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James Arlandson, Ph.D., is a "working class" academic. He has published a book: Women, Class, and Society in Early Christianity: Models from Luke-Acts (now out of print). He is a novelist and essayist first and college teacher second. Contact: [james][m][arlandson][at][hotmail][dot][com]

The French Are Coming! The French Are Coming! Ride!

Dateline: Philadelphia, 2 and 26 June 1701. A special emergency ‘pony express’ was set up in case the French, setting sail from Spanish West Indies, might attack the mid-Atlantic colonies. A French privateer did land in 1709.

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Elizabeth I, Part 5: Reformation and International Policies

Under her reign, Spain launched five armadas against England. Sir Walter Raleigh sponsored the English colony of Roanoke, North Carolina, by 1585, but it did not last long. Sir Francis Drake was the first Englishman to circumnavigate the globe. And of course Shakespeare wrote many of his plays. Virginia was named after her, since she never married.

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