Early Ligons of Virginia

Lt. Col. Thomas Ligon is a royal gateway ancestor; that is, his ancestor was a king, yet Ligon moved to America many generations later. He and his descendants left behind a lot of excellent records and family connections. This post goes from 1656 to 1823.

These records are uninterpreted, and mainly those that reveal family relations are included. We begin with Henrico County since it’s from there that the later Ligons fan out.

The Ligons are prominent in early court records:

Essential Records of a Key Orphans Court, Part 1 (1677-1690)

Essential Records of a Key Orphans Court, Part 2 (1690-1739)


28 Feb 1656

Thomas Ligon appears in a deed from William Harris of Curles for 1 bill to be paid to Abraham Childs of Curles, a parcel of land he lives on, on the river on lower side of Morgan’s landing; Wit: John Epes, Tho. Ligon; signed Wm Harris; it was agreed that James Robinson enjoy his part of the land; 2 Mar 1656; wit: John Epes and Tho. Ligon (Will, Deeds, Etc. 1677-1692 p. 199)

3 Oct 1664

THO. LIGON & CAPT. WM. FARRAR, 375 acres Henrico Co., 3 Oct. 1664, p. 376, (416). N. side of James Riv., beginning at the roundabout slash, adj. Morgan Price & running through  another br. of sd. slash W.N.W. &c. Trans, of 8 persons: Walter Felkes, Sam. Rigot, Ellinor Wallis, James Hickton, Ann Armstrong, Jone Davis, Tho. Peldon, Wm. Dodson.

3 Oct 1664

CAPT. WM. FARRAR & THOMAS LIGON (Liggon), 335 acs. 25 pounds Henrico Co., 3 Oct. 1664, p. 377, (417). S. side of James Riv., beg. at a white oak upon the River in Mont Malada (Mount My Lady) field, against a place where an old Oven had stood, running N.W. by W. to the red Water Slash &c. down the falling ground of Proctors &c. Trans, of 7 pers: Phillis (a ?) Servant, Robt. Winter, Daniell Fishes, Tho. Morsey, Jane Holmes, Wm. Young, Mary Worts.

16 Mar 1675

Thomas Ligon, Gent., did by will appoint his wife Mary to be his executrix and this is confirmed (1677-1692 Will and Deed Book, p. 35)

6 May 1676

Col. Thomas Ligon is named in the will of William Farrar: two tracts of land that Col. Ligon laid out at Capt. Davis’ bottom, about 300 acres, the other at said bottom containing about 200 acres. (1677-1692 Will and Deed Book, p. 31)

20 Aug 1678

An account of cattle belonging to the orphans of Mr. Joseph Tanner, decd, presented by Mr. Gilbert Platt viz. 5 cows with 2 calves in all seven head (Warner p. 10)

20 Aug 1678

This worthy court approves of the division of the estate of Mr. Thomas Ligon, Jr., decd., as it is presented by Mrs. Mary Ligon and distributed among her children as follows, vizt. Imprimis Richard Ligon … Matthew Ligon …. Hugh Ligon …. Mary Ligon … This is done as Mrs. Ligon (in the division saith) with the consent of her children to which she has singed Mary Ligon (Warner p. 11-12)

20 Aug 1678

An account belonging to the orphans of Mr. Joseph Tanner, decd. presented by Mr. Gilbert Platt (viz.) [items listed] (Warner p. 17).

28 Aug 1678

Mr. Richard Ligon, married to Mary Worsham, daughter and donee of Mrs. Eliz. Epes, decd. and Mr. John Worsham, likewise a donee of said decd. at this court acknowledged receipt of said gift (1677-1692 Will and Deed Book, p. 164)

10 Feb 1678/9

Richard Ligon is called “cousin” in Thomas Harris’s will; Harris’s sister-in-law is Core Harris, and he has an unnamed grandfather; wit: Alice Harris, Mary Ligon, Jr. and Richard Ligon; rec. 2 June 1679 by oath of Mary Ligon the younger (1677-1692 Will and Deed Book, p. 90)

1 Apr 1679 (recorded date)

Mary Platt, wife of Mr. Gilbert Platt, disposes of part of her estate she possessed on the day of her marriage; I give to my daughter Mary, now wife of Mr. William Ligon and to said William Ligon, various items and Indian girl Moll Eaters; signed Mary Platt; rec. 1 Apr 1679 (Will and Deed Book 1677-1692, p. 87)

1 April 1680

Maj. Wm Ligon did by his petition desire a mare of a mouse color with a foal might be recorded to the use of Martha Tanner an orphan, which according to the order of the court is inscribed. (Warner p. 18).

20 Aug 1680

Mr. Richard Ligon (according to the order of the vestry) does appoint Monday next to be here on the Glebe & lay out the land for the town, according as he is by the said order enjoined (Warner p. 20).

28 Mar 1681

Gilbert Platt gives to Joseph, Edward, Mary, and Martha Tanner, orphans of Joseph Tanner, decd. all right to their plantation and buildings; wit: John Farrar, Tho. Paldon; signed Gilberd (sic) Platt; rec. 1 Apr 1681 (Will and Deed Book 1677-1692, p. 162)

1 Apr 1682

Agreement between Francis Redford and Robert Sharp to avoid difficulties at law agree that the line between us is that laid out by Col. Ligon and Maj. Wm. Harris; wit: Larnus Birrell, Thomas Farrar; signed Francis Redford, Robert (X) Sharp (Wills, Deeds, etc.1677-1692, p. 213)

17 Oct. 1683

Mary Ligon signs an agreement: We agree that Sizeman’s Brook from Sizeman’s Landing, up the brook, shall be the bounds between our lands; wit: John Stith, James Minge, Charles Robert; signed Mary Ligon, Tho. Chamberlayne; rec. 1 Dec. 1683 (Wills, Deeds, etc.1677-1692, p. 260)

2 Feb 1684/5

Mary Ligon, widow, for love and affection, to her son-in-law Robert Hancock, gives 1 bay horse and 1 black mare; and to Sarah, daughter of Robert, 1 iron gray mare and the first foal she has; to Mary, daughter of said Robert; wit. William Farrar and Thomas Cock, Jr.; signed Mary Ligon; rec. 2 Feb. 1684 (Will and Deed Book 1677-1692, p. 296)

20 Aug 1685

Mr. Thos. Osborne, Sr. and Mr. Richard Ligon in open court enter themselves Mr. William Farrar’s security for the estate belonging to John Farrar, an orphan under his wardship (Warner 39)

1 Dec 1687

There is due to Seth Ward, 350 acres, for importation of Edward Wise, Thomas Stand, Anne Hewitt, William Blast, Simon Ligon, Mary Spencer, Elizabeth Turner (Court Orders 1678-1693. p. 250)

21 Jan 1688

Will of William Ligon

To sons Thomas and William, the plantation I now live on, my part of the Ashen Swamp to son John. My land that joins Mr. Hancock’s to be equally divided between my son Joserph and Thomas Farrar Jr.

Land lying on back of Curls, joining land that belonged to Solomon Knibb goes to daughter Mary and child my wife now goes with; Mary is a minor to age 21 unless she marries, then only to age 16; to each of the sons a gun when they shall come of age; all the rest to my wife during her widowhood;

Capt. Fra. Epes and Mr. Robert and John Worsham to see the will performed; wife is executrix; wit: Thomas Jefferson, Repps Jones, Edward Skerme; rec. 20 Aug 1689 (Book £3 Wills and Deeds 1688-1697, p. 75)

1 Aug 1689

There is due Mr. Richard Ligon, 200 acres, for importation of And. Parker, Christopher Read, Thomas Sisson, Mingo (negro) (Court Orders 1678-1693. p. 308)

23 Jan 1689/90

William Walthall, Richard Walthall, and Henry Walthall, sons of William Walthall, decd. and Henry Ligon in right of Elizabeth, his wife, daughter of said decd., have received of our mother Anne Morris, widow, relict, and executrix of decd., all our portion due from said decd. Rec. 1 Oct 1690 (Book £3 Henrico County Wills and Deeds 1688-1697, p. 158)

20 Aug 1690

The orphans of Mr. Wm. Walthall, decd., being all at lawful age Mrs. Anne Morris their late guardian did this day appear to discharge the court from their several parts of the said decd.’s estate having as she alleges made payment thereof to every of them, which allegation of hers is contradicted by Hugh Ligon who married one the said orphans and has now exhibited a petition for his part of the said estate (but not expressing the value or particulars) enquiry into the same being therefore made by the court and no satisfaction to be had from the records, no account having ever been given of the said decd.’s estate. It is ordered & they are hereby requested) that Mr. Peter Field and Mr. Richard Kennon do sometime between this and next court meet at the said house of the said Mrs. Anne Morris and by examination of the said …. Of the neighborhood consider of as near as may be computes the value of the said estate and the portion due each orphan and if what shall appear due to the said Ligon’s wife do exceed what is already del’d [delivered] by her guardian; that then they do cause the said Mrs. Morris to make delivery of the residue unto the said Hugh Ligon in their presence; and that they make report at which time the said Ligon is also ordered to appear, his petition being too then referred and likewise Mrs. Morris’s discharging of the court (Warner pp. 62-63)

25 Aug 1691

Thomas Wells and Hugh Ligon of Bristol Parish, for 800 lbs of tobacco, to Richard Holms, 100 acres called Scrury Hill on south side of Flinton’s Swamp, next to Maj. Thomas Chamberlayne, formerly in possession of William Harris, including all between that and Russell’s; part of a greater tracts granted to said Wells by patent 28 Oct. 1672; wit: Robert Clark, Tho. Charles Sr.; signed Thomas Wells, Hugh Ligon; rec. 1 Sept 1691; Mary, wife of Thomas and Elizabeth wife of Hugh, relinquishes dower rights (Will and Deed Book 1688-1697, p. 226)

29 Aug 1691

Mary Ligon Sr. for love and affection to sons Richard Ligon and Hugh Ligon, 200 acres at Curls, being part of a grant to Capt. Thomas Harris, decd. and given by his will to said Mary Ligon, his daughter, to be equally divided between Richard and Hugh, Richard taking the part next to Richard Cock and Hugh the other half; wit: Wm Soane, Thomas Cock, James Morris (Will and Deed Book 1688-1697, p. 231)

1 Apr 1691

There is due Mary Ligon the younger 300 acres for importation of William Ligon, Matthew Oakley, John Clarke, Mary Roach, and Dye & Besse (negroes) (Court Orders 1678-1693, p. 364)

23 Oct 1691 (Survey date)

166 acres bounded by Mr. William Ligon, decd. former line of Thomas Wells, Sizemore Cr. Matthew Ligon, decd. now surveyed for Mrs. Mary Ligon for her son Thomas Ligon, bounded as in the will of Col. Thomas Ligon, decd., in presence of Capt. Francis Epes and Mr. Jphn Worsham and several others of the neighborhood also present; signed John Soane (Will and Deed Book 1688-1697, p. 260)

10 Apr 1692

Richard Ligon witnesses the will of Gilbert Platt; wife Mary, one shilling to be paid by Edward Osborn; Tabitha Osborn, his bed and what belongs to it; to Edward Osborn, everything else for caring for Platt in his sickness; Thomas Osborne and Thomas Osborne also witnessed the will; proved by oath of Thomas Osborne, Jr. on 1 June 1692 (Book £ Henrico County Wills and Deeds 1688-1697, p. 315)

24 July 1692

Mary Ligon is called Martha Stratton’s cousin; she has kinsman Edward Skerme; son-in-law Edward Stratton; sister Platt and her daughter Ligon (no first name); daughter Elizabeth; daughter Frances; granddaughter Frances Shippy; daughter Martha Stratton’s children; daughter Frances to live with my sister Platt until she is married (Book £3 Henrico County Wills and Deeds 1688-1697, p. 622)

20 Aug 1692

William Midgeley of Bristol Parish, Henrico, for considerable valuation, sold land to Mary Ligon, widow of William Ligon of same, 200 acres on Swift Cr., next to Mr. Eusebius King and Persimmon branch, part of patent to Samuel Newman; wit: Tho. Charles and Joseph Tanner; signed William Midgely; rec. 20 Aug. 1692 (Will and Deed Book 1688-1697, p. 338)

1 Apr 1693

John Woodson, Sr. to Edward Lester, land next to Richard Cocke, next to land formerly William Harris’s on Curles Swamp, next to land given by Thomas Harris to his daughter Mary Ligon, 90 acres, sold by Harris to Gilbert Platt and by him to Hacaliah Horner and by his son Edward Horner to above John Woodson and to Edward Lester for 1300 pounds of tobacco; wit: Nicholas (X) Hutchinson, John (X) Ellis; signed John Woodson Sr. rec. 1 Apr 1693 (Will and Deed Book 1688-1697, p. 386)

27 Nov 1694

Mary Ligon and Martha Haskins, daughters of Joseph Tanner by his will gave a lower part of tract known as “Baldwins” on south side of James R. bounded by the river and a place called “Flintons,” by our brother Joseph Tanner and by Mr. Richard Kennon, to be divided equally, the line being Hellgarden Run, which begins at James Forrest’s spring; Mary to have part above the run and Martha part below; wit: Mary Platt, Thomas Ligon; signed Mary Ligon and Martha Haskins; rec. 1 Dec 1694 (Will and Deed Book 1688-1697, p. 529)

1 Dec 1694

Edward Haskins gives to William Ligon, son of William Ligon, decd. a cow named Fortune, now at his mother Mary Ligons’s plantation called Powell’s; signed Edw. Haskins (Will and Deed Book 1688-1697, p. 530)

1 Feb 1694

Joseph Tanner, son and heir of Joseph Tanner, decd., says his father’s will dated 7 Dec and recorded 1 June 1668, gave to his daughter, my sister, Martha Tanner, now wife of Edward Haskins, half of lower part of land called Baldwins, but left out “to her heirs forever; I now confirm this to her and her husband for life, and after their death to the eldest son Edward Haskins, Jr. and after death of all three to revert to me; wit: Henry Hatcher, Edward Tanner, Richard Kennon; signed Joseph Tanner; rec. 1 Feb 1694; Sarah, wife of Joseph, relinquishes her dower right (Will and Deed Book 1688-1697, p. 539)

1 June 1696 (recorded date)

Mary Ligon, widow of William Ligon, decd. for valuable consideration assigns to my mother Mary Platt, widow of Gilbert Platt of Varina Parish, 200 acres on Swift Cr. next to Mr. Eusebius King, part of patent to Samuel Newman; wit: Tho. Cocke, Jr. Tho. Chamberlaine; signed Mary Ligon; rec. 1 June 1696 (Will and Deed Book 1688-1697, p. 637)

15 July 1698

William Anderson and Mary Ligon (Deeds, Wills, etc 1697-1704 p. 124)

Mary Ligon, widow of William Ligon, decd., for valuable consideration, assigns to mother Mary Platt, widow of Gilbert Platt of Varina Parish, 200 acres on Swift Cr. next to Eusebius King, being part of a patent to Samuel Newman; wit: Tho. Cock, Jr. Tho. Chamberlaine; signed Mary Ligon; rec. 1 June 1696 (Will and Deed Book 1688-1697, p. 637)

1 Aug 1698

An agreement between Mary Ligon and Thomas Ligon, regarding 60 acres; wit: James Cocke; Elizabeth Ligon, wife of Thomas, releases dower to her mother-in-law Mary Ligon (Will and Deed Book 1697-1704, pp. 109-11)

10 Mar 1699

Will of Mary Platt, spinster

To son Edward Tanner, the cattle in his possession and £12 sterling;

To daughter Martha Haskins, £12 sterling;

To grandson Thomas Ligon, livestock;

To grandson Thomas Jones £12 when of age and items;

To grandson Joseph Ligon 200 acres on Swift Cr.; joining land of Eusebius King;

To granddaughter Phoebe Ligon, 60 shillings to buy certain items;

To granddaughter Lucretia Ligon, a sidesaddle;

To Charles Roberts 30 shillings

All the rest of the estate to executor

Wit: Mary Chamberlin, Will Anderson, Will Ligon (Wills and Deeds 1697-1704, p. 202)

1 Feb 1700

Probate granted Mary Ligon, widow, on will of her mother Mary Platt (Wills and Deeds 1697-1704, p. 223).

2 March 1701

Mary Ligon the younger of Bristol Parish, Henrico, spinster, for love and affection, to son William Ligon, but especially to prevent suits between two sons Thomas and William Ligon, by reason of plantation given by their father’s will; son William 130 acres known as Baldwin’s given by her father Joseph Tanner’s will and patented in Mary’s name; also one other tract on north branch of Proctors, 383 acres granted by patent 26 Oct. 1699; provided that whereas William Ligon, Gent., decd., of Henrico, father of said William and Thomas, by will dated 21 Jan 1688 granted to his son William half the plantation where he dwelt and other half to Thomas, of age, said William will relinquish his right when he comes of age, to land given in his said father’s will, to his brother Thomas Ligon; wit: John Bolling and All. Clark; signed Mary Ligon; rec. 2 Mar 1701 (Will and Deed Book 1697-1704, p. 272)

1 Oct 1701, Varina Parish

It is ordered that the sheriff do summon Mrs. Mary Ligon executrix of Mrs. Mary Platt, decd. to the next court to give security for her due executing the trust in her by the decd.’s last will (Warner pp. 87-88)

16 Apr 1702/3 (sic)

Will of Mary Ligon, Sr.

To son Richard Ligon, 100 acres in Henrico, known by name of “Curles,” joining land of Richard Cocke;

To son Hugh Ligon, 100 acres joining land of Richard Ligon;

To grandson Thomas Farrar, items when he is 21;

To son-in-law Thomas Farrar, the Indian boy Robin given to his wife by her father;

To grandson Henry Ligon, one horse;

To daughter Hancock all my sheep to be equally divided;

Son-in-law Robert Hancock and daughter Johan Hancock, executors

Wit: Abra. Womack, John Hatcher, John Brown

Codicil: No dispute over the 200 acres left by me, since my son William Ligon died before he was possessed of the land; to the Indian boy Robin, clothing; probated 1 Feb. 1703/4 (Wills and Deeds 1697-1704, p. 366)

1 Feb 1703

Probate granted Robert Hancock and Johan his wife on will of Mrs. Mary Ligon (Wills and Deeds 1697-1704, p. 390)

1 June 1703

John Worsham and Francis Patram to Richard Ligon for valuable consideration, 308 acres in main fork of Proctor’s Cr. being southern part of 924 acres granted to them 24 Oct 1701; wit: Martin Elam, Edward Stratton; signed John Worsham, Fran. Patram; rec. 1 June 1703 (Henrico County Wills and Deeds 1697-1705, p. 328)

1 Feb 1703/4

Henry Lowne, planter, for £75. or a negro between 12 and 40 years old to be paid or delivered to my great-grandson  Henry Edloe, son of my granddaughter Martha Edlow, when he is 21; by William Ligon I give for love and affection to said William Ligon and my granddaughter Elizabeth, now wife, 258 acres on south side of James R., being ½ of a tract granted to me by patent 26 Sep. 1674 for 516 acres, part of land whereon I now live, bounded by James R. and next to Edward Hatcher, Sr. and his children, excepted 30 acres called Packers, seated by James Rutlige, ferryman, for my life 1 Feb. 1703/4; wit: Will. Cox, Cha. Evans; signed: Henry X Lowne; Ann, wife of Henry, relinquishes her dower right (Wills and Deeds etc 1697-1705, p. 365)

2 Apr 1705

Administration granted Elizabeth Ligon on estate of her husband, Mr. Thomas Ligon; Capt. John Worsham, security (Henrico County Wills and Deeds 1697-1705, p. 450)

7 May 1705

Inventory of Thomas Ligon, appraised 7 May 1705 by Abr. Womack, Rob. Hancock, Arth. Moseley, and William Womack; presented in court by Capt. John Worsham for his daughter Elizabeth Ligon, relict and Adm’x; rec. 1 June 1705 (Henrico County Wills and Deeds 1697-1705, p. 446)

20 Aug 1706, Varina Parish

Sarah Oulton [sic] is ordered to appear to explain to the court why she has not maintained and educated her son Lodowick and to give bond; if not, then the sheriff is to take custody of Lodowick and deliver him unto Mr. Alexander Marshall who has lately married Elizabeth Ligon and whose care and charge the said Lodowick has been formerly maintained and educated (Warner p. 96).

1 Nov 1706

Deed: Richard Ligon for 5 shillings to William Ligon, 100 acres on north side of James R. joining “Curles” plantation, bounded by Curles, John Woodson, the land lately been in tenure of several tenants placed there by Mrs. Mary Ligon, decd. to whom said land did belong, the whole property being 200 acres; wit: John Pleasants, Joseph Pleasants; signed Richard Ligon; rec. 1 Nov 1706 (Deeds 1706-1709, p. 5)

1 Nov 1706

Bond of William Ligon of Henrico Parish, to Matthew Ligon, son of Richard Ligon of Bristol Parish; the above William is brother to Thomas Ligon, decd. and mutually agrees to divide the 200 acres in above deeds with Matthew Ligon, son of Richard. Wit: John Pleasants and Joseph Pleasants; signed William Ligon; rec. 1 Nov 1706 (Deeds 1706-1709, p. 7)

1 Nov 1706

Deed of William Ligon to Matthew Ligon, son of Richard Ligon, 100 acres on north side of James R. adjoining John Woodson, the river and Curls plantation of Willaim Randolph; wit: John Pleasants and Joseph Pleasants; signed William Ligon; rec. 1 Nov 1706 (Deeds 1706-1709, p. 7)

17 Mar 1707

Richard Ligon, surveyor of Henrico Co., to John Curtis, planter of same. Capt John worsham and Francis Patram, by deed 1 June 1703, sold to Richard Ligon 303 acres on main fork of Proctor’s Cr. and is southern part of 924 acres granted to said Worsham and Patram 24 Oct. 1702; Ligon for £12 sells 303 acres to said Curtis; wit: Simon Jeffreys and Robert Hancock; rec. 2 June 1707; Mary, wife of Ligon, relinquishes dower (Deeds 1706-1709, p. 42)

1 Nov 1707

Richard Ligon of Bristol Parish is indebted to William Ligon, Henrico Parish and bound for £200; the condition is that there is a parcel of land on north side of James R. between plantation called Curles, belonging to Col. Wm. Randolph and plantation of John Woodson, where he lives, containing 200 acres, left to Mary Ligon by her father Capt. Thomas Harris, decd.; several suits lately between Richard Ligon and Thomas Ligon, son and heir of William Ligon, elder brother of said Richard. On death of Thomas Ligon, the right of above William Ligon, decd., descended to above named William Ligon. William Ligon and Richard Ligon have agreed to divide land equally between William Ligon and Matthew Ligon, son of above Richard; the lower half to William, the upper to Matthew; wit: John Pleasants and Joseph Pleasants; signed Richard Ligon (Deeds 1706-1709, p. 4)

June 1706 to June 1708

Richard Ligon surveyed Henrico Parish, in Henrico Co. A list of names and acreage follows, including Matthew Ligon, whose land was surveyed 10 May 1708, 280 acres (Deeds 1706-1709, pp. 97-100)

2 July 1708

Will of Henry Lound

To daughter Mary Batte, 258 acres joining Capt. Thomas Wosham, being ½ patent (the other half already disposed of by William Ligon)

To daughter Anne Moody, items;

To daughter Mary Bate, negro girl Betty;

To grandson Henry Hatcher, 1 shilling;

To granddaughter Anne Ward, 1 shilling;

To granddaughter Mary Tanner, 1 shilling;

To granddaughter Martha Blanks, 1 shilling;

To grandson William Ligon, 1 gray mare;

To granddaughter Elizabeth Ligon, livestock and items;

All the rest of estate to daughter Mary Batte, and she is to executorix;

Wit: Thomas Chamberlayne, John Wooldridge, William Rollo, Charles Roberts;

Presented in court 1 Dec 1708 by Mary Batte, widow (sic), the executor and recorded (Wills and Deeds, 1706-1709, p. 119)

31 July 1710

Richard Ligon and Matthew Ligon for £14, to Richard Grills, 297 acres on south side of Swift Cr., next to Robert Hudson; wit: John Worsham, Jr. and Dan’l Jones; signed Rich. Ligon, Matthew Ligon; rec. 1 Aug 1710; Elizabeth, wife of Matthew, relinquishes her dower right (Deeds 1710-1714, p. 22)

1 Feb 1711/12

Nuncupative Will of Mary Ligon

My brother Thomas Bridgewater to have care of my eldest daughter Elizabeth;

William Kent to have care of my son Peter Ligon;

William Kent to have care of son Simon;

Ann Cardwell to have care of daughter Ann Ligon;

Ann Easley to have care of daughter Mary;

Martha Hudson to have charge of daughter Martha;

Wit: James Cox, Edward Heathcott, and Martha Hudson

Rec. 7 July 1712 (Henrico County Wills and Deeds 1710-1714, p. 138)

9 Aug 1712

Richard Ligon and Hugh Ligon and Abraham Womack took an inventory of Richard Homes; presented in court by Ann Homes; rec. 1 Sept. 1712 (Henrico County Wills and Deeds 1710-1714, p. 147)

7 Dec. 1713

Hugh Ligon and Jane his wife, relict of John Price, late of Henrico Co., planter, decd. for love and affection to John Price, eldest son of said John, half of tract where Henry Pew, father of said Jane, formerly lived; wit: Charles Ballew, Robert Hancocke; signed Hugh Ligon, Jane (P) Ligon; rec. 7 Dec 1713 (Deeds 1710-1714, p. 234)

4 June 1715

Mary Batts of Prince Edward Co and William Ligon of Henrico Co have agreed to divide our tract on south side of James R. called “Neck of Land,” which formerly belonged to Henry Lown, decd. Mr. Richard Ligon has consented to run the line, beginning at river bank between moth of Usher’s Cr. and plantation where Henry formerly dwelled, to the head line, which we agree shall be the line between us; wit: Richard Ligon, Tarlton Woodson, Edmund Liptrot; signed Mary (MB) Batt and Wm Ligon; rec. 6 June 1715 (Deeds 1714-1724, p. 33)

1 Jan 1716

Whereas William Ligon, decd., by will bequeathed to daughter Mary and child she is with, his land laying in back of Curls and to be equally divided and the child well known by the name of Lucretia Ligon is now 21; Mary and Lucretia have agreed to divide the land, and Peter Rowlett, who married said Mary, consents; wit: John Soane and James Cocke; rec. 7 Jan 1716 (Henrico County Wills and Deeds 1714-1718, p. 137)

1 Jan 1716

William Ligon, late of Henrico, decd. by will gave all of his land lying on the back of Curls and joining land formerly belonging to Solomon Knibb, decd. to be equally divided between his daughters Mary and the child his wife was carrying, which child is called Lucretia Ligon and is now 21; said Mary and Lucretia and Peter Rowlett, who married Mary agree land may be divided. Partition has been made, Peter and Mary Rowlet to have southern half and Lucretia the northern half; wit: Peter (P) Rowlett, Mary (Ma) Rowlett, Lucretia (X) Ligon; rec. 7 Jan 1716 (Deeds 1714-1724, p. 137)

7 Oct 1717

Hugh Ligon of Appomattox Parish, planter, and Jane his wife, to Pew Price of county and parish of Henrico, carpenter, their right in that land belonging to John Price, late of his mother Jame, on Four Mile Cr, 120 acres; wit: Wm Ligon and Edward Goode; signed Hugh Ligon and Jane (Ie) Ligon; rec. 7 Oct 1717 (Deeds 1714-1724, p. 195)

30 June 1717

Hugh Ligon to Gilbert Elam, for 3000 lbs of tobacco, 200 acres, on south side of James R. being part of 1300 acres formerly granted to Col. Thomas Ligon and by him lapsed and taken up by said Hugh; land is bounded by land formerly Maj. William Harris’s and Thomas Jefferson; wit: Henry Soane, Arthur Moseley, Jr. Mich’ll Turpin; signed Hugh Ligon; rec. 7 Oct 1717; Jane, wife of Hugh, relinquishes her dower rights (Deeds 1714-1724, p. 196)

1 Oct 1717

Richard Ligon to James Aken, for £4, 142 acres in Henrico Parish on south side of Cold Water Run, being half of land granted by patent to said Ligon and Aken and is that part granted to Ligon in a division of the land between him and Aken; wit: Christopher Branch and Wm Ligon; signed: Richard Ligon; rec. 7 Oct. 1717; Mary, wife of Richard, relinquished her dower right (Deeds 1714-1724, p. 198)

4 Aug 1718

Hugh Ligon, Arthur Moseley, William Ligon give bond for Hugh Ligon as guardian for Elizabeth Price, an orphan; wit: John Bolling, Henry Randolph, Jr. (Miscellaneous court records 1650-1807, Part II, p. 397)

Dec Court 1719

Henry Ligon witnesses and proves the will of Thomas Chamberlayne presented by Elizabeth Chamberlayne, executrix and witnessed and proved also by Charles Robert; William Kennon and Henry Anderson, securities (Virginia Minute Book 1719-1724, p. 3)

Court 1 Jan 1721

Will of Mary Ligon presented by Alexander Marshall, her executor and proved witnesses (sic); Robert Blaws, sec (Minute Book 1719-1724, p. 146)

Court held 3 Apr 1721

Mary Farrar granted administration of estate of William Farrar, decd. William Randolph and William Ligon, sec; Thomas Layor, William Burton, Richard Rayborn and George Cox to appraise estate (Minute Book 1719-1724, p. 88)

Court held 7 Aug 1721

Will of Martha Brown, decd, presented by William Batte, her executor and proved by Richard Ligon, Elizabeth Marshall, and Martha Wooldridge; Henry Anderson and Richard Ligon, securities; Abraham Womack, Sr. Alexander Marshall, John Worsham, and Hugh Ligon to appraise the estate (Minute Book 1719-1724, p. 117)

Court 2 Mar 1723

Will of Richard Ligon presented by Matthew Ligon, executor, proved by Francis Epes, one of the wit; Abraham Womack, Jr., Edward Stratton, Robert Slam, and John Knibb to appraise estate (Minute Book 1719-1724, p. 316)

2 Feb. 1723

Inventory of Mr. Richard Ligon by court order valued at £30/3/3 appraised 4 Apr 1724 by Abraham Womack, Sr. Robert Elam, John Knibb and presented by Matthew Ligon; rec. 6 Apr 1724 (Miscellaneous Henrico Court Records p. 595)

Court held 1 Jan 1721

Will of Mary Ligon presented by Alexander Marshall, her executor, and proved by wit; Robert Blaws, sec. (Minute Book 1719-1724, p. 152)

Court held 16 Aug 1722

William Ligon, Edward Stratton, Robert Elam and Edward Haskins to appraise estate of Edward Bowman; his will was presented by Henry Charles Featherstone, his executors; proved by John Bolling, Jr. and Robert Hudson Sr. and Edward Tanner, three of the witnesses; Maj. William Kennon and Capt. Henry Randolph sec; (Minute Book 1719-1724, p. 196)

2 March 1723

Will of Richard Ligon presented by Matthew Ligon, executor; proved by Francis Epes, one of the witnesses. Abraham Womack, Jr. Edward Stratton, Robert Elam, and John Knibb to appraise estate (Minute Book 1719-1724, p. 318)

18 June 1728

Matthew Ligon of Henrico Co. to William Pride of same for £5, 2 acres on north side of Swift Cr., below where said Ligon’s dwelling house now stands; wit: Jeffore (sic) Robeson and Thos. (X) Oliver, Creed Haskins; signed Matthew Ligon; rec. 1 July 1726; Eliza., wife of Matthew, relinquishes her dower rights (Wills and Deeds 1725-1737, p. 186)

31 Oct 1728

Matthew Ligon of Henrico Co. to William Pride of same, for £25, a plantation of 100 acres on Swift Cr. being all the land he purchased of Richard Grills, next to said Matthew and Henry Ligon; wit: Peter Hudson, Richard Wells, and John Green; signed Matt. Ligon; rec. 1 Mon. Nov. 1728 (Wills and Deeds 1725-1737, p. 219)

4 Nov 1728

Matthew Ligon to George Farrar in obedience to a decree of Henrico Court of 2 Oct 1728 in a suit in chancery between Thomas Jefferson, complainant, and said Ligon, concerning title in said land, confirms to said George farrar, plantation where Allanson Clark formerly dwelled, 150 acres, being upper half of tract taken up by said Richard Grills, late of this county. Lands were sold by said Matthew and his father Richard Ligon to said Grills 31 July 1719 and is part of land conveyed by Grills to Thomas Jefferson 13 Sept. 1717 and some granted to said Matthew by patent, Land is on south side of Swift Cr. Wit: Geo. Payne, Art’r Moseley, Jr.; signed Matt. Ligon; rec. 1 Mon Apr 1729 (Wills and Deeds 1725-1737, p. 226)

11 Feb 1728

John Soan of Caroline Co. to William Ligon and Thomas Osborn, Jr. of Henrico Co., VA, for £30, land on south side of James R. called “Wilmington,” 320 acres; wit: Jos. Ligon, Henry Ligon, Peter (X) Ligon; signed John Soan; rec. 1 Mon Apr 1729 (Wills and Deeds 1725-1737, p. 225)

24 Aug 1734

Will of Lewis Orange (Louis L’Orange, French)

To son Lewis, western part of my land;

To son Peter, the lower part of my land;

To son John, the houses, orchards, and plantation;

All my lands to be divided into three parts;

My wife to have time upon the plantation for life;

To daughter Judith Ligon, 12 pence;

To daughters Elizabeth Willce (sic), Magdelin Atkins, and Mary Turner, each 1 shilling;

To wife Mary, all the movables and she to be executrix;

Wit: James Lasley, William Turner; rec. 7 Apr 1735 (Wills and Deeds 1725-1737, p. 472)

21 May 1735

Matthew Ligon and Elizabeth Ligon witness a deed from John Grills to John Newby, for 2000 pounds of tobacco 148½ on south side of Swift Cr. next to Robert Hudson, being ½ tract where George Farrar now lives; Margaret Rous; signed John Grills; rec. 2 June 1735 (Wills and Deeds 1725-1737, p. 486)

March Court 1738

Matthew Ligon to his son Matthew Ligon, Jr., deed (Court Orders 1737-1744, p. 69)

October Court 1740

Henry Ligon to William Moseley, deed; Sarah, wife of Henry, relinquished her dower right (Court Orders 1737-1744, p. 126)

June Court 1742

William Ligon to Benjamin Harris, Gent., deed. Elizabeth, wife of William, relinquishes her dower right (Court Orders 1737-1744, p. 186)

Apr Court 1743

David Bell granted administration of estate of Peter Ligon, decd. John Yuille, security; Richard Haskins, William Elam, Benjamin Chetam (sic), and Lodowick Elam to appraise (Court Orders 1737-1746, p. 216)

May Court 1744

James Ligon, Jr., William Moseley, Henry Batte and Thomas Pouland to appraise estate of James Aken, decd. Thomas Aken granted probate (Court Orders 1737-1746, p. 257)

Feb Court 1745

Churchwardens of Dale Parish bind out Elizabeth and Francis, mulattoes, children of Martha Ligon (Continuation of 1737-1746 Court Order Book, p. 363)

Apr Court 1741

Joseph Ligon granted administration of Milner Childers, decd. William Stratton, sec Isaac Sharp, Henry Sharp, William Peirce, and George Rabon to appraise (Court Orders 1737-1746, p. 138)

Sep Court 1742

Joseph Ligon presents inventory of Milner Childers, decd (Court Orders 1737-1746, p. 192)

July Court 1743

Joseph Ligon and John Stuart are security for Seth Ward, executor of Joseph Ward; Seth presents will; Edward Hill, John Hill, Abraham Bailey, Henry Moody to appraise (Court Orders 1737-1746, p. 225)

13 Jan 1745/6

Peter Ligon appears in will of Aaron Haskins who had purchased 332 acres from Peter (Wills and Deeds, 1744-1748, p. 217)

4 Apr 1748

Joseph Ligon of Dale Parish, Henrico Co. to Edward Folks of same, for £20, 60 acres at Rocksdale, bounded by land Edward Folks purchased of Robert Bowman, Possum Meadow, said Ligon, Edward Bowman, John Bowman, and James R. No witnesses; signed Joseph Ligon, Judith Ligon; rec. 1st Mon Apr 1748; Judith, wife of Joseph, relinquishes dower rights (Wills and Deeds, 1744-1748, p. 367)

Dec Court 1760

Leonard Wood, Mary Stewart and James Ligon granted administration of estate of John Stewart, Sarah Ward who relinquished her right to administer estate; Nicholas Giles, Abraham Bailey, John Burton, and Thomas Perkins to appraise; Richard Poval, Samuel Hobson, John Baskerville, and Henry Clay to appraise John Stewart’s estate in Cumberland Co. (OB 1755-1762, p. 483)

29 Sep 1761

Bond of James Ligon and Judith Ligon his wife to John Ligon, son of said Judith, for £1000. Cites that by the death of John Stuart, late of Henrico Co. brother of said Judith, said Judith with Sarah Ward and Mary Stuart, sisters to the said John Stuart, decd. are now possessed of two tracts; one in Henrico Co. and one in Cumberland Co. and with James Ligon have all agreed to a partition of said land by which partition the land in Cumberland is allotted to Judith on condition that she and her husband execute bond that will descend to John Ligon in fee upon the death o f his mother; wit: Archibald Cary, Leonard wood; signed James Ligon and Judith Ligon; rec. 6 Sep 1762 (DB 1750-1767, p. 751)

Nov Court 1762

Elijah Ligon and William Loving proves the will of Thomas Puryear presented by Margaret Puryear, executrix (OB 1755-1762, p. 687)

18 May 1762

Samuel Ligon’s (Ligson’s and Legin’s) property is mentioned in the will of Joseph Bridgewater; daughter Susannah Clarkson is to bet 50 acres joining his land and that of William Diugud (no probate date) (Miscellaneous Court Records, vol. 6, p. 1887)

19 May 1762

Elijah Ligon and William Loving witnesses the will of Thomas Puryear; recorded 1 Nov 1762 and rerecorded 4 Aug 1784 (Pre-Revolutionary and Colonial Wills, re-recorded in Will Books after 1781, p. 128)

Elijah Ligon witnesses deed from Edmund Humphrey and Mary Humphrey his wife of the Parish if St. James [sic] of Henrico Co. to David Boles of same parish and county for £35, 200 acres, adj. Nathaniel Holman on west side of Beales’s path and John Thompson; also wit: John Harlow, Nathaniel Holman; signed Edmund (X) Humphrey and Mary Humphrey; rec. 7 Nov 1763 (DB 1750-1767, p. 815)

9 Oct 1766

Samuel Ligon, Sr., to his son John Ligon, both of Henrico co. for diverse good causes … 89 acres on Gilley’s Cr., part of tract said Samuel Sr. holds by patent dated 5 July 1751; adj. Alexander Moss and Alexander Robinson; wit: George Adams, Richard Crouch, Thomas Calder, William Powell; signed Samuel (X) Ligon; rec. 3 Nov 1766 (DB 1750-1767, p. 989).

1 May 1769

John Ligon, Richard Crouch, and Samuel Mitchell witness deed from John Bransford, decd., Francis West and wife Elizabeth, one of the daughters and legatees of John Bransford, decd. to Lodowick Warrock of Town of Richmond, for £60 Lot #58 in Richmond; rec. 7 Aug 1769 (Deeds 1767-1774, p. 172)

27 Nov 1769

Samuel Ligon of Henrico to John Williams of Goochland Co. for £60. 200 ac. adj. William Wade, David Gwinn, William Harlow, Richard Loving, William Price; wit: Pleasant Willis, William Price, William (X) Ligon; signed Samuel (X) Ligon; rec 7 May 1770 (DB 1767-1774, p. 211)

Bristol Parish Vestry Records Of Henrico County

Thomas, son of Matthew and Eliz. Ligon born 7th Feb 1724/5.

Eliz. Daughter of Matthew and Eliz. Ligon born 9th Dec. Bap. 9th Feb. 1727.

Sam, female slave of Matthew and Elizabeth Ligon born the 12th May 1728.

Marriages of Henrico County

1 Apr 1681

Richard Ligon and Mary Worsham, daughter of Elizabeth Epes, decd. (Deeds, Wills, etc. 1677-1692, p. 164)

Between 1688-1689

Hugh Ligon and Elizabeth Walthall (Deeds, Wills, etc., 1688-1697, p. 97)

15 July 1698

William Anderson and Mary Ligon (Deeds, Wills, etc. 1697-1704, p. 124)

Before 20 Aug 1706

Alexander Marshall and Elizabeth Ligon (Orphan’s Court, 1677-1739, p. 48)

14 July 1787

William Ligon and Fanny Mathews, daughter of Rachel Mathews who consents; sur. Nathaniel Cousins who certifies Fanny is over 21 (p. 59)

10 May 1788

Thomas Findley and Phoebe Ligon, daughter of Hannah Ligon; Samuel Findley guardian of Phoebe, consents for her; sur. Nathaniel Cousins; wit: Hamner Ligon, Jery Ligon, William Ligon (p. 33)

22 Sep 1788

Samuel Ligon and Bathsheba Harwood, who consents; sur. George Winston; wits: Edm’d Winston and Rebecca Harwood (p. 59)

25 July 1800

William Ligon and Peggy Whitis; sur. John Whittis (p. 59)

21 Jan 1801

John Harlan and Elizabeth Ligon, daughter of John Ligon who is surety (p. 43)

10 June 1808

Francis Bradley and Winnefred Ligon, daughter of William Ligon, who is surety (p. 10)

Ages at Deposition in 1688-1697 Will and Deed Book

1 Dec. 1688

Joseph Tanner, 27 (p. 26)

1 Oct 1689

Joseph Tanner, 28 (p. 90)

2 Dec 1689

Mary Ligon, 64 (mother of Hugh Ligon) (p. 107)


Goochland grew out of Henrico in 1728.

Main Records

17 Nov 1729

Deed from Francis Epes of Henrico Co to Matthew Ligon of same, for £30 a tract known as Fine Cr. in Goochland Co. devised to Epes by patent 13 Oct. 1737; wit: William Gay, Josiah Woodson, Littlebury Epes; signed: Fran’s Epes; rec. 18 Nov 1729 (Wills and Deed 1728-1734, p. 147).

20 May 1740

Matthew Ligon of St. James Parish, Goochland, planter, to Theodorick Carter of same, for £21, 250 acres on branches of Fine Cr. and Fighting Cr., granted to said Ligon, bounded by creeks John Radford, Samuel Allen, Jr. William Allen, said Ligon, John Hails with all houses, etc. Signed Matt. Ligon; Elizabeth his wife relinquished her dower rights; rec. 20 May 1740 (DB 3 1737-1742, p. 296).

18 Jan 1742

Deed from Matthew Ligon of Goochland to Richard Ligon of same co. for £5 and divers other good causes, a tract of 300 acres, in Goochland, bounded by Capt. Wm. Allen, the mouth of Great branch, Fine Cr., Col. Wm. Randolph, Richard Manning; signed Matt. Ligon Sr.; wit: Theodorick Carter, J. Beguin, Peter Newly; rec. 20 July 1741 (DB 4, p. 544)

14 Mar 1742

William Ligon and his wife Ann appear in the will of Robert Rogers, saying that Ann is one of Richard (sic) Rogers’ daughters; her father makes division of the slaves: William and Ann are to get slaves Dick and Jemmy; signed John Fleming; rec. 15 Mar 1742 (Wills 1742-1745, p. 155)


8 July 1807, married 15 July

Richard Ligon and Susanna C. Bernard; sur. John Bernard; married by Rev. Lewis Chaudoin (p. 97)


This county was formed in 1749 out of the part of Henrico that is south of the James River.

31 July 1725

Thomas Ligon, decd. is named in a bond of Henry Walthall and Phoebe his wife of Henrico Co., planter, in debt to Alexander Marshall, tanner of same, for £100. Condition is that Marshall bought from the Walthalls a tract called “Powell’s” which formerly belonged to the decd. father Thomas Ligon, 82 ac; wit: Richard Walthall and James Walthall; rec. 1 Mar 1750 at request of Marshall (DB 1, p. 192)

Oct 1733

Thomas Ligon is mentioned in a bond of James Anderson and Elizabeth his wife, of Prince George Co. to Alexander Marshall, bought from the Andersons their right in 100 ac, called “Powell’s,” which was their decd. father Thomas Ligon’s, next to Col. Francis Epes and said Marshall; wit: James Tweatt, Ann Marshall, Aneshes (X) Galren; rec 1 Mar 1750 (DB 1, p. 193)

5 Feb 1750

Matthew Ligon witnesses a deed from William Worsham, Dale Parish, and Amy his wife, to Henry Batter for £100, 186 acres called Dawson’s, bounded as by patents; John Worsham and Jon. Archer also witnessed it. Amy relinquished her dower rights; rec. 1 Mar 1750 (DB 1, p. 178)

2 Aug 1751

Peter Ligon’s property is mentioned in a deed from John Campbell of Dale Parish, Chesterfield Co. to William Robertson of same, for £23, 150 acres granted to said Campbell by patent 12 Jan 1746, bounded by John Skelton, south side of Skinquarter Rd. William Gates, and Peter Ligon; wit: Wm Moseley, Jr. B. Haskins, Nath. Turner; rec: 2 Aug 1751 (DB 1, p. 257)

17 Nov 1751

Will of Joseph Ligon of Dale Parish

To son Joseph: Upper part of land I now live on called “Roxdale”;

To son John: Lower part of above land a Great Bible

Unnamed wife: enjoy land for life (for her name, see below at 1 May 1761 and 4 Oct 1765)

To son Thomas: 800 acres in Amelia Co bought of Joseph Morton; also 469 ac in same co. called “Acorn Ground”;

To son William: 612 acres called “Boldens,” which I sold to him;

To daughter Mary Moseley: a negro Jammy now in possession of my father;

To daughter Martha Ligon: 5 negroes

To daughter Judith Ligon and daughter Elizabeth Ligon each: a negro

To wife: 2 negroes for life and then to return to my five young children I had by my last wife; also other negroes divided between my five children: John, Judith, Thomas, William, Elizabeth, as they become a age or marry

Executrix: wife

Wit: Sarah Ward, Mary Stewart, Len. Ward

WB 1 p. 121-125

4 Nov 1751

Deed: Joseph Ligon the younger of Dale Parish, Chesterfield Co. to Richard Randolph the younger of Curls, Henrico Co.: Joseph Ligon, father of said Joseph, by deed 5 Aug 1744, conveyed to Richard Randolph the elder of Henrico Co. Gent., father of said Richard, for £250, a tract adjoining Henry Cary and said Randolph at a place called “Warwick,” 175 ac; said Richard the elder is dead and by his will conveyed land to his son Brett Randolph, an infant under 21, upon several contingencies, said Joseph the younger confirms land to said Richard the younger; wit: Ben Harris, Wm. Moseley, Jos. Ligon, J. Wayles, Anderson Stith; rec. 5 June 1751 (DB 1, p. 426-28).

1 May 1752

Will of Joseph Ligon proved by Sarah Ward and Leonard Ward; wit: Sarah Stewart and Joseph Ligon, sec (OB 1, p. 184)

1 June 1753

Joseph Ligon’s property is mentioned in a deed from William Eaton of Dinwiddie Co to Henry Batte of Chesterfield Co., executors of William Pride, decd. for £56., 90 ac in Dale Parish, bounded by Joseph Ligon, William Baugh, and James R., being land said Pride purchased of John Canifax; wit: John Osbourne, Peter Baugh, Jr. Abram Bailey, Jr.; rec: 1 June 1753 (DB 1, pp. 386-88)

2 Aug 1754

Joseph Ligon witnesses a deed from John Redford and Mary his wife of Henrico Co. to Robert Haskins of Chesterfield, for £25, 123 ac on north side of Swift Cr., bounded by John Jones, Henry Clay, Peter Hudson, John Bowman, Nuttree Branch, and Samuel Jones; wit: John Ward, George Hancock, and Joseph; rec: 2 Aug 1754 (DB 2, p. 175)

4 July 1755

Joseph Ligon is mentioned in a deed from William Thompson of Dale Parish, Gent. to John Osborne of same, for £200, 524 ac. on James R. 362 being given said William by his father, late decd. and 162 purchased of Joseph Ligon, also decd. Wit: Will’m Bass, And’r Key, and Henry Hatcher, Jr. rec. 4 July 1755 (DB 2, p. 312)

6 Aug 1756

Judith Ligon, guardian of John, Thomas, Judith, Elizabeth, orphans of Joseph Ligon, renders accounts (OB 2 209; see, below, 4 Oct 1765)

13 Nov 1756

Joseph Ligon, decd. is mentioned in an agreement between William Baugh of Chesterfield, Inspector of Tobacco to John Fleming, Jr. of Cumberland Co., attorney at law; Baugh sells to Fleming 425 ac. on James R. known as Baldwin’s or Baldings, about 262 ½ ac. part thereof being owned by William Baugh, decd. father of said William, 162 ½ ac; and 162 ½ purchased of Joseph Ligon, decd. by said Baugh the son and devised to him by will of said Ligon …; wit: Miles Selden and Alex’r Mackie; signed: W. Baugh, John Fleming; rec 7 Jan 1757 (DB 3, p. 100)

6 Jan 1758

Matthew Ligon, Jr. and Susannah his wife (who relinquished her dower rights) to John Hylton, Gent. for £200, tract on north side of Appomattox R. at mouth of Sizemore Cr., 200 ac. being land devised by Richard Ligon, decd. to Mathew Ligon, father of said Matthew Ligon, Jr. and by said father deeded to me 8 Feb 1758; no wit.; signed Matt. Ligon and Susannah Ligon; rec. 7 July 1758 (DB 3, pp. 282 and 284)

25 Nov 1758

Joseph Ligon to James Deans of same, for £120.16.8, 470 ac where said Joseph now lives, given him by his father, Joseph Ligon, late decd. by his will, unless Joseph Ligon repays above amount by 1 Nov 1760; wit: B. Watkins, Thos. Stratton, George Gay; signed Joseph Ligon; rec. 6 July 1759 (DB 4, p. 1)

13 Nov 1760

Joseph Ligon and Judith his wife to William Walthall, for £1200. All the tract said Joseph lives on, on James R., given said Joseph by his father, late decd. in his will 470 ac.; wit: James Deanes, George Gray, Ben Watkins; signed Joseph Ligon, Judith Ligon; rec. 5 June 1761 (DB 4, p. 102)

1 Dec 1761

John Fleming, attorney, and his wife Susannah of Cumberland to Joseph Ligon of Chesterfield for £500 and on James R. called Baldwyn’s, 424 ac. which said Fleming purchased of William Baugh, decd. in his lifetime on 15 Nov 1746; no wit:  signed John Fleming, Susanna Fleming, who was unable to travel so her release of dower was taken by Wade Netherland and Carter Henry Harrison 1 Jan 1763 rec. Mar 1763 (DB 4, p. 301)

1 May 1761

On petition of Sarah Ward and Mary Stuart, two of the co-heiresses of John Stuart, decd. who was surety of Judith Ligon, executrix of Joseph Ligon, decd. and guardian to John Ligon and who has since intermarried with James Ligon; they complain of mismanagement of said Joseph’s estate and fear they will suffer as representatives of John Stuart. Said James and Judith Ligon are to give counter-security to the petitioners (OB 3, p. 129)

7 May 1762

Thomas Clark and Jane his wife to Joseph Ligon, for £53. That tract that said Thomas Clark (missing elements) Aaron Haskins, 62 ac. adjoining Ligon; wit: Will Pleasants, Robert Toms, Creed Haskins; signed: Thomas Clark, Jane Clark rec. May 1762 (DB 4, p. 313)

14 Nov 1761

Joseph Ligon witnesses a deed from Aaron Haskins to Thomas Clark, for £57, 60 ac on south side of Hell Garden Bottom and Flintstone Swamp; wit: Joseph Ligon, Will Pleasants, Robert Toms; signed: Aaron Haskins; rec. May 1762 (DB 5, p. 501)

28 Aug 1762

Joseph Ligon witnesses a deed from Jarrett Walthall to Thomas Nash, for £25. Land on northside of Swift Cr. 59 ac. formerly purchased by William Kennon, decd. and William Baugh from Thomas and John Pleasants of Henrico; wit: Jos. Ligon, Gerrard Walthall, Gd., (sic), John Norris; signed Garrett (X) Walthall; rec Nov 1762 (DB 4, p. 529)

6 July 1764

Peter Edwards sells to Joseph Ligon, for £7.10, a lot in town of Gatesville #19. No wit; signed: Peter Edwards; rec July 1764 (DB 4, p. 697)

15 July 1765 (sic)

Deed from Joseph Ligon and Judith his wife (sic) to John Hylton of Bermuda Hundred, whereas Ligon stands seized of 425 acres in Chesterfield Co. known as “Baldwyns,” purchased of John Fleming and Susanna his wife and one other tract of 60 acres, adjoining Baldwyns, which he purchased of Thomas Clark and Jane his wife, now Ligon sells to Hylton for £550., all of the above tracts, 485 acres; wit: William Hatcher and Edward Stewart; signed Joseph Ligon and Judith Ligon; rec. Nov 1764 (DB 5, p. 26)

4 Oct 1765

Division of Joseph Ligon, decd. among his 4 surviving children: John Ligon, Thomas Ligon, Elizabeth Ligon, and Thomas Moody, and Judith his wife (OB 3, p. 699)

7 Aug 1767

Judith Ligon appointed guardian to Mary Ligon, orphan of James Ligon (OB 4, p. 82)

26 Dec 1773

Will of John Ligon of Dale Parish

To wife Mary: tract in Prince Edward County called “Acorn Ground”;

To mother Judith Ligon: use of six hands on my plantation in Cumberland Co. for life

To son John: plantation I now live on and land in Prince Edward Co. called “Acorn Ground”;

To son Thomas: land in Cumberland Co. at death of my mother and also land called “Mollons Tract” in Prince Edward on Sandy R.;

To daughter Mary Ligon: one negro;

Executors: wife Mary, Arthur Moseley, William Walthall, Jr. and Thomas Batte

Wit: Jo. Bass, John Stewart Radford, Benjamin Tomes (WB 2 pp. 301-03)

No date, but recorded in 1774

Anne Ligon is named in Leonard Ward’s will as his sister; his wife is Ann; his sister is Sarah Walker and her children; brother is Seth Ward; brother is John Ward; brother William; brother Joseph; execs: Thomas Worsham, Benjamin Branch, John Archer, son of C__ Archer, William Walker, Richard Eggleston, and Richard Eggleston, Jr. wits: Edward Osborne, Jr. John Worsham, Benjamin Ward, Branch Tanner (WB 3, p. 55)

1 Apr 1774

Church wardens of Manchester Parish bind Beverly and Frank, children of Pegg Ligon, as apprentices (OB 6, 2774-1784, p. 9)

4 July 1783

Church wardens bind William Ligon and Mary Ligon, possibly to William Edwards (OB 6, p. 456)

2 Nov 1783

Will of Judith Ligon of Dale Parish

Grandson Thomas Ligon, my plantation on Fighting Cr. in Powhatan Co.;

Grandson John Ligon, money and 1 negro and increase divided among my grandchildren  Judith, Mary, and Betty Ann Moody;

Dau Elizabeth Pointer;

Dau Mary Hylton;

Grandson Michael Steward Moody, 1 negro;

Granddau Elizabeth Cook Hylton, 1 negro;

Execs: Samuel Pointer and John Hilton;

Wits: Blackman Moseley, Baxter Folkes, Matthew Moody (WB 3, pp. 428-30)

1 Apr 1774

Will of John Ligon proved by John Stewart Radford and Benjamin Turns, wits; Arthur Moseley and William Walthall, execs, are granted certificate; Edward Folks, Jr. Richard Baugh and James DeSear to appraise estate in this county. Cha. Hatcher and George Williamson to appraise estate in Cumberland and Prince Edward Cos. (OB 6, p. 4)

3 Nov 1784

Administration of estate of William Ligon granted to Guilelmus Ward (OB 6, p. 62)

10 July 1788

Overseers of the Poor, District 2 bind … William Ligon, a poor orphan (OB 8, p. 126)

13 Feb 1789

Overseers of Poor for District 2 bind … Winny Ligon (no father named) (OB 8, p. 1299)

9 July 1789

Overseers of Poor for District 2 bind John Ligon, orphan of William Ligon (OB 8, p. 268)

9 Sep 1790

Overseers of Poor for District 2 bind Winny Ligon … poor orphan (no father stated) (OB 8, p. 489)

29 Sep 1791

John Ligon is a executor, along with Baxter Folkes, of the will of John Baugh of Dale Parish; wife Jane and children Martha, William, Sarah, John, Bartlett, Edward, Peter, Joseph, Horatio, Arthur, Arch’d and Elizabeth; wits: Nath. Friend and Benj. Osborne (WB 5, p. 314)

9 June 1794

Thomas Ligon granted administration of John Ligon (OB 10, p. 403)

11 June 1794

Inventory of John Ligon, by Baxter Folkes, Benjamin Osborne, Alexander Mardhall, William Friend, valued at £895.11.5; rec 13 Apr 1795 (WB 3, p. 654)


25 (?) June 1764 (recorded)

Will of Thomas Ligon, decd. of Southam Parish

Wife Betty Ligon, 400 acres in Prince Edward Co., if my wife be with child … I give the remainder of my land in Prince Edward Co.; my sister Elizabeth; unto William Bailey; my brother John Ligon; execs: Maj. Richard Povall and my brother John Ligon; wit: Richd. Eggleston, Samuel Hopson, James Ligon (WB 1, p. 295)

__ Apr 1764

Will of Matthew Ligon of Southam Parish

Son James Ligon; son Richard Ligon; execs: son Richard – sole exec; wits: Thomas Ligon, William Ligon, Frances Ligon; proved 24 Sep 1764 (WB 1, p. 298)

25 June 1764 of Southam Parish

Son James all my land in Prince Edward Co.; my wife Judith; my two children, James Ligon and his sister Mary; execs: friend Matthew Moseley and my brother Richard Ligon; wits: Richard Povall, Thomas Childrey, Joseph Moseley; signed James (X) Ligon; proved 24 Sep 1764 (WB 1, p. 298)


6 Jan 1779

Will of Richard Ligon of Southam Parish

Wife Ann Ligon: plantation on James R.

To son Joseph Ligon (minor): he will get profits from plantation when his mother dies; and plantation adjoining Netherland and Michaud, 245 acres;

To son John Ligon: slaves Phil, Arthur, Jacob, Tim, Kenah, Old Murrier, Dinah, and her child and 492 acres, part of land I purchased of Thomas M. Randolph, bounded by John Baskerville. Long branch and Old Church Path;

To son Thomas: slaves Isaac, Jeffrey, Sam, Old Hannah and her children, Eady, Peter, Ned, Harry, Jeffrey, Arthur & Nancy and 500 acres adjoining his brother John and a lot in Town of Scottsville;

To son Seth, after my wife’s death: plantation I now live on and one lot in Town of Scottsville;

To sons Joseph and Seth: After my wife’s death all salves (except Dinah’s children): Moll, Ben, Moll, Philip, Moll, Nancy, Hannah, Robin, Judah, Amy, Doll, Cloe, Bob, Betty, and Phyllis, equally

To grandson William: tract of 400 acres on Muddy Cr. at age 21

To granddaughter Sarah: 1 girl Moll, daughter of Dinah

Executors: friends Thomas Miller, George Radford, David Own, son John

Wit: Thomas Pollock and Nathaniel Harris

Codicil” My son Thomas, now being northward in the service; if he should die, then his estate to go to my son John until the death of my wife, then divided between John and Seth, with Scottsville lot to Joseph and the slaves divided

Recorded 18 Feb 1779

(WB 1, pp. 22-25)

21 Dec 1786 (recorded date)

Account of estate of Richard Ligon

Debits: Peter Pollock, John Ligon, Thos. Caldwell, Ed’wd Maxey, the bond Fleming paid Robert Smith for Wm Ligon Orphan’s debt, Geoge Owen, James Wilkinson, George Carrington, Richard Eggleston, Ed’wd Logwood, John H. Saunders, Mrs. Christian, Thos. Pollock, Dr. McKenzie, Dr. Brydon, Wm. Davis (tayler), Thomas Vawter

Credits: John Ligon, Wm. Ronald, Col. Wm Fleming, Wm Elam, Thos. Turpin, John Good, Richard James, Samuel H. Saunders, Vincent Markham

By John Ligon, Geo. Radford (WB 1, p. 117)


22 Oct 1759

Will of William Ligon of Prince Edward County (sic)

To wife Elizabeth: lend entire estate for life

To Mary Moseley, wife of William Moseley: negro man Gimmy

To Martha Moseley, wife of Matthew Moseley: negro man Matthew

To daughter Sarah Ligon, wife of Henry; to grandson Joseph Ligon; to son William, rest of negroes & rest of movable estate;

Wit: Richard Burks, William Ligon, Jesse (X) Llewelling; executor: son William Ligon; Sec. John Booker (p. 75)

25 Sep 1765

Inventory and Appraisement of William Ligon Sr.

Returned 26 Sep 1765

Appraisers: James Jordan, John Chapman, William Ray;

Value: £436.9.6

Slaves: Man Lewis, woman Jude, boy Harry, boy Jack, boy Roger, girl Betty, girl Barbara, man Sam

22 Sep 1796

Will of William Ligon, Sr.

To Caroline Foster (no relationship stated), lend land whereon I now dwell;

Son Joseph Ligon (after death of Caroline Foster;

Daughter Martha Rogers

Grandsons: Benjamin Webber and John Webber

Executors: James McGlasson and Benjamin Chapman;

Wit: John Hendrick, Jr., John Wright, Polly (X) Wright;

Signed Wm Ligon

Proven 27 Oct 1796


14 Oct 1749

I, Mary Ligon Coleman of Cumberland, have released to Matthew Ligon of Cumberland, all actions, suits, bonds, accounts, writs, obligations etc. at law or in equity, which I ever had against Matthew; signed 15 Oct 1749, Mary Ligon Coleman; wit: James Ligon, Thomas Ligon; rec. 26 Feb. 1749 (DB 1, p. 86)

18 Nov 1756

Matthew Ligon of Cumberland to his son, Richard Ligon of same co. for £80, one tract joining son Richard, 275 acres, the plantation whereon the said Matthew now lives; signed Matthew (X) Ligon; wit: George Radford, William Maglasson, John Evatt; proved at court 22 Nov. 1756 (DB 2, p. 319)

9 June 1764

Will of Thomas Ligon of Southam Parish

To wife Betty: 400 acres of land in Prince Edward County, part of tract bought of Morton; if wife proves with child, the rest of lands in Prince Edward Co. to the child. If not, I give the rest of the land as above mentioned to my brother, John Ligon. Also slaves Ned, Nell, John, Arthur, and Sally; and horse

To sister Elizabeth: a mare

To William Bailey: riding saddle

Brother John Ligon: My new suit of clothes

Executors: Maj. Richard Povall and brother John Ligon

Signed 9 June 1764- Thomas Ligon

Wit: Richard Eggleston, Samuel Hopson, James Ligon

At court held 24 June 1764, the will of Thomas Ligon, decd. was proved by Richard Eggleston and Samuel Hobson, witnesses thereto. And on the motion of Richard Povall, giving security entered into bond (WB 1, p. 295).

31 Aug 1764


Thomas Ligon, decd.: 1 dark bay horse, 1 bay mare. Total £36.14.6. Signed Wm Elam, Wm Smith, Samuel Hobson; rec:  24 Sep 1764 (WB 1, 297)

Will of James Ligon of Southam Parish

Tracts of land on branches of Fine and Fighting Cr. to discharge just debts

To son James: all tracts of land on Sandy R in Prince Edward County

To wife Judith: after just debts are paid, one-third of negroes, stock of hogs, cattle, and horses; household and furniture and after her death to return to my children, to be equally divided;

James Ligon and his sister Mary Ligon: rest of the negroes and stock of hogs, cattle, horses, household and furniture;

Executors: Matthew Moseley and brother Richard Ligon

Signed James X Ligon

Wit: Richard Povall, Thomas Childrey, Joseph Moseley

At a court held 24 Sep 1764, will was proved by Richard Povall and Joseph Moseley; those two and Richard Eggleston give security and entered into bond. (WB 1, p. 298)

21 Apr 1764

Will of Matthew Ligon of Southam Parish

To son James: 1 negro man named Sam

To son Richard: 1 negro woman named Amea and my cattle and household goods

Executor: son Richard

Signed 21 Apr 1764 Matthew (X) Ligon;

Witnesses: Thomas Ligon, William Ligon, Francis Ligon

At court held 21 Apr 1764 will proved by William Ligon and Francis Ligonl Richard Ligon and George Radford, his security, entered into bond. (WB 1 p. 299)

1 Aug 1766

Estate Accounts of James Ligon, decd.

To Richard Ligon money due the estate, total: £292.14.8¼. Credit

2 Aug 1764 Sundry bonds due to estate for sale in Cumberland, Thomas Moody, Wm Ligon, decd., John Ligon, John Baskerville, William Elam (Cumberland), Poindexter Mosby, Joseph Mayo, James Moody, Edward Haskins, Joseph Baugh, Wm. Smith (joiner), John McCargoe

By cash lent out

Balance due from Mr. Walter Buchanan has per his account, NB. The interest of above bonds has not been included in the settlement.

Total £292.14.8 1/4.

In pursuance of Cumberland County court order dated 23 June 1766, accounts between the estate of James Ligon, decd., and executors of estate has been settled; balance owing to orphans of James Ligon, decd. amounting to the sum of £280.16.1; certified 25 Aug 1766 (WB 1, p. 316)

Marriage Records

23 Apr 1764 (bond)

Thomas Ligon and Betty Povall; Betty, spinster of Richard Povall of Cumberland Co.; sur: James Hankley

26 Nov 1789 (bond)

Elijah Ligon and Judith Carter; sur: Thomas Bolling

13 Dec 1789 (bond)

Thomas Thompson Swann and Judith Ligon; sur: Reuben Sims; “Sir: You will grant a license of marriage to Thos T. Swann and Judith Ligon. She is now in Cumberland Co. She is of age and also signs the same,” signed Wm. Ligon, Jr. and Judith Ligon

Note: the record says “Thornton,” but a reader (a descendant) says it is “Thompson.”

27 Sep 1794 (bond)

William Ligon and Patsy Wright; on 24 Sep 1794 Elizabeth Wright consents for daughter Patsy; sur: Seymour (Saymer) Wrights; wits: William Wright and P. C. Wright

16 Feb 1808 (consent)

Peter Ligon and Patsy Ward; Susanna Ward consents, no relationship stated; sur: Joseph Ligon

2 Oct 1809 (bond)

Joseph Ligon and Nancy Woodson; sur: George Raine

1 Apr 1811 (bond)

Leonard W. Ligon and Eliza Atkinson; sur: Samuel Atkinson

14 June 1813 (bond)

Nelson Ligon and Kitty Castley; sur: Charles Harris; Kitty Castley signs her own consent; wit: Burwell Farmer

16 Nov 1816 (bond)

William F. Ligon and Ann F. Davenport, daughter of Rebe Davenport; sur: Noton Goodman; wit: J. S. Hobson

30 Aug 1820 (bond)

Joseph S. Ligon and Adaline E. Palmore; consent: 20 Aug 1820, George Hobson, guardian for Adaline, who is daughter of William Palmore, decd.; sur: Elijah W. Colley; wit: Wm B. Colley

26 Nov 1822

James McDonald and Mary Ligon, daughter of Elijah Ligon; sur: Elijah Ligon

15 Dec 1823 (bond)

Woodson Ligon and Elizabeth M. Allen; sur: John Garrett


6 Oct 1757

Bill of Sale

Charles Anderson, George Walton, Abraham Martin, Henry Ligon, and Richard Woodson, for £63.10 sell to Henry Watkins 1 negro wench named Venus and her child Lucy; signed Chas. Anderson, Geo. Walton, Abra. Martin, Henry Ligon, Richard Woodson; wit: Samuel Perrin, Barth’w Dupey;

4 Feb 1758 assigns to Ligon – Thos. Ligon, Nathan Hall, 11 Oct 1757 witnesses to Woodson’s assigns—Rich’d Burkis, Robt. Baker; Assigns to Anderson & Ligon – Jacob Womack, Thomas Flournoy; rec. 14 Mar 1758 (Wills 1754-1776, p. 395)

27 Jan 1758


Principals: Charles Anderson of PE and Henry Ligon of PE, and George Martin and Abraham Martin of Lunenburg Co.

Obligee: Henry Watkins of PE

Amount of Bond £500

Acts to be performed: The Principals are to build a good substantial prison at the PE courthouse, ina workman-like manner, as follows, and finish the same by next Sep 15. 32 feet long, 14 feet wide and 8 foot pitch; inside planked with oak plank sawed to 1.5 inches. It is to have one stack of brick chimneys or stone set about 12 inches from ground. Three strong doors, well iron bound, 3 windows well iron bound; and 1 bar of iron across chimney. Wit: Nathan Venable, George Smith (Wills 1754-1776, p. 394)

27 Jan 1758


Principal: Charles Anderson of PE and Henry Ligon of PE, and George Walter and Abraham Martin of Lunenburg Co.

Obligee: Henry Watkins of PE

Amount of bond: £500

Acts to be performed: The Principals, for £63.10 to them already in hand by said Watkins, have sold Watkins a negro slave woman named Venus, with her child Lucy; The Principals, for 100 years, are to indemnify said Watkins against the claims of any persons to said negor & child; wit: William Gill, Sherwood Peerson (Wills 1754-1776, p. 394)

4 Feb 1758 assigns to Charles Anderson – Alex’r Legrand, Jas. Yeargin, Jacob Womack, Thos. Flournoy

4 Feb 1758 assigns to Ligon – Thos. Ligon, Nathan Hall, Jacob Womack, Thos. Flournoy;

27 Feb 1758 assigns to Abe Martin – Jacob Womack, Thos. Flournoy (Wills 1754-1776, p. 394)

12 Nov 1759

Will of Henry Ligon Sr. of St. Patrick’s Parish

Son Henry Ligon: 1 bed and furniture

Daughter Elizabeth Ligon: 1 bed and furniture

Son William Ligon: part of tract that I now live on, bounded by the mouth of spring branch, the hill; also negro boys named Jack and Jemea and a negro girl Jane

Daughter Sarah Ligon: 1 negro girl named Jug and negro boys Matthew and Peter; also 1 bed and furniture, 1 horse, sidesaddle, and bridle, and 2 cows and calves

Wife Sarah Ligon: the rest of the negro slaves and all movables, and the rest of tract of land joining son William Ligon, during her widowhood; after her death whole tract to son William Ligon

Executors: wife Sarah and son Henry; signed Henry Ligon; wit: Chas. Anderson, Nathan Hall, Henry Lester

At court of 14 Dec 1762 will of Henry Ligon, decd., was presented by executors, proved by trhe oaths of Charles Anderson & Henry Lester & OR (Wills 1754-1776, p. 51)

18 Apr 1763 (recorded date)

Jacob Maggeehee and Matthew and Joseph Rice appraised estate of Henry Ligon, decd. 1 negro fellow Lewis; 9 spoons, still and worm; 1 negro wench Hanner; 3 bedsteads hides and cords; negro boys Matt, James, Caesar, Dick, Frank; negro girl Patt, Jone; 6 chairs. Total value: £521.5.4 Signed Sarah (X) Ligon, ex’x, Henry Ligon, ex’x (Wills 1754-1776, p. 55)

12 June 1760


William Ligon of Raleigh Parish and Amelia Co, and Ann his wife, to James Ligon of Chesterfield Co. for £30, one tract of about 30 acres in PE on south side of Sandy R. and bounded by the mouth of Buck Branch just above Henry Ligon Mill; signed William Ligon, Ann Ligon; wit: Elizabeth (X) Martin, Thos. Ligon, William Mason; rec. 12 Aug 1760; Ann relinquished her dower rights to the conveyed lands (DB 2 p. 7)

3 Oct 1760


William Ligon of Raleigh Parish and Amelia Co. to Samuel Goode of PE and St. Patrick’s Parish, for £335 tract on west side of Saylor’s Cr. about 752 acres in PE and Parish of St. Patrick’s and bounded by Ben. Ruffin. Tract part of parcel of land patented to Wm Ligon on 25 May 1734; signed William Ligon; wit: John Wright, Thomas Ligon, and Benj. (X) Meador; rec. 11 Nov 1760. Ann, wife of said William, relinquished her dower rights (DB 2 p. 28a)

13 July 1762


William Ligon of Raleigh Parish and  Amelia Co. to James Atwood of Amelia Co. and Nottoway Parish, for £260, a tract in PE on south side of Sandy R. 970 acres, and bounded by a branch just above Henry Ligon, Jacob Maighee, Susana Luelling, Willim Moer, Matthew Rice; signed Wm Ligon; wit. none; rec. 14 Sep 1762; Ann, wife of Wm, relinquished her dower rights (DB 2 p. 109a)

1 Nov 1764


John Ligon of Chesterfield Co. to James Ligon (son of James Ligon, lately deceased late of Cumberland Co.), for £250 to him in hand paid by Richard Ligon and Matthew Moseley (executors of estate of James Ligon, decd.), tract on Sandy r. in PE, 306 acres, being one half of 612 acres known by the name of Round Island; tract bounded by the known and reputed bounds thereof; signed John Ligon; wit: William Ligon, John MacCarg, Chas. Clark; rec. 20 May 1765 (DB 2, p. 286a)


6 May 1765


Joseph Perrin and Thomas Ligon to Josephus Perrin, 6 pounds, 150 acres, part of tract whereon Josephus and Thomas now live, beginning at beach of Twitty’s Cr. and running along widow Moseley’s line, all houses, building, waterways, etc. signed: Joseph Perrin and Thos. Ligon; wit: Thomas Bedford, Wm Read, P Carrington, Thomas Stuart; Rebecca, wife of Joseph, relinquishes her dower rights (DB 1, p. 82)

4 Feb 1771

Perrin’s line is mentioned in a deed between Thomas Ligon to Sherwood Pearson, 60 pounds, 153 acres, on Branches or Roanoke, bounded by Perrin’s line; signed Thomas Ligon; no wit; (DB 2, p. 397)

22 Oct 1772 and 6 Sep 1773

Will of Joseph Perrin

Unnamed wife: use of negro woman Amey and her son Ned at her death negroes to be divided equally between his children

Son George: lands and plantation he now lives on, 200 acres on Twitty Cr.

Daughter Elizabeth Jones: one Negro girl named Palace

Daughter Sarah Sullivant: one Negro boy named Tom

Daughter Nanney Burton: boy she now has in her possession, namely Peter

Daughter Leanah Sullivant: one Negro girl named Lucy

Executors: Josephus Perrin and George Perrin

Signed Joseph Perrin

Wit: Sherwood Pierson, John Bridges, Thomas Ligon

At court held 6 Sep 1773, will of Joseph Perrin, decd. was exhibited by executors, who were qualified; sec: Thomas Liggon and James Swillivant

(Charlotte County Wills 1765-1791, p. 106)

2 May 1774 (Recorded)

Inventory and appraisement of estate of Joseph Perrin, decd.

Negro wench Amey; a Negro boy Ned; a Negro wench Pallace; a Negro boy Tom; a Negro girl Lucy; a Negro boy Jack; a Negro boy Peter; a parcel of working tools; 3 beds and furniture; a parcel of books; fire tongs; shovel; and other trumperies; a looking glass; a parcel of Delph cups; boxoles (sic) and plates; 3 beehives; total: £401.15.03; signed: Sherwood Peerson, Thomas Liggon, and Joel Cheatham (Charlotte County Wills 1765-1791, p. 115)

27 Dec 1774

Deed: Thomas Ligon of Cornwall Parish to Josephus Perrin of same, £17.00, 17 acres, bounded by said Perrin, Twitty’s Cr. signed Thomas Ligon; wit: Sherwood Walton, William Sullivant, Thomas Bedford (DB 3, p. 519)


8 Dec 1760

Deed: Robert Jones of Raleigh Parish of Amelia Co. to Thomas Ligon of Cornwall Parish, Lunenburg Co., for £25.00, 37 acres lying in Cornwall Par. and on lower side of Twitty Cr. and adj. Cr opposite land of said Thomas Ligon, bounding said Jones and said Ligon and Wm Perrin and Joseph Perrin; signed Robert Jones; wit: David Gwin, Thomas Bedford, Joel Towns, George Gwin (DB 6, p. 359)


27 Jan 1779

Will of Joseph Ligon

To my loving wife Judith: choice of all my feather beds and furniture, one sorrel mare called Jenney Morris, and her saddle and bridle; during her life 150 acres of land beginning at mouth of Bouns Cr. (sic) so up the river to the mouth of Wades Cr. and dwelling house; one negro girl Rachel during the time of Judith’s widowhood also one negro man Abram and one-eighth part of household furniture and stock of all kinds not before given;

To son Blackmun Ligon: land on westside of Wades Cr. which my patron calls Peter’s Cr., but in case Blackmun is dead or dies before leaving the army the land goes to son John Ligon. Also Blackmun is to get young roan cold called Row and his saddle and bridle;

To son John Ligon (minor): 100 acres which I bought of Philmer Green and £350.00, but if John inherits the land given to Blackmun, then the land sold and the money divided equally with the £350 between Thomas, James, Obadiah and Henry; also one young horse called Spanker and my saddle and bridle and two guns he now claims.;

To son Joseph Ligon (Joseph wills that his son Joseph dispose of property as if he were 21 years of age): 150 acres beginning at marker on Wade’s Cr. [Peter’s Cr.] also one negro wench Jenney bought of Charles Wade, also cattle, etc. and 7th part of my sheep to be taken away in May;

To my six sons: Blackmun, John, Thomas, James, Obadiah, and Henry, six negroes, Peter, Jack, yellow Rachel, Sue, Jeane, and Dick to be equally divided between them when son John comes of age and likewise two more negroes, one wench, man, and one girl Rachel after my wife’s death. All personal estate not yet given to be equally divided between six sons

Slaves: wench Jenney (bought of Charles Wade) to son Blackman; wench Nan, girl Rachel, and man Abram to wife Judith; Peter, Jack, yellow Rachel, Sue, Jean, and Dick;

Executors: Judith, Blackmun, and Joseph

Wit: John Flinn, Jr., Robert Jordan, Elizabeth Jordan

Will proved: 18 May 1780, presented by Judith Jordan, Blackmun, and Joseph

Sec: Samuel Pointer and Richard Jones (WB 1, p. 309)

15 July 1780

Inventory and Appraisement of Capt. Joseph Ligon, decd.

Slaves: Man Peter, Abram, Jack, Dick, Lewis, woman Rachel, Nan, Jane, Rachel

Other items listed

Total: 34,972.12.0

Appraisers: John P. Smith, Robert Jordan, Michael Clardy

Returned: 19 Oct. 1780 OR

WB 1, p. 320

14 Aug 1782

Guardian Account of Joseph Ligon, decd.

Thomas Ligon, orphan

James Ligon, orphan

Obadiah, orphan

Signed: Joseph Ligon, guardian to Thomas, James, Obadiah, & Henry Ligon;

They owned the Universal Gazetteer Bible and Bible Annotations

Returned: 15 Aug 1782

WB 1, p. 418

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King John

Henry II Plantagenet

Edward I Plantagenet

Facts and Stories about Eleanor of Aquitaine

Gateway Ancestors of Virginia

Gateway Ancestors of the Middle Colonies

Gateway Ancestors of the Northeast


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  1. Please make a change in Thomas T. Swann’s middle name. (This is a reference to the bond, dated Dec. 13, 1789, concerning the marriage of Thomas T. Swann and Judith Ligon.) His middle name was “Thompson” (not “Thornton”). With thanks, Roger Harris (a descendant)


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