The Clopton Birth, Marriage and Death Records of St. Peter’s Parish, New Kent County, Virginia

They go from 1703 to 1768, including slaves. St. Peter’s Parish was in New Kent County, Virginia.

William Clopton was a “gateway ancestor.” This means that for several generations back he has royal lines and immigrated to the American colonies.

Please see William Clopton and Our Royal Heritage posted onsite.

Please see William Clopton, Sr., posted offsite (he is our direct ancestor)

Please see Walter Clopton “the elder” and Mary Jarratt posted offsite (they are our direct ancestors and son of William Sr.).

Please see William Clopton, posted offsite (and our direct ancestor)

For our direct line, it works out like this: William → Walter → William

Source: The parish register of Saint Peter’s, New Kent county, Virginia from 1680 to 1787 – Scholar’s Choice Edition

The Cloptons


3 July and 3 Aug 1712

Anne, daughter of Walter Clopton born July ye 3rd baptized Aug. 3

19 Aug and 28 Sep 1712

Bathyah (Birtha), daughter of Rob’t Clopton born Aug. ye 19 and baptized Sep ye 28

? July and 29 Aug 1714

_____ daughter of Rob’t Clopton and Sarah his wife Born July baptised August ye 29th

19 Nov and 19 Dec 1714

[William, son] of Walter Clopton Born ye 19th of Nov and Baptized Dec. ye 19 (the record is mutilated, but other evidence says this is William)

1715 (sic)

_____ girl belonging to Robert Clopton (this record says an infant of Robert Clopton was born 12 Sep 1715)

29 Oct 1716

Mary, daughter of Walter Clopton

8 Apr 1717

Margaret, daughter of Rob’t Clopton

19 Nov and 22 Dec 1719

Waldegrove, son of Wm. Clopton by Joyce his wife born November ye 19th & baptized Dec 22 (note: the Cloptons descend from ancestors named Waldegrove: see William Clopton and Our Royal Heritage)

16 Jan and 15 Mar 1720/1

Anne, daughter of Wm. Clopton & Joyce his wife born Jan. 16 and baptized March ye 15th

24 Mar 1720/1

Walter, son of Walter Clopton

12 Feb and 29 Apr 29 1721/2

Wm, son of Wm. Clopton Jr. and Joyce born Feb. 12th she & Wm. (sic) bap. Ap. 29

2 Feb 1722

Frances, daughter of Rob’t Clopton

14 Jan 16 Mar 1723

George, son of Wm. Clopton Jr. and Joyce his wife born the 14 and baptized ye 16 of March.

4 June 1725

Rob’t, son of Walter Clopton

11 Nov 1725

Wm, son of Rob’t Clopton

17 Aug 1727

Devereux, son of Walter Clopton

28 July 1 Sep 1728

Rob’t, son of Rob’ & Mary Clopton born July 28th and baptized 1 Sep

9 Sep and 12 Oct 1729

Margaret, daughter of Walter and Mary Clopton born 9 Sep and baptized 12 Oct

11 Jan and 21 Mar 1735

Naomi, daughter of Walter and Mary Clopton born Jan 11 and baptized March 21

13 Nov and 5 Jan 1737

Mary, daughter of William and Cassandra Clopton, born Nov 13, baptized Jan 5 1737

29 Apr and 27 May 1739

Walter Son of William and Cassandra Clopton born Apr 29 and baptized May 27

18 Feb and 30 Mar 1740

Walter, son of Walter and Mary Clopton, born Feb 18, baptized Mar 30

11 Nov and 25 Jan 1755

Waldegrave, son of Waldegrave & Unity [Martin?] Clopton, born Nov. 11 and baptized Jan 25

26 Feb 1755

Robert, son of Robert and Frances Clopton

14 July 1757

Abner, son of Robert & Frances Clopton

24 Sep 1759

Robert Wentworth, son of Wm. & Eliza. Clopton (note: the Cloptons descend from the Wentworths, back in England: See William Clopton and Our Royal Heritage)

Nov 4 and 27 Jan 1760

John and Nancy Daughters (sic) of Robt. & Frances Clopton, born Nov 4 and baptized Jan 27

22 July and 18 Sep 1768

Sarah Hewlet, daughter of Robt. & Fras. Clopton born July 22 and baptized Sep 18


4 Sep 1711

Walter Clopton and Mary Jarret

18 Dec 1711

Robert Clopton and Sarah Scott

19 Jan 1713

William Walker and Elizabeth Clopton

27 Jan 1718

William Clopton Jr. and Joice Wilkinson


4 Mar 1716

Anne Clopton, wife of Mr. Wm Clopton (she is our direct line: see Robert Booth and Jamestowne Society and William Clopton and Our Royal Heritage)

24 Oct 1719

Sarah, wife of Rob’t Clopton


It should be noted that sometimes these records distinguish between “mulatto” and “negro,” but the records can be inconsistent, depending on the record-keeper. No record of the Clopton says “mulatto.”

It is especially noteworthy that these slaves and many others were written down in the Register.


5 Aug 1703

Francis, boy belonging to Wm Clopton,

29 April 1704

Nanc, belonging to Wm Clopton

25 June 1710

John, belonging to Mr. Wm Clopton baptized

6 June 1706

____ belonging to Mr. Wm Clopton Born

8 May 1707

____ belonging to ye said Clopton

30 May 1713

____ to ye said Clopton

20 Sep 1714

____ belonging to Rob’t Clopton Born

26 Jan 1715

Judith, belonging to Mr. Wm. Clopton

5 Feb 1717

Hannah, of Rob’t Clopton

18 Nov 1719

Dick, of Rob’t Clopton

17 May 1725

Judy, belonging to Rob’t’ Clopton

31 Mar 1726

Jammey, a boy belonging to Walter Clopton

27 Sep 1726

Pompey, of Rob’t Clopton

20 Mar 1727/8

Venus, a girl belonging to Wm. Clopton, Jr.

31 Mar 1729

Moll, belonging to Rob’t Clopton

19 Aug 1738

Richard, belonging to Robt. Clopton

23 Apr 1757

Richard, belonging to Watt Clopton


1 Apr 1720

Dick, of Rob’t Clopton

6 Apr 1720

Nanny, of Walter Clopton

24 Jan 1723/4

Roger, belonging to Wm Clopton

1725 (sic)

Will, belonging to Wm Clopton Jr.

4 Mar 1725/6

Sam, belonging to Mr. Wm Clopton

Please see William Clopton and Our Royal Heritage

Online sources of those data: Here and here.

See William Clopton and Our Royal Heritage

Also see My Ancestors owned slaves for how I deal with this historical fact.

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