Richard Hudson and Mary Bowman

This posts covers 1605 to 1668.

Here are the Hudson generations, like links in a chain, at a glance:

RICHARD  → Robert? → PeterWilliamCairy m. William C. WilbournChampionAmonet WashingtonWilliam HarveyElla Washington (Rae) (our grandmother)

There’s a question mark behind Robert’s name because the link between him and Peter is based on circumstantial evidence, not court-sworn documents. But the circumstantial evidence is strong. From Peter onward the sworn documents exist.

Please see Cairy’s own post: Cairy Hudson Wilbourn.

A Sketch

I have not researched the earliest Hudsons very much. However, the available documents and facts about Richard have been included in this post.

Richard did not leave behind adequate paperwork that clearly says “father and son.” He left a will, but it is no longer extant.[1]

He was born in 1605 in Saint Editha Parish, Tamworth, County Staffordshire, England and christened November 5, 1608, in the Church of England. Richard deceased in 1678.[2]

He married Mary Bowman, in 1658. Hudson family researchers say she was born February 13, 1634, in Varine Parsh, Bermuda Head, Henrico County, Virginia. She has not been researched for this post. An enterprising researcher could find some interesting things about her family lines, so say the documents that have all sorts of Bowmans in them.

They had these children:

  1. James

He was born about 1658, in Henrico County, Virginia.

  1. Richard

He was born March 2, 1659, in Henrico County; he moved to Amelia County, Virginia; the court adjudged him to be 21 on May 25, 1681 (b. 1660), but the court determined he was 17 or 18 on November 10, 1679 (b. 1661 or 1662).[3] However, Hudson researchers give his exact day of birth, so it is best to follow it.

  1. Robert is our direct line, so see his post here:

Robert Hudson and Martha

  1. William

He was born about 1668, in Henrico County; he moved to Hanover County, Virginia.

  1. Rebecca

She was born about 1669, in Henrico County.

Richard’s Arrival

He immigrated to Henrico County, Virginia, by November 20, 1652. His name and the other passengers he sailed with indicate he was from England. In this except, Robert Elam gets 503 acres for transporting 10 persons (50 acres per person, more or less), one of whom is Richard Hudson.

Robert Elam, 503 ac. Henrico co. 20 Nov. 1652, p. 114, S. side of James Riber, above Bermuda hundred, between Thomas Shippey and Richard Johnson. Trans. of 10 pers: Ann Elam, Richard Hudson, Geo. Smither, George Swann, Peter Drongold, John Revell, Richard Heywood, John Parke, Wm. Parridge, Eliza. Bridges[4]

His Son Richard’s Deeds[5]

This will was written by Richard Hudson Sr.’s son of the same name. Richard Jr. says that his two brothers are Robert (our probable direct line) and William. So now we know who Richard Sr.’s three sons are: Richard Jr., Robert, and William. Also, Richard Jr. says his father (grandfather) was Bowman.

December 1, 1668. At this time in our history the first day of the year was March 25 (or sometimes I read March 1), and the will says “X’br,” which means the “tenth month” (Roman numeral X = 10). So it was written in December.

Here’s a slightly edited transcription:

To all people . . . .  I Rich’d Hudson, son & heir of Rich’d Hudson late of Roxdale in the County of Henrico dec’d . . .  Whereas my said late father by his last Will . . . dated 25 October, 1669, did give unto me and my two brothers Robert & Will’m a plantation & tract of land at Roxdale aforesaid now in ye occupation & possession of Thomas Poland … Item .. my will is that the land given by my father Bowman be equally divided between my three sons As ye said will more fully & at large appeareth; and whereby since then ye said land was escheated and granted to us according . . .  the tenor of ye said will as may appear. Now know ye that I the aforesaid Rich’d Hudson for ye sum of Sixteen hundred pounds to Babcock Cask . . . Merchant . .  payed & each one by my aforesaid brothers Robert Hudson whom that I am contented & satisfied & thereof discharge my said brother Have granted bargained sold transferred consigned & by these presents confirm unto my said brother Robert Hudson his heirs and assignees all my part & share of ye land & all my estate right title & interest thereto & of, in, & unto my said brother Robert’s share & part of land as ye same is now divided laid out & marked from my brother William’s part. To Have and to hold . . . . . Witness my hand and seal this first X’br 1 1668

Signed Sealed & del’d

In presence of Thomas Cobb

Wm Cocke Jr

Hen. County X’br 1 1688

Richard Hudson

Wife Mary relinquished her dower rights.

The next post on Robert Hudson will spell out more clearly why we believe Peter is Robert’s son and Richard’s grandson.


Early Hudsons of Virginia

Early Hudsons of Three Virginia Counties (key post)


Donald Hart, Hudson Records of Virginia, Hudson Family Association, vol. 2, 1984, p. 278.


[1] The information in the Sketch is based on this link:;

[2] Porter Hudson, p. 9.

[3] Benjamin Weisiger III, Henrico County, Virginia, Deeds, 1677-1705, Richmond, 1986, p. 148.

[4] Nell Marion Nugent, Cavaliers and Pioneers, Virginia Land Patents and Grants: 1623-1666, vol. 1 (Genealogical Publishing), 262.

[5] The transcription of the deed is taken from Donald Hart, Hudson Records of Virginia, Hudson Family Association, vol. 2, 1984, p. 278.

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