Christianity Is Fastest Growing Religion in World

In this post, growth is defined by reaching people and converting them and an increase in church attendance, not birthrate or immigration. Measured in that way, Christianity is the fastest growing religion in the world, without a close second. Periodically updated.

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Christianity Is Fastest Growing Religion in World

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9 thoughts on “Christianity Is Fastest Growing Religion in World

  1. Christianity and secularism are the primary ‘faiths’ with long-term growth potential.

    In terms of numerical growth moreover, it is unlikely Christianity will remain a slower growing faith than Islam. PEWs research reports repeatedly demonstrate the incredible difficulties of making future projections based on current population trends. Not only are fertility rates on the decline throughout the Arab and South Asian regions, but the fastest growing place in the world, Sub-Saharan Africa, is predominantly Christian. While West Africa is split 60/40% between Islam and Christianity, almost all other growing regions in Africa are Christian.


    • Most of what you write–I agree with, except the clause “unlikely Christianity WILL REMAIN a slower growing religion than Islam.” But maybe you means by birthrate. If so, then you’re probably right. Christians will have kids!


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