Early Bevilles of Four Virginia Counties

Essex Beville is a gateway ancestor (descends from royalty); he and his descendants left behind excellent records to sort out family relationships. This post offers many names. Their records go from 1676 to 1767.

These records are uninterpreted, and only those that reveal family relationship are included.


Surprisingly, from 1728-1749, the Bevilles do not appear in Goochland Co. records available to me, even though this county grew out of Henrico in 1728.

These records are far from complete, but let’s hope they still help your research!


Ages at Depositions

2 June 1690

John Beville, 20; Martha Beville, 18 (1688-1697 Book, p. 134)

Main Records

27 Mar 1676

Essex Beville and Thomas Webster agree to line between Mentions Old Town Cr., cart path from George Archer’s to the mill, land formerly in occupation of Henry Crowder and Godfrey Ragsdale’s land; wit: Simon Tildesley and Nich. Dison; signed Thomas Webster; presented in court by Thomas Batte, who married executrix of Essex Beville, decd. rec. 1 June 1689 (Will and Deed Book 1688-1697, p. 70)

2 Aug 1682

Amy Beville of Bristol Parish, widow, for love and affection to my children: John Beville, Essex Beville, Mary Beville, Amy Beville, and Elizabeth Beville, confirm gifts (various gifts listed, like Mr. Beville’s books); Wit: Thos. Bott, Edmund Lucas; signed Amy Beville; rec. 2 Aug 1682; Thomas Daulby, aged 50 says he saw Mr. Hen, Kent read the deed of gift his wife made concerning Mr. Beville’s estate, after his marriage and he returned it to his wife; signed Thos. Daulby (Wills, Deeds, Etc. 1677-1692, p. 376)

9 Nov. 1682

Will of Essex Beville

To son John Beville, the land I now live on, known by the name of the Old Towne;

To son Essex Beville, 200 acres on north side of Old Town Cr., included in patent in possession of Mr. Thomas Batte;

All the rest to my well-beloved wife Amy Beville and she to be executrix; wit: Thos. Daulby, Henry Kent, Thomas Pronting; probated 1 Feb 1682;

(Part I 1677-1692 Will and Deed Book, p. 229)

28 Feb 1689

There was an escheat grant to Thomas Botte and Amy his wife and Thomas Batte, Sr. of 400 acres in the Old Town in Appomattox R. for valuable consideration, makes over his part to John Beville; wit: Wm. Downes, Essex Beville; signed Thos. Bott; 2 June 1690 (Will and Deed Book 1688-1697, p. 123)

1 Mar 1689

John Beville grants to Thomas Botte, for life timber privileges on plantation called Old Town, on Appomattox R.; wit: Wm Downes, Essex Beville; signed John Beville; 2 June 1690 (Will and Deed Book 1688-1697, p. 124)

13 Apr 1707

Henry Hill of Bristol Parish to Essex Beville and Elizabeth his wife for £15, 100 acres on Appomattox, on south side of Swift Cr. on Youles Branch, granted to Hill 21 Apr 1695; wit: Tho. Bott, Thos. Webster, Thos. Wilson; signed Hen. Hill; rec. 2 June 1707 (Deeds 1706-1709 p. 48)

7 Aug 1727 (recorded date)

Essex Beville and Elizabeth his wife of Bristol Parish, for £10 to John Gille, 100 acres in Bristol Parish on south side of Swift Cr.; land was conveyed by Henry Hill to said Essex and Elizabeth by deed 19 Apr 1707; wit: Will Kennon, Ja. McMilland, John Epes; (Wills and Deeds 1725-1737, p. 127)

2 May 1729

Will of Essex Beville

To sons Thomas and Daniel the land at Sappony Ford in Prince George Co. 327 acres, equally divided at age 21; that part of tract Abraham Burton, Jr., now lives on to son Daniel;

To daughter Mary Burton, a cow;

To son Essex, 200 acres on Old Towne Cr., next to John Fowler;

To daughters Elizabeth and Amy, each a cow and calf;

To wife Elizabeth, the land I live on and land on Sever Pond branch of Deep Cr. in Prince George Co. and she to be executrix; wit: Richard Kennon, Peter Ragsdale, Edward Tanner; rec. 1 Sep 1729 (Wills and Deeds 1725-1737, pp. 244-48)

14 April 1732

Will of Elizabeth Beville of Bristol Parish

To son Essex 200 acres, next to my two sons Thomas and Daniel items and land at Sappony; and plantation I now live on, 100 acres on Old Town Cr.

To sons Thomas and Daniel each 100 acres, next to land left to them by their father and items

To daughter Amy, items;

To granddaughter Elizabeth Burton, items;

To daughter Mary Burton items, etc;

To daughter Elizabeth Purkerson, 1 negro man;

All the rest to three sons Thomas, Daniel and Essex;

Danile to take care of his brother Essex until he is 21;

Three sons executors;

Wit: Alex Horton, Thomas Webster, Peter Ragsdale;

Codicil: the land on Old Town Cr to be sold to the child who pays the most for it, instead of to Essex; to pay debts; the rest of sale to be divided among all children

Wit: George Robertson, Minister; Mary Robertson, Prudence Webster; rec. May 1732

(Wills and Deeds 1725-1737, p. 342-348)

26 Mar 1733

Will of Robert Beville

To brother William Beville, 200 acres on east side of Wintrico Make in Prince George Co.

To brother John Beville, 200 acres joining above, provided he pay my wife 8 shillings, 9 pence;

To Edward Parish, 100 acres joining my first line and William Coleman’s, provided he live with my wife until he is 21;

To my wife and four sons: William, Robert, Edward, and Joseph Beville, 600 acres, and if sons die, to the survivors (if they die under 21);

Wife to be executrix;

26 May 1733

Wit: John Beville, Martha Beville, James Vaughn, presented by Anne Beville, executrix, and rec. Oct. 1733 (Wills and Deeds 1725-1737, p. 412)

7 July 1735 (recorded date)

Will of John Beville (signed Beavil) of Bristol Parish

To son William part of tract I now live on bounded by Maj. Bolling and Old Town Cr., 50 acres next to river

To grandson James Beville, another part of my and part of Old Town Cr.

To son Essex, my tacts called Locust Bank;

To daughter Martha Beville, items

Son William to be executor; wit: William Kennon, William Ragsdale

(Wills and Deeds 1725-1737, p. 498)

18 Feb 1735

Essex Beville of Sale Parish to George Archer for £15, 150 acres in Dale Parish on Locust Ract was given said Essex by his father John Beville and is ½ of 300 acres taken up by said John; 9 July 1724; wit: William Archer, John Beville, William (X) Beville; signed Essex Beville; rec. 1st Mon. Feb. 1736 (Wills and Deeds 1725-1737, p. 594)

5 Dec 1744

William Kennon of Dale Parish to George Todd for £50 two tracts in Dale Parish, one of 100 acres on south side of Old Town Dr., bounded by Battes Run, the creek, Indian Cabin Spring, John Beville; land was given by John Beville to his brother Essex by deed 30 Nov 1697; Kennon purchased it of Thomas, Daniel and Essex Beville, sons of Essex Beville …. Wit: Jas. Robertson, Richard Ogilby, Henry Isham Kennon; rec. 1st Mon Feb 1744; further proved 1st Mon Feb 1745 (Wills and Deeds 1744-1748, p. 107)

1 Feb 1745/6

James Beville and Mary his wife to Peter Ragsdale, for £150, 150 acres at place called Old Town, plantation where said Beville lives on, left to him by his grandfather John Beville, bounded by Col. John Bolling, said Ragsdale, Bateses Run and the cart path; wit: John Herbert, George Ragsdale; signed James Beville, Mary (X) Beville; rec. 1st Mon Apr 1746 (Wills and Deeds 1744-1748, p. 122)


This county was formed in 1749 out of the part of Henrico that is south of the James River.

13 July 1750

Will of William Archer

Wife Ann; son George, land where he lives at Winterpock; son William, land at on Old Town Cr. next to place called Fowlers; to son John land as far as Pete’s run next to river; daughters Martha Dudley, Frances Archer, Phoebe Archer, Ann Archer; daughter Mary Beville; wife and son George to be executors; wit: George West, Obadiah Howerton, William Herringham (WB 1, p. 27)

1 Oct 1756

John, orphan of William Archer, chooses James Beville as his guardian (OB 2, 1754-1759, p. 224)

1 Mar 1758

John Beville of Dale Parish to his son John Beville, for love and affection, 132 ½ acres bounded by Ragsdale, Webster, Tod, and Batts Run; wit: Chr. Martin, Geo. Wilson, William Eppes; signed John Beville, John (X) Beville; rec. 5 Mar 1758 (DB 3, p. 219)

Same date

John Beville of Dale Parish, to his son Francis Beville, for love and affection, 132 ½ acres next to Christopher Martin on Batts Run, next to land bought of William Beville; John Beville and Mary agree to this gift; wit: Chr. Martin, George Wilson, William Eppes; sighed John Beville, Francis Beville; rec. 3 Mar 1758 (DB 1, p. 211)

8 Nov 1758

Will of Essex Worsham

Son Drury to have land in Amelia Co.; son Henry, son William, wife Ann, son Essex, land I bought of Essex Beville in Chesterfield; daughter Phoebe Harper; executors: Mr. John Robertson and Mr. George Wilson; George Wilson, Henry Womack (Winterpock) Henry worsham, Wm Blakely (WB 1, Par II, p. 315)

6 Oct 1758

Thomas Bott and Ann Botte of Dale Parish, Chesterfield Co. to James Beville of Raleigh Parish, Amelia Co. for £40, a negro man named Dick; John Boot (sic), Thornton Pryer, Thos. Dudley; signed Thomas Bott, Ann (X) Bott rec. 7 Mar 1760 (DB 4, 1759-1764, p. 580)

23 April 1761

Will of Sarah Cashoon of Dale Parish

Daughter Elizabeth Beville; daughter Phoebe Perkinson, sons James, Thomas and Wm; grandson David Cashoon; granddaughter Mary Cashoon; granddaughter Sarah Cashoon; granddaughter Jemima Cashoon; daughters Margaret and Sary wit: Thos. Jones, John Elam, Jr. Rachel Gordon (WB 2, p. 59)

10 Aug 1762

Daniel Beville of Amelia Co. to Joseph Jackson of Chesterfield Co., sells for £20 124 acres on north side of Swift Cr. on lines of said Jackson, Cogbill, and William Jackson; wits: Ben Watkins, Jos. Watkins, Jos. Jackson; signed: Daniel (D) Beville; rec. sep 1762 (DB 4, p. 273)

9 July 1764

James Beville and Mary his wife, John Archer (an infant), son of William Archer, decd. by said James, his next friend), Thomas Dudley and Martha his wife, Thommas Neal and Frances his wife, and Phoebe Archer, spinster


Martha Archer, an infant daughter of George Archer, decd. William Rowlett and Sarah his wife, late widow and relict of George Archer, decd.

Court’s case is that a negro Amy did not vest in the legatee, William Archer, son of William Archer, decd. but said negro and her increase ought to be divided according to residuary clause in said will of William Archer, decd. Robert Kennon, Caliborne Anderson, and Christopher Martin to divide and allot Amy and her increase among the complainants Mary, John, Martha, Frances, Phoebe and the defendant Martha in equal parts (OB 3, 1759-1767, p. 570)

7 Sep 1764

Thomas Wells for love and affection to my daughter Frances Beville and Francis Beville her husband, two negroes Lucy and Will; wit: Thos. Friend, Christopher Bass; signerd Thomas Wells; rec. 7 Nov 1764 (DB 5, 1764-1768, p. 230)

11 Feb 1767

Will of John Beville

Son John, son Francis, daughter Susanna Beville, daughter Mary Archer, daughter Ann Beville, daughter Edith Williams, daughter Sarah Royall, granddaughter Lucy Smith Beville; executors sons John and Francis; wit: Robert Kennon, William Dance, William Rowlet; (WB 1, Part II, p. 531)

10 Sep 1788

Joel Beville, son of Thomas Beville, chooses George Markham as his guardian (OB 7, p. 169)

23 Sep 1794

Will of Francis Beville

Dau Mary Ann Calvin, land and one lot in Gatesville;

Dau Sophia Clark

Execs: William Calvin and Thomas Clarke;

Wits: William Eanes, Jas. Wilkinson, Daniel Wells (WB 5, p. 248)


15 May 1741

Bond for 10,000 pounds of tobacco for Thomas Beville and William Green for Thomas Beville to keep an Ordinary at the court house at his dwelling place (WB 1, p. 4 and bonds)

4 Sept 1751

Deed from James Beville, Ann (X) Beville, William Bevile, Edward Beville, Joseph Beville, William (X) Beville of Amelia Co. and John Beville of Chesterfield Co. to Edward Tanner, for £50, 200 acres north side of Winticomake Cr. adj. head of small spring branch, lines of Joseph Ragsdale, John Crowder, Judea Israel and the said Bevilles, being patetn to said Bevilles on 10 Apr 1751; wits: Daniel Coleman, Godfrey Coleman, and Peter (X) Coleman (DB 4, p. 212)

Same date

The same Bevilles sell land to Daniel Coleman, £20 for 100 acres on north side of Winticomake Cr. adj mouth of Porragee’s Branch, lines of John Coleman, Daniel Coleman, a branch and the creek as it meanders, being patent 10 Arp 1751; Edward Tanner is the new witness (DB 4, p. 218)

Same date

Deed from William Beville, Jr., Edward Beville, Joseph Beville, and Ann Beville, plus John Beville,  to Abraham Burton, for £160, for 248 ½ acres being part of Council to said William Edward, Joseph, and Anne Beville on north side of Wintepomake Cr. adj. mouth of Beville’s Branch, the creek, Beville’s great branch, Licking branch, and line of Joseph Ragsdale; wit: Samuel Ptichford, Benjamin Williamson, Essex Beville, Daniel Coleman, Edward Tanner (DB 4, p. 224)

23 Nov 1751

James Beville, Ann (X) Beville, William Beville,, Joseph Beville, William (X) Beville, of Amelia Co. and John Beville of Chesterfield Co. to Edward Beville of Amelia Co. £50, 240 acres on north side of Wintocomake Cr. adj. head of small spring, lines of Edward Tanner, Joseph Ragsdale, Judea Israel, Abraham Crowder, and new dividing line to Beville’s branch to Abraham Burton’s line, being patent to said Bevilles on 10 Apr 1751; wits; Joseph Ragsdale and Edward Tanner (DB 4, p. 332)

30 Jan 1752

Deed from James Beville, Ann (X) Beville, William Beville, Edward Beville, William (X) Beville, all of Amelia Co. and John Beville of Chesterfiled Co. to Joseph Beville of Amelia Co. for £50, 120 acres on north side of Winticomake Cr. adj. a dividing line on Beville’s branch between Joseph and Edward Beville, line of Abraham Crowder to Winticomake Cr. to Beville’s branch being patent to said Bevilles on 10 Apr 1751; wits: Joseph Ragsdale, Edward Beville, Edward Tanner (DB 4, p. 329)

31 July 1752

Deed from Anne (X) Beville, William Beville, Edward Beville, Joseph Bedville, William (X) Beville, of Amelia Co. to John Beville of Chesterfield Co. to Daniel Beville of Amelia Co., £30, 200 acres on left side of Wintopemak (sic) Cr. between lines of Richard Talley and that formerly called Jurekins (sic) and the great Branch of Winteopemake (sic) Cr. and his brother William Beville’s line with all houses, etc. patent of 1324 acres to said Bevilles on 10 Apr 1751; wits: Thomas Beville, William Hall and Ralph Perkinson (DB 4, p. 495)

3 Aug 1761

Daniel Beville’s Will

Son Robert (also Robin), 200 acres where he now lives and negro man Sam;

Son Thomas, 200 acres where I now live and negro man Will;

Remainder of estate to be undivided until youngest son is 21, then division by friend George Worsham, if alive; if not alive by Benjamin Watkins with what Robin has received;

Four daughters: Agnes, Mary, Phoebe, and Ann to be paid £25 each when they become 18 or married; wit: Ben Watkins, George (X) Worsham, Mary Burton; executor: none named; proved 28 May 1767 His inventory and appraisement returned 10 Sept 1767, but no value given (WB 2X, pp. 167 and 205)

17 Sep 1771

Will of William Beville

Patty Hastings, negro man Schoro, woman Bittitter;

Betsy Hastings, negro woman Hannah and boys Lewis and Seedy;

John Archer, son of my sister Mary, negor boy Sam;

Orobated 24 Oct 1771

Wits: John Gorham, Robert Beville, Zachariah Hastings, and  John Hastings

Execs: William Hastings and John Archer

WB 2, p. 8

30 Apr 1778

Will of Thomas Beville

Sally Beville, dau. of Obedience Beville, one negro girl Fib;

Joel Beville, son of Obedience Beville, tract whereon I now live and negro boy Peter; Joel is to maintain his so long as she remains unmarried;

Rest of estate is to be divided equally between Betsey Beville, Dicey Beville, Joel Beville, Lucy Beville, children of Obedience Beville; should said Obedience be with child at this time, child to have equal part with Betsey, Dicey, and Lucy; should any mentioned children die before age 21 or marriage, their part to be divided between children of Obedience Beville, that is, Betsey, Dicey, Joel, and Lucy and child she is now with (probated: no date; Wit: Robert Beville, William Roach, Joseph Roach; execs: Millinton Roach and John Hastains (WB 2, p. 284)

25 June 1778

Thomas Beville’s inventory and appraisement states that slaves are named Marcha (woman), girl Fan, boys Ben and Peter; girls Fib, Amy and Rachel (WB 2, p. 291)

7 Mar 1778

Will of Essex Beville

Essex Elam, son of John Elam and my daughter Femariah his wife, 60 acres;

Dau Sally Beville, remainder;

Wife Elizabeth remainder of estate;

Wit: William Bott, Thomas Botte, and Robert Bott;

WB 2, p. 332

1 Jan 1785

Will of Archer Beville

Wife Ann, unnamed children; exec: Millinton Roach; wits: Millinton Roach, William Hawlett, and John Bottom (WB3, p. 304)

7 May 1785

Will of James Beville Jr. of Raleigh Parish

Wife Susannah Beville; son Woodly; other children unnamed; exec: wife, friends John Neal and David Adams; wits: David Adams, John Neal and James Beville; signed James (X) Beville (WB 3, p. 353; will presented on 23 June 1795 in OB 17, p. 2a)

25 Oct 1787

Elizabeth Beville chooses Hamlin Cole as guardian (OB 18, p. 159)

22 Nov 1787

Susannah Beville, widow of James Beville, decd.; Woodleif, Robert, and Archer Jones Beville, orphans of James Beville, decd. by Susannah Beville, their guardian plaintiffs v. David Adamsd and John Neal, execs of James Beville, decd, defendant; in Chancery (OB 18, p. 163)


2 Feb 1793

Will of Edward Beville

Wife is Parker Beville; children are Ann Neal, Sussanah Brown, JohnBeville, Edward Beville, Jr., Elizabeth Beville, Martha Holloway, Micah Beville, Robert Beville; bequests: lend wife Parker Beville land and plantation where I now live and at her death to be divided among my children now living; execs: William Willis Green, Francis M. Neal, and son Edward Beville, Jr.; wits: John Keeton, Joseph Quinichett, Richard Jeffries, and Edward Lewis; codicil dated 13 Mar 1793: Edward Beville, Martha Holloway, Elizabeth Beville, Micha Beville and Robert Bevile each given a slave; wits: James Coleman, Matthew Green, Joseph Quinichett, William Hepburn; rec. 10 June 1793 (WB 3, p. 165)


Essential Records of a Key Orphans Court, Part 1 (1677-1690)

Essential Records of a Key Orphans Court, Part 2 (1690-1739)

Gateway Ancestors of Virginia

Gateway Ancestors of the Middle Colonies

Gateway Ancestors of the Northeast


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  1. Descendant of Essex Beville on mother’s side. Own three books on Beville anthology. Now living in Virginia. Hope to visit any historical sites available to the public where ancestors have connections.


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