Perrins of Edgefield District, South Carolina

These records go from 1770 to 1828.

Here are the raw data. They do not sort out family relationships.

See William Perrin and Mary Clopton

Three categories:

  1. County Court Minutes
  2. Deeds, grants, and plats
  3. Probate



William Perrin’s Last Will and Testament was exhibited in open court and proved by oath of Thomas Littleton, one of the subscribing witnesses (Minutes of the County Court, 1785-1795 111)

Abner Perrin, one of the executors, was sworn as such of William Perrin’s last will and testament (Minutes of the County Court, 1785-1795 111)

14 Jan 1788

Ordered that James Harrison, James Stephens, George Perrin, and Robert Belcher, or any of these three, do an inventory and appraisement of William Perrin’s good and chattels and property, decd. (Minutes of the County Court, 1785-1795 138)


In the earliest deeds, grants, plats, I focus just on William Perrin and his children; then the names expand as the years roll on.

24 and 25 July 1770

Charles (X) Boyle of Colleton Co. and Catherine his wife, to William Perrin of Virginia, Lease and Release, for £1000.00, 300 acres in Colleton Co. on Hard Labour Cr. a branch of Stephen’s Cr., a branch of Savannah R. bounded on all sides by vacant land, granted 2 Mar 1764 by Gov. Thomas Boone to William Strother, who by Lease and Release dated 2 and 3 Aug 1768 sold to Charles Boyle’ wit: Abraham Martin, Peter Cunningham, David Cunningham, before Moses Kirkland, J.P., 21 Sep. 1772 (B-4: 515-22)

24 and 25 Jan 1773

William Perrin witnesses a lease and release between Charles Boyle and Catherine Boyle, his wife, of Colleton Co. to David Hunter of same province, £95.00 SC money, for 100 acres on Sleepy Cr. adj. bounty land, granted 10 Apr 1771 to Isaac Ramsey, conveyed to 4 and 5 Nov 1772 to Charles Boyle; signed Charles X Boyle and Catherine Boyle; wit: Robt. Bryan, Wm Perrin, Ben Hull, proved in 96 Dist. by Robert Bryan (M-4: 140-44)

27 Feb 1773

William Perrin 55 acres in Granville Co. on waters of Hard Labor Cr. adj. said Perrin, William Martin, Landrum, Swiling, Elemand Henry Gosper, 7 June 1774 (Royal Grant Book 30: 491)

27 Feb 1773

William Perrin, 235 acres in Granville Co. on waters of Hard Labor Cr. 23 June 1774 (Royal Grant Book 31: 97)

19 Nov 1784

Abner Perrin, 142 acres in 96 Dist. on Hard Labour Cr. and Callabar Br. plat shows land on Hard Labor Cr. and Callabar Br. joining Philip Kyre and Perrin (Plat Book 8: 447)

15 June 1785

Cassandra Perrin, 630 acres in 96 District, on waters of Hard Labor Cr. pf Stephen’s Cr. of Savannah R., plat shows land on both sides of a creek, and 4 branches, and joins Rich’d Tutt, Abner Perrin, John Brannon; signed Josiah Cantey (Plat Book 17: 237)

9 Jan 1786

George Perrin and Abner Perrin witnesses a deed between Johannes Hoose, planter, and Peter Rambey, 5 shillings, 100 acres on Stephen’s Cr., originally granted to 4 May 1775 to Wm Thomson and sold to James Wallace by Lease and Release 16 and 17 Aug. 1785; signed Johannes Hoose; wit: George Perrin and Abner Perrin, who swore by oath 25 Apr 1792 before Richard Tutt, J.P. (7:5-9)

22 Oct 1793

Abner Perrin and Sally his wife to George Sullivant (sic) £80.00, 170 acres, in part Edgefield District and Abbeville District on Hard Labour Cr.; signed Abner Perrin and Sally Perrin; wit: William Perrin Sr. William Pen Sullivant, and William Perrin Jr. who swore an oath on 4 Jan 1794 before Richard Tutt; surveyed 10 Nov 1791 for George Sullivant, E by Richard Tutt, NE by Wm Perrin, N & NW by Abner Perrin, S unknown, plat p. 67 (9:63-68)

12 Jan 1796

Richard Tutt, Jr, to Paul Williams, £100, 100 acres, on Hard Labour Cr. of Stephen’s Cr. of Savannah R., adj. Abner Perrin, George Sullivant, William Perrin and Samuel Perrin, who swore an oath 6 Feb 1796 before John Blocker, J.P. (12:541-42)

23 Aug 1796

James Nelson of Abbeville Co. John Gibson, and Mary Nelson to Henry Zimmerman, deed, $200.00, 100 ac in Edgefield on Hard Labor Cr., adj. George Perkins (sic), Philip Zimmerman, Conrad Mark, Stephen Mantz; wit: Isaac Nelson, Robert Perrin; signed James Nelson, John Gibson, Mary Nelson; Mary, wife of James Nelson relinquishes her dower rights; proven 3 Jan 1797 by Robert Perrin, Ja’s Harrison, J.P. (13:447-48)

24 Oct 1796

John Perry to Jacob Isom, deed, £10.00, 30 ac Hard Labor Cr. adj. said Isom and Henry Mark, part of 100 ac whereon said John Perry lives; wit: Abner Perrin, Philip Peter Knob, Daniel Whiteman; signed John (IP) Perry; proven 14 Mar 1797 by Abner Perrin; Richard Tutt (11:562-63)

24 Oct 1796

Abner Perrin to Daniel Wideman, deed, $40.00, 120 acres bounded by land of Robert Thomson, Cunrad Mark, Peter Rambry, John Baker, lying on Hard Labor Cr. and Cow Cr.; wit: Jacob Idam, Philip Peter Canob; signed Abner Perrin; signed Sarah Perrin; proven 24 Oct 1801 by Jacob Idam, Ja’s Harrison, J.P. recorded 13 Nov 1801 (21:75-76)

10 Feb 1797

William Anderson to his daughters Rachel and Eliza Anderson, deed, £300.00 sterling, 440 acres including the following grants: 140 acres purchased of Robert Lang and granted James Myrick; also 100 acres purchased of Robert Lang and granted to Millicent Lang; 150 acres purchased of Littleberry Harris and granted to William Ellice; and 40 acres which I purchased of Samuel Sansom, bounded by James Hill, the Goose Pond branch, Saludy R.; wit: Rd. Tutt, Martha Perrin, George H. Perrin; signed W. Anderson; Eliza Ann relinquished her dower rights, 20 Feb 1797; signed Eliza Ann Anderson; proven 3 July 1797 by George H. Perrin, Rd. Tutt, J.P. (14:78-80)

14 Mar 1797

Benjamin Harry to Thomas Adams, deed, £20.00, 100 acs originally granted to William Moseley Jr. 21 May 1772 by Gov. Montague and conveyed to Wm Mosley to Benjamin Harry, lying in Granville Co. now Edgefield, on Nobles Cr., adj. lands of Lawrence Rambo and John Powman White; wit: Burel X Johnson, George H. Perrin; signed Benjamin Harry; Hannah Harry relinquishes dower rights; proven 14 Mar 1797 by George H. Perrin (11:560-62)

25 Apr 1797

James Yeldell and wife Elizabeth to John George Saibart, deed, £15 66 ac part of 200 ac granted to James Yeldell, Sr., decd. bounded by lines of Thomas Bacon, Esq., Robert and William Yeldell; wit: Abner Perrin, John Longmire, Henry Cooper; signed James Yeldell; Elizabeth X Yeldell relinquishes her dower rights; proven 4 July 1797 by Abner Perrin, Richard Tutt, J.P. (14:163-66)

Abner Perrin, decd. and George H. Perrin, admin. of said decd. to Thomas Littleton, receipts, received of Thomas Littleton, $34.00 in part for 200 acres on Mile branch for which said Littleton is to pay £75.00; signed Abner Perrin; 29 Aug 1797 received of Thos Littleton $14.50; 1370 lbs. meat at $5.00 ct. signed A Perrin; rec’d of Thomas Littleton $55.81 ¼ in part for land sold by Abner Perrin, decd. 10 July 1800; signed G. H. Perrin, admin. proven 18 Dec 1800 by George H. Perrin, Richard Tutt, CC (19:129-31)

12 Feb 1799

Jacob Hibler to William Bobbett, deed, £70.00, 107 ac on Steven’s Cr. and Savannah R., part of tract originally granted to Benjamin Bell, bounding lands of Howley, Samuel Stalnaker, Richard Tutt, Sr., Hiram McDaniel; other half of said old survey and sold by Wm McDanolds (sic) to Jacob Hibler; wit: Abner Perrin, Thomas X Wilburn; signed Jacob Hibler; Jincy Hibler relinquishes her dower rights; proven 12 Feb by Abner Perrin, James Harrison, J.P. (16:571-75)

24 Sep 1799

John Stephen Mantz to Doby Acred, deed, $150 ac 100 ac on Hard Labor Cr. adj. lands of said J. S. Mantz, Peter Ramby, and Ready; wit: O. Ellyson, J. Perry’s land, Peter Rampey’s line; surveyed 18 June 1799 by Abner Perrin, D.S.; proven Nov 1799 by O. Ellisson, James Harrison, J.P. (17:552-55)

14 July 1800

Sally Perrin, widow of Abner Perrin, decd., to Thomas Littleton, deed, $333.00 paid or secored to be paid for 240 acres sold by my late husband to Thomas Littleton, situate on Mile branch of Hard Labor Cr. bounding land of heirs of Abner Perrin, decd, land of Samuel Perrin, land of heirs of James Steffell, decd. Jacob Cosper; wit: G. H. Perrin, Jacob Cosper; signed Sally Perrin; proven 18 Dec 1800 by G. H. Perrin; Rd. Tutt, CC (19:131-33)

8 Aug 1800

Peggy Merdock to William Perrin, Sr., deed, $100.00 fifteen ac on Hard Labor Cr. of Stephen’s Cr and Savannah R. bounded on lands of George Perrin’s heirs, Henry Zimmerman, decd., originally granted to Philip Zimmerman, decd. and by him willed to Henry Zimmerman, decd. from him conveyed to Jospeh Murdock, the husband of Peggy Murdock; wit: Lelly (Letty?) Perrin, G. H. Perrin; signed Peggy Murdock; proven 9 Aug 1800 by G. H. Perrin, Rd. Tutt (18:493-96)

8 Aug 1800

Peggy Murdock to William Perrin, Sr. B sale, $200.00 (livestock and household goods); wit: Lelly Perrin, G. H. Perrin; signed Peggy Murdock; proven 9 Aug 1800 by G. H. Perrin; Richard Tutt, C.C. (18:496-98)

8 Aug 1800

Peggy Murdock to William Perrin Sr., deed of sale, $250.00 negro girl Milly with her future increase; wit: Lelley Perrin, G. H. Perrin; signed Peggy Murdock; proven 9 Aug 1800 by G. H. Perrin, Richard Tutt, C.C. (18:498-99)

27 Apr 1801

John Foster Sr. to Sally Perrin, deed goodwill and affection, three negroes: man Ben, man Cyrus, woman Jane and their future increase, which negroes is now in possession of said Sally Perrin; Edwd. Collier, James Foster; signed John Foster Sr. Proven 9 Sep 1801 by James Foster; Josiah Patterson, J.P. (21:38-39)

5 June 1802

Robt. Perrin witnesses a deed: Charles Williams to Jesse House, $300.00, 100 acres on Stephens Cr. of Savannah R.; wit: John Longmire, Robt. Perrin; signed Charles Williams; plat shows adj. land of James Frazer, Charles Williams, Stephen’s Cr. Proven 11 June 1802 by John Longmire; J. P. Harrison, J.Q. (22:352-54)

22 Jan 1806

George Merck to John Vanner, $350.00, 200 ac on Hard Labor Cr., adj. Peter Ramby, W on heirs of Henry Zimmerman, S on heirs of Abner Perrin, SE on Johnson; wit: Robert Perrin, Mary Haynie; signed George Merck; Margaret X Merck relinquishes her dower rights; proven 8 Feb 1806 by Robert Perrin, John Longmire, J.P. (26:366)

5 Jan 1810

John Foster of Abbeville to his grandchildren John, Thomas, Polley, and Abner Perrin of Edgefield, deed of gift, two negro slaves now in possession of Sarah Perrin, widow of Abner Perrin, decd. named Cyrus and Jane and their future increase; wit: Edwd. Collier, Sam’l Perrin; signed John Foster; proven 27 Oct 1801 by Allen Robertson; Henry Key, J.P. (21:14-15)

24 May 1811

Agnes Littleton to Thomas Littleton, deed of conveyance, $100.00, 240 ac adj. lands of (name lost in binding)ed Siby, Sally Buffington, E&W by heirs of A Perrin, N by Amos (name lost in binding) – Dubose, lying on Hard Labor Cr. of Savannah r; wit: James Per Tutt, George Merck; signed Agness (A) Littleton; proven 15 Nov 1811 by George Merck, G. Longmire, J.P. (31:3)

22 Apr 1811

Samuel Perrin, J.Q. is mentioned in a deed between Samuel Carter and David Rush, $500.00, 962 ac all remaining part of tract which has not been sold to others agreeable to the plat thereof dated 25 May 1793, granted me by John Lyon’s estate, on Cuffeetown Cr. Wit: William Dorris, Elisecrit X Dorris; proven 22 Jan 1817 by William Dorris, Sam’l Perrin, J.Q. (33:361)

29 June 1811

John Vanner to Stephen Mantz, deed of conveyance, $200.00, 200 ac on Hard Labor Cr. adj. N on lands of Peter Rampey, W on Henry Timmerman, S on heirs of Abram Perrin, SE on Thomson’s lands; wit: William Mantz, James Spratt; signed John Vanner; proven 1 July 1811 by William Mantz, John Blocker, J.Q. (30:367)

26 Feb 1814

Former sheriff Sampson Butler to Stanmore Butler, sheriff’s titles; at suit of admin. of Perron (sic) against Henry Adolph, sheriff to sell publicly for ready money, first Monday Oct 1802 at  Edgefield Courthouse, said land struck off to Stanmore Butler for $200.00; said land was granted to Henrick Adolph, 300 ac on Cuffeetown Cr. all the claim at time of sale Henry Adloph had in land; wit: Henry W. Low, J.M. Butler; signed Sampson Butler, former S.E.D; proven 31 Mar 1814 by James Butler (31:484)

22 Apr 1816

Samuel Perrin, heirs of Abner Perrin, and Robert Perrin are mentioned in a deed between Thomas Bacon of Liberty Co. GA, ex’or of estate of Thomas Bacon Sr. of the one part and Bartholomew Savage Adams, of the second part; $2,376; 2376 acres on Hard Labor Cr. of Cuffytown Cr. adj. James Nelson, heirs of White, heirs of Yeldell, heirs of William Martin, heirs of Richard Tutt, Samuel Perrin, heirs of Abner Perrin, Richard Buffington, Widow Buffington, Robert Perrin, John Longmire, John Anderson, heirs of Whatley, heirs of Benj. Blake; wit: Edward Harrison, James Harrison, George L. Barless; signed Thomas Bacon, ex’or of est. of Thomas Bacon Sr.; proven 23 Apr 1816 by Edward Harrison and E. B. Belcher (33:117)

23 Nov 1816

Ann Williams, Gabriel Williams and wife Sally, Reuben Pates and wife Margaret, David Walker and wife Milly, Elizabeth Williams, Catherine Williams, and Ann J. Williams of Woodford Co., KY of the one part and John Williams of the second part, Woodford Co. KY, £150 lawful money of KY, 100 ac in Edgefield Co. on Hard Labor Cr. of Stephen’s Cr. adj. S on Abner Perris (sic), SW on George Sullivan, N on William Perrin, NE and E on Samuel Perrin, conveyed by Richard Tutt, Esq. to Paul Williams; wit: Lewis Tutt, Milly Linch, George G. Tutt; signed Elizabeth Williams; signed Catherine Williams; signed Ann J. Williams; signed Ann Williams; signed Milly Walker; signed D Walker; signed G Williams; signed Sally Williams, Woodford Co. KY, proven 24 Nov 1816 by Lewis tutt, George G. Tutt, E. H. Blekburn, J.P. (34:96)

7 Feb 1817

Robert Perrin witnesses a deed between Edmund Bacon and Matthias Jones, $120.00 4 ¾ ac on Beaverdam Cr. part of land originally granted to Elias Blackborn, from him to William Blackborn, from him to aforesaid Edmund Bacon, on road to Higgins Ferry on Saluda R. wit: John Martin, Robert Perrin; signed Edmund Bacon; Mary Blackborn relinquishes her dower rights (35:104)

8 Aug 1817

(That’s the proven date)

Perrin’s land is mentioned in a deed: David Williams of Edgefield District and John Williams to George Coleman of Woodford Co, KY, heirs of Paul Williams, decd., deed, $726.00 (no acreage stated) on Hard Labor Cr. of Stephen’s Cr.; wit: Daniel White, Harman P. Cosper; signed John Williams; signed David Williams; plat shows 121 acres adj. Buffington, Perrin, Sullivan, Martin, resurveyed 21 Dec 1816 by E. Settle, D.S.; proven 8 Aug 1817 by Harman P. Cosper (34:367)

26 Aug 1818

(Day is lost in binding, but it is probably 26)

Samuel Perrin proves a deed between David Rush of the one part and Jacob Gable and Samuel Gallaher of the other part, of Abbeville District, $100.00, 100 ac on Cuffeetown Cr. adj lands of David Rush, Jacob Shively, part of tract granted to Elizabeth Bowers; wit: William X Dorris, Joseph X Thornton; signed David Rush; proven 26 Aug 1818 by William Dorris, Samuel Perrin, J.P. (35:183)

4 Feb 1818

Lands of the heirs of Abner Perrin are mentioned and Henry Perrin witness a deed: George Swilling of Pendleton District to William Yeldell, $175.00, 100 ac on Cow Cr. of Cuffeetown Cr. adj. land of Ed(lost in binding) Dean, heirs of Abner Perrin; signed George Swilling; wit: Henry W. Perrin, Philip Stiefel; Margaret relinquishes her dower rights (37:40)

16 Dec 1818

Samuel Perrin is a Justice in a deed between Joseph Gotter and Edward Collier, Sr. of Abbeville (38:55)

2 Feb 1819

Samuel Perrin witnesses a purchase: Savage Adams to John Chiles and Edmund Belcher, deacons of the Baptist Church at Bethany and their successors in office, 4 ac adj. lands of heirs of Richard Buffington and said Adams; signed B. S. Adams; wit: Sam’l Perrin, John Roden (interesting plat encircled by a devotional hymn, Daneil White, D.S.); proven 22 June 1819 by Samuel Perrin (37:252)

25 Dec 1819

Robert Perrin and Abner Perrin Jr. witness of deed: Jacob Thornton of Abbeville District to Menoah Heathington, $150.00, 67 ½ ac on Cuffeetown Cr adj. Thomas Ramsay, said Heathington, heirs of James Hollingsworth; signed Jacob X Thornton; wit: Robert Perrin, Abner Perrin, Jr. proven 1 Apr 1820 by Abner Perrin Jr. (37:115)

30 Oct 1820

Samuel Perrin is a justice in a deed: Goolsbury Gardner to Menoah Weatherinton, $250.00, 40 ac where he now lives on Reedy Cr. of Cuffeetown bounded by Menoah Weatherington, William Hamilton, Wiley Kemp; signed Gools Berry X Gardner; wit: Samuel X Covington; signed Richard Weatherington; proved 5 Feb 1822 by Richard Weatherington; signed Sam’l Perrin (39:34)

6 Sep 1821

Samuel Perrin is a justice in a deed between Philip Cook of Abbeville District and James Dawson, $100.00, 100 ac on Hard Labor Cr. of Steven’s Cr., part of 288 ac granted to Henry Cook and certified 1789 adj. lands granted to John Williams, lands held by James Smith, John Morris, and said James E. Dawson; signed Philip Cook; wit: John Holloway, W. R. Nelson, justice Sam’l Perrin certifies relinquishment of dower rights by Mary Cook (38:260)

5 Dec 1821

George H. Perrin proves a deed; and Samuel Perrin is a justice: John McCray to James Walker, $120.00 paid by James Walker of Abbeville District, waters on Cuffeetown Cr. adj. S. Mantz, John Herst, David Rush (39:77)

6 Apr. 1822

George Coleman to William Sullivan, deed, $550.00, 60 acres on Hard Labor Cr. of Stephen’s Cr. adj. SW by William P. Sullivan and Bartholomew S. Adams, N by Henry Hose, E by Hard Labot Cr.; signed George Coleman; wit: Abner Perrin, Elijah Whiten; justice James Perrin certifies [blank] Coleman, wife of George relinquishes her dower rights; proved Abner Perrin (42:91-92)

22 Apr 1823

Samuel Perrin, J.Q. proved a deed between Isaac Ramsey and John Harris: $650.00 in hand paid by John Harris Ramsey sold 137 acres, being part of land purchased by Thomas Cook and Thomas Ramsey from Henry Halbeck 22 Apr 1823; signed Isaac X Ramsey; wit: Jas. N. Casey; James Carson; proved by James Carson who saw Isaac Ramsey and James N. Casey sign; sworn 22 Apr 1823, signed Jas Carson and Sam’l Perrin, J.Q.; justice Sam’l Perrin certifies release of dower by Salley Ramsey, 9 May 1823; signed Sally X Ramsey (41:299-300)

1 Mar 1824

Robert Perrin is mentioned in a deed: Edmund B. Belcher to Beverly Burton, sheriff’s titles, indenture 1 Mar 1824; at suit James Sproul and Robert Perrin against Allen Burton and Mary Burton, writ of fieri facias directed sheriff to seize land and after notice of intended sale, openly sell to highest bidder; struck off to Beverly Burton for $300.00, one third part of 400 ac lying on Savannah R adj. Lewellan Winn, Jacob Hibler, Rebecca Raney, William Yeldell; signed E. B. Belcher; wit: signed R. H. Tutt; signed Cadwell Evans; proved 24 May 1824 R. H. Tutt (40:386-87)

4 Jan 1825

Richard Wilborn to Robert Perrin, indenture; Richard by note of even date is indebted to Robert Perrin in sum $305.00; to secure payment released to Perrin seventy or eighty acres on Cuffeetown Cr. whereon Richard Wilborn now lives adj. William Yeldell, Matthew Barrett, said creek, provided nevertheless that if Richard Wilborn pays Robert Perrin $305.00 on or before April 1 next withy lawful interest this indenture to be void; signed Richard X Wilborn; wit: Peter Buffington; James Watt (41:194-95)

9 May 1828

B. S. Adams to Isaac Lesseter, deed, Abbeville District; Bartholomew Adams of Abbeville, for $400.00 in hand paid by Isaac Lesseter of Abbeville District, twenty three hundred seventy-six acres on Hard Labor Cr. of Steven’s Cr adj. James Nelson, heirs of White, Yeldell, heirs of William Martin, heirs of Richard Tutt, Samuel Perrin, heirs of Abner Perrin, John Longmire, John Anderson, heirs of Hawley; also 100 acres in Edgefield on waters of Hard Labor Cr. adj. Edward Wade, Widow Buffington, and land above; signed B. S. Adams; wit: Hamlin freeman, John Adams; Judith Adams relinquishes her dower rights (43:222-24)



10 May 1797

George Perrin’s will

Wife Caty: two negroes Isaac and Ginney and any increase they might have; land and household items and so on

Daughter Elizabeth: five shillings, she having received her portion

Daughter Peggy: one negro girl named Millie

Daughter Cassandra: one negro girl named Christean; she is under 18

Four sons William, Robert, Abner, Josephus, all my land and remaining parts of negroes, household furniture and stock, and so on; Josephus is under 21

Executors: sons William and Robert

Witnesses: Abner Perrin, Geo Gulvant (sic); Sorml (sic) Perrin

Signed George Perrin

Source: WB A, p. 128

Box 43, pkg. 1798


Will of William Perrin

Transcription begins:

Box no. 44

Pkg “ 1829

Will Can not Be Copied


Recorded Oct 1787

In Will Book

A – pages 1-2

WILLIAM PERRIN’S Last Will and Testament

In the name of God, Amen

I WILLIAM PERRIN of South Carolina in the District of Ninety-Six being sick and weak but perfect in mind and Memory do constitute and appoint this my last will and Testament in Manner and form following (viz) To Wit: That my Funeral [careted in: Expences] and Just debts be [careted in: first] paid

Item I give and bequeath to my eldest Son ABNER all the land I possess on the East Side of Hardlabour Creek above the mile branch taking the branch before the line except fifty acres that lies on the New Road and also one Negro Man named ISAAC when he shall come to the age of Twenty-one years and one fether Bed, to him and his heirs and assigns forever –

Item I give and bequeath to my Son SAMUEL all the Land I possess on the east of Hardlabour Creek below the mile branch, also one negro Boy Named HARRY, also one Feather Bed when he [comes] to the age of Twenty one years or Married, to him his heirs and assigns forever –

Item I give and bequeath to my Son WILLIAM all the Land I possess on the west side of Hardlabour Creek, also one Negro Girl named LUCY and also one Feather Bed when he comes to the age of twenty one years to him his heirs and assigns forever –

Item I give and bequeath to my Son GEORGE HENRY fifty five acres of Land lying on the new Road and Two young Negroes Named JOE and NED and one feather bed when he comes to the age of Twenty one years, to him, his heirs and assigns forever –

Item I give and bequeath to my Daughter CASSANDRA one Negro boy named ROBERSON, also one Feather bed to her, her heirs and assigns forever –

Item I give and bequeath to my Daughter BETTY five shillings to her, her heirs and assigns forever –

Item I give and bequeath to my Daughter MARY one Negro girl Named SARAH, also one feather bed to her, her heirs and assigns forever –

Item I give and bequeath to my Daughter REBECAH Five Shillings Sterling to her, her heirs and assigns forever –

Item I give and bequeath to my Daughter MARGARET one Negro boy Named CHARLES, also one feather bed and side saddle to her, her heirs and assigns forever –

Item I give and bequeath to my Daughter SALLY one Negro Girl named AMEA, also one feather Bed and side saddle to her and her heirs and assigns forever –

Item I give and bequeath to my Daughter EDNA one Negro Girls named SUCKEY, also one feather bed and Side Saddle to her, her heirs and Assigns forever –

Item I give and bequeath to my Daughter MARTHA one Negro or sixty pounds sterling, also one feather bed and Side Saddle to her, her heirs and assigns forever —

It is my will and desire that the Estate may be kept Together Except the Legacies given to those Children are allready come of age and that the Expences of my Children Schooling and living come out of the Estate and the profits thereof and at the Expiration of two years may be aloted off and sold such part of the Hold Goods and Stock as my Executors shall think proper, to be equally divided amongst all my Children, the Remaining part of my household Goods, Negroes and stock to continue on the Plantation where I now live to work it for those Children that live Single and Choose to Continue on it as long as my Executors shall think proper not exceeding eight Years

Item It is my Desire that if any of my Children Die before they are of Age or possessed of their Estate the Legacies to be Equally divided Amongst all my Children then alive; it is also my desire that any of the Negroes Given in the Legacies Should die before the Child is Possessed of it the Value thereof to be paid to be paid to the loosing [sic] Child out of the said Estate; And when my Executors shall think proper to dispose the Remaining Part of my Negroes the Money from thence arising to be equally divided Amongst all my Daughters, the Living and the Remaining part of this Estate to be equally Divided amongst all my Children then living

And Lastly I do constitute, nominate, and appoint RICHARD TUTT and my Son ABNER Executors of this my last Will and Testament hereby Revoking all Other Wills heretofore named by me; I do order that [careted in: my Estate] be not appraised

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this Twenty first day of September one Thousand and eighty three

Signed, Sealed and Published and Declared by the Testator to be his Will and Testament in the presence of JAMES HARRISON, JOHANNES CHRISTOPH, J S LENTZ, THOMAS X LITTLETON


South Carolina}

Ninety Six District} By JOHN THOMAS Jun’r Esquire Ordinary of the District aforesaid Personally appeared JOHN STEPHEN MANTZ [sic] one of the subscribing witnesses to the within will before me and made oath  that he saw WILLIAM PERRIN, Deceased, Sign, Seal and Publish pronounces and declares the same to be his last Will and Testament and that he was then of Sound and perfect mind, memory and Understanding to the best of the Deponent’s  knowledge & belief and that JAMES HARRISON and THOMAS LITTLETON did sign their names thereto as Evidences in the presents [sic] of the Testator at his Request & in the Presents [sic] of each other, Given under may hand the 8th day of February AD 1785

Proved in open Court by the oath of THOMAS LITTLETON 9th October 1787

South Carolina}

Edgefield County}

Clerk’s Office Recorded in Will Book A pages 1 & 2 October Term 1787 & Examined

[Signed] R TUTT, clk

Transcription ends.


Perrin Family Bibles

William Perrin and Mary Clopton

Robert Anderson and Rebecca Perrin

Perrins of Lunenburg and Charlotte Counties, Virginia

Perrins of Henrico and Hanover Counties, Virginia


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—, Abstracts of South Carolina Plats: Books 17, 18, 19 (1784-1787), published privately, 2008.

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