Early Wilbourns of Campbell County, Virginia

Some names other than Wilbourns are included in this post of probate and marriages.


Feb 8, 1819: Account of the heirs of Glover Davenport, decd, with Thomas Cobbs, guardian, mentions Betsey A. P. Davenport, Eliza Davenport, Richard G. Davenport, Susannah Davenport, and payments to Betsey Ann Davenport, Charles Davenport, Richard Davenport, Susannah Davenport, and Eliza Davenport. Also payments to Betsey Ann Wilbourn and Robert S. Wilborn (Will Book 4, p. 152)

March 12, 1821: Account of Luke Matthews with Luke Matthews, Jr. lists shoes for William W. Matthews, Judith Matthews for one-third of the Negroes and 8 equal payments to Thomas Matthews, Pleasant Key, Luke Matthews, John Matthews, John Matthews, Samuel Matthews, Edward Matthews, William W. Matthews, and Nathaniel Matthews. Also . . . Richard B. Wilbourn for his interest in slaves and Susan A. Matthews for her interest in slaves; “my expenses,” to Brunswick Co., on business for the estate, my expenses to Charlotte Co. court, Samuel Matthews as overseer in 1819, and Dr. Presley Thornton. Land of Luke Matthews, decd, on Staunton River adjoining Bowman’s Cr., Harfield and Watkins is divided into four lots with 136 acres for Luke Matthews, Jr., 150 acres to Thomas Matthews, 105 acres for Pleasant Key, and 1098 acres for John Matthews. Luke Matthews, decd, land on Austin Branch has 100 acres to Samuel Matthews, 100 acres to Susannah A. Matthews, and 100 acres to Nancy Wilborn (this land adjoins Marry Cobbs and Hatt Creek). Land belonging to Luke Matthews, decd, adjoining Hatt Creek, Robert Smith, Hamlet and Harroway gives 300 acres as widow’s dower to Mrs. Judith Matthews, 129 acres to William W. Matthews, 129 acres to Nathaniel Matthews and 75 acres to Edward Matthews (Will Book 4, pp. 329-34)

July 8, 1822: Mr. Robert Wilbourne in right of his wife Elizabeth Ann Wilbourne, late Elizabeth Ann Davenport daughter of Glover Davenport, decd, in account with Thomas A. Cobbs, her late guardian, shows “board and clothing for 6 years” (Will Book 4, p. 406)

April 11, 1836: Account of sale of estate of Charles Slaughter with John Slaughter, executor, shows suit dated Dec. 1835 of Richard Davenport, Charles Davenport, Robert Tinsley and wife Eliza Tinsley, late Eliza Ann davenport as plaintiffs against Robert L. Wilbourn and wife, William L. Lambert and wife, and Gabriel Cobbs as defendants. Slaves belonging to the late Ann Cobbs, decd, were sold and the heirs of Robert Slaughter, decd, received payment (Will Book 8, p. 12)


Richard B. Wilbourn and Nancy Matthews, bond 8 Nov 1810; Richard B. Wilbourn (bond) and Samuel Matthews (bond)


My Direct Line in Virginia:

Earliest Wilbourns of Virginia

John Wilbourn and Judith

Thomas Wilbourn and Hannah Lamkin

Other Wilbourns in This Series (in alphabetical order):

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Early Wilbourns of Westmoreland County

Most of these posts have names other than Wilbourn. Some posts have hundreds of names.


William Lindsay Hopkins, Campbell County, Virginia Wills and Inventories, 1782-1847, Richmond: published privately, 1989.

Lucy Harrison Miller Baber and Hazel Letts Williamson, Marriages of Campbell County, Virginia 1782-1810, Blue Ridge Chapter of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, 1971.

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