Henry III: Interesting Facts and Stories

Son of King John, born in 1207, crowned in 1216 in a rush after his father died (and again in 1220), and dying in 1272, he was super-devout, developing his veneration of Saint and King Edward the Confessor. Did his extra-piety get in the way of an effective kingship? The birth of Parliament happened on his watch.

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Adam and Eve-olution: Five Options

We need to face a brute fact. Evolution is here to stay. It started out as a rising tide, but now it is a tsunami. Are we going to flail and punch it–or surf it? How do we interpret the biblical passages about Adam and Eve? Five options are offered here. Part 3 of 5 in a series on Gen. 1-11.

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Mary Johnson Could Cure ‘Cancer’ in Colonial Virginia

Dateline: Virginia, 3 and 9 December 1748: She had testimonials of her cures. Doctors of the day were baffled. She appeared before the House of Burgesses to prove her claims. What did the Burgesses think?

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Facts and Stories about Eleanor of Aquitaine

Living eighty years, she was the wife of the King of France when she was thirteen, then at twenty-eight wife of the King of England, and mother of three English kings. She lived from 1124 to 1204, eighty years. This post includes genealogical tables from best Medievalists.  Continue reading

Henry II Plantagenet: Over One Hundred Facts and Stories

He lived from 1133 to 1189 and began his kingship in 1154. This post also looks into his grandfather Henry I, his uncle King Stephen, and Henry II’s wife Eleanor of Aquitaine. Includes four genealogical tables by top-ranked Medievalists.

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Empress Matilda and Three Henrys

Great by birth, greater by marriage, greatest in her offspring, she lived from 1102 to 1167 and was the daughter of Henry I and mother of Henry II. She fought King Stephen for her son Henry. She was indomitable, as seen particularly in her two Great Escapes.

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