Early Wilbourns of Mecklenburg County, Virginia

Hundreds of names other than Wilbourn in this post about deeds, court orders, probate, and marriages.


March 2, 1765: Benjamin Hatcher of Mecklenburg Co. sells to William Stone of Lunenburg Co., for 60 pounds, a 550 acre tract in Mecklenburg, on Persimmon Branch of Middle Bluestone Cr., being part of larger tract patented to said Hatcher, and bounded by Wilburn; signed: Benjamin Hatcher; wit: Joseph Ragsdale, Mark Moor, John Ragsdale, Benjamin Ragsdale; rec: Aug 12, 1765 (Deed Book 1, pp. 113-14)

December 15, 1766: Stephen Willis of Halifax Co., NC sells to Charles Burton of Mecklenburg Co., for 55 pounds, a 50 acre tract of land on both sides of Woodpecker Cr., bounded by Glascok (sic), the patent line, a new line, including plantation where Willis formerly lived; signed Stephen Willis; wit: Hutchins Burton, William Hunt Jr. John (I) Lucas, Thomas (X) Wilborn (Wilbron), Henry (X) Hastins; rec: Aug 10, 1765 (Deed Book 1, p. 475)

December 10, 1770:Wm Stone of Lunenburg Co. sells to Peter Ragsdale of Mecklenburg Co., for 125 pounds, a 500 acre tract on Persimmon Branch (a fork of the Middle Bluestone Cr.), being part of a tract patented to Benjamin Hatcher and bounded by Wilborne; signed William Stone; wit: none; deed acknowledged by William Stone and wife Elizabeth; rec: Dec. 10, 1770 (Deed Book 2, p. 533)

May 10, 1773: Charles Burton of Halifax Co. sells to Thomas Wilborne of Mecklenburg Co. for 12 pounds, 10 shillings, a 100 acre tract, in Mecklenburg Co. on Middle Bluestone Cr. and bounded by new lines run by the parties; signed: Charles Burton; wit: James Lamkin, James Hall, Samuel Young; rec: May 10, 1773 (Deed Book 4, p. 67)

February 14, 1774: Henry Robertson of Charlotte Co. sells to Richard Rowland of Mecklenburg for 5 pounds, a 150 acre tract on Bluestone Creek and Anderson’s Swamp, bounded by Clay and Christopher Rowland’s corner, Wilborne, Hall, being part of tract patented to said Robertson on Aug 27, 1770; signed Henry Robertson; wit: William Robertson, William Hunt Jr. Bazell Wagstaff; rec: Feb 14, 1774 (Deed Book 4, p. 230)

March 29, 1775: Richard Rowland of Mecklenburg Co. sells to Sir Peyton Skipwith, Baronet, for 30 pounds and 19 shillings and 3 pence and 3 farthings, 107 acres on branches of Bluestone Cr. and bounded by Harmon Thompson, Henry Robertson, Henry Clay, William Hall, and Wilborne; signed: Richard Rowland; wit: Charles Royster, Nicholas Maynard, Jon Miles; rec: Oct. 9, 1775 (Deed Book 4, p. 477)

January 10, 1778: Hugh Franklin and his wife Mary of Mecklenburg Co. sell to James Harrison of Mecklenburg, for 23 pounds, about 30 acres on the great branch, bounded by said Harrison, Parker, said Franklin; signed: Hugh (X) Franklin, Mary (X) Franklin; wit: James Garner, Lewis Lindsey, Thomas (X) Wilber (sic); rec: Sep 14, 1778 (Deed Book 5, p. 296)

May 11, 1778: James Whitler (sic) Sr. of Mecklenburg Co. sells James Whitler (Whitlew) Jr. of Mecklenburg, for 50 pounds, 125 acres to be laid off, bounded by Hal Whitler, John Zachary, Hase, Wilborne, including Micel (sic) Whitler’s settlement, lying in Mecklenburg, part of the same tract Forow (sic) lives on; signed James Whitlew (sic); wit: Henry Clay, Rachel Clay, Roger Cock Bailey; rec: May 11, 1778 (Deed Book 5, p. 241)

September 8, 1778: Thomas Wilborn and his wife Hannah of Mecklenburg Co. sell to Sampson Lamkin (Lampkin) of Mecklenburg, for 100 pounds, 400 acres on south side of Middle Bluestone Cr. and bounded by Hunt, Ragsdale. Signed: Thomas (X) Wilborn, Hannah (X) Wilborn; wit: James Lamkin, John Chandler, James Lamkin Jr. Wm Wilbern (Wilborn); rec: Sep 14, 1778 (Deed Book 5, p. 303)

September 13, 1779: Daniel Tucker of Mecklenburg Co. sells to Thomas Wilburn of Mecklenburg Co., for 100 pounds, about 40 acres in Mecklenburg Co. on branches of Middle Bluestone Cr. and bounded by Newsam’s (sic) and said Wilburn; this land being part of tract that said Tucker now lives on; signed: Daniel Tucker; wit: Mark Moor, Jemima Moor, Lemuel Moor; rec: Sep 13, 1779 (Deed Book 5, p. 475)

November 27, 1779: James Hall and his wife Marthew (sic, read: Martha) sell to William Lucas of Gumry (Montgomery) County, MD, for 50 pounds, a 300 acre tract, on the branches of Bluestone Cr., being part of 935 acres patented to Stephen Evans and bounded by Hall, William Harris, Joel Elam, Abraham Crowder, Henry Hasten, Mark Moore, James Hall. Signed: James Hall; wit: Jeremiah Lamkin; James (X) Harrison, Thomas (X) Wilburn; rec: Feb 14, 1780 (Deed Book 6, p. 4)

March 10, 1783: John Chandler and wife Molly (Mary) of Mecklenburg Co. sell to Jeremiah Lamkin of Mecklenburg, for about 100 pounds, about 200 acres, and is land purchased of Joseph Dameron and bounded by the south side of Woodpecker Cr., running along said Jeremiah’s line, thence to Mark More and Tho. Wilborn, the head of Buzzard Branch to Wagstaff’s line, thence to Norment, James Lamkin; signed: John Chandler, Mary Chandler; wit: William Robertson, James Lamkin; Rec: Mar 10, 1783 (Deed Book 6, p. 242)

August 9, 1783: William Newsom and wife Mary of Grenville (sic) [Granville Co., NC?] sell to Thomas Wilburn of Mecklenburg Co, for 100 pounds, 150 acre tract, bounded by upper side of little fork on Berry’s line, Tucker’s corner, Moore’s line, Hastin, Avory (sic), the lower side of Woodpecker Cr., Berry’s line on the lower side of the creek; signed: William Newsum (sic); wit: Richard Jefferies, Sampson Lamkin, James Lamkin; rec: Feb. 9, 1784 (Deed Book 6, p. 336)

October 7, 1783: Peter Ragsdale sells to John Marshall for 200 pounds about 200 acres on Middle Bluestone Cr., bounded by Benjamin Ragsdale on south and Wilburn on east, Tucker on north, and Wilbourn’s branch on west; signed: Peter Ragsdale; wit: none; rec: Nov 10, 1783; Sarah (Peter’s wife) relinquishes dower rights (Deed Book 6, p. 324)

November 10, 1783: Peter Ragsdale sells to Thomas Berry, for 50 pounds, bounded by said Berry, Stephen Clark, Benjamin Ragsdale, Wilborne; signed: Peter Ragsdale; wit: none. Rec: Nov. 10, 1783; Sarah (Peter’s wife) relinquishes dower rights (Deed Book 6, p. 322)

October 22, 1784: Mark Moore sells to Thomas Spain of Dinwiddie Co., for 500 pounds, about 200 acres, bounded by lower side of Woodpecker Cr., joining Hasting, and Lucas, then bounded by the lands of said Hasting, Wilborne, Lamkin, Wade, Coleman, Jeffries, and the said Lucas; signed: Mark Moore; wit: Thomas Berry, Abram Crowder; rec: May 9, 1785 (Deed Book 6, p. 462)

April 10, 1796: Elijah Rudd sells 250 acres to John Wilburn for 80 pounds, on the Great Waters of Buffalo Cr., bordering John Vaughn, Stephen Vaughn, John Jones (decd), Patrick Smith; signed: John (X) Wilburn; wit: Nevin Stewart, Caleb Johnson, James Sandefur, Jr. (Deed Book )

September 29, 1797: Thomas Wilbourn sells 142 acres to Henry Howard Dedman, for 60 pounds. The tract is bounded Greg’s and Wilbourn’s line, Spain’s and Wilbourn’s line, Spain’s and Fowlke’s line, Greg’s and Harrison’s line. Signed Thomas (X) Wilbourn; wit: Thomas Wilson, James Hester, Thomas Vaughn, James Black. Hannah relinquished her dower rights; Hannah (X) Wilbourn (Deed Book 9, p. 350).

October 13, 1797: Thomas Wilbourn sells 350 acres on Bluestone Cr. to Thomas Haile for 300 pounds. Signed Thomas (X) Wilbourn; wit: Philipp Johnson, Laman Haile, William W. Johnson, William Blake, Dudley Hale, Joseph Haile. Hannah Wilbourn is unable to travel to court, so a justice of the peace goes out to verify that she relinquishes her dower rights, voluntarily. Hannah (X) Wilbourn (Deed Book 9, pp. 363-65)


October 11, 1779: Richard Winn is appointed surveyor of the road from Burwell’s mill to Woodpecker Creek, and it is ordered and that the male laboring tithables of Thacker Burwell, Sir Peyton Skipwith, Charles Clay, Henry Clay, John Clay, John Cox Sen’r, John Cox Jun’r, Thomas Cox, Samuel Cox, Dancy (Darcy?) McGraw, Mathias Mealer, Peter Mealer, Robert Mealer, Cox Whitle, Richard Roland, Leonard Cheatham, Henry Whitle Jun’r, William Comes, Richard Epperson, John Cox (Rattle), Herman Thompson, John Leachry, Benjamin Ragsdale, William Ragsdale, Peter Ragsdale, Thomas Wilborn, William Wilborn, Thomas Barry, John Barry, John Marshall, Richard Ford, Richard Hudson, and Hugh Franklin, do attend and assist the said Surveyor in clearing and repairing the said road when thereto required. (Order Book 4, p. 522)

Sep 9, 1782: Jane Gathard (plaintiff) v. William Wilburn (defendant), in case} the defendant being arrested and not appearing, altho’ solemnly called, on the motion of the plaintiff by his [sic] attorney, it is ordered that judgment be entered against the said defendant, and Thomas Wilborn the security for his appearances for such damages as the plaintiff hath sustained by the occasion in the declaration mentioned, which damages are to be enquired of by a Jury unless the defendant shall appear and plead at issue in the next court (Order Book 5, p. 212)

Aug 11, 1783: Jean (sic) Gathard (plaintiff) v. William Wilbern (defendant), in case}the parties by their attorneys mutually submit all matters in dispute between them to the final determination of Robert Smith and Richard Ragsdale and their award (illegible markings); thereupon it is to be made the Judgment of the Court and the same is to ordered accordingly, whereupon the said arbiters returned their award in these words: “Determined by Robert Smith and Richard Ragsdale, the within mentioned arbiters, that William Wilbern pay the sum of twenty-eight pounds current money,in the following manner {viz} six pounds the 25th December 1783, six pounds Dec’r 25 the next insuing [sic], then 4 pounds annually for four years then insuing [sic] Robert Smith Richard Ragsdale”; in confirmation whereof it is considered by the court that the plaintiff recover against the defendant the said twenty-eight pounds in manner aforesaid and her costs by her about her suit in this behalf expended; and the said defendant in mercy etc. (Order Book 5, p. 402)

March 8, 1784: Richard Blow and Company (plaintiffs) v. Jeremiah Lamkin (defendant), in case} Richard Ragsdale who undertook at May court last, as special bail, this day surrendered the body of the said defendant here in custody agreeable to his undertaking aforesaid; therefore the said Richard Ragsdale from his undertaking is discharged; whereupon Thomas Wilburn of this county comes into court and undertakes for the defendant that in case he shall be cast in this suit he shall satisfy and pay the condemnation of this court or render his body to prison in execution for the same or that he will do it for him; whereupon the cause is continued till the next court (Order Book 5, p. 529)

May 10, 1784: William Wilbourn, bastard son of Delphia Wilbourn, is to be bound out to church wardens, according to law, to Joel Chandler (Order Book 6, p. 9)

May 11, 1784: Sir Peyton Skipworth (plaintiff) v. John Wilburn and Stephen Clark (defendants); John and Stephen fail to appear, so he has to pay 2 or 5 pounds and 10 shillings. John Wilburn is not prosecuted (Order Book 6, p. 19)

July 13, 1784: John Wilburn is to be paid 170 pounds of tobacco for attending the trial as witness of Leonard Cheatham, traveling 30 miles, coming and going (Order Book 6, p. 94)

July 10, 1786: Ordered that . . . Frankey Wilburn, bastard of Delphia Wilburn . . . be bound out according to law (Order Book 6, p. 532)

September 12, 1791: Ordered that the overseers of the poor bind Julius Wilburn to Francis Marshall, according to law (Order Book 7, p. 641)

September 11, 1797: John and Prudence Wilburn sell to Stephen Vaughn. Prudence relinquished her dower rights. (Order Book 9, p. 331)

July 9, 1798: On the motion of William Boyd, it is ordered that Patty Wilburn, widow and relict of William Wilburn, decd, be summoned to appear hereon the second Monday of September next, to take upon herself the administration of said decedent, if she shall think fit (Order Book 9, p. 487).

September 10, 1798: Ordered that Thomas Vaughn pay unto John Wilburn fifty-three cents for one day allowance as witness for the said Vaughn, against Thomas A. Jones. (Order Book 10, p. 40)


December 29, 1770: Thomas Wilburn and John Wilburn witness the will of Benjamin Ragsdale. Ragsdale’s wife is unnamed; children: Daniel, Rachel Moore, John, Mary Rowland, Richard, Peter, Thomas, Winifred Ragsdale, Godfrey, Jesse, William, Benjamin; refers to land on lower and upper side of Bluestone Cr. executor: son William; other witness: Stephen Clark; rec: May 9, 1772 (Will Book 1, p. 123).

October 6, 1793: Thomas Wilburn is an executor of John Ragsdale will. Ragsdale’s wife is Frances; children unnamed; other executor is wife; wit: James Lamkin, Stephen Clarke and Charles Burton; rec: July 14, 1794 (Will Book 3, p. 224)

September 27, 1791: John Wilburn witnesses the will of John Jones Sr. Jones’ wife is unnamed and deceased; his children: James Jones, Benjamin Jones, John Jones, Ann Blanks, Philadelphia Yancey, Amelia Vaughn, Frances Wilkins; granddaughters: Sarah Griffin and Frances Griffin, 433 acres equally divided; grandsons: Joseph Blanks, John Blanks; 478 acre land called Mountain Tract to his four daughters; witnesses: Peter Overby and Machadiah (sic) Overby; executors sons Benjamin, James, and Joseph Blanks; rec: Jan 9, 1792 (Will Book 3, p. 85)

October 11, 1791: Thomas Hamblin, John Wilburn, and Johnson Faulkner appraised and inventoried John Jones’ estate; rec: 9 April 1792 (Will Book 3, p. 98).

May 1, 1797: Thomas Wilborn is a witness to Henry Hastin’s will; Henry names his wife Aggy (Agnes); children: William, Henry, Mary Lucas, Elizabeth Spain, Lively Crowder, Lucy Haston (sic), Absalom, Jemima Hastin; executors: wife Aggy and son William; other witnesses: Martin Gillespie and Greenwood Harrison; rec: Sep 11, 1797 (Will Book 3, p. 433)

October 28, 1819, Mecklenburg County. John Wilbourn Sr.’s estate is sold.

Thomas Wilbourn buys items from John Wilbourn Sr.’s estate sale. [Note: this is not our Thomas, who had moved to SC by 1799; this Thomas is John Sr.’s son]

John Wilbourn Jr. buys items at the same sale.

Achilles Wilbourn buys items at the same sale.

Sally Wilbourn buys items at the same sale.

Prudence Wilbourn buys many items at the same sale.

Rebecca Wilbourn buys items at the same sale.

Source: Will Book 10, pp. 448-449

March 24, 1820, Mecklenburg County. John Wilbourn writes his will.

Father: John, decd.

Wife: Patsy Wilbourn

Brother: Achilles

Daughter: Sally Pool

Daughter: Hillery Wilbourn

Signed: John X Wilbourn

Wit: St[ephen] Worsham, William Vaughn, James Blanks.

Proven by oath: November 21, 1820

So now we know this John Jr. died between March 24 and November 21, 1820.

Source: Will Book 9, pp. 154-155

John Jr.’s final account was confirmed May 21 (27?), 1827.

Source: Will Book 11, pp. 202-204.

Other names in both probate packages: William P. Pool, James Wiles, Peter (Y or Z) Overly, Gold (?) Griffin, John Speed, Mumford Tally, Spencer C. Vaughn, Stephen Worsham, Wm Tillotson, Robt Y. Overly, Stanley Hyte and son Stanley, Payton R. Talley, Jacob Fadner (?), Peter Y. Vaughn, Eggleston Overly, Charles Ligon, Vincent Hyte, Jesse Childress, David Chandler,Michael Tanader (?), Reuben Vaughn, Robert W. (M) Fitz, James Blanks, Charles Hamblin, James Edwards


Feb 28, 1782: William Wilburn and Patty Avery; bond: James Harrison

Jan 28, 1793: William Wilburn and Elizabeth Hudson; bond: William Hudson; minister Edward Almand, his return 30 Jan 1793

Jan 6, 1795: Elizabeth Wilburn and Henderson Wade; bond: William Harrison; minister William Richards, Jan 11, 1795 [note: circumstantial evidence strongly suggests she is the daughter of our Thomas Wilbourn; for Henderson and Elizabeth move to Edgefield, SC, around the same time as Thomas and Hannah; all three then move to AL, though at different times.]

Mar 15, 1798: Julius Wilburn and Lucy Puryear; bond: William Powell; consent Thomas Puryear, father; minister: William Creath

July 11, 1806: Thomas Wilburn and Phebe Moore; bond: William Jones; consent: George Moore, father

Dec 14, 1807: Nancy Wilbourn and Vincent Hite; bond: Thomas Wilborn; consent: John Wilborn, father.

Dec 14, 1817: Edith Wilbourn and Obadiah Overby; bond: William Wilbourn

Oct 9, 1837: Robert Wilbourn and Nancy Malone


My Direct Line in Virginia:

Earliest Wilbourns of Virginia

John Wilbourn and Judith

Thomas Wilbourn and Hannah Lamkin (mainly in Mecklenburg County, with hundreds of additional names beyond this Mecklenburg post)

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Most of these posts have names other than Wilbourn. Some posts have hundreds of names.


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