Perrins of Lunenburg and Charlotte Counties, Virginia

These records go from 1746 to 1784.

Here are the raw data. We hope this helps your research.

Please see the post William Perrin and Mary Clopton.

Before we get started, Samuel and Joseph appear in Brunswick County.


Deed: John Twitty to Joseph Perrin for £ 44, 800 acres bounded by north side of Twitty’s Cr., Jacob Mackgehee; signed John Twitty; wit: George Nettles (Netters), Daniel Firth, Samuel Perrin (no rec. date) (DB 2, p. 302)


These records are just a representative sample, but there are not too many more than the ones posted here for Lunenburg Co.


Court Records

Sep Court 1746

Mathew Talbot, petitioner, v, Joseph Perrin, defendant: petitioner, having proved his demand to be just, judgment is granted him against def’t for £2.10, with costs (OB 1: 57)

Sep Court 1746

Joseph Perrin, petitioner, v. Douglass Baker: In case, by consent of petitioner, suit dismissed (OB 1: 61)

Oct Court 1749

Samuel Perrin land is mentioned in a charge against an unnamed defendant for not maintaining Randolph’s road by Samuel Perrin’s to Court House (OB 2: 221)

Oct Court 1749

Rebecca Perrin and William Perrin are witnesses of Robert Jones’s will, decd. exhibited in court by Robt. Jones, Wm. Jones and Thomas Jones; probate granted; securities: Charles Talbot and David Jones (OB 2: 222)

May Court 1753

Joseph Perrin, Samuel Perrin, and William Perrin and their tithable persons are mentioned in a Court Tithable list (OB 2 1/2 : 115)

Nov Court 1753

Joseph Perrin is appointed survey of Court House Road from Randolph’s Road to Horse Pen Cr. (OB 2 ½: 481)

Apr Court 1754

Church Wardens of Cumberland Parish binds out Talbot Tucker to William Perrin (OB 2 ½: 618)


8 Dec 1760

Land of William Perrin and land of Joseph Perrin are mentioned in a deed between Robert Jones of Raleigh Parish of Amelia Co. and Thomas Ligon of Cornwall Parish, Lunenburg Co., for £25.00, 37 acres lying in Cornwall Par. and on lower side of Twitty Cr. and adj. Cr opposite land of said Thomas Ligon, bounding said Jones and said Ligon and Wm Perrin and Joseph Perrin; signed Robert Jones; wit: David Gwin, Thomas Bedford, Joel Towns, George Gwin (DB 6:359)


Will and Probate Book

8 Oct 1767

Joseph Perrin, William Perrin and Stephen Bedford are witnesses in Inventory and Appraisement of George Stephens, decd. (Charlotte County Wills 1765-1791, p. 38)

12 Oct 1768 and 6 Feb 1769

Samuel Perrin is security in the probate of the long will of Owen Swillivant (sic) (Charlotte County Wills 1765-1791, pp. 20-21)

11 Apr 1772

Joseph Perrin, Francis M. Petty and Joel Towns are witnesses for Inventory and Appraisement of Ambrose Toombs, decd. (Charlotte County Wills 1765-1791, p. 92)

4 June 1772

Samuel Perrin is mentioned in a long will written by Stephen Bedford, who gives to his yet-to-be-born child the land he bought of Samuel Perrin, containing 313 acres, when the child comes of age or marries; wit: Robert Walton, Sherwood Pearson and John Sullivant, will exhibited at court held 3 May 1773, by Francis Bedford Sherwood Walton and Thomas Bedford (Charlotte County Wills 1765-1791, pp. 101-03)

22 Oct 1772 and 6 Sep 1773

Joseph Perrin writes his will;

Wife: use of negro woman Amey and her son Nedl at her death negroes to be divided equally between his children

Son George: lands and plantation he now lives on, 200 acres on Twitty Cr.

Daughter Elizabeth Jones: one Negro girl named Palace

Daughter Sarah Sullivant: one Negro boy named Tom

Daughter Nanney Burton: boy she now has in her possession, namely Peter

Daughter Leanah Sullivant: one Negro girl named Lucy

Executors: Josephus Perrin and George Perrin

Signed Joseph Perrin

Wit: Sherwood Pierson, John Bridges, Thomas Ligon

At court held 6 Sep 1773, will of Joseph Perrin, decd. was exhibited by executors, who were qualified; sec: Thomas Liggon and James Swillivant

(Charlotte County Wills 1765-1791, p. 106)

2 May 1774 (Recorded)

Inventory and appraisement of estate of Joseph Perrin, decd.: Negro wench Amey; a Negro boy Ned; a Negro wench Pallace; a Negro boy Tom; a Negro girl Lucy; a Negro boy Jack; a Negro boy Peter; a parcel of working tools; 3 beds and furniture; a parcel of books; fire tongs; shovel; and other trumperies; a looking glass; a parcel of Delph cups; boxoles (sic) and plates; 3 beehives; total: £401.15.03; signed: Sherwood Peerson, Thomas Liggon, and Joel Cheatham (Charlotte County Wills 1765-1791, p. 115)

5 Nov 1775

Samuel Perrin is named in the 1773 and 1774 debit column in Account Current in estate of Stephen Bedford (Charlotte County Wills 1765-1791, p. 134)

4 Nov 1775

Mrs. Perrin is named in 1775 debits in Account Current of Stephen Bedford, for “advice.” (Charlotte County Wills 1765-1791, p. 136)

4 June 1781

Jos. Perrin is named in 1778 debit column in Account Current of Ambrose Hundley, decd. (Charlotte County Wills 1765-1791, pp. 271-72)

29 July 1784

George Perrin is named in 1782 credit column of William Sullivant, decd. bonds of Samuel and Josephus Perrin also mentioned, Loan Office Certificate no. 241, 14 Aug. 1782 (Charlotte County Wills 1765-1791, pp. 356a-57)

3 Feb 1785 and 7 Mar 1785

George Perrin’s land sale is mentioned in long will of Thomas Bedford; he purchaeed planation from George Perrin on Twitty Cr. adj. lands devised to Thomas’s wife (Charlotte County Wills 1765-1791, pp. 366-67)

6 Sep 1785

Samuel Perrin is named in 1784 credits of estate of Isaac Read, decd. (Charlotte County Wills 1765-1791, p. 371a)


4 Mar 1765

Joseph Perrin to William Perrin, 175 pounds, 290 acres in Charlotte Co. on both sides of Twitty’s  Cr. bounded by Bedford’s line, all houses, woods, waterways, water courses, etc. signed Jos. Perrin, no wit; Rebecca, wife of Joseph, relinquished her dower rights (1: 4)

6 May 1765

Joseph Perrin and Thomas Ligon to Josephus Perrin, 6 pounds, 150 acres, part of tract whereon Josephus and Thomas now live, beginning at beach of Twitty’s Cr. and running along widow Moseley’s line, all houses, building, waterways, etc. signed: Joseph Perrin and Thos. Ligon; wit: Thomas Bedford, Wm Read, P Carrington, Thomas Stuartt; Rebecca, wife of Joseph, relinquishes her dower rights (1: 82)

2 Dec 1766

Samuel Perrin witnesses a deed between Abraham Martin and his wife Betty and Thomas Collier of Hanover Co. 143 pounds, 367 acres in Charlotte Co. on the main branch of Horsepen Cr. bounded by May’s line and William Mill Cr. All tree woods, waterways, etc. signed Abra Martin and Betty (B) Martin; wit: Samuel Perrin, Joseph Crenshaw William Martin; Betty, wife of Abraham, relinquishes her dower rights (1: 253)

26 Nov 1767

Joseph Perrin to Samuel Firth of New Kent Co. for 10 pounds, 327 acres in Charlotte Co. beginning at Randolph’s corner; signed Joseph Perrin; wit: Thomas Bedford, Stephen Bedford, Wm. W. Toombs (1: 379)

4 Feb 1771

Perrin’s line is mentioned in a deed between Thomas Ligon to Sherwood Pearson, 60 pounds, 153 acres, on Branches or Roanoke, bounded by Perrin’s line; signed Thomas Ligon; no wit; (2: 397)

2 May 1772

William Perrin of Cornwall Parish to Joel Cheatham of Chesterfield Co. £190.00, all that messuage tract of about 290 acres in Cornwall Parish on Twitty’s Cr bounded by mouth of Cabbin Cr. and Bedford; signed William Perrin; wit: Thomas Bedford, Stephen Bedford, Wm Swillivant (sic); Mary, wife of William, relinquishes her dower rights (3: 136-37)

7 Sep 1772

Joseph Perrin of Charlotte Co. and Samuel Perrin of Halifax Co. to Stephen Bedford of Charlotte Co. for £200.00, 313 acres on land in Charlotte Co. on ridge between Little Roanoke R. and Twitty’s Cr. including some of the branches of each bounded by west side of the road in Parson’s line, Hart, Gwin, Thomas Bedford, Cephas Perrin; signed Joseph Perrin and Samuel Perrin; wit: none; Rebecca, wife of Joseph, relinquishes her dower rights (3: 147-48)

6 June 1774

Simon Jackson to Josephus Perrin, £40.00, which Jackson owes Perrin + 5 shillings, negro girl Nancy and a girl named Lucy, 3 horses, 20 hogs, 2 feather beds and furniture, upon trust that Perrin shall sell said negroes and property and from money arising from sale shall discharge the debt; signed Simon Jackson; wit: Joseph Bouldin, Sherwood Peirson, Chr. McConnico (3: 464-65)

4 Dec 1774

Deed of gift: I, Alice Onaday Moseby of Cornwall Parish, give to daughter Pricilla Moseby, 1 negro girl named Isabelle, to be delivered after my death; signed Alice Oneday Moseby; wit: Josephus Perrin, George Perrin, Elizabeth Taylor (3: 521)

27 Dec 1774

Thomas Liggon of Cornwall Parish to Josephus Perrin of same, £17.00, 17 acres, bounded by said Perrin, Twitty’s Cr. signed Thomas Liggon; wit: Sherwood Walton, William Sullivant, Thomas Bedford (3: 519)


Perrin Family Bibles

William Perrin and Mary Clopton

Robert Anderson and Rebecca Perrin

Perrins of Edgefield District, South Carolina

Perrins of Henrico and Hanover Counties, Virginia


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