‘America the Suckiful’

It’s how the left could rewrite the song. Get ready for some hard-hitting satire that exposes the left. Proceed at your own emotional risk.

A possible leftwing rewrite.

America the Suckiful


O Suckiful for smoggy skies
For GMOs of grain,
For mountains filled with alkalis,
Above crop-dusted plains!
America, America!
We shed our curse on thee!
And crown thy bad
With leftists mad
From sea to rising sea!


O Suckiful for pilgrim feet
The Natives they oppress
And with disease they cause defeat
Across the wilderness!
America! America!
We shame thee to repent,
Deny thy soul
Through our control,
We’re suing thy dissent!


O Suckiful, thy heroes proved
For racism they fought,
By impure motives they were moved
To take land never bought!
America! America!
We take down thy flagpole,
For thy success
We must possess,
It’s built on gold thou stole!


O Suckiful, thou mov’st too slow,
Thy Constitution’s old,
Its balances and checks forego
To show we’re overbold!
America! America!
We overstep thy bounds!
We never pause
In our high cause,
Sound judgment we confound!


O Suckiful for leftist dreams
That bring thee to thy knees,
We take them to utmost extremes–
Our big-scheme policies!
America, America!
Thou liv’st in infamy!
We stop thy prayers,
And God forswear—
Thy silly fantasy!


O Suckiful for male-female,
No diff’rences we claim.
Humanity we disentail
Ev’ryone’s just the same!
America! America!
A myth is Genesis!
Deny thine eyes
And demonize
What we call prejudice!


O Suckiful, we have one aim:
Huge government is right,
It’s always been our power game,
Without us we cause fright!
America! America!
We’re out to buy thy vote,
While people sleep,
We want to keep
Big government afloat.


O Suckiful, thou must obey
Compassion through high tax,
We redistribute our outlay,
We got our voters’ backs!
America! America!
We leftists spend for thee.
It’s merciful
To pay the full,
It’s right and just and free.


O Suckiful, the joke’s on thee,
Our game we can’t sustain,
Our policies don’t set thee free,
Our budgets are insane!
America! America!
We still know what to do:
What we can spend
Will never end,
So thou must pay more dues.


O Suckiful, just stay asleep,
Wake not and call us names.
For we depend on stupid sheep
Or we’ll go down in flames!
America! America!
Don’t let this be thine hour!
Depend on drugs,
Complacent shrugs,
So we won’t lose our pow’r.

Here is my one-verse reply:

O Beautiful, wake up with might,
Thy government’s too big,
Thou must take back thy pow’r and right
Those leftist schemes unrig!
America! America!
God is thy sole control,
Not government,
But his consent,
Thou shalt regain thy soul!


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