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James Arlandson, Ph.D., is a "working class" academic. He has published a book: Women, Class, and Society in Early Christianity: Models from Luke-Acts (now out of print). He is a novelist and essayist first and college teacher second. Contact: [james][m][arlandson][at][hotmail][dot][com]

Virginia Governor Defies Cromwell’s House of Commons

Dateline: Virginia, March 1651: The Governor is Sir William Berkeley. King Charles I was beheaded in 1649, and Oliver Cromwell took over and declared England a Republic. Did the Governor and the Grand Assembly approve of the beheading and the new government back in England? Look for the word bloody.

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Christianity is fastest growing religion in world

In this post, growth is defined by reaching people and converting them and an increase in church attendance, not birthrate or immigration. Measured in that way, Christianity is the fastest growing religion in the world, without a close second.

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The Grand Assembly of Virginia Demands Its Right of Consent

Dateline: Virginia, April 5, 1647: This is (probably) the first recorded time that the Virginia Grand Assembly demanded that Parliament back in England seeks Virginia’s consent before policies are imposed. A foundation for the Declaration of Independence in 1776?

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