Jacob Kissinger and Susannah Unk

This post goes from Germany to Pennsylvania.

Here are the Kissingers at a glance:

JACOB → MichaelSusanna Margret m. John RylandWilliam Sr.William Jr. Floyd (Frank / Slim) Rucker Ryland

Here is a short-write-up on Jacob:

Emigrants of the year 1726.

  1. Jacob Kissinger, “a poor non-citizen from Sandhofen was permitted to go “the the island of Pennsylvania.”

According to the records of Trinity Lutheran Church, Reading [PA], a Michael Kissinger, born Fastnacht Day, 1717, at “Sandhofen on the Rhine in the Palatinate,” was buried at Reading, January 6, 1791. He had come to America as a child with his parents. He married Catherine Ruland, to [with] whom he had four sons and five daughters.

Don Yoder, ed. Rhineland Emigrants: Lists of German Settlers in Colonial America, Genealogical Publishing Co., 1981, p. 4

  1. Michael Kissinger

He was born January 6, 1717, Sandhofen, Germany. He married Mary Catherine on March 9, 1742, Cocalico Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. They were married by Rev. Stoever. He died January 4, 1791, Bern Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania. He was buried at Trinity Lutheran Church. Mary Catherine was born May 22, 1721, in Cocalico Township, Lancaster County. She died March 22, 1793, Bern Township, Berks County.

More about him:

He is our direct line, so see the Michael Kissinger file for more details.

Michael Kissinger and Maria Catharina Roland

  1. John Philip

He was born 1720; he married Maria Catarina Heyl, October 18 1743,in Cocalico Township, Lancaster County; she was born 1720, and her date of death is so far unknown. He died February 28, 1781.

More about him:

One Family Group Sheet does not give his place of birth, but if his younger brothers, next, were born in Germany, then so was he. Marriage from Rev. John Caspar Stoever. His marriage records state he came from Cocalico Township, but this may refer to where he currently lived.

  1. Johannes

He was born March 23, 1723, in Sandhofen, Germany. He married Maria Catarina Sauermilch. Their dates of death are so far unknown.

One Family Group sheet says their date of marriage is February 24, 1752, in Cocalico Township, Lancaster County. His marriage records are from Rev. John Caspar Stoever; they state Johannes comes from Cocalico Township, but this may refer to his place of residence at the time of his marriage.

  1. Johann Valentine

He was born October 10, 1725, in Sandhofen, Germany. He died March 21, 1726, in infancy, in Mannheim Evangelical Church Parish.

More about him:

One Family Group sheet says his middle name is George (?).

  1. Peter

He was born 1727 or 1728; he died 1757.

  1. Jacob

He was born about 1730, Cocalico Township, Lancaster County. He died October 10, 1806. He married (1) Anna Maria Ursula Unk, who was born 1726 and died 1782; (2) Maria Elizabeth Koch, who was born 1780, and date of death unknown so far. One FGS says his date of his second marriage was August 28, 1806.

More about them:

One Family Group Sheet states that John Jacob and his wife were sponsors for Nicholas Weinhold, at his baptism.

  1. Sophia Lowesia

She was born September 21, 1731, in Cocalico Township, Lancaster County. She was christened May 20, 1732, in Muddy Creek Union Church, Swartzville, Lancaster County. She died 1779.

One Family Group Sheet says Muddy Creek Union Church is in Cocalico Township, Lancaster County.

  1. Abraham

He was born 1735, Cocalico Township, Lancaster County. Maria Catherine Schaeffer (1739 – ) on September 7, 1766, in Trinity Lutheran Church, Reading, Pennsylvania. He died November 1807, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania.

  1. Conrad

One Family Group Sheet has him listed. He married Maria Catharina. Also, it says, “He shows up in Muddy Creek Reformed Church records as a sponsor of a Sueberth chid [sic, read: child] named Conrad, b. 1 Sept. 1746, with a Catharina Kissinger. Sp[onsor]: for a Anna Margaret Worst, b. 4 Feb. 1848; sp: for Anna Marg. Brunner, Single”

Now click on the next generation:

Michael Kissinger and Maria Catharina Roland

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