Epps of Early Virginia

A very prominent family all throughout Virginia and whose descendants moved to other states. Lots of names here in addition to the Epps in the raw data. Can you find yours?

Thomas Jefferson’s daughter married Mary married John Wayles Epps. Bonus feature: several Wayles records are included here.

See Thomas Jefferson’s Ancestry and Royal Lineage and Peter Jefferson’s Last Will and Testament.

In this post only the records that spell out family relations or titles (e.g. Col. or Gentleman) or have interesting features have been included and are placed by three counties and chronological order.

However, no attempt has been made to sort out family relations. You can have the fun of doing that!

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Note! This post is not even close to being exhaustive!

The Epps are prominent in early court records:

Essential Records of a Key Orphans Court, Part 1 (1677-1690)

Essential Records of a Key Orphans Court, Part 2 (1690-1739)



William Burchitt. Aged 25. In the Susan, 1615. Servant of Capt. Epes, Eastern Shore.

3 Feb 1626 (Nugent p. xxxii).

CAPT. WILLIAM EPES, of Accomack, 450 acs. on the Eastern Shore of the Bay of Chesapeake, near unto the plantation of Accomack, 3 Feb. 1626, p. 49. Northerly on the mouth of Kings Cr. parting this from the land belonging to the place of Secretary, Southerly towards the persimmon ponds, Easterly along the shore of the sd. Bay of Chesapeack etc. Due for trans, of 9 men: William Gones, (or Jones) William Gallaway, John Barker, Edward Rogers, & Thomas Warden, who all arrived in the Anne 1623; Nicholas Raynbeare (or Raynbeard) in the Swann in 1624;, Henry Carter in the James 1624 & assigned over to him by William Street Mariner; & Richard Reeve (or Reene); & John Robbins in the Return 1625. (Nugent p. 7)

26 Aug 1635

CAPT. FRANCIS EPPES, (Epes), 1700 acs. in the Co. of Charles, 26 Aug. 1635, p. 280. E. upon Bayly’s Cr., S. into the main land, W. upon Cason’s Cr. up Appomattox R. & N. upon the main river. 50 acs. for his personal adventure & 1650 acs. for trans, of 3 sons: Jon. Epes, Fr. Epes, Tho. Epes & 30 servants: Jon.Long, Jon. Baker, Tho. Warden, Jon. Joyce, Tho. Foanes, Tho. Cropp, Rich. Stayle, Rich. Huett, Geo. Addams, Sarah Hickmore, Thomas Pattison, Anth. Box, Jonath. Ellison, Barth. Swinborne, Silvester Atkins, Robt. Fossett, Ja. Rowland, Ann Turner, Geo. Archer, Hugh James, Jon. Nowells, Bashaw, Juliana, Andrea, Maydelina, Cessent, Negroes, Rich. Litchfeild, Edward Ames, Susan Mills, James Long. Note: Surrendered & renewed by Sir Georg Harvey. Rich. Kemp, Seer. (Nugent p. 31)

29 May 1638

CAPT. FRANCIS EPES, 1700 acs. Charles City Co., 29 May 1638, p. 537. E. upon Bayly’s Cr., S. into the mainland, W. upon Cason’s Cr. & N. upon the main Riv. 50 acs. for his own personal adventure & 1650 acs. for trans, of his 3 sons: Jon., Fr., & Tho. Epes & 30 servts: Jon. Long, Jon. Baker, Jon. Warden, Jon. Joyce, Tho. Foanes, (or Feanes) Tho. Cropp, Rich. Stayle, Rich. Hewett, Geo. Adams, Sarah Hutmore, Tho. Pattison, Anth. Box, Jonath. Elliser, Barthol. Swinborne, Silvester Atkins, Robt. Fossett, James Rowland, Ann Turner, Geo. Archer, Hugh James, Jon. Nowell, 5 Negroes: Bashaw, Jabina, Andrea, Magdilina, Cesent; Richard Litchfield, Edward Ames, Susan Mills, Jane Long, in the Spanish frigate 1629 (or 1621). (Nugent p. 84)


This is the main county, since it was an original shire.

28 Feb 1656

Thomas Ligon appears in a deed from William Harris of Curles for 1 bill to be paid to Abraham Childs of Curles, a parcel of land he lives on, on the river on lower side of Morgan’s landing; Wit: John Epes, Tho. Ligon; signed Wm Harris; it was agreed that James Robinson enjoy his part of the land; 2 Mar 1656; wit: John Epes and Tho. Ligon (Will, Deeds, Etc. 1677-1692 p. 199)

1 Apr 1660

Tripartite deed: Capt William Randolph, Mr. Francis Epps and Mr. Joseph Royal, inhabitants of Henrico, have had patented 580 acres of swampy, sunken land on south side of James R., known as “Capt. Martin’s Swamp and will agree to allow no one to take timber off the land or lease it. Wit: Richard Cocke, Sr., and Hugh Davis; signed: Wm Randolph, Fran. Epes, Jos. Royall (Henrico Co. Wills, Deeds, etc. 1677-1692 p. 124).

20 Feb 1661

Mary Royall appoints William Epes her attorney; wit: Thomas Chetham and John Faile; signed Mary (M) Royall (Henrico Co. Wills, Deeds, etc. 1677-1692 p. 211)

Anne Epes appoints my brother William Epes my attorney to surrender part of the swamp; wit: Thomas Chetham and John Faile; signed Anne Epes (Henrico Co. Wills, Deeds, etc. 1677-1692 p. 211).

20 Aug 1673

Age given at deposition in county records 1677-1705

William Epes 19 or 20 (Court Order Book 1678-1693 p. 56)

28 Aug 1678

Mr. Richard Ligon, married to Mary Worsham, daughter and donee of Mrs. Eliz. Epes, decd. and Mr. John Worsham, likewise a donee of said decd. at this court acknowledged receipt of said gift (1677-1692 Will and Deed Book, p. 164)

23 Sep 1678

Will of Elizabeth Epes of Bermuda Hundred, widow

To daughter Elizabeth Kennon, ring, clothes and ¼ of money due me in hands of Samuel Claphamson;

A stone ring, given to my sister King to go to Mary Kennon my daughter Elizabeth’s child, with other items;

Rest of my wearing clothes to my daughter Mary Epes;

To my son John Worsham, my silver tobacco box, his equal part of money due me and household items;

Rest of my estate to my husband Epe’s children;

Executor: son Kenon

Wit: Tho. Fitzherbert, Frances Burrell

Rec. 1 Oct 1678


Confirms above gifts to children of first husband William Worsham, including John and Charles; rest of estate to be divided among children I had by my late husband Francis Epes, namely Littlebury and Mary;

Executors: sons-in-law Richard Kennon and Francis Epes

Dated 23 Sept 1678

(Order Book 1678-1693 p. 59)

1 Oct 1678

Inventory of estate of Col. Francis Epes, decd. taken by order of the court value 302/1/2 by Essex Beville, Abel Gower, Martin Elam, dated 31 Oct 1678. Further inventory by Martin Elam and Joseph Royall 20 Dec 1678

Long inventory of goods in his house at his decease is also present, dated 19 Sep 1678; rec. 2 June 1679 (Will and Deed Book Part I 1677-1692 p. 93)

20 Feb 1681

Anne Epes appoints my brother William Epes my attorney to surrender part of the swamp (Wills, Deeds, etc. 1677-1692 p. 211)

Marriage in Henrico County

1 Apr 1681

Richard Ligon married Mary Worsham, daughter of Elizabeth Epes, decd. (Deeds, Wills, etc. 1677-1692, p. 164)

23 Apr 1683

Thomas, Lord Culpepper, Baron of Thorsway, His Majesty’s Lt. Gov. of VA, appoints Lt. Col. John Farrar, Capt. Thomas Cocke, Mr. Richard Cocke, Capt. William Randolph, Mr. Abel Gower, Thomas Battis, Mr. Peter Field, Mr. Richard Kennon, and Mr. Francis Epes to justices of the peace of Henrico Co. Signed Tho. Culpepper, rec. 1 June 1683 by Hen. Randolph (Henrico Co. Wills, Deeds, etc. 1677-1692 p. 243)

The above record is clearly Col. Francis Epps’s son.

20 Oct 1683

Debts of estate of Francis Epes, paid by Francis Epes, admin to amount to £25/10/0 (Mentions funeral expenses Mrs. Elizabeth Epes 1 Sep 1678) (Will and Deed Book Part I 1677-1692 p. 257).

1 Dec 1683 (rec. date)

Allotment to William Epes, son of Col. Francis Epes, as part of his father’s estate (list of items follows with value of £60/09/04 by Richard Cocke, Sr. and William Randolph (Will and Deed Book Part I 1677-1692 p. 257).

1 Dec 1683 (rec. date)

Mr. William Epe’s share of estate of his father, given him by Mr. Fra. Epes, admin. (Order Book 1678-1693 p. 151)

1 May 1685

Francis, Lord Howard, Baron of Effingham, Lt. Gov. of VA, appoints Mr. Francis Epes sheriff of Henrico Co. for 1685. He has sworn 1 May 1685 with Littlebury Epes as undersheriff, with Capt. William Randolph and Capt. Thomas Cocke their security (Henrico Co. Wills, Deeds, etc. 1677-1692 p. 315)

10 Oct 1686

Will of Katherine Isham

To grandson William Randolph, £20

To grandson Henry Randolph £5

To granddaughter Mary Randolph and Elizabeth Randolph, each £ (sic)

All such money is now in hands of son-in-law William Randolph;

Residue of money in hands of my son-in-law;

William Randolph to go to my daughters Mary Randolph and Ann Epes, equally;

The above two daughters to divide what is on my trunk and each to have two silver salt cellars;

To Mary Randolph, my wedding ring, best feather bed, my best silver tankard, and 15 shillings to buy mourning ring;

To grandson Joseph Royal, one servant named John Townes, for the time he has to serve and my small silver tankard;

To every child of my son Royal, two silver spoons;

To my loving son Joseph Royal, my best tankard;

To my grandson Richard Denis, one of best cows and 2 silver spoons;

To grandson Isham Epes, my negro man Dick;

To grandson Francis Epes, my best silver tankard but one;

To child daughter Anne Epes now goes with, my largest silver porringer and great cup, my sealed ring, great hoop ring, pair of silver clasps, and silver bodkin to daughter Anne Epes;

To grandson Richard Perrin, 1 feather bed and furniture

To granddaughter Sarah Royal, 1 yearling heifer;

To granddaughters Katherine Farrar, Mary, Sarah, and Anne Perrin, each 2 silver spoons;

To Katherine Farrar 1 Guinea

To Anne Perrin, one silver porringer

To granddaughter Sarah Dennis, 2 silver spoons and 1 pair of dowlass sheets;

To 2 daughters Sarah Wilkinson and Katherine Perrin, all my wearing clothes;

To my loving friend Mary Parker, 6 ells of best dowlas and as much of the finest serge to make a gown and petticoat;

To grandson Maiden Marshall, 1 heifer, two years old;

To my son Joseph Royal all my land;

All my crop of corn to executors, except enough to buy 2 gravestones, one to cover me and other my dear decd. husband;

All the rest to be divided between my four children: Sarah Wilkinson, Joseph Royal, Katherine Perrin, and Anne Epes, and to each 15 shillings for mourning rings;

Executors: son Joseph Royal and son-in-law Francis Epes;

My body to be buried near my dead husband on my own plantation;

Wit: John Worsham, Nathaniel Hill, Littlebury Epes;

Probated 1 Dec 1686

(Wills and Administrations, Part I, 1677-1692, Will and Deed Book p. 392-301)

1 Feb 1687

There is due to Mr. Francis Epes 1550 acres for importation of Tom, Sue, Saty, Bandy, Abram, Maria, Moll, Farthing, Dick, (negroes) and John Spike, Mary Breton, Giles Roe, William Okes, Susan Simons, Fra. Yeule, Ralph Jackson, Thomas Vincent, Edward Thatcher, Ellen Walter, Elizabeth North, Rowland, Bell, Han. Clark, William Smith, Char. Denis, William Osborn, Matthew Jones, Walter Whittman, Edward Stanly, Richard ____, John Smith, and Francis Epes Court Orders 1678 to 1693 p. 262).

21 Jan 1688

Will of William Ligon

To sons Thomas and William, the plantation I now live on, my part of the Ashen Swamp to son John. My land that joins Mr. Hancock’s to be equally divided between my son Joseph and Thomas Farrar Jr.;

Land lying on back of Curls, joining land that belonged to Solomon Knibb goes to daughter Mary and child my wife now goes with; Mary is a minor to age 21 unless she marries, then only to age 16; to each of the sons a gun when they shall come of age; all the rest to my wife during her widowhood;

Capt. Fra. Epes and Mr. Robert and John Worsham to see the will performed; wife is executrix; wit: Thomas Jefferson, Repps Jones, Edward Skerme; rec. 20 Aug 1689 (Book £3 Wills and Deeds 1688-1697, p. 75)

1 Aug 1692

Francis Epes, one of the feoffees in trust for town of Henrico, to William Randolph, the other feoffee, for 500 pounds of tobacco, 2 lots #17 and 18; wit: Henry Randolph; signed Fran. Epes; rec. 1 Aug 1692 (Will and Deed Book 1688-1697 p. 327).

That record is recorded many times, with the lot numbers changing.

1 Dec 1692

Deed, Henrico County

William Randolph and Francis Epes, feofees in trust for town of Henrico Co. to Thomas Jefferson of same, for 265 pounds of tobacco, ½ acre lost #29. Witness Henry Randolph; signed Wm Randolph, Fra. Epes; recorded 1 Dec 1692 (Will and Deed Book 1688-1697, p. 369)

2 Sep 1695

Varina, Henrio Co.

Mr. Littleberry Epes is “the remaining orphan of Col. Francis Epes is ordered by this court to come and discharge his securities, he having, as this court are informed, received his estate” (Orphan’s Court Book 1677-1739 p. 38).

30 Mar 1696

John Davis of Longfield, Co. and parish of Henrico, planter, to Francis Epes of same, Gent., for 9574 lbs of tobacco and £50 tract known as “Longfield” where John Davis, decd., father of John Davis, did lately dwell, bounded by Michael Turpin and Robert Burton, 240 acs. Wit: Wm Farrar, John Cox, Thos. Farrar; signed John Davis, rec. 1 Apr 1696 (Will and Deed Book 1688-1697 p. 624).

20 Aug 1698

It is ordered that the sheriff summon Capt. Littlebury Epes, the remaining orphan of Col. Francis Epes to appear at the next court to discharge the security from what estate was left by his deceased father … the security is discharged (Orphans Court 1677-1739 p. 40)

1 Mar 1708

Thomas Jefferson and his wife Mary, of County and Parish of Henrico, a daughter of Maj. Peter Field, decd., late of New Kent Co., to Abraham Burton of Bristol Parish, Henrico County, for 10,000 pounds of tobacco, 200 acres in Appomattox in Bristol Parish, on south side of Swift Cr., descended to said Mary as one of the daughters and co-heirs of Maj. Peter Field, to whom land was granted 20 Oct 1687 and 19 Apr 1690, and bounded according to lease  to John Burton, and line between said Jefferson and James Franklin;

Witnesses: Fran’s Epes, Jr., and Henry Randolph, Jr.

Signed Thos. Jefferson and Mary Jefferson

Recorded: 1 Mar 1709

(Deed Book 1706-1709)

1 Nov 1708

Col. Frances Epes, Francis Epes, Jr., Isham Epes, Mrs. Elizabeth Kennon, Mr. George Robertson, Mrs. Martha Brown, Mr. George Archer, Mr. Philip Jones, and Mr. James Hill, decd. of Parishes of Henrico Co. to William Hill of Bristol Parish, for £5, 140 acs, part of survey of aforesaid parties of Wontopock Cr., said land being granted to these persons; wit: William Kennon, Jos. Royall, Jr., Fran Patram, Geo. Hunt; signed Fran. Epes, Isham Epes, Fran. Epes, Jr. Eliza. Kennon, Geo. Robertson, Martha Brown, Geo. Archer, Phil. Jones; rec. 1 Nov 1708 (Deed 1706-1709)

10 Nov 1716

Mary Randolph, widow, and Francis Epes and Ann his wife, to Joseph Royal, Jr. for £30, land on south side of James R. at bottom of Bermuda Hundred, next to swamp, 74 acs, bounded as by patent to Henry Isham 24 Sep 1661, next to said Royal and Gurgaine’s landing

Wit: Richard Randolph, John Ewert, John Wilkinson, Rene Laforce, Tho. Eldridge, Will Kennon; signed Mary Randolph, Fran. Epes, Anne Epes, rec. 3 June 1717 (Deeds 1714-1718 pp. 170-71)

4 Mar 1717

Will of Isham Epes of Henrico Parish

All debts paid, negroes to be divided between brothers and sisters, viz. Francis Epes, Jr., William Epes, Jr., Anne Kennon, Elizabeth Randolph, Jr. Mary Epes, and Sarah Epes;

To Francis Epes, son of Francis Epes, Jr. all my tract of land called Wintopock;

To Richard Kennon, son of William Kennon, all my land at Nooning Cr. and plantation where Grant lives;

To my father, the large seal ring which was grandfather Isham’s;

To my mother 1 mounting ring;

To my father, land in Bermuda Hundred, lately purchased of Tucker Woodson and two houses in the Town of Hundred Point;

Executors: Col. Francis Epes, Francis Epes, Jr., William Epes, Jr.

Wit: Joseph Royal, William Perkins, Pew Price; rec. 5 Aug 1717

(Wills and Deeds 1714-1718, p. 191-207)

Court 6 June 1720

Will of Francis Epes presented by Francis Epes, the executrix and proved by John Worsham and James Long; William Randolph and Thomas Randolph, security (Minute Book 1719-1724, p. 29)

Court 2 Mar 1723

Will of Richard Ligon presented by Matthew Ligon, executor, proved by Francis Epes, one of the wit; Abraham Womack, Jr., Edward Stratton, Robert Slam, and John Knibb to appraise estate (Minute Book 1719-1724, p. 316)

28 Aug 1725

John Davis of county and parish of Henrico, to Francis Epes of the same for £36, 1 negro lad Pompey, 1 negro woman Jude, 1 negro child Jenny, 1 mulatto boy Franks, and a bay mare branded RC; wit: Art’r Moseley, Jr. Susa. Ware, Baldwin Rocket; signed John Davis, rec. 7 Mar 1725 (Wills and Deeds 1725-1737 pp. 7-8)

23 Oct 1725

Will of Thomas Taylor of the city of Bristol, mariner

To sister Sarah Smith, gold watch, stone ring, and £20 due from Col. Francis Epes.

To Matthew Branch, all of my wearing apparel, chess box, quadrants, and rest of my rings

At Warwick on James R. wit: Phoebe Branch and Thomas Howlett; rec. 7 Mar 1725 (Wills and Deeds 1725-1737 p. 8)

6 Sep 1725

Administrator’s bond of Lucy Epes, admin’x of William Epes signed also by Francis Epes and William Hamlin; wit: Henry Wood and Richard Dean (Wills and Deeds 1725-37 pp. 613-14)

24 Sep 1725

Inventory of William Epes, value £319/19/5 by Will Kennon, Bowlder Cocke, Joseph Royall, presented in court by Lucy Epes and recorded 2 Jan 1726 (Wills and Deeds 1725-1737 p. 79)

3 Feb 1726

Will of William Finney of University of Glasgow, Master of Arts and Minister of Henrico Parish

To son William, plantation called “Worlesand” and east half of my plantation in St. James Parish and negroes

To daughter Mary, other half of plantation in St. James Parish and negroes

If either child die before age 21 or marriage, then all to go to my loving wife Mary.

The rest to be divided between my wife and two children by Col. Francis Epes, Maj. Thomas Randolph, and Henry Wood; Wit: Tarlton Woodson and Henry Wood

Rec. 5 June 1727

(Wills and Deeds 1725-1737 pp. 104-06)

15 Oct 1729

Will of George Archer of Bristol Parish

To son-in-law Lewes Epes, 100 acres next to Old Towne Cr., his cornfield, Fowler’s line and Thomas Webster

To son George, use of the land I live on for life, being next to the River, Mill Road, Daniel Ragsdale and between my two sons George and William. After George’s death it goes to his sons George and Peter

To son William the land next to the above

To son William and to son George’s two sons, George and Peter, all the land known as Stony Cr. 900 acres, except 400 acres on the upper side, sold to Thomas Mampus, William Dunavant and Robert Glascock.

To above two grandson my land called “Wintopock,” to be equally divided

To daughter Blanche Epes a negro and items

To son George, livestock and items. He is to let Mary Basford to live peaceably upon the plantation I live on for life

To daughter Judith Traylor (sic), Elizabeth Granger, Margery Cousins and Mary Worsham, 100 shillings

To William Worsham 120 shillings

All the rest to two sons George and William

Wit: Henry Royal, John Beville, Peter Ragsdale

Rec. Dec 1731

(Wills and Deeds 1725-37 pp. 320-24)

7 Nov 1733

Will of Francis Eppes of Henrico Parish

To son Francis, lands in Bermuda Hundred, referring to wife Sarah, the house I live in, to sue in common with my son, with 200 acres and at her death to said Francis

Also to Francis 908 acres in Henrico called “Longfield,” all the land called “Skin Quarter,” 5000 acres; also 3500 acres in Goochland Co., being part of a greater quantity, next to Charles Hudson

To son Richard all that land in Prince George Co. 750 ac; and if he die before of age then to my son William; to said Richard the land in Henrico called “Wintopock Upper Quarter” 700 acs that also another tract 1100 acs, being part of Wintopock old survey; ½ of land I purchased of Henry Cox, also ½ of land of I purchased of Richard Kennon. Also to son Richard land I took up in Henrico Co. called “Nutt Tree” 250 acs; also 280 acs on Swift Cr.

To son William, 4950 acs in Henrico, part of the Wintopock tract, including land called “the Lower Quarter,” where my negro man Cesar lives, the land I purchased of Thomas Tanner, ½ the Wintopock patent, ½ of land purchased of Henry Cox, moiety of land bought of Richard Kennon, and the moiety of land I lately took up with him.

The rest of my lands in Goochland near the mountains to my sons Richard and William

To daughter Anne Eppes, 1200 acr, being the other half of the above moiety of a tract in Goochland called “Swams Cr.” (sic) and if she die to my daughter Martha Eppes

To daughter Martha Eppes, 1200 acs, being the other half of the above moiety, including the house lately built

Numerous items to wife Sarah and to children listed (daughters under 21 as were sons Richard and William)

Wife Sarah and son Francis to be executors

Wit: Lecretia Childress, John Wilkinson, John Castle, Stephen Dewey

Rec. Dec 1734

(Wills and Deeds 1725-37 pp. 459-60)

May 1734 (rec. date)

Accounts of William Eppes presented in court by William Worsham  (Wills and Deeds 1725-37 p. 440)

25 Jan 1736

Will of Francis Eppes of Dale Parish

All lands in Bermuda Hundred to dear and loving mother for life, and after her death to my brother Richard Eppes, if he let my brother William enjoy all that land in Henrico known as “Longfield”

To brother William the land that belonged to Thomas Jones at Bermuda Hundred, and all my land at Longfield, purchased of Robert Burton and ½ my land at Skin Quarter

To sister Anne Eppes, a negro, £150 and items

To kinsman Joseph Royal 1 negro man

To my mother negroes and items

To Capt Charles Adlom (sic), if he comes to VA, my young horse colt and 2 guineas to buy a mourning ring

To brothers William and Richard, my lands near the mountains in Goochland Co. to be equally divided

Wit: Joseph Royal, William Gay, John Royal, Littlebury Royal

Rec. May 1737

(Wills and Deeds 1725-37 pp. 612-19)

Feb Court 1738

Anne Eppes, daughter of William Eppes, decd., chooses William Worsham her guardian, Joseph Royal, Gent., security (Court Orders 1737-1746 p. 64)

Feb 1738 Court

Edward Osborne, who married a daughter of William Eppes, Gent., who died intestate, petitions for share of the estate. William Kennon, Joseph Royal, John Archer, Gent. to divide (Court Orders 1737-1748, p. 64)

Mar Court 1738

Edward Osborne delivered his share of the estate of William Eppes, for having married daughter of said Eppes (Court Orders 1737-1748)

February Court 1745

Anne Eppes, orphan of Lewis Eppes, decd. chooses William Gates, her guardian Peter Gill and Ralph Jackson (Court Order Book 1737-1745 p. 363)

Sep 1742

Will of Lewellin Eppes, Jr. of Charles City Co. and Westover Parish

To brother Temple Eppes, my horse and saddle and all my wearing clothes

To my father Lewellin Eppes, my negro man Hampton

All the rest to my loving wife Martha and she to be executrix

(Misc. Court Records 1650-1800 vol. 4 pp. 1127-30)

29 Apr 1745

Triparite deed. John Wayles of first part. Martha Eppes, widow, one of the daughters of Col. Francis Eppes, decd., of second part, and Benjamin Harris and Richard Eppes of third part; A marriage is shortly to be solemnized between said John Wayles and Martha Eppes, and said Martha Eppes is possessed of sundry slaves, to wit: Jenny, Aggy, Sarah, Judah, Kate, Parthenia, Betty, and Ben, a boy; Martha transfers them to said Harris and Eppes to hold for her in trust, for use of her and said John for their lifetimes and then to offspring; wit: Henry Talman, Littelbury Royal, Fr. Eppes; signed John Wayles, Martha Eppes, Benj. Harris,, Rich’d Eppes, rec. 1st Mon in May 1746 (Wills and Deeds 1744-1748 pp. 132-34)

28 Feb 1747

Will of Sarah Epes of Dale Parish

To son Richard Eppes, 6 negroes

To son William Eppes, 7 negroes and items;

To daughter Ann Harris, a negro

To grandson Joseph Harris, £30

To daughter Martha Wayles, a mourning ring;

To first son born to sons Richard and William that shall be named Francis, a negro;

All the rest to son Richard Eppes;

Sons Richard and William to be executors;

Wit: Edmund Eppes, Littlebury Royal; rec. July 1748

(Wills and Deeds 1748-1750, p. 10)

2 Nov 1747

Bond of Richard Randolph, Jr. to Richard Eppes and William Eppes of Henrico Co. for £550. Amos Ladd has obtained a decree in General Court against said Eppses for 1000 acs, part of 6500 acs granted to Francis Eppes, their late father, 28 Sep 1730, which said Amos has since sold to said Randolph, without any deed from the Eppses; Randolph shall indemnify them from any claim; wit: Littlebury Royal and Peter Eppes; signed Richard Randolph Jr. rec. 1st Mon May 1748 (Wills and Deed 1744-1748 p. 382)

1 May 1749

Henry Randolph of Dale Parish, Henrico Co. to George Cousins of same for £40, 447 acs in Dale Parish, next to Field Archer, George Cousins, Gills, widow of Franklin, Col. Poythress and Isham Randolph, and is part of 1790 acs patented by Col. Francis Eppes, grandfather of said Randolph, but lapsed and was granted to said Randolph; no wits; signed by Henry Randolph; rec. 1st Mon. May 1749 (1748-1750 Book pp. 99-100)

6 Aug 1750

Inventory of Mrs. Sarah Eppes by Richard Eppes and William Eppes, rec. 1750 (Wills and Deeds 1750-1767, p. 41)

24 Jan 1757

Deed of lease for William Eppes, Gent., of the Province of Massachusetts Bay, to Richard Eppes, Gent., of Chesterfield Co. for 5 shillings and paying one grain of Indian corn at the end of one year, 608 acs known as Longfield and 300 acs adjoining known as Huddes, being the lands devised to the said William Eppes by his brother Francis Eppes, decd. from the 24th day of this instant for the full term of one year; wit: John Wayles, LeRoy Griffin, John Hylton, Benjamin Harris, Nathaniel Wilkinson, Tabitha Wayles, Eliza Hylton; signed by Wm Eppes; rec. 7 Feb 1757 and further proven 4 Apr 1757 (DB 1750-1767 p. 479)

25 Jan 1757

William Eppes, Gent., of the Province of Massachusetts Bay, to Richard Eppes, Gent., of Chesterfield Co. for 1000 pounds, 608 acs,, known as Longfield and 300 acs adjoining known as Huddes, now in possession of the said Richard Eppes, LeRoy Griffin, John Hylton, Benjamin Harris, Nathaniel Wilkinson, Tabitha Wayles, Eliza Hylton; signed Wm Eppes; rec. 7 Feb 1757 and further proven 4 Apr 1757 (DB 1750-1767 p. 480)

5 Mar 1759

Richard Eppes of Charles City Co. to Robert Pleasants of Henrico Co. for 150 pounds on both sides of White Oak Swamp; adj. Benjamin Jordan and James Binford; wit: Mary Eppes, Elizabeth Harwood, William Hardyman; signed Richd. Eppes rec. 6 Aug 1759 (DB 1750-1567 pp. 581-83)

18 Apr 1767

Mary Eppes and Richard Eppes of Charles City Co. to Robert Pleasants, merchant, of Henrico Co. for 150 pounds, 400 acs on both sides of White Oak Swamp, formerly the property of Richard Cocke, which was given to his daughter Mary by deed dated 2 June 1735 of record; wit: Thomas Bates, John Ellyson, Samuel Parson; signed Mary Eppes, Richard Eppes, rec. 1 June 1767 (DB 1750-1767 p. 1010)

7 Dec 1772

Francis Eppes of Chesterfield Co., great-grandson of Francis Eppes the Elder, to Archd. or Archer Branch, infant son of Christopher Branch, late of the said County, for 2,000 pounds already paid at the request of John Archer and Henry Branch, both of Chesterfield Co, executors of the said Christopher Branch, the tract known as Longfield on the James R., containing 908 acs, which land was purchased of several persons: … [chain of custody is listed]  … 200 acs and the remainder being 68 acs was by the last will and testament of Francis Eppes, decd. the party of the deed, obtained an act for docking the entail of 400 acs, which act has since received the royal assent and said 400 acs has now become vested on the said Francis Eppes in fee simple; cites that said Christopher Branch purchased the whole of the above tract called Longfield for 2,000 pounds and departed this life before any legal conveyance was executed and by his last will and testament directed said tract to be proper use of his son, Archer Branch. Wit: James Robertson, Benjamin Branch, Jno. Fisher, Henry Asher; signed Francis Eppes, Jno Archer, Jr. Henry Branch; rec. Oct Court 1773 (DB 1767 to 1774 pp. 498-99)


17 No 1729

Francis Epes of Henrico Co. to Matthew Ligon of same, for £30, a tract known as Fine Cr. in Goochland Co. 200 acs, bounded by Fine Cr., being tract delivered to Epes by patent 13 Oct 1727; wit: William Gay, Josiah Woodson, Littleberry Epes; signed Fran’s Epes; rec. 18 Nov 1729 (Wills and Deeds 147)


5 Apr 1751

Richard Eppes of Chesterfield Co., Gent., to William Eppes, Gent. for £150, plantation at place called “Skin Quarter,” 2300 acs, it being the moiety devised to said Richard by will of his late brother Francis Eppes, dated 24 Jan 1736; no wits; rec. 5 Apr 1751 (DB 1 p. 197)

5 Sep 1751

Richard Epes of Dale Parish to Philip Royall of Raleigh Parish, Amelia Co., for £50, 100 acs bounded by Eppes and Royal, Rowlett, being land known as “Winterpcok,” given said Eppes by the will of his father Francis Eppes; no wits; rec. 6 Sep 1751 (DB 1 pp. 272-74)

8 Feb 1754

Bond of Isham Epes, Thomas Scott, and John Dabney of Dinwiddie Co. to Richard Eppes and Augustine Claiborne, for £1000; Isham being appointed Adm’r of William Worsham, decd. with will annexed on 4 May past, with Richard Eppes and Augustine Claiborne his security, Claiborne and Eppes felt they were in possible jeopardy by possible maladministration of estate; wits: James Boisseau and John Jones; rec. 1 Mar 1754 (DB 2 p. 97)

30 July 1754

Edward Eppes, Jr., of Prince George Co., to William Kennon of Chesterfield Co. for £63.10, 100 acs bounded by Old Town Cr. Webster’s old field, Webster’s line, being given to said Edward by his father Lewis Eppes by his will dated 15 Oct 1729; wits: Robert Griffin, Francis Epes, Jr., William Clack (sic); rec. Aug Court 1754 (DB 2 pp. 195-96)

29 Apr 1755

William Eppes of Salem in Province of Massachusetts Bay, Gent., and Abigail his wife to Peter Randolph of Chatsworth, Henrico Co., VA, Esq. for £2000, 5000 acs in Chesterfield Co. on northern side of Appomattox R., bounded by William Kennon, Gent., Skinquarter Cr., Robert Hancock, William Moseley, Thomas Tanner, Samuel Goode, being land granted to Francis Eppes, father of said William, by patent 28 Feb 1733; wits: Richard Royall, Ben Harris, Alex. Diack (sic), Wm Watkins, Jr. Abigail Eppes relinquished her dower rights by John Archer and Ed. Osborne 7 May 1755, rec. 7 June 1755 (DB 2 pp. 305-12)

30 Apr 1755

Richard Eppes, Gent. to Agnes Kennon and Robert Kennon, for £150 and pursuant to a decree of General Court at Williamsburg 11 Apr 1754, a tract on Wintopock known as “Wintopock,” 400 acs bounded by said Eppes, John Hill, being part of patent to Capt. Francis Eppes 24 Apr 1703; wits: Wm Eppes, Alex Diack (sic), Ben Harris (DB 2 pp. 296-98)

20 May 1762

Will of Richard Eppes of Bermuda Hundred

Estate to be kept together under the executors until son Francis is 21

To wife Tabitha, use of houses and 400 acs where I live, for life and use to lots and houses in Bermuda Hundred Town, slaves, 4 wheel chaise and £50 annually

To daughter Sarah, a negro girl, when of age or married and also enough money to make up legacy given her by her grandmother Anne Bolling and £600

To daughter Martha Bolling, a negro and £500 at lawful age or marriage

To daughter Tabitha, same as Martha

To daughter Ann, same as above

To son Francis, residue of lands when of age and rest at death of my wife, also slaves, eleven silver spoons marked M*B, a dozen silver teaspoons marked P*E, and livestock from plantation at Wintopock, Amelia and Longfield

To sons Francis and Richard Henry, all land at Wintopock and Maelia, equally

To son Richard Henry all land in Henrico Co. purchased of my brother William Eppes, called “Longfield,” 900 acs and my lot in Town of Gatesville, negroes and silver

To nephew Richard Harris, my tract on Swift Cr. called “Grillses”

Executors: wife and friends Hon. Peter Randolph, Esq., Col. Archibald Cary, Mr. Richard Adams, Mr. Thomas Adams; Peter Randolph is to be guardian to son Francis and daughters Sarah and Martha Bollinl; wife and Thomas Adams guardians to rest of children; wits: John Worsham, John Worsham, Jr. George Clough, Joseph Walker, Thomas Stratton, John Knibb, James Akin (WB 1 pp. 355-59)

___ 1764

Seth Ward, Benjamin Watkins, Richard Royall, Richard Eppes, Archibald Eppes, Archibald Cary, Robert Goode, John Botte, Richard Kennon, Claiborne Anderson, Christopher Martin, William Bass, and Thomas Worsham, vestrymen of Dale Parish to Thomas Friend of same parish for £44/5, 59 acs, part of Glebe land of parish, bounded by town of Gatesville, Edward Wilkinson, Thomas Osborne, Redwater Run and the road. Signed, John Botte, Robert Kennon, Seth Ward, Richard Royall, Wm Bass, Richard Eppes, Archibald Cary,, Thomas Worsham, Christopher Martin, Ben Watkins, Clai., Anderson, Robert Goode; rec. Nov 1764 (DB 5 pp. 267-69)

5 July 1765

Will of Richard Eppes presented by Archibald Cary and Thomas Adams, two of the executors and proved by John Worsham, Jr., a witness (OB 3 1759-1767 p. 673)

7 Aug 1767

Sally and Martha Eppes, orphans of Richard Eppes, choose Archibald Cary, Gent. as their guardian (OB 4 1767-1771 p. 83)

18 Sep 1767

Benjamin Ratcliffe of Chestefield Co. to Henrietta Maria Eppes of Charles City Co. for £25, 116 acs; signed Benjamin (X) Ratcliffe; wits: G. Randolph, John Howle, John Eppes, Sr. rec. 3 Oct 1767 (DB 5 1764-1768)

6 Aug 1773

James Eppes, eldest son of Henrietta Maria Eppes to be summoned to say if he will administer her estate (OB 5 1771-1774 p. 307)

3 Dec 1773

Henrietta Maria Eppes, being dead, and no person offering to taker administration of her estate, it is ordered that the sheriff be granted administration (OB 5 p. 377)

Court June 1783

Nancy Eppes, orphan of Hamblin Eppes, chooses Benjamin Branch, Sr. as her guardian (OB 6 1774-1784 p. 436)


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