The Gateway Ancestors of the Northeast

These gateway ancestors are located in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, and Rhode Island. A “gateway ancestor” descends from royal lines several generations back and immigrated to the American colonies.

This list is abstracted from Douglas Richard’s Royal Ancestry. This is is the longest, with the gateway ancestors of Virginia coming in second.

Do any of your family lines link up?

  1. Abell, Robert of Weymouth and Rehoboth, MA
  2. Allin, Katherine (Deighton) of Roxbury and Dedham, MA
  3. Allyn, Margaret (Wyatt) of Cambridge, MA and Hartford and Windsor, CT
  4. Almy, Audrey (Barlow) of Lynn and Sandwich, MA, and Portsmouth, RI
  5. Alsop, George of Milford, CT
  6. Alsop, Timothy of New Haven, CT
  7. Asfordby, William of Kingston and Marbletown, NY
  8. Baldwin, Elizabeth (Alsop) of Milford, CT
  9. Batt, Anne (Baynton) of Boston, MA
  10. Batt, Christopher of Boston, MA
  11. Bolles, Joseph of Winter Harbor and Wells, ME
  12. Bressey, Thomas of New Haven, CT
  13. Bromfield, Edward of Boston, MA
  14. Browne, Nathaniel of Hartford and Middletown, CT and Springfield, MA
  15. Bruen, Obadiah of Marshfield and Gloucester, MA and New London, CT
  16. Bulkeley, Jane (Allyn) wife of Rev. Peter Bulkeley of Concord, MA
  17. Bulkeley, Grace (Chetwode of Concord, MA
  18. Bulkeley, Rev. Peter of Concord, MA
  19. Burrough, Nathaniel of Calvert County, MD and Roxbury, MA
  20. Burnham, Mary (Lawrence) of Ipswich, MA
  21. Carleton, Edward of Rowley, MA
  22. Chauncy, Rev. Charles of Scituate and Plymouth, MA
  23. Clarke, Jeremy (or Jeremiah) of Newport, RI
  24. Clarkson, Matthew of New York, NY
  25. Cooke, Elizabeth (Haynes) of Cambridge, MA
  26. Coytmore, Thomas of Charlestown, MA
  27. Crowne, Agnes (Mackworth) of Boston, MA
  28. Cudworth, Maj. James of Scituate, MA
  29. Davie, Humphrey of Boston, MA and Hartford, CT
  30. Dudley, Katherine (Deighton) of Roxbury and Dedham, MA
  31. Dudley, Gov. Thomas of Cambridge, Ipswich, and Roxbury, MA
  32. Eaton, Mabel (Harlakendon of Hartford, CT
  33. Edwards, Agnes (Harris) of Cambridge, MA and Hartford, CT
  34. Farwell, Olive (Welby) of Concord and Chelmsford, MA
  35. Giddings, Jane (Lawrence) of Ipswich, MA
  36. Goddard, William of Watertown, MA
  37. Gotherson, Dorothea (Scott) of New York
  38. Hackburne, Katherine (Deighton) of Roxbury and Dedham, MA
  39. Harlakenden, Elizabeth (Bosvile) of Cambridge, MA
  40. Harlakenden, Lt. Col. Roger, Esq. of Cambridge, MA
  41. Hawes, Edmund of Duxbury and Yarmouth, MA
  42. Haynes, Mabel (Halarkenden) of Hartford, CT
  43. Henchman, Sarah (Woodward) of Boston, MA
  44. Hough, Elizabeth (Bulkeley) of Cambridge and Boston, MA
  45. Howell, Edward, Gent. of Boston and Lynn, MA; Southampton, Long Island
  46. Hubbard, Judith (Knapp) of Ipswich, MA
  47. Hutchinson, Anne (Marbury) of Boston, MA, Rhode Island, New York
  48. Hutchinson, Katherine (Hamby) of Boston, MA
  49. James, Olive (Ingoldsby) spouse of Rev. Thomas James of MA, RI, CT, and VA
  50. Keayne, Anne (Mansfield) of Boston, MA
  51. Lawrence, John of New York, NY
  52. Lawrence, Thomas of Newtown, Queens County, NY
  53. Lawrence, William of Flushing, Queens County, NY
  54. Lewis, Elizabeth (Marshall) of Maine
  55. Lovelace, Thomas of New York, NY
  56. Lowell, Percival, Gent., of Newbury, MA
  57. Ludlow, Gabriel of New York, NY
  58. Ludlow, Roger, Esq. of Dorchester, MA; Windsor and Fairfield, CT
  59. Lugg, Jane (Deighton) of Boston, MA
  60. Lynde, Simon of Boston, MA
  61. Mansfield, John of Charlestown, MA
  62. Manwaring, Oliver of New London, MA
  63. Maverick, Mary (Gye) of Dorchester, MA
  64. Mellowes, Martha (Bulkeley) of Charlestown, MA
  65. Miles, Anne (Humphrey) of Swansea, MA
  66. More, Richard of Plymouth and Salem, MA
  67. Negus, Jane (Deighton) of Boston, MA
  68. Nelson, John of Boston, MA
  69. Nelson, Capt. Philip of Rowley, MA
  70. Nelson, Thomas of Rowley, MA
  71. Otis, Rose (Stoughton) of Dover, NH
  72. Oxenbridge, Frances (Stoughton), non-immigrating wife of Rev. John Oxenbridge
  73. Oxenbridge, Rev. John of Boston, MA
  74. Palgrave, Dr. Richard of Charlestown, MA
  75. Palmes, Anne (Humphrey) of Swansea, MA
  76. Pelham, Elizabeth (Bosvile) of Cambridge, MA
  77. Pelham, Herbert of Cambridge, MA
  78. Pelham, Jemima (Waldegrave) of Cambridge, MA
  79. Pole (or Poole), Elizabeth of Taunton, MA
  80. Pole (or Poole), Jane (Greene) of Dorchester and Taunton, MA
  81. Pole (or Poole), William of Dorchester and Taunton, MA
  82. Popham, George of ME
  83. Pynchon, Amy (Wyllys) of Springfield, MA
  84. Raynsford, Edward of Boston, MA
  85. Saltonstall, Elizabeth (West) of Watertown, MA
  86. Saltonstall, Muriel (Gurdon) of Ipswich, MA
  87. Saltonstall, Sir Richard, Knight, of Watertown, MA
  88. Scott, Katherine (Marbury) of MA and RI
  89. Shepard, Margaret (Touteville) of MA
  90. Sherman, Mary (Launce) of Watertown, MA
  91. Skepper, Rev. William of Boston, MA
  92. Spencer, Agnes (Harris) of Cambridge, MA and Hartford, CT
  93. Stockman, John of Salisbury, MA
  94. Stratton, Anne (Derehaugh) of Salem, MA
  95. Stratton, John, Gent. of Kirkton Hall (in Shotley), Suffolk (husband of Anne Derehaugh)
  96. Taylor, James, Gent. of Boston and Lynn, MA
  97. Throckmorton, John of Salem, MA, Providence and Warwick, RI, and NJ
  98. Torrey, Rev. Samuel of Hull and Weymouth, MA
  99. Torrey, Capt. William of Weymouth, MA
  100. Tyng, Elizabeth (Coytemore) of Boston, MA
  101. Wentworth, Elder William of Dover, NH
  102. Whiting, Elizabeth (St. John) of Lynn, MA
  103. Whittingham, Elizabeth (Bulkeley) of Cambridge and Boston, MA
  104. Williams, Frances (Deighton) of Taunton, MA
  105. Wilson, Elizabeth (Mansfield) of Boston, MA
  106. Winthrop, Magaret (Tyndall) of Boston, MA
  107. Worden, Peter of MA
  108. Yale, Thomas of New Haven, CT

You’ll have to get Douglas Richardson’s five-volume book Royal Ancestry to start your search of your royal ancestry. Click on that link. But first trace your line back to one of the gateways through standard research. His books will help you start from the gateway ancestor and go back to the royal line.

Happy searching! I hope you find them!


Gateway Ancestors of Virginia

Gateway Ancestors of the Middle Colonies


2 thoughts on “The Gateway Ancestors of the Northeast

  1. There is a great Royals and Peers tree on FamilySearch. Here is a way to find it: Once logged in, drop down the search function. On the screen see asearch choice for “genealogies.” On the Genealogies search page scroll down till you see Submission ID. Enter this ID: MMD2-H72


  2. My Gateway I Richard HAINES from England landed in Rancocas Creek Burlington Co., NJ in 1600’s. I have a Royal Ancestors Chart done by Ky White. 🙂


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