Perrins of Henrico and Hanover Counties, Virginia

The earliest Perrins married into gateway ancestors (descendants of royalty), like the Ishams and Farrars. These records go from 1637 to 1837.

Their records are adequate to sort out family relations, in many cases. The only problem is that the records in Hanover County were destroyed


Before we begin with those two counties, one of the main Perrins, John, arrived before 10 Aug. 1642.

William Prior, Gent., 1,300 acs. on the North side of Charles River, Aug. 10, 1642, Page 802. On E. side of the great marsh at Hickman’s point near land of John Jones, etc., down Prior’s Creek, etc. Transportation of 26 persons: himself, twice, his wife, John Perrin, Grace , 5 Negroes, Joane Eartes, Richard Errington, Gregory Bass, Michael Sanders, Wm. Thorneton, Tho. Kingswell, Alex. Wike, Tho. Gumer (or Gunner), John Rutter, Wm. James, John Rutter, Wm. James, John Wood, Edward Braydon, Wm. Johnson, Henry Goodgaine, Thomas Jervis, Robert Kingsbury. (Nugent, p. 132)

Perrin’s Creek(s)

There are several references to Perrin’s Cr. in the records. Here are two examples, one in Gloucester County, the other in New Kent County:

Richard Major, 1,000 acres Gloucester Co., 20 Mar. 1653, p. 8. 400 acres upon the N. side of Charles Riv., abutting N. W. by N. upon Perringes [sic] Cr. which divides this & the land of Ashwell Batten, N. E. & E. upon land of Thomas Bell. 600 acres upon the head of another devdt. of sd. Major’s & bounded on the N. W. side with a swamp upon the head of Perrin’s Cr. & from the S. E. side of a branch of sd. swamp extending S. E. near a branch of Poropotancke Cr., S. W. upon land of John Major, & from thence N. W. upon the swamp upon the head of sd. Cr. which divides this and land of James Holdinge. 400 acres granted unto John Perrin 3 Apr. 1651 & assigned unto sd. Richard Major; & 150 acres by virtue of the rights of so much in a patent of

350 acres granted 17 Jan. 1642 to sd. Major; & 450 acres for transporting of 9 persons: Tho. Parker, Robt. Wherry, Jon. Garret, Jane Bowden, Jane Moss, Ann Hinshaw, Richd. Tidderson, Kath. Goodman, Mary Hinshaw. (Nugent, p. 231)

Richard Major, 1,350 acs. New Kent Co., last of June 1656, p. 382. 400 acres upon N. side of Chas. Riv., abutting N. W. upon Perrin’s Cr., which divides this & land of Ashwell Batten, & N .E. upon land of Thomas Bell; 600 acs. adj. his own land, near a branch of Porotank Cr., S. W. upon land of John Major, and upon head of Perren’s Cr., dividing this & land of James Holding; 350 acres on E. side of Simpsons Swamp, etc. 1,000 acres by patent, 20 Mar. 1653, & 350 acres for transporting of 7 persons. (Nugent, pp. 317-18)



16 June 1637

That’s not the arrival date, but when the record was recorded; he actually arrived before then. Thomas Osborne, Jr. transported Richard Perrin (last name in the list) and the others, so he got 500 acres for his troubles.

Thomas Osborne Jr. 500 acres, Henrico Co., 16 June 1637, p. 512; Sly, upon fearing & nearly into the woods, the whole tract of land to be called by the name of Bachelors Bank. Due for his per. adv. & transporting of 9 persons: Henry Kilbye, John Finch, Wm. Burford, Samll. Thorneford, Edward Williams, Jerimiah Hoveller, Agnes Sherly, Jon. Weyan, Richard Perrin. (Nugent, p. 78)



Thomas Farrar and Katherine Perrin (Deeds and Wills 1677-1692, p. 389)


Robert Napier and Mary Perrin (Deeds, Wills, etc. p. 97)

19 Apr 1695

Thomas East and Ann Perrin (Deeds, Wills, etc. 1688-1697, p. 604)

2 Dec 1695

William Cocke and Sarah Perrin; surety Thomas Cocke, Sr. (Deeds, Wills, Etc. 1688-1697, p. 631)


Court Depositions

1 Dec 1681

Thomas Perrin is 42 (b. 1639) (Will and Deed Book 1677-1692, p. 199)

Main Records

Here are the wills, other probate, and deeds.

4 Feb 1667

Per Henry Baily’s will, John Perrin is to be the guardian Henry’s daughter Anne for four years; witnesses are Robert Huson, Richard Perrin and Wm. Elam (Miscellaneous Court Records 1650-1807, p. 35)

5 June 1675

Deed: Thomas Perrin’s land is mentioned in a deed from Thomas Bayly, Henrico Co., planter to John Partridge of same, for a cow and a house 25 ft. long by 15 ft wide, to be build for said Bayly, grants him 50 acres which is part of 300 acres between Thomas Perrin and Capt. John Knowles, on which Partridge now lives (rest is missing) (Miscellaneous Henrico court records, p. 45)

26 June 1675

Inventory of John Perrin taken by Capt. John Knowles and Mr. Richard Ward; rec. Aug. 1675 (Miscellaneous Court Records 1650-1807, p. 47)

28 Aug 1678

Mr. Richard Ligon as marrying Mary Worsham, daughter and donee of Mrs. Eliz. Epes, decd. and Mr. John Worsham, likewise a donee of said decd. at this court acknowledges receipt of said gift; rec. 1 Apr 1681 (Wills, Deeds, etc. 1677-1692, p. 164)

22 Feb 1678/9

Deed: Thomas Bayly of Varina Parish for 1600 lbs of Tobacco to Thomas Perrin of same, 39 acres in same parish, between lines of said Perrin and Slyly, part of parcel lying on the river; wit: Wm Randolph, Thomas Widbii (sic); signed Thomas X Bayly; rec. 2 Feb 1679/80 (Wills Deeds, etc. 1677-1692, p. 120)

2 Aug 1680

Deed: Richard Perrin is mentioned in a deed from Robert Sharpe, planter to Henry Pew, 100 acres for 2000 pounds of tobacco, bounded by Morgan Peirce, Three Mile Cr., being part of a parcel sold by Wm Hutchison to John Garrett and by Garrett to Richard Perrin; Hutchison died suddenly before the confirmation and his widow Elizabeth confirmed the deed; wit: William Giles and Abraham Childers; signed Robert (AS) Sharpe; rec. 2 Aug 1680 (Wills and Deeds, etc. 1677-1692, p. 137)

8 Feb 1685

Richard Perrin and Thomas Perrin and Nicholas Marsh and Thomas Bayley appraise the estate of Gilbert Jones, valued at 6125 pounds of tobacco; rec. 1 Apr 1686 (1677-1692 Will and Deed Book, p. 377)

10 Oct 1686

Will of Katherine Isham

To grandson William Randolph, £20

To grandson Henry Randolph £5

To granddaughter Mary Randolph and Elizabeth Randolph, each £ (sic)

All such money is now in hands of son-in-law William Randolph;

Residue of money in hands of my son-in-law William Randolph to go to my daughters Mary Randolph and Ann Epes, equally;

The above two daughters to be divided what is on my trunk and each to have two silver salt cellars;

To Mary Randolph, my wedding ring, best feather bed, my best silver tankard, and 15 shillings to buy mourning ring;

To grandson Joseph Royal, one servant named John Townes, for the time he has to serve and my small silver tankard;

To every child of my son Royal, two silver spoons;

To my loving son Joseph Royal, my best tankard;

To my grandson Richard Denis, one of best cows and 2 silver spoons;

To grandson Isham Epes, my negro man Dick;

To grandson Frances Epes, my best silver tankard but one;

To child daughter Anne Epes now goes with, my largest silver porringer and great cup, my sealed ring, great hoop ring, pair of silver clasps, and silver bodkin to daughter Anne Epes;

To grandson Richard Perrin, 1 feather bed and furniture

To granddaughter Sarah Royal, 1 yearling heifer;

To granddaughters Katherine Farrar, Mary, Sarah, and Anne Perrin, each 2 silver spoons;

To Katherine Farrar 1 Guinea

To Anne Perrin, one silver porringer

To granddaughter Sarah Dennis, 2 silver spoons and 1 pair of dowlass sheets;

To 2 daughters Sarah Wilkinson and Katherine Perrin, all my wearing clothes;

To my loving friend Mary Parker, 6 ells of best dowlas and as much of the finest serge to make a gown and petticoat;

To grandson Maiden Marshall, 1 heifer, two years old;

To my son Joseph Royal all my land;

All my crop of corn to executors, except enough to buy 2 gravestones, one to cover me and other my dear decd. husband;

All the rest to be divided between my four children: Sarah Wilkinson, Joseph Royal, Katherine Perrin, And Anne Epes, and to each 15 shillings for mourning rings;

Executors: son Joseph Royal and son-in-law Francis Epes;

My body to be buried near my dead husband on my own plantation;

Wit: John Worsham, Nathaniel Hill, Littlebury Epes;

Probated 1 Dec 1686

(1677-1692 Will and Deed Book, p. 392-301)

1 Feb 1687

Richard Perrin, John Cox, Jr. and William Ballow to appraise estate of Benjamin Burton; probate of his will given to Robert Burton, the executor named in will (Order Book 1678-1693, p. 256)

1 Feb 1687 (recorded date)

Richard Perrin, Thomas Perrin, Thomas Bayly and William Ballow appraise estate of Thomas Peniston, decd. who dies without wife or child; Thomas Risby in right of Adria Risby, mother to Thomas (Order Book 1678-1693, p. 258)

12 Feb 1689

Richard Perrin, William Glover, and James Morris witness will of John Burton (Book £3 Henrico County Wills and Deeds 1688-1697, p. 115)

1 Dec 1691

Deed: Richard Perrin of Henrico Co. to Thomas Farrar and Katherine his wife (my daughter) and to my grandson Perrin Farrar their son, a tract at World’s End, part of tract where I live, 265 acres, bounded by the river and William Ballow; wit: R. Beverly and Tho. Cocke; signed Rich’d (RP) Perrin; rec. 1 Dec. 1691 (Will and Deed Book 1688-1697, p. 259)

22 May 1692

Richard Perrin, Gil’t Ballow, Thomas Farrar, and Thomas Bayly appraise estate of John Coats, valued at 2790 pounds of tobacco; presented in court by William Byrd, adm’r and proved by oath of Ann Coats, the relict; rec. 19 June 1692 (Book £3 Henrico County Wills and Deeds 1688-1697, p. 320)

11 July 1692

Elizabeth Perrin witnesses will of William Giles, Varina Parish; all to my dear wife who is sole executrix; to son William 12 pence; to son John, daughter Mary and son Nicholas, 12 pence apiece;

Son William to my wife until he is 16; and sons John and Nicholas until they are 17, if wife marries; if not to be free at 16;

Certain items to son William

Wit: others witnesses John Alday, Tho. Bayly, Abraham Byly (sic) rec. 2 Apr 1694 (Wills and Deeds 1688-1697, p. 475)

16 Mar 1694/5

Will of Richard Perrin of Parish of Henrico, planter

My house and land commonly called “World’s End” 400 acres with 200 acres fronting on the river to my dear wife Katherine for life and at her death to daughter Sarah;

If wife and Sarah both die, then to daughter Mary Napier and if she die, to her children;

If child my wife now goes with is a boy, the land goes to him;

To my wife my negro man Jack;

To grandson William Farrar 2 silver spoons and a silver dram cup;

To grandson Farrar not yet baptized, 2 silver spoons;

To grandson Bouth Napier, items;

To daughters Katherine Farrar and Mary Napier, 1 shilling apiece

To granddaughter Napier 1 old silver porringer and 2 old silver spoons;

To granddaughter Sarah Farrar, one ewe;

All the rest to wife Katherine and daughter Sarah, and they are to be executors;

Wit: Will Soane, Tho. Farrar, Geo. Cogbill, William Garrett

Rec: 1 Apr 1695 (Book £3 Henrico County Wills and Deeds 1688-1697, p. 559)

1 Apr 1695

Katherine and Sarah Perrin granted probate of will of Richard Perrin (Book £3 Henrico County Wills and Deeds 1688-1697, p. 547)

2 Sep 1695

“It is ordered that Mrs. Kath Perrin & Mrs. Sarah Perrin executrices of Mr. Rich’d Perrin, late of this county, decd. be summoned to next court to give security for performing the said Rich’d Perrin’s will” (Warner, p. 38).

11 Sep 1700

Ann Perrin witnesses the will of William Ballew of Lille Valley, planter; to my ten children, 12 pence apiece; trusty and well-beloved Dorothy Ballew to be my whole executor; rec. 1 Feb 1700 (Wills and Deed 1697-1704, p. 197)

1 June 1704

Administration granted Anne Perrin on estate of her son Richard Perrin (Wills and Deeds 1697-1704, p. 450)

1 June 1704

Deed: Richard Perrin’s land, late decd., and Ann Perrin’s land appears in a deed from James Forrest and his wife Alice to our only and beloved son John Forrest, 100 acres, part of plantation called Long Swamp, on south side of James R., bounded by Richard Perrin, late decd., the river and Ann Perrin; wit: Wm Blackman, Henry (X) Jordan, Step. Sarrazin; signed James (X) Forrest and Alice (X) Forrest; rec. 1 June 1704 (Wills Deeds, etc. 1697-1704, p. 401)

19 Oct 1704

Deed: Fran. Nicholson, Esq., Lt. Gov. of Virginia to Charles Evans and in Varina Parish, Henrico Co. on north side of James R., bounded by Mr. Richard Perrin, Abraham Baly, Cornelius Cr. and William Giles, 140 acres, formerly granted to Thomas Perrin and by him deserted and since granted to said Charles Evans by order of general court 19 Oct 1704, for transportation of three persons; signed Fra. Nicholson (Deeds 1706-1709, p. 30)

1 Nov 1704 (recorded date)

Inventory of Richard Perrin, value 7100 pounds tobacco by Thomas Taylor, Abraham Bayley; presented in court by Mrs. Ann Perrin, adm’x (Wills and Deeds 1697-1704, p. 430)

2 Dec 1706

Deed: John Forrest of Varina Parish, Henrico Co. to John Perrin of the same place, for £30, 50 acres being the southern-most half of 100 acres given me by my parents James and Alice Forrest of same parish and county; being part of a plantation called Long Swamp on south side of James R., bounded by the river, widow Anne Perrin, and Samuel Goode; wit: Leonard Ballow, C. Evans; signed John X Forrest; rec. 2 Dec 1706 (Deeds 1706-1709 10)

2 Dec 1706

Deed: John Perrin of Varina Parish, Henrico Co. to John Forrest, planter, of same place, for £30, 50 acres, bring part of plantation known as Long Swamp, devised to my brother Richard Perrin, late departed, by will of Richard Peirce, sometime of said county, and to me descended by my brother; bounded by John Stewart, James R., and Samuel Goode; wit: Leonard Ballow, C. Evans; signed John (IP) Perrin; rec. 2 Dec 1706 (Deeds 1706-1709 p. 10)

1 Apr 1707 (recorded date)

Deed: Charles Evans of Charles City Co., planter, to John Perrin of Henrico Co., son of Anne Perrin, for 20 shillings and 200 pounds of tobacco, 140 acres as in patent to Thomas Perrin 20 Oct 1688; wit: Tho. Howlett and Matthe. Ligon; signed C. Evans (Deeds 1706-1709 p. 31)

1 Mar 1708

Deed: Ann Perrin witnesses a deed from William Cocke, planter, to Theodorick Carter for 2480 pounds of tobacco, 124 acres on south side of Chickahominy Swamp, the Round Hills, and next to lands taken up by John Beauchamp and Richard Cocke, Sr. decd. wit: Giles Carter, Edward Moseby; signed Wm Cocke; Sarah, wife of William relinquishes dower rights 1 Mar 1708/0; signed Sarah (Sal) Cocke; rec. 1 Mar 1708 (Deeds 1706-1709, p. 148)

6 Jan 1711

Will of Anne Perrin

To eldest daughter Anne East, 100 acres on north side of James R. on upper side of Sanson’s Slash, joining Capt. Webb and items;

To daughter Elizabeth Allday, rest of land at Samson’s Slash and livestock;

To daughter Jean Bayly ½ my lands on south side of James R. at Long Swamp, a negor man Jupiter, and a gun;

To daughter Martha Caldwell, the other half of lands at Long Swamp, items and livestock;

To my boy Roger Roberts, 1 cow calf;

To William Bradshaw, items;

Elizabeth Crostick to remain on plantation where she lives for 6 years and pay rent to Thomas Cardwell, Jr. after this year;

To Charles Ballow, 5 shillings;

All the rest to be divided among my 4 daughters;

Daughter Elizabeth Allday to be executrix;

Wit: Charles Ballow, Thomas Bayly, Mry Hardin; rec. 2 Mar 1711

(1677-1692 Will and Deed Book p, 112)

19 Apr 1712

Inventory of Anne Perrin £16/08/6 value appraised by William Cocke, Cha. Ballow, Thomas Bayley, presented by Elizabeth Allday, executrix; rec: 5 May 1712 (Wills and Deeds 1710-1714, p. 129)

5 Mar 1715 (recorded date)

Accounts of estate of Anne Perrin, presented in court by Seth Hatcher (Wills and Deeds 1714-1718, p. 71)

1 Apr 1717

Deed: Thomas East and Anne his wife are indebted to Seth Hatcher and Elizabeth his wife, William Ballew and Jane his wife, and Thomas Cardwell and Martha his wife for £50 1 Apr 1717; the condition is that said Thomas and Ann abide by the partition agreement already made by partition 239 acres descending from John Perrin, decd. to the said Elizabeth, Ann, Jane and Martha as co-partners and sisters of John Perrin; wit: John Soane, Dan’ll Worsham; signed Thomas (X) East, Ann (A) East; rec. 1 Apr 1717 (Deeds 1706-1709 p. 163)

1 Apr 1717

Deed: Same as above from William Ballew; same witnesses; signed William Ballew (Deeds 1706-1709 p. 164)

1 Apr 1717

Deed: Same as above from Seth and Elizabeth Hatcher; same witnesses; signed Seth Hatcher, Eliz’a (E) Hatcher (Deeds 1706-1709, p. 164)

1 Apr 1717

Deed: Same as above from Thomas and Martha Cardwell; same witnesses; signed Thomas Cardwell and Martha (M) Cardwell (Deeds 1706-1709, p. 165)

1 Oct 1729

Deed: Henry Bayley of Goochland Co to Warham Easley of same for £25 land on north side of James R., being a parcel at Long Swamp, willed to his mother Jeane Baley (sic) by his grandmother Ann Perrin, 100 acres; wit: John Redford, Jr. Thomas Moss, Jr.; signed Henry X Baley; rec. 1st Mon. Nov 1729 (Deeds 1725-1737, p. 252)

5 July 1762

Deed: William Guthry and Agnes his wife of St. Paul’s Parish to Joseph Perrin, blacksmith, for five shillings, 200 acres, adj. William Patman and John Moseby; wit: none; signed William (X) Guttray (sic), Agnes (X) Guttray; rec. 5 July 1762 (DB 1750-1767 p. 733)

20 June 1771

Deed: Joseph Perrin to Peter Elmore, both of St. Paul’s Parish, for £50, 200 acres on Northern Cr., formerly belonging to John Bow and by him conveyed to Henry Perrin and by the said Perrin to his son Joseph; adj. John Moseley and William Patman; wit: William Q. Owen, Jr., John Timberlake, Lya Britton, Gideon Ragland; signed Jos. Perrin; rec. Feb Court 1773 (DB 1767-1774 p. 450)


Hanover County was formed out of New Kent County in 1719, but the records were destroyed in 1865.

St. Paul’s Parish Vestry Records

12 Feb 1715

Samuel Perrin appears in a return to divide area into a precinct.

Between 27 Feb 1719 and 30 Mar 1720

Samuel Perrin appears in a return to divide area into precinct.

27 Jan 1731

Joseph Perrin appears in a procession of the area.

11 Feb 1735/6

Joseph Perrin appears in record that processions area into precincts

15 Oct 1737

Joseph Perrin appears in a list of charges (expenses charged) against the parish.

11 Sep 1739

Joseph Perrin appears in record that orders the procession of area.

18 Sep 1743

Joseph Perrin appears in record to procession area.



Samuel and Joseph, probably father and son, “removed” to Brunswick County:

6 Mar 1742

Brunswick County Deed

John Twitty to Joseph Perrin for £44, 800 acres bounded by north side of Twitty’s Cr., Jacob Mackgehee; signed John Twitty; wit: George Nettles (Netthers), Daniel Firth, Samuel Perrin; no rec. date (DB 2, p. 302)

Joseph Perrin left a will in Charlotte County, Virginia, October 22, 1772 and probated September 6, 1773.

St. Paul’s Vestry records continue:

12 Nov 1771

Henry Perrin and Joseph Perrin appear in record to procession area.

17 May 1773

Joseph Perrin receives of William Pollard a fine for profane swearing.

23 Apr 1776

Isaac Perrin moves the poor people to the parish house, so he received forty shillings for his efforts.

12 Nov 1779

Isaac Perrin appears in procession of area with David Hanes.

12 Nov 1779

Isaac Perrin and Henry Perrin appear in an order to procession area.

12 Nov 1779

Isaac Perrin appears in a vestry record to procession area.


22 Sep 1840

Isaac Perrin, Jr. Bachelor and Mrs. (sic) Jane Kersey (Glazebrook p. 91)


20 Jan 1734

John Law and Frances his wife to Joseph Perrin of Hanover Co. £15.8. current money; 52 acres with plantation in St. Paul’s Parish; land bequeathed to said Frances by last will and testament of Thomas Peek, decd., father of said Frances; land lays contiguous with Henry Bow, the said Perrin and Daniel Patrick (Court Records 1733-1735, pp. 191-92)

2 July 1735

Henry Perrin witnesses an indenture between Richard Winn of St. Paul’s Parish and John Winn of same (in Davis, p. 66 and Deeds, Wills, Inventories, pp. 255-56)

24 Sep 1735

Henry Perrin witnesses a deed of gift from Robert Allen of St. Paul’s Parish to son Robert Allen (in Davis, p. 77 and Deeds, Wills and Inventories, p. 331)

18 Feb 1786

William Allsup, of Hanover Co. and St. Paul’s Parish to Isaac Perrin of same £18. 30 acres … sd. Perrin’s line on Church Spring branch … Winston’s line; signed William Allsup; wit: Christopher Butler, Shelton Ragland, Thomas Uland, and Samuel Perrin; proved by oath of Samuel Perrin and Shelton Ragland on 1 June 1784 (Deeds 1783-1792, p. 170)

Tax Returns

12 Mar 1782

Henry Perrin 100 acres

Isaac Perrin 120 acres


Henry Perrin 100 acres

Isaac Perrin 120 acres

1787 Tax Returns

Henry Perrin 100 acres

Isaac Perrin 120 acres

(sic) Ditto ditto of William Alsup 30 acres


Henry Perrin 100 acres

Isaac Perrin 120 acres

(sic) Ditto of William Alsup 30 acres


Henry Perrin 100 acres

Isaac Perrin 120 acres

(sic) Ditto 10 acres


Henry Perrin 100 acres

Isaac Perrin 120 acres

(sic) Ditto 30 acres


Henry Perrin 100 acres

Isaac Perrin 120 acres

(sic) Ditto 30 acres


Henry Perrin 100 acres

Isaac Perrin 120 acres


Isaac Perrin 120 acres

(sic) Ditto … from Henry Perrin 100 acres

(sic) Ditto 30 acres


Isaac Perrin 120 acres

(sic) Ditto 100 acres

(sic) Ditto 30 acres


Same as 1795

Court Records

There are more records, but the ones chosen here reveal family relationships.


Susan N., wife of Samuel Perrin, Benjamin Wingfield, trustee. Children: Ariadne B. Perrin and Eugenia N. Perrin (cited in W. R. Cocke, p. 21)

29 Apr 1823

Henry Perrin v. Isaac Perrin and Nathaniel Tinsley, executors of Isaac Perrin decd.; the plaintiff seeks recompense for nonperformance of executors, computed from 10 Sept. 1818 (Slatten and Abercrombie p. 177 and p. 359 in Chancery Book)

23 Sep 1823

Superior Court

Isaac Perrin and Nathaniel Tinsley are the executors of Isaac Perrin, decd. (Slatten p. 167 and court record 1809-1826, p. 339)

27 Apr 1825

Thomas Perrin is surviving obligor of John Perrin, decd. (Slatten and Abercrombie, 213 and p. 422 in Chancery Book)

21 Nov 1829

Susanna Perrin, wife of Samuel, appears in the will of Nathaniel Bowe of Hanover Co. Nathaniel’s wife is also named Susanna. Susanna Perrin is stated to be the daughter of Mr. Bowe (Chancery file #31 p. 180 and in W. R. Cocke p. 20)


Will: Isaac Perrin, decd. in 1830 and executor Nathaniel Tinsley (decd. in 1836) and executor Jeremiah S. B. Tinsley. His legacies: Vaiden Perrin; Thomas Perrin, administrator of Samuel Perrin; John Perrin, Henry Perrin, Isaac Perrin; Catherine, decd. who m. Mr. Davis and has children, but names not stated. Others: Lyddall Bowles, H. Davis, Thomas Eubank, Henry S. Carter, James Lyons (cited in W. R. Cocke. p. 105)


Elizabeth Perrin appears in suit of Perrin v. Perrin’s executor; she appears to be married, but her husband unstated. She is mother of Elizabeth (called Jr.), Polly, Thomas, John, decd. owned a saw and grist mill with Francis Blunt; Park Perrin who, it is said, m. in 1833; Nancy Perrin (cited in W. R. Cocke, p. 105)

28 Jan 1836

Nathaniel Lewis Perrin to Harriet Elizabeth Kersey; Macon Green of Hanover Co. attested to age of both and Elizabeth’s residence.

Newspaper Record

Friday 5 Jan 1835, page 3

Richmond Whig & Public Advertizer

Transcription begins (slightly edited):

At a Rules holden in the Clerk’s office of the Circuit Superior Court of Law & Chancery for the County of Hanover on 11 Feb 1837 [sic]:

Samuel Perrin and Susan N. his wife formerly Susan E. Bowe, widow and relict of Nathaniel Bow, decd. Nathaniel David and Martha his wife, formerly Martha Bowe, Polly Cross, formerly Polly V. Bowe, in her own right and as administratrix of Oliver T. Cross, decd. and guardian of Araminta A., Martha B., Mary A., John F. Frances, and Charles P. Cross, infant, his wife, formerly Elizabeth Bowe, Hudson M. Wingfield and Sophia D. his wife, formerly Sophia D. Bowe, Jesse D. Yarbrough and Nancy Bowe, Benjamin Wingfield, Trustee for the benefit of the said Susan N. Perrin and her infant children Ariadna B., and Eugenia N. Perrin, Thomas H. Geddin, who intermarried with Amanda M. Bowe, who died in the lifetime of the said Nathaniel Bowe, and the said Thomas H. Geddin as the guardian and next friend of Mortimer and Thomas H. Geddin, infant children of the said Thomas H. Geddin and his late wife Amanda M., Archibald B. Timberlake, who intermarried with Emily R. Bowe, now deceased, and David, Alernon, and John H. Timberlake, infants of tender years, by the said Archibald B. Timberlake their next friend, Nathaniel F. Bowe in his own right, and as executor of Nathaniel Bowe, decd. and Hector Bowe, and John J. Wingfield and Harriet his wife, formerly Harriet Bowe, defendants ….

Here is Eugenia Glazebrook’s summary:

  1. Martha m. Nathaniel Davis and removed from state of Virginia before 1837
  2. Polly V. Bowe m. Oliver T. Cross; the latter died before 11 Feb. 1837; issue (all under age in 1837)
  3. Araminta A. Cross
  4. Martha B. “

iii. Mary A. ‘

  1. John F. “
  2. Frances “
  3. Charles P. “

III. Elizabeth m. John B. Green

  1. Sophia D. m. Hudson M. Wingfield
  2. Nancy Bowe m. Jesse D. Yarbrough
  3. Amanda M. who m. Thomas H. Geddin; Amanda M. dies in the lifetime of her father Nathaniel Bowe; her issue:
  4. Mortimer Geddin, under age in 1837
  5. Thomas H. under age in 1837

VII. Emily R. m. Archibald B. Timberlake and died before 11 Feb. 1837; issue (“infants of tender years”):

  1. David Timberlake
  2. Algernon “

iii. John H. “

VIII. Nathaniel F. Bowe

  1. Hector Bowe
  2. Harriet Bowe m. John J. Wingfield

Susan N. Bowe, the widow of Nathaniel Bowe, m. second, before 11 Feb. 1837, Samuel Perrin; issue (“infants” 11 Feb. 1837):

  1. Ariadna B. Perrin
  2. Eugenia N. “


William Perrin and Mary Clopton (she descends from gateway ancestors)

Perrins of Lunenburg and Charlotte Counties, Virginia

Perrins of Edgefield County, South Carolina

Robert Anderson and Rebecca Perrin

Perrin Family Bibles


Henrico County

Virginia Lee Hutcheson Davis and Gary Murdock Williams, Henrico County, Virginia Deeds, 1750-1774, Westminster, MD: Heritage Books, 2007.

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Hanover County

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