Is This the First All-Female Jury in New-World America?

I don’t know, but it looks like it’s the first one in the Quaker community, in Chester County, outside Philadelphia, in 1689. It’s the case of Mary Tuberfield, an indentured servant, who claimed she got pregnant in a boat on the Delaware River.

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Peter Stewart Is Caught Red-Handed, in Chester Co., Philadelphia, 1688

Peter Stewart was a yeoman who was accused of stealing a lot of money and other valuables from John Wickham. But Wickham was no angel, either. This short post reveals what daily life was like at our founding—or at least the daily life of some people.

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The Records of Henry Reynolds and Prudence Clayton, Chester County, PA, 1681-1728

He was active in Chester County, Pennsylvania, in and out of courts, and incurring large debts. His last Will and Testament, however, shows him to have a lot of land.

This post shows how people lived back then, in early America.

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