Thomas Lackey and Ann Hadley

This post goes from 1751 to 1827 (including their descendants).

Here are the Lackey / Leakey generations, like links in a chain, at a glance:

Alexander – THOMAS – JoelAnna S. m. Thomas GrayNancy Margaret m. Amonet WilbournWilliam HarveyElla Washington (Rae) (our grandmother)

A Sketch

Thomas and Ann lived modest lives, compared to other ancestors in our family tree. They have very few deed and court records. They are a transitional link in the chain, until we get to Joel and his wife Nancy Calloway. If Thomas was born in Surry County, North Carolina, as some researchers believe (and not in Maryland, though Maryland is more likely), then he did not move in a great migration. And if he was born in Maryland, then he was a little child when his father Alexander and mother Mary moved to North Carolina. In other words, when he became an adult, he stayed put and lived simply.

One interesting aspect of their life is that Anna (or Ann) was a Quaker, while Thomas was not, so she married out of unity. She was dismissed from the church. However, one researcher reports she was admitted in the Society of Friends later on. This might explain why their son Joel will become the first (known) slave owner in this particular line from William Clayton and James Brown to this point.


Thomas Lackey (Leakey) was born June 16, 1751 in Orange County, North Carolina or Maryland (more likely). He married Ann Hadley on January 7, 1777, in Surry County, North Carolina.  He died about 1805 in Surry County, North Carolina. Spelling variations: Lacke, Lackey, Lakey. Early on Thomas’ name seems to be Lackey.

Records of his relatives and ancestors can be found here:

Leakeys of Orange and Surry Counties, North Carolina

Ann Hadley

Ann Hadley was born March 24, 1757 in Mill Creek Hundred, New Castle County, Delaware, and died October 6, 1841 in Warren County, Tennessee.

Her ancestors can be traced as follows:

Hadleys of Chester Co, PA and New Castle Co, DE

Hadleys of Orange Co, NC

Hadleys of Surry Co, NC

Joshua himself:

Joshua’s Signature:

Wilkes County, North Carolina was formed out of Surry County in 1777. In the 1793 Wilkes County Tax list, Browns District, Thomas Lackey can be found. More research might show that Thomas owned property in both counties (source:

Their Children

  1. Simon

He was born June 8, 1778 in Surry County, North Carolina. A researcher at says he married Ruth Dobbins March 1, 1797, Chatham County, North Carolina. The same researcher says Simon was born in the same county, not Surry (confusion at the researcher’s webpage at He died 1819 in White County, Illinois. The researcher says she died August 15, 1820, in Lawrence or Green County (confusion again), Indiana. The researcher’s source is family records.


In the 1800 Census, Salisbury Township, Surry County, North Carolina, there is an anomaly. The head of household is a Simon Laky, but the only male who is marked is under 10. There are one female 26-44 and another one under 10. Two possible explanations: her name was Simone (not likely) or the census taker omitted a mark for an adult male (likely).


Illinois has an off-year census. In the 1818 Census, White County, Simon Leakey is the head of household. He is over 21, and there are 7 unnamed persons in his household.

  1. Joel (our direct line)

See his post here:

Joel Leakey and Nancy Calloway

  1. Lydia

She was born September 16, 1793, in Surry County, North Carolina. She died October 17, 1877, in Warren County, Tennessee. She married Thomas Kell, September 22, 1816, in Surry County, and Thomas Holcomb was the bondsman.

More about them:

Kell cemetery records (see below) indicate that her husband Thomas was born on May 16, 1791 and died on September 18, 1877. His father was William. The records spell her name Lakey.

There is a Thomas Kell who mustered for the War of 1812, in the Surry County Regiment, North Carolina. The township is First Company (source:


In the 1830 Census, Marion County, Tennessee, Thomas Kell is marked in the 30-39 column, and one male is under 5. On the female side, two are under 5; one is 5-9; two are 10-14; one is 30-39; and one is 70-79.


In the 1840 Census, Warren County, Tennessee, Thomas Kell is the head of household, and he’s marked in the 40-49 column. One male is under five; one is 5-9; and one is 10-14. On the female side, one is 5-9; one is 10-14; two are 15-19; one is 30-39; and one is 80-89.


In the 1850 Census, District 9, Warren County, Tennessee, Thomas Kell (mistranscribed at as Hell) is 59, Lidy (Lydia) is 56. Both of them are from North Carolina, and their real property is worth $1250.00. Ann is 31; Isabel is 25; Mary is 23; William H., a farmer, is 22; George C (E?), a farmer, is 19; Louisa is 17; Nimrod is 11. All the kids are from Tennessee. The last three kids attended school within the year. Amy Kell is 65, and her place of origin is stated as “unknown.”


In the 1860 Census, McMinnville Post Office, Warren County, Tennessee, Tho’s Kell is 69, a “far” (farmer) and from North Carolina. Lydia is 68 (sic), an HK (housekeeper), and from North Carolina. Their real property is valued at $3000.00 and personal at $900.00. Isabel is 30; Mary is 27; Nancy Fowler is 13; and Thomas is 9. All of them are from Tennessee.


The 1870 Census, District 1, McMinnville Post Office, Warren County, Tennessee, has extremely light ink. It says Lydia is 76, keeping house, and born in North Carolina. Thomas Kell, a farmer, is 79 and also from North Carolina. Their real property is valued at $2500.00, and their personal at $1000.00. Isabel Kell is 46, a teacher, and from Tennessee. Thomas Foyler (Fowler? Fovler?) is 18, a farm laborer, and from Tennessee; Ned Marbury is 36, black, farm laborer, and also from Tennessee; and Ann Boyd is 17 and a domestic servant from Tennessee. And after them is lisatedthe Norwood (31) and Angeline (30) Kell family. And before the Thomas Kell family is noted a large family of Marburys. They are cited as either black or mulatto. All are from Tennessee.


Source for marriage: Marriages of Surry County, North Carolina, 1779-1868, compiled by Brent H. Holcomb, Clearfield Publishing co., republished by Genealogical Publishing Co., 1993, 1998, and 2003. It is online at

Bible Record

Transcription Begins:


Thomas Leakey and Ann Hadley was [sic] married ……. 1… 1… 1777

Tho’s Leakey was Born the ……………………………………..16…6…1751

Ann Leakey was Born the ……………………………..…….…24…3…1754

Simon Leakey their Son was Born the ……………………8….6….1778

Joel Leakey their Son was Born the ……………………..1….3….1780

Lydia Leakey their Daughter was Born the ……………..16…9….1793

Simon Leakey and Ruth Dobbins was [sic] married the. ..1….3….1797

Ruth Leakey wife of Simon Leakey was Born the ………21…1…1776

And Departed this Life the ……………………………….…….14…8…1820

Ann Leakey their Daughter was Born the ………………..7…..3…1798

Mary Leakey their Daughter was Born the ……………….27…12…1799

And Died the …………………………………………………………23…5…1802

Jacob Leakey their son was Born the ………..…………….30…1…1802

Sarah Leakey their Daughter was Born the ………………..13….3…1804

And Died ……………………………………………………….………3….3….1809

Source: There is an old handwritten document available. LeRoy and Jeanette White Ford, Our Niche in History: Letter to Our Children, self-published, 1994.


Deeds are about land transactions.

March 15, 1795. Orange County, NC.

Thomas Lackey and his father Alexander Lackey appear in a land sale from William Littlejohn, merchant, to George Alston. The property borders that of Thomas Lackey. It was originally owned by Alexander Lackey August 17, 1759, 256 acres, by descent to Thomas Lackey per Alexander’ Will. Then Thomas Lackey sold the property to William Littlejohn on October 20, 1777. And William Littlejohn is presently selling it George Alston.

The property is owned as follows:

  1. Alexander Leakey: August 17, 1759
  2. Thomas Leakey: August 19, 1772 (date of Alexander’s Will, see the Alexander Leakey file)
  3. William Littlejohn: October 20, 1777
  4. George Alston: March 15, 1795.

Source: William D. Bennett, Orange County Records, vol. VIII (8), Deed Book 5, Abstracts, published privately, Raleigh, 1991, p. 94.

June 4, 1805. Orange County, NC. Thomas Lackey appears in a land sale from Soloman & Stephen Debow to Samuel Thompson. The property borders that of Thomas Lackey, so Thomas is cited as a neighbor in a transaction that does not concern him directly.

Source: William Doub Bennett, Orange County Records, vol. XIV (14), Deed Books 10 and 11, published privately, Raleigh, 1994, p. 119.

Records in Orange County, NC

As noted, in 1850, long after Thomas Leakey and Anna Hadley lived, Yadkin County was formed out of the southern part of Surry County, where Thomas Leakey had lived. His records, however, are still housed in Surry County and some in Orange County.

Deeds, Warrants, and Grants

4 June 1804

Solomon and Stephen Debow of Caswell Co., to Samuel Thompson of Orange Co., $750.00, 174 acs., for land lying on waters of Eno R., adjoining the land of John Taylor, William Guy, then north to Thomas Lackey’s land; test: Herndon Haralson and A. Murphy; signed: Solomon Debow and Stephen Debow; rec. Apr. 12, 1805 (DB 11, p. 261)

Court Records

Nov. 1777

A deed from Thomas Lackey to William Littlejohn (OB 3, p. 1084)

Feb. 1778

Deed from Thomas Lackey to John Debow, duly proved in court by Hugh Teening (OB III, p. 1113, folio 16)

Records in Surry County, NC

Court Records

1 Mar 1801

Thomas Lakey appears with his wife Ann in his father-in-law Simon Hadley’s will (WB 3, pp. 57-58)

Deeds, Warrants, Grants

21 Dec. 1778

Thos. Lakey enters 100 acs. on both sides of Forbushes Cr. adjoining Elizabeth Lakey including my improvement (May 11, 1779, entry withdrawn and money refunded) (Land Entry 1082)

30 Dec. 1778

Peter Coleman enters 200 acs. on the head of the W fork of Forbises Cr. adjoining the land of Thos. Lakey, including his own improvement for complement (warrant granted to H. S.) (Land Entry 1172)

Court Minutes

These names, particularly the last names, match up with the previous section on deeds.

November Term 1777, Orange County, NC.

A Deed from Thomas Lackey to William Littlejohn being proved in open Court Ordered to be registered.

February Term 1778, Orange County, NC.

The execution of a deed from Thomas Lackey to John Debow was duly proved in open Court by the oath of Hugh Teening and Ordered to be registered.

Source: Weynette Parks Haun, Orange County, North Carolina, Court Minutes, Book III, 1995.


Ann (Hadley) Leakey moved to TN, presumably after Thomas’ death in about 1805.

Kell Cemetery

Warren County, TN. Location: Leesburg Community, south of McMinnville

Lakey, Anna. Mar 1758-6 Oct 1841 Daughter of Simon and ______ (_______) Hadley, wife of Thomas Lakey, married Jan 1777. Thomas Lakey was born in 1751.

Kell, Lydia Lakey. 16 Sep 1793-17 Oct 1877. [Daughter of Thomas and Anna (Hadley) Lakey, wife of Thomas Kell]

Source: Martha Holt and Ametia Cunningham, Warren County, Tennessee Cemetery Book 2, 1994, p. 206. Go also here for more information.

Both the Lakey & Hadley families were strong Quakers

1778 Surry County, North Carolina Land Records
#1172 Peter Coleman 200 acres on head of West Fork of Forbes’ Creek adjacent the land of Thomas Lakey and ncluding his own improvements for complement Dec. 30, 1778.
1779 #1103 Thos Lakey entire one hundred acres of land in Surry County on waters of Forbes’ Creek, adjoining Elizabeth Lakey including my improvements. Dec. 21, 1778. 11 May 1779 entry withdrew and money refunded.
1779 #1580 Youngs Coleman enters three hundred acres of land Surry County on waters of Forbes’ Creek, adjoining William Lakey’s entry, including his improvements, May 11, 1779
1803 1st March the will of Simon Hadley is written, leaves son-in-law Thomas Lakey 1 English Crown and his wife Ann Lakey $25 Silver dollars. This will is probated May session 1803 Surry County, N.C. court.
1803 Simon Hadley died 24 March 1803 Surry County, NC
1803 May 17, Will of Bridget Hadley, widow of Simon Hadley (deceased) is written. Leaves legacy to dau Ann Lacky. Will is probated Feb. session Surry Co.,Court 1808.
1806 April 5 Ann Laky was received on certificate from Cane Creek M.M. to Deep Creek M.M. dated 1806, Feb. 1
1807 Dec. 15 Bridget Hadley died, mother Ann Lakey.
1808 Feb. session of Surry County Court the will of Bridget Hadley is probated
1808 July 23 Anna Leakey bought 100 acres of land from Richard Bray (2 deeds)
1809 Tax list Surry County, Geo Holcomb Dist., list Ann Lakey 150 acres no WP (40)
1810 Federal census Surry Co. Anna Lakey is listed as head of household age 26-45 with 1 female 10-16 and 1 female 16-26 living in this household.
1813 Surry County Tax list, Capt Martins dist. Ann Lakey 100 acres no WP (43)
1814 Surry County Tax list, Capt. Moses Brown Dist. Anna Lakey 100 acres ac no Wp (45)
1815 Surry County NC Tax list, Capt. Dowels Dist, Ann Lakey 199 acres Deep Creek adj. Carstevens. $100 Value
1816 Surry County NC Tax list, Capt. Dowels Dist., Ann Lakey 100 acres adj Jno Carstevens on Deep Creek. $100. value
1816 Oct 16 Surry County NC Deed book Anna Lakey sold 100 acres of land to John Castevens
1827 July 7 Ann Lakey is disowned from Deep Creek Monthly meeting Surry County, NC

Thomas Lackey, North Carolina, Private Baily Co. Date of enlistment Sept. 10, 1782, period of service 12 mo.

Information: Gilbert M. Lakey
Mr. LeRoy Ford


We can consider Thomas and Anna as transitional figures between the previous generations and Joel Leakey and Nancy Calloway, who lived interesting lives, eventually down in Austin, Texas.

Thomas and Anna lived unassuming lives in Orange and Surry County, North Carolina. They did not participate in any Great Migration somewhere in their adult lives, though as children they moved with their parents from Maryland to North Carolina. They stayed put and did not get involved in many court and deed records. There is nothing wrong with living streamlined, uncomplicated lives. In fact there is everything right with it.


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