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James Malcolm, Ph.D., is a "working class" academic. He has published a book: Women, Class, and Society in Early Christianity: Models from Luke-Acts (now out of print). He is a student of theology and commentator and translator of the New Testament (soon to be posted) and essayist and college teacher. Contact: jamesmalcolmrt@hotmail.com

William Penn Proclaims Pennsylvania’s Charter of Privileges

Dateline: Philadelphia, 28 Oct 1701: Penn offers this new charter. What about religious liberty in the first article? How should the government be organized? Great primary source for teachers and students.

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Jacques and Anne Le Tort: French Spies among the Quakers?

Dateline, Philadelphia, 1689 to 1712. What if the French couple who lived in the Pennsylvania frontier were spies? Would they form an alliance with Indians to attack the English? Primary sources. Great for students and teachers and any and all readers.

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