Records of a Key Orphans Court, Part 1 (1677-1690)

Essential Records of a Key Orphans Court, Part 2 (1690-1739)


Henrico County

Virginia Lee Hutcheson Davis and Gary Murdock Williams, Henrico County, Virginia Deeds, 1750-1774 (Westminster, MD: Heritage, 2007).

Joyce H. Lindsay, Marriages of Henrico County, 1680-1808 (Easley, SC: Southern Historical P, 1983, orig. 1960)

Pauline Pearce Warner, Orphans Court Book, 1677-1738, of Henrico County, Virginia: An Accurate Transliteration with Index and Explanatory Information (Tappahannock, Virginia, self-published, 1963)

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—, Henrico County, Virginia, Colonial Wills and Deeds, 1677-1737 (Athens, GA: Iberian, 1998 [orig. 1976]).

Goochland County

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—, Goochland County, Virginia, Wills 1742-1749 (privately published)

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Chesterfield County

Benjamin Weisiger, Chesterfield County, Virginia, Wills, 1774-1802, rev. ed. (Athens, GA: Iberian, 1992 [1979, 1982])

—, Chesterfield County, Virginia, Deeds 1749-1756 (privately published 1986, rpr. 1991).

—, Chesterfield County, Virginia, Deeds, 1756-1764 (privately published, 1989)

—, Chesterfield County, Virginia Wills, 1749-1774 (self-published, 1979 rpr. 1988)

—, Chesterfield County, Virginia Deed Book #5, 1764-1768 (Athens, GA: Iberian, 1995)

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