Appointing Commissioners of the Peace in Pennsylvania

Dateline: 2 Jan 1689: The Council of Philadelphia choose the commissioners of peace—very much like justices of the peace. Names are here for family historians.

Maybe your ancestor makes his appearance somewhere in this list.

Since this is not complicated, let’s get right to it.

Modernized transcription begins:

Ordered that the Commissions of the Peace be made for all the counties and these persons following to be inserted, viz:


Thomas Lloyd, Wm Salway, Law. Cock, John Eckly, Bar. Wilcox, John Holme, Robert Turner, Francis Rawles


Anthony Cook, Thomas Janney, John Brock, Joseph Growdon, Wm. Byles, Henry Baker, Wm. Yardly, Nicholas Newlin


John Bristow, Nicholas Newlin, James Sanderling, John Beaven, Francis Harrison, Wm. Howell, John Blunston, Samuel Levis, John Fearne


Peter Alrichs, Cor[nelius] Empson, Charles Rumsey [sic], John Cann, Johannes D’Hayes, Robert Ashton, William Stockdale, Peter Banton, John Hayley


Wm Clark, Dan Jones, Wm. Freeland, John Brinkloe, John Walker, James Brookes, George Martin, Mark Manloe, William Manlow, John Curtis, William Lawrence


William Clark, John Hill, Robert Clifton, Thomas Wynne, Thomas Price, Samuel Gray, Luke Watson, Samuel Preston

Transcription ends.

The latter two counties at that time came under Pennsylvania’s jurisdiction.


Gateway Ancestors of Middle Colonies

Philadelphia Sets Up First ‘Public’ School

The Origins of the Limits on the Executive Branch in Early America


Minutes of the Provincial Council, vol. 1, 1683-1700, (Jo. Severns and Co. 1852), pp. 320-21.

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