Early Wilbourns of Princess Anne County, Virginia

Lots of names other than Wilbourns are in this post about probate and marriages.


May 1, 1781: John Smith Sr.; sons James, John, Andrew, and Nehemiah; daus Mary Rachel, Frances, Elizabeth, and Elenor (sic); executors: Edward Brown, sons James and John. Wit: Robert Keeling, Sr., James Land, Nathan Wilbourn; probated February 14, 1782 (Deed Book 17, p. 39)

October 22, 1814/7 Daniel Shurley (sic) leaves a will. Wife: Maryan (sic); son David: land bought of Anthony Walke (sic); dau: Jenna Evins; daus: Mary and Aby (sic); grandson: Thomas Bressie; land in Norfolk Co. to be sold and debts paid and rest divided between daus Sally Wilburn, Mary and Aby. Executors: wife and son David; wit: Mitchell Thorowgood, Harrison Banks, James Scarfe; will probated March 7, 1815 (Will Book 3, p. 95)

September 20, 1827/6: Jonathan Williamson leaves a will. To wife Mary Ann: house and lot where I live, and Holland farm during her widowhood; to nephew: John Smith the grocery shop and part of Holland farm leased to Arthur Spence. He is to support his mother Catherine Smith during her life. To Mary Susan Wilbern: $100 when she becomes 18; rest of estate to be divided between lawful heirs. Executors: nephew Jacob Williamson; wit: Smith Sherwood, Jonathan berry, John T. Ottley; probated November 6, 1827 (Will Book 4, p. 64)


June 23, 1806: Moses Wilbon and Susan Sutton. Nathan Willborn consents for his son Moses, who is underage. Rev. Charles Henley records marriage of Moses Wilbourn and Susan Sutton, 24 June 1806. Surety: William Jones Wilborn. Married 24 June 1806, by Rev. Charles Henley, ministers’ return (found in Wingo and James).

August 6, 1808: Henry Cavender and Sarah Wilbern. Married 11 August 1808 by Rev. Charles Henley, Sr., ministers’ return (found in Wingo and James)

July 15, 1813: Simon Wilbone and Mrs. Sally Whitehurst, widow of Richard Whitehurst; surety: Amos Etheridge. Married 17 July 1813, by Rev. David Watters, ministers’ return (found in Wingo and James)

May 23, 1814: Nathaniel Wilbern and Sally Shirley, whose unnamed father consents Surety: Daniel Shirley. Married by Rev. George Norris, Baptist Minister of Princess Anne County, ministers’ return (found in Wingo and James).

January 5, 1815: Moses Wilburn and Mary Keeling. Robert B. Newsum, surety, states Mary is of lawful age. Married 5 January 1815, by Rev. Thomas T. Jones,* Methodist Episcopal Church, ministers’ return (found in Wingo and James)

March 24, 1824: Enoch Whitehurst and Mrs. Sally Wilburn, by Rev. David Watters, Methodist Episcopal Minister of Princess Anne County (found in Wingo and James)


My Direct Line in Virginia:

Earliest Wilbourns of Virginia

John Wilbourn and Judith

Thomas Wilbourn and Hannah Lamkin

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Most of these posts have names other than Wilbourn. Some posts have hundreds of names.


Other Wilbourns:


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*A Local Minster in the Methodist Episcopal Church. “Here lies the Rev’d Thomas T. Jones who emigrated to America 1775, Was converted to God 1790, Joined the Methodist E. church 1791, entered the itinerant connexion 1797. Located at the Conference at Norfolk 1806, And taught school until his death. He was born in Stoke Norfolk County England, Feb’y Xth 1758, Died March 8th 1842. To the Memory of Keziah C. Consort of Richard H. Custis and Daughter of the Rev’d Thomas T. Jones of Norfolk who departed this life Feb’y 3rd 1838, in her 34 year.” Transcription in Cedar Grove Cemetery, Norfolk, Va. (See James, p. 119)

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