What Does “Turn the Other Cheek” Mean?

I have often heard confusing and confused uses of “turn the other cheek.” The saying seems so imbalanced and out of touch with reality, as it circulates around the world, out of context and isolated. Someone gets punched, and he is told to turn the other cheek.

I also hear pacifists say this to the government when it is about to respond to an attack. “Jesus said to ‘turn the other cheek.’ So how can we commit an act of violence in response?” It’s that last application I’m concerned about.

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Glowing and Growing or Sloppy Faith v. Legalistic Faith

I’m a radical believer in God’s radical grace. It gives me freedom. A critic could claim I advocate sloppy living. But then I could call the critic legalistic. How do we balance the two? Let’s do a Bible study to get some insight.

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Christianity Is Fastest Growing Religion in World

In this post, growth is defined by reaching people and converting them and an increase in church attendance, not birthrate or immigration. Measured in that way, Christianity is the fastest growing religion in the world, without a close second. Periodically updated.

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