Early Wilbourns of Halifax County, Virginia

Hundreds of names other than Wilbourn in this post about deeds, court orders, marriages, and probate.


Nov 25, 1775: John Stewart of Halifax sells to Gunnery Wilburn of Cumberland County, for 14 pounds, all the dividend of land in Halifax, about 200 acres, and is the same land which the said John Stewart purchased of William Owen, and was by the said William [sold] by H deed (sic). The same is bounded as expressed in that deed; signed John Stewart; wit: W Wright, William Powell, James Owen, Wm Scott; rec: July 18, 1776 (Deed Book 10, p. 83)

Nov 29, 1775: Robert Owen of Halifax sells to Gunery (Gunnery) Wilborne of Cumberland Co, for 7 pounds, 50 acre tract in Halifax on the branches of Hunting Creek, adjoining land of Thomas Owen and the said Wilborne (the land he purchased of John Stewart) and the entry of John Wooting, being part of Robert Owen’s land willed to him by “this father”; signed: Robert (X) Owen; wit: Humphrey Brooks, James Own, Richard Owen; rec: Mar 21, 1776; Robert’s wife Martha relinquishes her dower rights (Deed Book 10, p. 64)

Dec 21, 1780: Robert Owen and his wife Martha of Halifax sell to Frederick Moss of Halifax , for 1000 pounds (money) 150 acres in Halifax, on the branches of Hunting Cr., bounded by Gunnery Wilbourne, Dr. Bennet, Robert Owen, Thomas Owen and is part of a 400 acres tract patented in 1771 to John Owen; signed: Robert (X) Owen and Martha Owen who relinquished her dower; wit: none; rec: Dec 21, 1780 (Deed Book 12, p. 84)

Sep 12, 1781: Frederick Moss of Halifax sells to James Morehead of Halifax, for 10,000 pounds (sic) about 150 acres on the branches of Hunting Cr., bounded by Gunnery Wilbourn, Dr. Bennett, Robert Owen, Thomas Owen, it being part of a 400 acre tract, patented to John Owen; signed Fred’k Moss; wit: Jno Orril Tunstall, Joseph Morehead, Robert Chandler; rec: Sep 20, 1781 (Deed Book 12, p. 133)

Mar [blank day] 1785: James Morehead of Halifax sells to William Lee of Halifax, for 10,000 pounds about 150 acres, on the branch of Hunting Creek, and bounded by Gunnery Welbourn, Dr. Bennet, Robert Owen, Thomas Owens (sic), being part of a 400 acres tract, patented in 1771 to John Owen; signed James Morehead; wit: none; rec: Mar 17, 1785 (Deed Book 13, p. 159)

Nov. 3, 1785: Joseph Morehead of Halifax sells to Gunnery Welborn (Wilburn) of Cumberland [County] for 400 pounds, about 480 acres in Halifax on branches of Difficult Cr., being the principal part of the tract of land that Abraham LeGrand sold to Joseph Morehead, and part Jno Baker’s tract joining Elisha Palmer, bounded by Elizabeth Legrand, David Tranum, the tract of land conveyed to said Gunnery Wilburn in year ’83, Elizabeth Willard, Walter Bennett; signed Joseph Morehead; wit: Thos Dejanett, James Owin (sic), William Owin (sic). Rec: Nov 17, 1785; Joseph’s wife Betty relinquished her dower rights (Deed Book 13, p. 318)

Nov 28, 1787: Joseph Morehead of Halifax sells to Isaac Coles of Halifax for 15 pounds about 15 acres in Halifax on Beverdam (sic) Branches, and bounded by David Trainum’s old line, Elisha Parmer (sic), Gunery (sic) Wilburn; signed: Joseph Morehead; wit: James brown, Thomas (X) Seemore, Charles Tranum, Benjamin Tranum; rec: Feb. 25, 1788 (Deed Book 14, p. 224)

Nov. 4, 1783: Joseph Morehead of Halifax sells to Gunery Wilbourn of Cumberland County, for 250 lbs of tobacco, about 350 acres in Halifax on the branches of Hunting Cr. joining the lines of Elisha Palmer, Thomas Palmer, Duncan and Elizabeth Willard; signed: Jospeh Morehead; wit: Francis Shelton, Decker (X) Owen, Elizabeth (X) Shelton; recorded Sep 28, 1789 (Deed Book 14, p. 503)

June 28, 1790: William Bostick sells to William Challinder “of the county aforesaid,” for 22 pounds, 10 shillings, about 60 acres in Halifax and on the branches of Childrey [Cr.]; land was granted to William Conneman by patent on Apr 5, 1748, and also it is land said William Challinder now lives on; and is part of land that Robert Wilborn [nothing follows], bounded by Mire Branch at Thompson’s Mill path, Joseph May’s new line, John Boker [Booker], Robert Wilborn; signed: William Bostick, Mary Bostick; rec: June 28, 1790; Mary wife of William relinquished her right of dower (Deed Book 14, p. 657)

Jan 18, 1791: James Colegan of Halifax sells to Robert Wilburn of Halifax, for 60 pounds, which he said Colligan owes Robert Wilburn and wants to repay and for 5 shillings to Colligan paid by Wilburn, Colligan sells to Wilborn 2 mares, a gray and a sorrel, the gray about 11 years old and the sorrel about 5 years old; 4 cattle, with the future increase of the aforesaid mares and cattle; 2 feather beds and furniture with all household furniture and his share of tobacco made in the year 1790 and now in the hands of Mathew Gale in Halifax. This deed is upon trust that Wilbourn, after next Dec. 1, or as soon as Wilborn shall think proper or Colligan shall request, sell for the best price in ready money, after giving 10 days public notice in Halifax, the aforesaid property, and out of the money arising from such sale, pay Wilburn the 60 pounds or whatever sum shall be further advanced him, said Colligan, by said Wilburn, and related charges, and pay any overplus to Colligan; signed: James (X) Colligan; wit: Ephraim Francis, Joel Mullins; rec: July 25, 1791 (Deed Book 15, p. 163)

April 20, 1792: Peter Crowder of Halifax sells to John Morefield [Morefield] Sr. of Halifax, for 16 pounds, about 50 acres in Halifax, and bounded by the lines of Charles Sus (sic) on the east, Thomas Owen on the north, Gunney (sic) Wilburn on the south; signed: Peter Crowder; wit: William Williams, Robert (X) Throgmorton, Right (X) Morefield; rec: Sep 24, 1792 (Deed Book 15, p. 417)

Sep 21, 1792: William Challander of Halifax sells to Robert Wilburn of Halifax, for 20 pounds, a certain 60 acre parcel of land in Halifax adjoining Booker’s land, and is bounded by Thompson; signed: William (X) Challander (Challender); wit: Dabney Cathen (Cawthon) Michael Pruett, William Hubbard, Joseph Overton; rec: Sep 23, 1793 (Deed Book 16, p. 29)

Sep 18, 1793: Robert Wilborne and wife Sarah and Henry Perkins (Purkins) of Halifax sell to William Hubbard, for 45 pounds, a 105 acre tract, bounded by John Bostick, said Purkins, Steophen Poe, said Wilburn; signed: Henry Purkins, Robert Wilburn, sarah (X) Wilborne; rec: Sep 23, 1793 (Deed Book 16, p. 34)

April 12, 1794: Mathew Gayle of Halifax sells to Lewis Wilbourn of Halifax, for 20 pounds, about 100 acres in Halifax on Tanfat branch, part of larger quantity granted to James Norrell, by paten dated Feb 16, 1771, and bounded by Clar, Hunt, Richardson; signed: Mathew Gayle; wit: William Vassar, Robt Wilbourn, Robt Page, Wm H Montfort; rec: Apr 28, 1794

Note: On Aug 5, 1793, Nathan Sullins sells to Richard Harriss of Halifax 60 acres for 60 pounds, on the Second fork of Burches Cr. bounded by mouth of Nathan Sullins Old Spring Branch, Jas Henry’s line on said Harrisses Wagon path, and Trantraugh Branch; wit: Jas Chappell, Alexander Douglas, James Chalmers; rec: Apr 28, 1794 (Deed Book 16, p. 171)

Dec 1, 1794: Stephen Poe and his wife Sary of Halifax sells to Thomas Walker of Halifax, for 60 pounds, a 330 acre tract of land, surveyed Sep 15, 1791, on the drafts of Childres Cr. and Stanton R and on both sides of Hickey’s Road, and is bounded by Robert Wilborn, Hubbord’s, Booker’s Montford’s Foourt’s (?), Browder’s and Winford’s lines; signed: Stephen (X) Poe, Sary (X) Poe; wit: William Hubbord, James White, T. H. (?) George; recorded Apr 27, 1795 (Deed Book 16, p. 396)

Apr 12, 1794: Thomas Black of Halifax sells to Lewis Wilbourn of Halifax, for 100 pounds, about 162 acres in Halifax, and bounded by the Alder Bush Branch, and James Norrell Jr., John Richardson, the Tan Fat Branch, Skipp Richardson’s and Epaphroditus White’s lines; signed: Thomas Black; wit: William Vassar, Robert Wilbourn, Robert Page, Wm H Montfert; Susannah wife of Thomas Black relinquishes her dower rights; rec: Apr 28, 1794 (Deed Book 16, p. 179)

Feb 14, 1795: Joseph Morehead and his wife Elizabeth, of North Carolina, sells to George Carrington of Halifax, for 50 pounds, 74 acres in Halifax, bounded by Legrand, Prewit, Trainham, Gunery (sic) Wilborne, Betty Legrand; wighed: Joseph Morehead and Elizabeth Morehead; wit: Joseph Landford, Jas Morehead, Mary Morehead, Benj. Smith; rec: Feb 23, 1795 (Deed Book 16, p. 323)

June 3, 1795: Charles Dunkin (sic) of Chesterfield County sells to Elisha Palmer of Halifax, for 100 pounds, about 400 acres in Halifax, being the tract of land conveyed to said Palmer by Sampson Lampkin, bounded by said Palmer, Bennett, Hunting Cr., and Wilborne; signed Charles Duncan for self and co. Wit: James A. Glenn, Peter Barksdale, James Eastham; rec: Dec. 28, 1795 (Deed Book 16, p. 486)

Oct 25, 1795: John Moorfield Sr. of Halifax sells to John Hughs of Halifax, for 25 pounds, about 50 acres and bounded by lands of Charles Lees on the east, Thomas Owen on the north, Gunney Wilborn on the south, and thence to the new lines; signed John (X) Moorefield; wit: Wm Hall Jr. John Dunkley; rec: Oct 26, 1795 (Deed Book 16, p. 438)

Dec 1, 1795: Stephen Poe and his wife Say sell to William Hubbord, each of Halifax, for 4 pounds 7 shillings and 9 pence, about 26 acres, bounded by Poe and Hubbord’s line, Robert Wilborn’s pointes; signed: Stephen (X) Poe, Sary (X) Poe; wit: John Bostick, T. H. (?) George, James Huhnatr (?), Thomas (X) Walker; rec: Apr 27, 1795 (Deed Book 16, p. 354)

May 28, 1796: John Hughes of Halifax sells to Philip Rowlett of Halifax, for 10 pounds, about 50 acres in Halifax, bounded by the lands of Charles Lee on the east, Thomas Owings (sic) on the north, Gunnery Wilbornes (sic) on the south, and thence to the new lines; signed John Hughes; wit: Peter Green, Richard Hench; rec: July 25, 1796 (Deed Book 16, p. 680)


May Court 1768: Robert Hastie and Co., plaintiffs, v. Gunnery Wilburne, defendants (sic) in (Blank), James Owens and John Foushee came into court and jointly and severally undertake for the defendants that in case they should be cast in the plea aforesaid, that they shall pay the costs and condemnation of the court or render their bodies in the prison of the King in execution for the same, or that they, James Owen and John Foushee, will pay the said costs and condemnation or render their bodies in the prison aforesaid (Order Book 6, p. 144)

July Court 1768: Robert Hastie and Co., plaintiffs v. Gunnery Wilburne and (blank), defendants, in (blank), for reasons appearing, ordered that this suit be dismissed (Order Book 6, p. 163)


Aug 8, 1791: William Wilbourn and Hannah Shelton; surety: Decker Owen; Francis and Elizabeth Shelton consent for Hannah; no relationship state; Rev. Thomas Dobson

Oct 15, 1798: Richard H. Ligon and Gincey Wilbourn; surety: Thomas Wilbourn; wit: Judah Wilbourn; married 18 Oct by Rev. Thomas Dobson who says Jincy

Aug 22, 1799: Thomas Wilborn and Susannah Ligon; Rev. Ligon

Aug 12, 1802: Robert Wilborne and Patsy Ligon; Wm Ligon (father) consents; surety: Thomas Wilbourne; wit: Thomas Wilborne and Mastin Ligon

Feb 20, 1804: Joseph Jennings and Nancy Wilbourne; bond: Robert Wilbourne

Sep 17, 1804: John Jennings and Betsy Wilborn; bond: Robert Wilborn

Nov 1, 1804: John Wilbourn and Judith Martin, dau of Benjamin Martin who consents; surety: Matthew Nichols; wit: Matthew Nichols and Richard T. Ligon and Judah Martin

Dec 24, 1805: Obediah Wilborne and Elizabeth Martin; consent: Benjamin and Elizabeth Martin, (parents); surety: Richard H. Ligon; wit: Richard H. Ligon and Wm Readen; James Eastham, guardian, also signs the consent

Jan 16, 1808: William Canada and Nancy Wilborn; bond: Isiah Canada

Aug 6, 1807: John Wilborn and Martha Smith; bond: Jane Overstreet (mother of Martha); wit: Marthey (sic) Smith m. Aug 8, 1807 by Rev. Leonard Baker

Sep 1, 1807: William Wilborn and Rebecca Owen; bond: John Nichols; Rebecca Owens consents

Sep 26 1809: John Wilborn and Elizabeth Cheatham; Benjamin Cheatham (father); surety: Robert Smalmon (sic); wit: Geo Lipscomb and Richard Ligon; m. Sep 27 by Rev. Thomas Dobson, Jr.

July 24, 1809: James Forrest and Polly Wilborne; bond: Robert Wilborne

Dec 22, 1818: John Wilburn and Sarah Wilburn; bond: Thomas J. Marshall

Sep 20, 1820: Edward B. Owen and Judith Wilborne; bond: Bitterton Owen; Rebecca Wilborne (mother)

Oct 22, 1821: John B. Shaw and Agness M. Wilburn; bond: Wm. Canada

Sep 24, 1827: Achellis Wilborn and Nancy Scates who signs her own consent; bond: Richard A. Cook; wit: Robertson Murphey and John Murphey

July 11, 1828: John Wilborn and Elizabeth W. Faulkner; bond: Wm Faulkner; m. July 11, 1828 by Rev. Jno. Leigh

Dec 23, 1829: Henry H. Morris and Martha Wilbourne; bond: Achillis Wilbourne

Dec 21, 1831: Wesley Martin and Miley Wilburn; bond: Benjamin T. Word

Feb 22, 1832: John Welborn and Elizabeth M. Spencer; bond: Wm. C. Spencer (father)

Mar 21, 1833: Benjamin Perry and Julia Wilbourn; bond: Achillis Wilbourn

April 9, 1835: William Wilbourn and Polly S. Childress; bond: Thomas Childress

Sep 7, 1837: William Wilborne and Nancy Dyer; bond: Henry Dyer

Oct 9, 1839: Richard P. Wilborne and Julianna Pool; bond: James E. P. Pool (father)

Oct 11, 1839: Williams Adams and America Wilburn; bond: Gunney Wilbun (sic)

Jan 5, 1840: Edward Cole and Elizabeth Wilborn; bond: Washington Wilborn (father)

Mar 25, 1840: Richard Loftes and Edy Ann Wilbourn; bond: Wm Cole

April 22, 1840: Paschal Tally and Mary Wilbourn; bond: Branch Tally (father) and Thomas Wilbourn (father)

Oct 5, 1845: Edwin D. Wilburn and Arminta G. Price; bond: Thomas J. Marshall (grandfather of Arminta G.)

Aug 23, 1847: Redmor Adams and Martha W. Wilburn; bond: G. S. Wilburn (father)

Mar 26, 1849: Coleman Welborne and Sarah V. Bailey; bond: Charles Allen

Feb 25, 1850: John Estes and Amanda Wilbourn; bond: Mary A. Farmer

May 6, 1851: James R. Wilborn and Mary R. Rickman; (minister returns)

Aug 25, 1852: Greenberry Welbourne and Dicey Sales (minister returns)

Dec 20, 1852: Joseph Cildress and Francis Wilborne; consent


Note: there are other later probate records, but they are not included here. More research is needed. Go for it!

Dec 22, 1772: John (X) Wilborn witnesses Joseph Johnson’s will; Johnson bequeaths everything to his (unnamed) wife, and after her death everything is to go to Joseph Jones of Dinwiddie Co. Executors: wife, Thomas Jones, and Joseph Jones; other witnesses: George (X) Williams and Rebekah Williams; security: Micajah Watkins (Will Book 1, p. 283)

Jan 30, 1790: Gunnery Wilbourn’s estate is inventoried and appraised for a total of 463 pounds, 9 shillings and 9 pence; signed: George Carrington, Thos. Thweatt, Thos. Clark(Will Book 2, pp. 389-90)

Recorded: 1796 — Estate of Gunnery Wilborn, decd, to be allotted as follows:

Judith Wilborn, widow: 3 slaves Bob, Dinah, and Sheppard; 1 woman’s saddle; 2 beds and furniture, including bedstead, 6 black walnut chairs, 2 split bottom chairs, 2 pine tables, 1 pine chest, 1 Bible, 1119 pounds tobacco inspected at Petersburg, in full for the dower of the estate;

Each legatee receives £42 2 shillings as their part in the following manner:

Son John Wilborn: 1 Negro Cordie at £40 and two bonds with security

Thomas Wilborn: 1 negro Archer at £32 and bonds worth £10, 2 s.

Williams (sic) Wilborn: 1 negro Frank at £65 and deduct his bond to the other £22, 10s.

Robert Wilborn: 1 negro Ben at £32, and the widow’s bond with security for £, 2s.

Nancy Wilborn: 1 negro Sawney at £12 and the widow’s bond with security for £13, 17s., 4 pence, and William Wilborn’s bond for £16, 4s, 3 pence

Obediah Wilborn: 1 negro Jesse

Jane Wilborn: 1 negro China, £14 bond and bond from Wm Williams and Charles Allen

Sally Allen, legatee: horse and bond from Charles Allen

A completion of this business was delayed by a train of accidents, the most important of which is the death of the commissioners. At that point finding difficulty in dividing the estate in its original kind, we advised a sale of the most peacable articles, hence have arisen the bonds that are herein reported. We further allot to Robert Wilborn a tract of land, agreeable to survey, lot #1; to Jane Wilborne, #2; to Thomas Wilborne, #3; to Charles Allen by his wife Sarah Allen, #4; to Nancy Wilborn, #5; to John Wilborne, #6; to Williams Wilborne, #7; to Obediah, #8, being previously allotted to the widow, one third of the intestate, involving the mansion house etc.
Signed Geo Carrington, Thomas Dobson, John Clark; recorded Jan 25, 1796 Halifax Wills, pp. 218-19)


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Most of these posts have names other than Wilbourn. Some posts have hundreds of names.


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