Thirty Shariah Laws

Each point is linked to original Islamic sources like the Quran or to articles that explain these sources. These points prove that these laws are bad for all societies and need to be scrapped in the modern world. This article is Part 16 in the series on sharia.

This list of shariah laws is intended to be read by judges, lawyers, legislators, city council members, educators, journalists, government bureaucrats, think tank fellows, TV and radio talk show hosts, and anyone else who occupies the “check points” in society.

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It has moved to my new website. Here’s the new post, Part 16 in a series on sharia:

16 Thirty Sharia Laws

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9 thoughts on “Thirty Shariah Laws

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  3. There is an inherent vileness as to the manner in which Muslims apply the basic tenets of Islam into their daily practice of their faith.

    I have seen judges (Qazis), government officials, and the so called religious clerics, scholars, and figures perform their daily ritual of prayers. Right afterwards, they walk into their office praising “Allah” and inquiring and seeking a bribe as though the mention of “Allah” instantly makes the bribe holy and, thus, a legitimate and acceptable practice.

    If one wishes to understand how women and girls are treated under ‘Sharia’, next time you discard your furniture or other household goods, you usually are very aware and considerate of your house’ s walls and doors so nothing is damaged. Even when discarded in a dump site, people take care so the discarded items do not damage the truck or the workers do not injure themselves.

    Women, unfortunately, are not accorded any such consideration, and I would hesitate to even mention the word “respect”. Cattle are treated with more decency and respect than women as for some men, cattle serves as a sources personal satisfaction.

    On the day of my return to the US, I recall thanking God Almighty for setting foot back on US soil.

    No matter how bad things may be in the US with a very polarised and divisive political atmosphere, and the numerous challenges that the United Sates faces in a very turbulent and uncertain world, America still is the greatest country on the face of the earth because of US Decleration of Independence, the US Constitution, and the industriousness and kindness of the American people.


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