Leftwing Destruction and Immolation

The vast majority of cases of social and human destruction and immolation originates from the left today.

The evidence follows.

1. Immolating millions of “expendables.”

The first example is the worst one politically.

Stalin and Mao, two communists, and Hitler, a nationalist-socialist, killed millions to build a “just” society; their policies were for the greater “good.” No, their policies destroyed life and liberty—two values that America, properly understood, promotes. The progressive greater “good” was actually the greatest evil foisted on humankind.

2. Immolating unnamed, unidentified babies

A death culture has seeped into intellectual culture. From a deficient interpretive method, which Bible interpreters call eisegesis (reading into a text things that are not there) justices decreed that abortion is constitutional. Since then, tens of millions of babies have been slaughtered for no other reason than convenience.

3. Immolating Terri Schiavo, Charlie Gard, and Alfie Evans

They stand in for others in the past and in the future.

In 1992 she fell into a deficient mental state, but she was not in a coma. She blinked and smiled and responded to stimuli. With therapy she even uttered one-syllable sounds. Her parents were willing to care for her. However, the left and her husband who had children with another woman yet had legal control over her said she had to die, and they fought hard to see it happen. The court ordered the doctors to pull the plug, and in 2005 she died of dehydration, her parents grieving, baffled.

Babies Charlie Gard and Alfie Evans, their cases similar to each other, but not identical, had the misfortune of being born in a socialist health care system that was so bureaucratic that their parents could not take their kids out of the hospital and fly them to better treatment, either eventually to die in dignity in their parents’ arms, or to cure them possibly. Instead they died in a British hospital against their parents’ wishes.

4. Destroying the lower classes through “extra-helpful” government

“How many of you know someone who is healthy and regularly sits at home, does not work, smokes joints, watches daytime TV, and blames the ‘system’ for his seeming disadvantages?” Every hand goes up in the classroom. If parents subsidize bad habits, what happens to society when the government does? Students cannot fail to see some of the causes of the devastating outcomes.

5. Destroying language

Politically correct speech is designed to soften the rhetoric for people who refuse to hear unpleasant truths. Academic Bill Lind in February 2000 traces PC culture back to cultural Marxism, as distinct from the economic version, all the way to WWI. He then sketches out the parallels. It’s one more way Marxists exert control over our lives—for the “greater good,” of course.

6. Destroying beautiful visual art

There is something intriguing about modernist art. The artists communicate something strong, devastating. At the time when communism and socialism were gaining momentum throughout Europe, Post-Impressionists were on the brink of destroying representational art. Later movements like fauvism and cubism and drip paintings carried forward the destruction of imaging that was built on reason, symmetry, perspective, a vanishing point, appropriate color, and proportion.

7. Destroying the right of self-defense

This right is enshrined in the Second Amendment. The founders saw the link between protecting the country through armed militias and private gun ownership. Now that the militias are gone and military exists, self-protection does not disappear. In their heart of hearts, leftists would like to destroy private gun ownership and remake America in the image of unarmed socialist countries around the globe. With this destruction, liberty melts away in the face of a gigantic bureaucracy.

8. Destroying free enterprise and capitalism

But there is way to destroy America other than taking away guns. Socialism can shackle and subsequently destroy efficient commerce through high taxes and over-regulation. However, as the bureaucracy grows, liberty and prosperity decrease. But what do leftists care? That’s their main goal so they can redistribute wealth in the name of governmental, compulsory compassion—or to buy votes and remain in power. Take your pick.

9. Destroying the liberty of free association

This was a recent attempt, but it failed.

People have the right to move in the neighborhoods of their choice. But there was a move afoot in the Obama administration to diversify neighborhoods by governmental compulsion. Apparently, however, the policy never got off the ground. Good thing. But it will come up again, if or when the left takes back control.

10. Destroying religious liberty

Call this example a frontal assault: The left through the Supreme Court has outlawed prayer in school in six cases.

Yet there is subtler way the left destroys religious liberty. By giving Islam a free pass and not challenging it in parts (“nothing to see here!”), the left inflames distrust of Islam. Defense of the Quran looks like a big cover-up. But here is just one unpleasant truth about Islam: it destroys religious freedom. Yes, that religion ironically deserves First Amendment protection (religious freedom) in our country, but the left blames and wishes to silence the critics of Islam instead of taking their warnings seriously. But that’s like blaming the victims and not the bullies. Basic principle: the more influence Islam exerts in free societies, the less religious liberty (and other freedoms).

Putting Things Right

A standard solution to all of the destruction and immolation runs in the political direction. People must vote for the right legislators who then pass or repeal laws. Yes, that has to happen. But as the saying goes, politics is downstream from culture. The solution that is deeper than politics lives in the human heart. From it proceed the issues of life. Religious truths develop the human-mammal conscience.

So let’s look at Christianity—the dominant religion in society—as it is interpreted properly in a social context, which is what the founders did. They found in Scripture life and liberty.


Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (John 8:32)

Any “truth” that people seem to know but does not liberate them is no truth at all.

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” (John 10:10; cf. Deut. 30:19)

Destruction of life and freedom does not come from God, but living life to the full does. Life itself is a gift of God.


Live as free people, but do not use your freedom as a cover-up for evil; live as servants of God. (1 Peter 2:16)

Our founding documents, going in the opposite direction of communism-socialism, proclaim life and liberty—the opening of the Declaration of Independence, for instance. And so everyone who chooses them, which are ultimately derived from God, will live free and prosper. Only then will humans stop destroying and immolating themselves and the weak by depriving all of us of those two social virtues.


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