Samuel Vickers and Hannah Lowe

This post goes from 1770 to 1870 (plus) and ranges from North Carolina to Kentucky.

Here is how the Vickers line up, like links in a chain, from one generation to the next, at a glance:

SAMUEL → James → Hannah Jane m. William RylandFloyd (Frank) Rucker

Frank is our grandfather. The reason there are not more generations between the first one and our grandfather is that Samuel may have married a second time, late in his life. Also, William Ryland did in fact marry a second time in his fifties, after his first wife had died.


He was born about 1770, in North Carolina. He married Hannah Lowe, on April 7, 1814, in Barren County, Kentucky. Death records say he died in February 1860, Warren County, Kentucky.

More about him:

Samuel’s and Hannah’s marriage record exists.

Remarkably, he appears in a mortality index at He died in February 1860, at 90 years old, in Warren County, Kentucky. He was from North Carolina. He was a farmer. The cause of death was “old age.”

That means he was born in 1770.

Since Samuel was born long before Hannah, he may have been married earlier. That’s what Vickers family researchers have speculated.

The 1830 Census says a “Free White Male” is between 50 and 60, so his birth range is 1770-1780.

The 1840 Census says a “Free White Male” is between 60 and 69, so his birth range is 1771-1780.

The 1850 Census says Samuel Vickers is 81 years old and from North Carolina, so he was born in 1769.

Taking all the censuses and death record together, we should perhaps place his year of birth close to 1770, not 1780.


She was born about 1790 to 1800, in North Carolina. She died after the 1870 Census was taken.

More about her:

The 1830 Census says she’s between the age 40 and 49, so her birth range is 1781-1790.

The 1840 Census says she is 40 to 49, so her birth range is 1791-1800.

The 1850 Census says she’s 64 years old, so her birth year is 1786.

However, the 1860 Census says she’s 68 years, so her birth year is 1792.

The 1870 Census says she’s 82, so she was born in 1788.

The latter three censuses say she hails from North Carolina.

Whatever her exact year of birth, she lived a long life indeed.




Vicus [sic] Marriage Bond

to Com’wth [Commonwealth]

The within Hannah Lowe proved to be 21 years of age by the oath of Vincen [sic] Hale this 4th day of April 1814.
Know all men by these presents that we Samuel Vicus and Vincen Hale are held and firmly bound unto the Commonwealth of Kentucky in the sum of fifty pounds which payment well and truly to be made we bind ourselves and our heirs firmly by these presents, sealed and dated this 4th day of  April 1814.

The condition of the above obligation is such that if there be no lawful cause to prevent a marriage intended between the above said Samuel Vicus and Hannah Lowe, then this obligation to be void and otherwise to remain in full force and virtue.

His order Samuel Vicus

His order Vincen Hale

They actually married three days later on April 7, 1814, by John H. Owen.

Source: Martha Powell Reneau, Marriage Records of Barren County, Kentucky, 1799-1849 “The First Fifty Years, 1984.


  1. Nancy Ann

She was born in 1815.

More about her:

Her name comes from only one source: the research done by Mr. and Mrs. Allan Cox’s Descendants of Samuel Vickers, 1984.

  1. Nacy

More about him:

His gravestone says he was born February 6, 1818 and died November 15, 1892.

More about him:

He appears in the tax records next to Samuel Vickers and James Vickers (see below).

Nacy A. appears in the 1850 Census, District 2, Warren County, Kentucky. He lives with Samuel and Hannah. It is clearly Nacy, not Nancy; plus, he’s a male. He’s a farmer, and so is Samuel.

In the 1870 Census, Cave City, Barren County, Kentucky, there is an anomaly. A male who is 50 is recorded as Nancy, but works as a farm hand. He is part of the Luther C. Caldwell household. Surely this is Nacy. There is also a Sally Vickers who’s 13. Her occupation is not listed.

In the 1880 Census, Cave City, Barren County, Kentucky, Nacy (or Kacy) Vickers is an assistant in the large H. H. Barlow household. He is 63 and recorded as a hunchback.

He is buried in Caldwell Cemetery, Glasgow, Barren County, Kentucky.

Source for burial:

Brice T. Leech and Kenneth Beard (eds.), Barren County, Kentucky, Cemetery Records, Compiled by the South Central Kentucky Historical and Genealogical Society

  1. James Thomas

He is our direct line, so see his information, at his own post:


  1. Ludenia

More about her:

She married Alexander Mansfield, son of James Mansfield, on October 31, 1844.



In the 1830 Census, Barren County, Kentucky, a free white male (Samuel) is between 50 and 59 (b. 1771-1780). One male is between 15 and 19; two are between 10 and 14; and the final one is under 5. One woman (Hannah) is between 40 and 49. One is between 10 and 14; one is under 5. The Vickers owned no slaves. Interestingly, on the free white female side, a woman between 70 and 79 lives with them. This is most likely the mother, since elderly parents often lived with one of their children. If her age is accurately recorded, then her birth range is 1751-1760. If she was born closer to 1751, then she was the mother either of Samuel or Hannah (she would have had Hannah late, but late births indeed happened). If she was born closer to 1760, then she was the mother only of Hannah.


In the 1840 Census, Barren County, Kentucky, one male (Samuel) is between 60 and 69 (b. 1771-1780). One male is between 20 and 29; one is between 15 and 19. One is between 10 and 14. One female (Hannah) is between 40 and 49. One is between 20 and 29. One is between 10-14. It seems that the elderly woman in the 1830 Census has died. There are eight persons total, and three are in agriculture. They owned no slaves.


In the 1850 Census, Second District, Warren County, Kentucky, Samuel Vickers is an 81 year-old (b. 1769) farmer from North Carolina, who cannot read or write. Hannah Vickers is 64 (b. 1786) and from North Carolina. She cannot read or write. Nacy A is male, 35, a farmer, and from Kentucky (dwelling-house no. in order of visitation: 627; family no. in order of visitation: 627).

Samuel and Hannah’s son James Thomas lives next door.


In the 1860 Census, District No. 1, Post Office Bowling Green, Warren County, Kentucky, Hannah Vickers, 68 (b. 1792) lives by herself but next door to Alex Mansfield, 37, and Ludenia Mansfield, 38. Alex and Ludenia’s offspring: son Wm H. 15; son Thos. B. 13; daughter Mary J (?) 11; son Jas. M 9; daughter Matilda 7; and Geo, 2. All are said to be from Kentucky, except little George, who’s from North Carolina (!). This mark should be for Hannah. Alex is a farmer and has $485.00 worth of personal and real property.

Hannah was recently widowed in February 1860.

James Mansfield, 70 (b. 1790), and Rebecca, 43, also live next door. He is a farmer from Kentucky, and has a meager $25.00 worth of personal and real property. Rebecca is also from Kentucky.

In this 1860 Census, it looks like we have parents (James Mansfield and Hannah Vickers) and offspring (Alex Mansfield and Ludenia Vickers Mansfield) living near each other. James Mansfield remarried Rebecca Scott. His previous wife was Frances (Franky) Greer, but she died in 1854. So it seems James opted for a youthful companion. So this means that James married three times.

Here are the family relationships in this 1860 Census:

* Alex Mansfield is the son of James Mansfield.

* Ludenia is the daughter of Samuel (deceased) and Hannah Vickers.

* Alex Mansfield is not in our direct line.

The census says that all of Alex’s family is from Kentucky, except little two-year-old George, who’s (supposedly) from North Carolina! That designation should go to Hannah Vickers, according to her 1850 Census. Her name in this 1860 census is just below George’s. Censuses often have errors like that. Page 149; Alex’s dwelling no. in order of visitation: 1065; family no. in order of visitation: 1065. Hannah’s dwelling no. is 1066 and family no. is 1066; James’ dwelling no. is 1068 and family no. is 1068.


In the 1870 Census, Lucus Township, Warren County, Kentucky, Hannah Vickers, 82 (b. 1788), lives with the A. Mansfield family. Alex is 48 and a farmer. His wife Ludenia (mistranscribed as Susannah at is 49 and a housekeeper. Their real property is valued at $1600.00, and their personal at $1000.00. They cannot read or write. Thomas is 22 and also a farmer. His personal property is valed at $100.00. Mary J. is 19 and at home; Wesley is 17 and works on the farm; Matilda E. is 14; George is 10; Sarah is 8; and Charles is 5. None of the kids can write, but apparently they can read. George cannot write or read. Hannah is said to be “living with family.” She cannot read or write. She’s from North Carolina.


Ain’t none of us perfect. Samuel was charged with perjury. He did have to pay some traveling expenses.

September Term 1813

Comm. or Common. = Commonwealth of Kentucky

Transcription begins:

Ordered that Saml Vickers pay Wm Brown 3 days attd vs. Common. vs. [Zachariah] Downs.  Also Abraham Gipson (H Lewis).

Zachariah Thomas allowed $1.50 3 days attd as witness for the Comm. vs. Sam’l Vickers charged with perjury (H Miller). Same payment to James Thomas and Thomas Parker.

James Franklin allowed 1/5 for 5 days attd as venire man for trial of Samuel Vickers who was charged with perjury (J. Garnett). Same payment to Jennings McDaniel (H Miller), James Forbes (J M Ferran) David Cook, John O Morrison, Barna Pulliam 1 day, James Mentloe 5 days, Grief Coleman (H Miller), Wm Murphey (J M Ferran), Joseph Neville (H Miller), Wm Murphy (J M Ferran) Joseph Nevill (H Miller), Wm Nevell, John Lyon 1 day (J M Ferran and Thomas Neal.

Benja Buster allowed 50 cents 1 day attd as witness for Commonwealth against Samuel Vickers who was charged with perjury. Also to pay Edy Hales 7 days (H Miller), Polly Downs 7 days, John Hales 6 days, Burril Downs 7 days, James Satterfield 7 days, David Conyers 7 days, Nancy Conyers 7 days, David Conyers 2 days vs. Andy Downs, Thomas Spence 6 days vs. Vickers (J M Ferran), Zachariah Downs 7 days vs. same (H Miller), John Glover 1 day (J M Ferran, Benjamin Gassaway.

Transcriptions End.

Source: Sandra Gorin, compiler, Barren Circuit Witness Book Sept. Term, 1813 to April Term 1819, Glasgow, Kentucky: Gorin Genealogical Publishing, 1991.


Samuel is the father, and James is his son. Nacy is Samuel’s son and James’ brother. Samuel was living in Barren County in the 1840 Census. And he appears in the tax record for Warren County in 1844. So he moved from Barren to Warren Counties between 1840 and 1844. It seems that none of them were wealthy. This fact will match up with James’ Inventory and Appraisement that says he died without having value to his estate, though he owned 10 acres in Sumner County, Kansas.

See the James T. Vickers information, in his own post.

Here is a summary of the tax records:

Warren County, KY


Joshua [?] B. Vickers, no land, 1 white male over 21, 1 horse (value $10.00) & 2 cattle value $10.00

Samuel Vickers, no land, 1 male over 21, 0 horses, 1 cow: total value —-


Nacy Vickes [sic], no land, 1 white male over 21 yrs, no horse or cattle

Samuel Vickes [sic], no land, 1 white male over 21 yrs, no horses or cattle

[James got married in 1846, to Eliza Ann Mansfield.]


Nacy Vickers, 1 qualified voter, no land, 1 white male over 21 yrs

Samuel Vickers, 1 qualified voter, no land, 1 white male over 21 yrs, 0 horses, 4 cattle, no land, no value

James Vickers, 1 voter, no land, 1 white male over 21 yrs, 5 cattle


Nacy Vickers, no land, 1 white male over 21 yrs

James Vickers, no land, 1 white male over 21 yrs

Samuel Vickers, no land, 1 white over 21 yrs, 0 horse, 2 cattle


Three of four tax groups are missing


Nacy Vickers, 1 voter, no land, 1 white male over 21 yrs, 1 horse ($35v) total value $35

Samuel Vickers, 1 voter, no land

James Vickers, 1 voter, no land, 1 white male over 21 yrs, 1 horse (valued $10) 2 cattle, total value $10


James T Vicers [sic], no land, 1 white male over 21, 1 horse ($10)

Source: Lloyd M. Raymer’s Research Report, April 11, 1995.


Death records say he died in February 1860, in Warren County, Kentucky.

She lived past the 1870 Census, but so far no death record has been found for her, and we don’t know her date of death by other means, either.


Samuel and Hannah come from North Carolina. Any researcher can look in the abstract books that might be available in a county to find a will or other probate; even deeds spell out family relationships sometimes.

Here is a link that goes the wills of the Vickers and Lowes in North Carolina:

Vickers and Lowe Records in North Carolina


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