Thomas Jefferson’s Ancestry and Royal Lineage

Now Updated with more names and dates! Thomas’s mother Jane Randolph descends from one of the most prominent families in Virginia. Records show her family line is part of the royal gateway ancestors (royal descendants who moved to America). His paternal ancestry goes way back in Virginia history.

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Gateway Ancestors of the Middle Colonies

These “gateway ancestors” are located in New Jersey (East and West), Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland. A gateway ancestor descends from royal lines several generations back and immigrated to the American colonies.

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Henry II Plantagenet: One Hundred-plus Facts and Stories

He lived from 1133 to 1189 and began his kingship in 1154. This post also looks into his grandfather Henry I, his uncle King Stephen, and Henry II’s wife Eleanor of Aquitaine. Includes four genealogical tables. Great for family research!

Corrected Nov 6, 2016 and updated Feb. 1, 2017.

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