George Washington’s Royal Lineage

Yes, he really does descend from the Plantagenets, through a mistress. Several generations before him, his family also knew the Spencers, the family of Princess Diana.

It may seem like uncritical hero worship to say he descends from royalty, but the elites in England left behind a solid paper trail, so it is easy to track–easy only in the sense that the gaps from one generation to the next are closed up.

His ancestors who arrived in Virginia in the mid-seventeenth century are royal gateway ancestors. He had no natural children, so no one descends from him directly, but he had numerous nephews and nieces.

  1. John of England through a mistress.
  1. Richard Fitz Roy, knight of Chilham in Kent, married Rose de Dover;
  1. Isabel de Dover married Maurice de Berkeley;
  1. Thomas de Berkeley, knight, 1st Lord Berkeley, married Joan de Ferrers;
  1. Maurice de Berkeley, knight, 2st Lord Berkeley, married Eve la Zouche;
  1. Thomas de Berkeley, knight, 3rd Lord Berkeley, married Katherine de Clivedon;
  1. John Berkeley, knight of Beverstone, Gloucestershire, marred Katherine Betteshorne;
  1. Elizabeth Berkeley married John Sutton, 1st Lord Dudley, Knight of the Garter, 1st Lord Dudley;
  1. Edmund Sutton (or Dudley), knight, of Dudley, Staffordshire, married Joyce Tiptoft, who descends from King Edward I;
  1. John Dudley, Esquire, 2nd son, married Anne Clarell;
  1. Margaret Dudley married John Butler, Esquire, Northamptonshire, 2nd son of Ralph Butler;
  1. William Butler, Esquire of Tyes Hall in Cuckfield, Sussex, 3rd son married Margaret Greeke;
  1. Margaret Butler, eldest daughter and co-heiress marred Lawrence Washington, Gentleman, of Sulgrave and Wicken, Northamptonshire, son and heir of Robert Washington, Esquire of Sulgrave, Northamptonshire. He leased the manor of Wicken from the Spencer family, ancestors of Princess Diana, mother of Prince William;
  1. Rev. Lawrence Washington, 5th son, born at Sulgrave, married Amphyllis Twigden, daughter John Twigden, rector of Purleigh, Essex from 1633 until his ejectment as a royalist in 1643;

Rev. Lawrence Washington had three children, who immigrated to Virginia:

A. Col. John Washington (George’s direct line)

He immigrated on the Sea Horse of London to Virginia in 1656, where he settled in Westmoreland County. He married Anne Pope and had two sons (Capt.) Lawrence and John and one daughter Anne. His wife died in 1668 and he married in 1670 Anne Gerard; he married a third wife Frances Gerrard.

B. Lawrence Washington

He immigrated to Virginia before May 1659 to Westmoreland County; he returned to England, where he became a merchant. He married there. He immigrated again to Virginia before 27 Sep 1667. He married Joyce Jones. They had one son John and one daughter Ann. He died before 6 June 1677.

C. Martha Washington

She married Samuel Hayward (or Howard), justice of the peace, Burgess and clerk of Stafford County, Virginia. They had no issue.

  1. John Washington m. Anne Pope
  1. Lawrence Washington m. Margaret Warner
  1. Augustine Washington m. Mary Ball

18. George Washington

So what’s the point of this post? Nothing more than a pleasant journey. People like to know whether they’re related to President Washington. The evidence does exist. It is part of history.

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Douglas Richardson, Plantagenet Ancestry, 2nd ed., vol 3 (privately published, 2011).

2 thoughts on “George Washington’s Royal Lineage

  1. Glad you enjoyed this book. I am John of England line also, but Eleanor Plantagenet is my whatever grandmother. Love this book! I have another Plantagenet cousin who follows the line of George’s mistress. I kid him. It is fun to look at the past. Enjoy!


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