Clayton Deed Records in New Castle County, Delaware

These data go from 1676 to 1731 and include more names than just the Claytons.

I hope this post helps your research. The data are raw and uninterpreted. You can have the fun of sorting them out!

Let’s get started.

22 & 23 Jan 1676

William Penn, late of Bickmersworth in the co. of Hertford, now of Berminghurst in the co. of Sussex, Esq.; Gavin Laury of London, merchant; Nicholas Lucas of Hertford in the co. of Hartford, maulster; and Edward Byllinge of Westminster of the co. of Middlesex, gentleman to Richard Mew of Ratcliff in the parish of Stepney; Steben Heath in the co. of Middlesex, merchant; Percival Toule of the same place, baker; Peter Hailes of Lymehouse in the parish & co. aforesaid, distiller; Thomas Martin of the same place, mealman; Nicholas Bell of Ratcliffe aforesaid, mariner; and Richard Clayton of Bishopsgate Street, London, linen draper; William Penn, Gavin Laury, Nicholas Lucas, and Edward Bylling for £58.6.8 paid to Edward Byllling from each of the said men granted to Richard Mew, Steben Heath, Percival Toule, Peter Hailes, Thomas Martin, Nicholas Bell & Richard Clayton one full equal 90th share of 90 parts of 100; signed William Penn, Gaven Laury, Nicholas Lucas, Edward Byllinge; delivered in the presence of Harbart Springett, Thomas Rudyard, Benj. Griffith, Thomas Poynett and John Burley (B22)

15 Aug 1699

Joseph Clayton of New Castle Co., DE, carpenter, to John Ogle of Turk Cr., planter. Joseph Clayton for a competent sum of money grated to John Ogle a tract lying on east side of main branch of Christiana Cr., land of Jonas Arskins and Andrew Tille, containing 444 acs; signed Joseph Clayton; delivered in presence of Cornelius Empson and John French (B2:150)

4 Mar 1703

Joseph Clayton’s land is mentioned in a sheriff’s deed; John French High Sheriff of the Co. of New Castle to James Coutts of New Castle, Esq. Whereas James Askew at the Court of Common Pleas on 18 May last past recovered against Joseph Clayton, late of the County, carpenter, the sum £9.4.9 plus damages to be levied on the lands of Joseph Clayton in the county of New Castle; whereas for £13.14 sheriff has seized a tract of land of the aforesaid Joseph Clayton; sheriff according to a write and £13.14 grants to James Coutts a tract (being part of a greater tract belonging to Joseph Clayton) containing 50 acs, situated on west side of White Clay Cr., opposite land of John Guest, Esq., and other land of Joseph Clayton; signed John French (B2:258)

21 Jan 1700

A deed was delivered in the presence of Joseph Clayton  and John Smith, between Christiana Urinson, John Scott, and Jarvis Scott, all of the co. of New Castle and Urin Anderson of the said co. (B2:277)

10 May 1707

A deed was delivered in the presence of Joseph Clayton and John Ogle, between Hans Marcusson of Cecil Co. MD, planter, and George of New Castle Co., surveyor; £28, 228 acs, situated on south side of main branch of St. George’s Cr, adjoining land of John and Robert Darby; Hans appointed Richard Reynolds to be his attorney to deliver this in open court (C1:104)

17 Aug 1724

Joseph Clayton is mentioned in a chain of possessions: John Jordan of Mill Cr. Hundred, blacksmith, to Josiah Ramage of same place, yeoman; £38, 200 acs. in Mill Cr. Hundred, bounded by land of Francis Bradley, formerly taken up by Nicholas Daw and by him conveyed to Joseph Clayton, the New Castle Co. carpenter on 22 Ar. 1686, and by Joseph Clayton assigned over to John Jordan on 28 Oct. 1720; signed John Jordan; delivered in presence of James Robins, William McHenen, and James Waters (G1:244)

2 Aug 1730

William Battell of town and county of New Castle, Gent. and Parnella his wife, for £885, discharge upon Ashur Clayton and Robert Chapman, Gents., in their actual possession, for the term of one whole year, a tract and plantation situate in White Clay Cr. Hundren in said County, 500 acs; it begins at Rum Branch to Lathams Run to Christiana Cr. (Men. Indenture dated 7 Apr 1740 by said Battell to David French and Andria Peterson, Gent., trustees of Gen. Loan Office for £60; signed W. Battell, Parnella Battell; wit: Sam Bakley, David French (I1-352)

23 July 1731

Asher Clayton witnessed a deed between Francies Land of Christeen Cr., yeoman, and Rees Jones practitioner of Physic (medical doctor); a chain of possession is laid out….; signed Fra. Land, Christian Land; wit: Asher Clayton, Sam Bickley, James Armitage (I1:451)

17 Aug 1731

Mr. Clayton’s property line is mentioned in a deed: Wm. Battell of town and county of New Castle, Gent., and Parnela his wife, for £51, sold to Robert Meers of White Clay Cr. Hundred, in said county, cordwainer, two parcels on north side of main branch of Christiana Cr., 34 acs and 66 perches; this is part of tract formerly confirmed by patent to Thomas Langshane and afterwards seized by said Wm. Battell; also one tract adjoining, both surveyed into one tract; it bounds mouth of Lathan’s Run along Mr. Clayton’s line and contains 91 acs and 11 perches; signed: W. Battell, Parnellah Battell; wit: H. Keith, Jno. VnGezell, James Armitage (I1-447)


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