A Glimpse at God’s Creation on Mars

Get ready, Bible believers! Science is about to take us on an adventure, as the scientists study Mars. They already found an undergound lake that could hold signs of life. Should we worry? Throw out the Bible? (Look for updates as more discoveries happen.)

An article titled “Underground Lake of Liquid Water Detected on Mars,” posted at Popular Mechanics, on July 25, 2018, says:

Just a mile or so beneath the surface, near the south pole of Mars, there is a reservoir of briny water sloshing and churning below layers of ice and rock.

This subglacial lake, discovered by a ground-penetrating radar on the Mars Express spacecraft, is about 20 kilometers (12.4 miles) wide and perhaps no more than a meter deep. Its discovery is the latest piece of evidence that suggests water was not only present on Mars in the past but is still flowing in some capacity today. The findings, if confirmed by future observations, would be the most significant discovery of liquid water on Mars to date.

What about microorganisms?

The report goes on:

The implications for complex systems of subsurface lakes could revitalize the debate about whether microorganisms could exist beneath the surface of Mars to this very day.

“It was a long march, a sort of long march through the desert, and we are finally out of it,” Orosei says. “It’s like a dark cloud has gone away.” ….

Such subglacial lakes on Earth have been shown to support life in some cases. “There are microorganisms that are capable of surviving well below zero even without being in contact with water, and there are microorganisms that can use the salt, presumably the salt in the water on Mars… for their metabolism.”

For the moment, let’s assume they discover life on Mars.

Now let’s get theological and biblical.

When God spoke this universe into existence about 13.7 billion years ago (the current scientific dating of its age), the word of his power was so strong and effective that it embedded within the material stuff of his creation the building blocks for life. He did not need to “zap” it countless times, as his creation progressed and even progresses right now. Zap! Zap! Zap! No.

His power fully gifted his creation only once “in the beginning,” says Genesis 1:1.


At that moment, life could slowly emerge from chemicals and non-organic material and evolve by secondary causes into higher life forms. Call it slow-motion creation.

It should not bother us believers to find out that Mars (and elsewhere) may contain evidence for microorganisms or the chemical building blocks for life. Just the opposite. It should bother us if we found out those things do not exist in those places!


If God fully gifted his creation so effectively, then why didn’t life evolve further on Mars?


Simple. The conditions were not right. God spoke the universe into existence, and now it is moving forward through secondary causes and effects. If they don’t have or produce the right conditions, then life cannot evolve far enough. It stops.

This makes his creation on earth all the more amazing. We’re here discussing science and theology with our brain power, all his gracious gifting!

Now let’s wrap this up.

God is the Primary Cause, and his creation operates through natural laws or secondary causes and effects that he set up.

It is a top down creation.

I for one celebrate any new discoveries that reveal God’s creative, life-giving power and design.

Image credits: Popular Mechanics (see link, above)


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