The Richardsons: Dysfunctional Quaker Family

Dateline: 1683 to 1700, Pennsylvania and West Jersey. The head of household served in the highest level of government of the Province of Pennsylvania, but his own really bad behavior brought him down.

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The Records of Henry Reynolds and Prudence Clayton, Chester County, PA, 1681-1728

He was active in Chester County, Pennsylvania, in and out of courts, and incurring large debts. His last Will and Testament, however, shows him to have a lot of land.

This post shows how people lived back then, in early America.

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One Troubled Indentured Servant in Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1685-88 (updated)

Samuel Rowland was most likely an indentured servant, and the court records show him either in trouble or more often the cause of it. Life wasn’t paradise in a growing and early Quaker community in Pennsylvania.

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