Outline of the Medieval Age

This post goes from 476 to 1500 and outlines history, especially church history, philosophy, and literature. Even during those 1,024 years, one can find church reform movements and shining lights.

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Outline of Ancient Roman Civilization

This outline of basic facts and events goes from early Roman settlements and the expulsion of the king in 509 BC to the fall(s) of Rome in the fifth century AD. This post looks as history, philosophy, literature, and the early church. Continue reading

Outline of the Hellenistic World

This post outlines history, philosophy, literature, and art and architecture and goes from Alexander the Great (356-323) to Caesar Augustus (31 BCE to 14 AD).

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Outline of Classical Athens

This post outlines history, philosophy, literature, art and architecture and covers mainly the fifth and fourth centuries BCE, with some events a little before that century. This is the birth of democracy and philosophy, literature, and the arts.

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Outline of Archaic Greece

This post goes from 1900 to 478 BCE and covers history, politics, and literature, particularly Homer.

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Outline of Ancient Egypt

This post is part of a series of outlines on civilizations that have influenced the Western world. This post looks at history, religion, art and architecture, and literature of ancient Egypt and goes from 3100 to 525 BCE (conquest by Persia).

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