The Washington Families of Virginia

George Washington had no natural children, so the names in this post, from primary sources, are his siblings, parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, nephews, nieces, and cousins.

Please note that the original immigrants, Col. John Washington and his brother Lawrence, were royal gateway ancestors; that is, they descend from royalty many generations back, but they moved to America.

Therefore all (or most) of the Washingtons here descend from royalty as well. However, some of the Washingtons in southern Virginia counties are difficult to connect to the ones in northern, central (coastal) and western Virginia counties.

For George’s direct lineage, please click on this link:

George Washington Direct Lineage in Virginia

These data posted here are raw and uninterpreted (except when George’s direct line is noted and in one or two other entries). You can have the fun of sorting them out.

Westmoreland County

The Washingtons began in this county and fanned out to different counties as the generations multiplied.

16 May 1659

Nathaniel Pope of Appomattox

Son Thomas when 21; son Nathaniel; wife Lucy; son-in-law John Washington; son-in-law William Hardidge; wits: John Washington, Lawrence Washington, John Rosier; probated 20 Apr 1660 (Vol. I)

21 Sep 1665

John Washington (George’s direct line)

To be buried on plantation where I live by the side of my wife that is already dead and two children of mine; to my eldest son ___ by my father[-in-law] Pope made over to me; to son Lawrence 5000 acres (my share of land) in Stafford Co. taken up by me and Col. Nicholas Spencer, other land on Rosier’s Cr., etc. To son John W. land where I live purchased of David Anderson, land at head of Rappahannock Cr. etc.; wife her thirds for life; Anne Washington daughter, a diamond ring; brother[-in-law] Thomas Pope; sister ____ ten pounds I have in England. Bro. Lawrence Washington and wife Anne Washington; probated 10 Jan 1677 (Vol. I)

For a transcription of this will, please click on this link:

George Washington Direct Lineage in Virginia

22 Jan 1697/8 (1698 by our dating)

John Washington

To be buried on home plantation by father, mother, and brothers; wife Anne, home plantation at Appomattox; son Lawrence, land on upper Machodick, Stafford Co., purchased of Mr. Francis Dade; sons Nathaniel and Henry, personal property. My brother Lawrence have care of son-in-law; son Nathaniel, land at head of Appomattox Cr.; son Henry land in Stafford Co. Probated 22 Feb 1697 (1698) (Vol. II)

11 Mar 1697/8 (1698 by our dating)

Lawrence Washington, Gentleman (George’s direct line)

To be buried by father, mother, sisters, brothers, and my children. Friends William Thompson, clerk, and Mr. Samuel Thompson, one mourning ring each; godson Lawrence Butler, 1 mare and 2 sows; sister Anne Wright’s children, slaves etc.; sister Lewis; cousin John Washington, Sr., of Stafford Co. cousin John Washington’s eldest son Lawrence my godson, one servant; godsons Law Butler and Lewis Nicholas 275 acres of land; wife Mildred ¼ of estate each; daughter Mildred Washington ¼ of estate and 2500 acres on Hunting Cr., Stafford Co.; brother Francis Wright; wife exec and cousin John Washington of Stafford and Mr. Samuel Thompson; probated 20 Mar 1698 (Vol. II)

For a transcription of the entire will, please click on this link:

George Washington Direct Lineage in Virginia

13 Mar 1731

Ann Bayley

Granddaughter Ann Quisenberry; great-grandson Banam Burch; granddaughter Elizabeth Cox; great-grandson Bayley Washington, 2 negroes; Jane, wife of Giles Esther; Benjamin Akers 20 shillings; William Brown 20 shillings; granddaughter Mary Washington and her husband Henry Washington; granddaughter Ann Quisenberry and her son Baman (sic) Burch and his sister Ann; probated 25 Oct 1732 (Vol. VIII, no. 2)

5 Feb 1739

Lawrence Washington

To son John one-half my land; sons James and Thomas, the other half between them; to wife Elizabeth, all moveable estate and she to be exec., probated 24 June 1740 (Vol. IX)

29 Mar 1744

William Aylett

Land and slaves from my decd. father William Aylett of King William Co. and my first wife’s father Col. Henry Ashton, decd. To my two daughters Elizabeth and Anne, issue of my first marriage, when they are 21 years of age, and if they die without issue to my wife Elizabeth; land and mill in Westmoreland Co. and land in Fairfax Co. to Anne and Mary her children; my brother John Ayleett, decd. My brother Philip Aylett; brother Benjamin Aylett, decd. Major Lawrence Washington, son-in-law Augustine Washington; brother Philip and Daniel McCarty execs (Vol. X)

8 Aug 1754

Robert Vaulx

Friend John Elliott and his two sons in Prince ____ County; daughters. Milly and Molly Vaulx, land in Brewton’s Neck; daughters Katy and Kenner, land in Nominy; daughters Betty and Sally, land purchased of John Elliott; Sally to live with Mrs. ANNE WASHINGTON; Molly to live with Mrs. Randall; daughter Milly to live with Sarah Pearce; daughter Elizabeth to stay with my wife until she is 16 years of age; daughters by former wife; children by my present wife; son-in-law LAWRENCE WASHINGTON, a silver ladle and suit of mourning; Brererton Kenner, clothing; William Bernard, law books; Thomas Shradrack; probated 28 Mar 1755 (vol. XIII)

18 Sep 1758

Augustine Washington

Son William Augustine, negroes and other personal estate at age of 21 years; decd. bro Lawrence Washington; daughters. Betsey, Nancy, and Jane £1000 each [huge!]; wife Jane to exec with Fielding Lewis, Richard Henry Lee, my bros George and John Washington; codicil 16 Feb 1762: My wife being delivered of a son named George (not that George); wife in descent from her grandfather Col. Ashton; my bros Samuel and Charles; children my sister Lewis and of my sister-in-law Mrs. Booth, wife of William Booth; probated 25 May 1762 (Vol. XIV)

14 Feb 1760

Robert Bushrod, Gentleman

Wife Mildred, part of estate; daughter Hannah Washington, 35 slaves, furniture and land; granddaughters Mary and Jenny Washington, 3 slaves each; daughter Elizabeth Bushrod, land and 41 slaves; to Lydia Bushrod Pettit, daughter of John £10 yearly if her father spend her estate; friends Hon. Richard Corbin and JOHN WASHINGTON, execs.; probated 30 Dec 1760 (Vol. XIII)

11 Feb 1763

Robert Washington

18 negroes to daughter. Sukey, grandchildren Sarah and Robert Townsend Washington, 1 negro each; son John, residue of estate; William Bernard guardian to daughter. Sukey; probated 24 Sep 1765 (Vol. XIV)

4 Dec 1773

Lawrence Washington

Wife Susanna 1/3 estate and at her death to daughters Elizabeth Stork and Katy Washington; son Henry land and 3 negroes; bro-in-law William Stork Jett; sisters Elizabeth, Ann, and Mary Jett, and Peggy Skinker; friend John Ashton, Sr., my riding horse; probated 29 Mar 1774 (Vol. XVI)

4 May 1778

Nicholas Muse

Wife Elizabeth 100 acres in Loudon Co.; sons Jeremiah, Walker, and Jesse; daughters. Penelope Muse, Elizabeth Washington, Mary Randall, and ANN WASHINGTON, 16 shillings each; bro. Daniel Muse; probated 30 Mar 1779 (Vol. XVI)

2 June 1784

John Augustine Washington (one of George’s brothers)

Wife Hannah 1/3 of negroes and ½ other personal estate during widowhood; son Bushrod; son Corbin lands in Loudon and Berkeley Cos. daughter Jenny Washington £600 [huge!] with money and negroes advanced her husband; her husband William Augustine Washington; granddaughter Ann Aylette Washington, 1 negro girl; daughter Mildred Washington,£1000 [huge!], 1 negro and land conveyed by my mother Mrs. Mary Washington and that bought of Robert Washington; my esteemed bro. Gen. George Washington, wife, sons Richard Bushrod and Corbin, execs; codicil 19 Nov 1785; probated 31 July 1787 (Vol. XVIII)

14 Feb 1785

Thomas Jett

½ land and stock by deed to son William Storke Jett; daughter Ann Bernard a gold ring; daughter Mary Storke a gold ring; grandson Thomas Bernard, 1 negro girl; HENRY, son of LAWRENCE WASHINGTON who died in 1776, slaves; nephew Birkett Jett, 1 negro; grandson Thomas Storke, £200; wife Sukey, plantation, 5 negroes and £5, a year, the mill and at her death son William Storke Jett, exec Col. John Skinker; probated 25 Oct 1785 (Vol. XVII)

3 July 1785

John Washington

Estate for life to wife Constant and at her death to be sold and money divided among children; child unborn; daughter Sarah Harper 1 ring as she has her estate; son William Henry, seal with family arms on it; son Robert Lund Washington books and saddle; son Robert Townsend Washington, decd. my seven children Thomas Terrett, William Henry, Thomas Lund, Robert Pitt, George, Louisa Fassaker, Nancy Constantis and child unborn; execs William Fitzhugh of Chatham and my nephew Henry Washington; probated 26 June 1787 (Vol.  XVII)

2 Mar 1786

William Washington

Niece Peggy Buckner, 6 negro girls; nephew John Hooe (sic) Washington, 1 negro; nephew Richard Henry Buckner, choice of riding horses; bro. John Washington, land and rest of estate; probated 25 Mar 1788 (Vol. XVIII)

3 Feb 1791

Thomas Washington

Estate to wife Anne for life and at her decease Thomas Muse Washington, my land whereon I live; daughter Elizabeth Washington; daughter Anne Washington, son William money due his mother from her father Wm Walker’s estate; daughter Jemima Jenkins; probate 24 June 1794 (Vol. XIX)

7 Apr 1794

John Washington, Cople Parish

To Susanna Weston and her daughter Ann, 80 acres of land, and at their death to my nephew George Washington [yes, that George]; to Joseph Redd, personal estate; probated 22 June 1795 (Vol. XIX)

4 May 1794

Richard Henry Lee of Chantilly

To be buried at the Burnt House on left of late ever dear wife as the present dear Mrs. Lee may be laid on my right. Sons Thomas, Ludwell, and Cassius Lee, lands in Fauquier Co. and part of West’d estate; son Francis Lightfoot Lee, the gold seal which was his uncle Arthur’s, the 4 silver plates, spoons, knives, and pronged fork which was Richard Henry Lee’s daughters Mary Washington, Harriet and Sally Lee, Hannah Washington of Walnut farm, Anne Lee of Washington, Henrietta Lee, wife Anne, her dower; Sons-in-law Wm. Augustine Washington, Corbin Washington, and Charles Lee of Alexandria; probated 24 June 1794 (Vol. XIX)

Stafford County

27 Feb 1741/2

John Washington

Son Lawrence Washington, land, silver watch, old slave Hannah and her husband Mingo; daughter Mildred; daughter Anne; daughter Mary, daughter Frances; daughter Elizabeth, daughter Catherine; slaves and mulattoes; execs: wife Mary, Townsend Washington, Robert Washington, Sigsimond Massey and son Lawrence; wits: David Stuart, Tho. Atchison, Henry Washington, Jr., Robert Scott; probated 8 June 1748 by Mary Washington (Stafford County Will Book M, pp. 329-30)

26 Dec 1743

Robert Washington

Wife Elizabeth; Son Robert Washington; son Thomas; son Townsend; son Lun.; son John; son Lawrence; execs: wife, Robert Washington of Westmoreland Co., Gent., Capt. Henry Washington, Richard Foot, Gent., Capt. Philip Alexander; probate 8 May 1744 (Stafford Co. pp. 398-400)

2 Feb 1747/48 (1748 by our dating)

Henry Washington

Grandson Lawrence Washington, land in Mattox with slaves and land purchased of John Eilliott; son John Washington; son Bailey Washington; children’s grandmother Sinceler [Sinclair?]; daughter-in-law Elizabeth Washington; execs: Augustine Washington, Cadwaller Dade, Bailey Washington; wits: John Bucker and Eli (X) Stone; probate 8 Nov 1748 by John Washington, Sr. (Stafford Co. WB Liber O, pp. 20-23)

12 Nov 1751

John Washington, St. Paul’s Parish

Son William; son Nathaniel; daughter Elizabeth (not yet 21), negro woman Nell; slaves are named but transcribers do not include them; uncle Cadwaller Dade; William Bernard; John Short; Lawrence Washington, late of Westmoreland Co. execs: Cadwaller Dade, John Washington, William Bernard, and “loving wife (unnamed); wits: Sam Rock, Frances Washington, Francis Dade; probated 14 Apr 1752; proved by William Bernard, and John Washington, Frances Stuart (late Frances Washington), Frances Dade, and Richard Bernard (Stafford Co. Will Book [Liber O], pp. 218-20)

King George County

11 April 1743

Augustine Washington

This is President George Washington’s father.

For a transcription of the entire will, please click on this post:

George Washington Direct Lineage in Virginia

Fairfax County

30 June 1791

Edward Washington, Truro Parish

Son Edward Washington, all estate, real and personal; he to be exec. wits: Joshua Coffer, Edward W. Washington, James Hereford, Joseph Read’ probated 18 Sep 1792 (Fairfax Co. WB F, p. 160)

24 Jan 1793

George Augustine Washington

Wife Frances; lot and house in town of Alexandria; chariot horses and household furniture; son George Lafayette, land in Berkeley County on south side of Charlestown and raod leading from Harpers Ferry, 1000 acres in district set apart for officers and soldiers of the Virginia Line on the Ohio R., and gold watch; son Charles Augustus, land in Berkley County and 1000 acres set aside for officers of the Virginia Line on Ohio R.; daughter Maria, tract of land of six hundred and sixty six acres and two;  each of my said children 1/4 part of my plantation stocks of horses cows, sheep, and hogs and plantation utensils, to be delivered to them respectively whenever a division of Estate; sisters Francis Ball and Mildred Washington, each the sum of fifty pounds to be paid out of estate for the year 1792; friend Mr. John Packett, fifty pounds;  negro man Charles, given to wife, but if she marries, then Charles to go free, and Charles is to get cashmere blue coat, striped great coat and shirts; brother Samuel Washington, brown coat, buff vest and breeches, my best blue coat, striped scarlet vest and green breeches and a half a dozen new ruffled shirts; brother-in-law Cole Ball my double milled drab great coat; young friend George W. P. Custis, silver hilted sword; executors to present to my dear Father and Mother and to my Aunt Martha Washington, each a ring of five guineas value to be inwrought with some of my hair”; “to my dear Uncle and friend, the President of the United States, I return the golden headed cane which I received from him, I request of him to accept of my grey riding horse and new saddle and bridle; as testimonial of my most grateful and affectionate regard for him”; execs: Wife Frances and Uncle George Washington; probated 15 July 1793; (Fairfax County, WB F, pp. 243-49)

19 Feb 1793

Lund Washington

Wife Elizabeth gets whole estate, both real and personal; no inventory or appraisement be done; wife is exec; wits: David Stuart, Eliza. P. Custis, Patty Custis; proved 19 Sep 1796 by Elizabeth Washington and David Stuart and Patty Peters (lately Custis) (WB G, pp 213-214)

19 Oct 1799

Corbin Washington

Modernized transcription begins:

Wife Hannah Washington and unnamed children and grandchildren; probated 21 Aug 1800 by Thomas Lee sr., Edmund J. Lee, Nicholas Fitzhugh  (Fairfax Co. Wills, WB H, 1798-1801, pp. 180-81)

9 July 1799

George Washington (president)

For a transcription of most of his will, please click on this link:

George Washington’s Will, Investments and Landholdings

15 Nov 1799

Lawrence Washington

Belmont Plantation

Niece Ann Thompson, wife of William Thompson of Colchester, 1000 acres; her son Robert Townsend Thompson (not yet 18 years); their two daughters Elizabeth Lund Thompson and Catherine Foot Thompson; niece Ann she is to get slaves he bought from her husband William Thompson; Ann is to get these slaves: Joe. Aaron, Isaac, Bob, Will, Winkey, Ned, Peter, Harry, Sukey and Alice, “to hold the same until the twenty-fifth day of December in the year one thousand eight hundred and one, after which period it is my will and desire that the said slaves and each of them shall be liberated and remain free from Bondage for the remainder of their lives”; she is also to get these young slaves: Davy, Hanson, Paris, Anna, Berkley, Titus, James, Jenny, John and Jeffrey “to hold the same until they arrive at the age of twenty five years respectively, after which time it is my will and desire that the last mentioned slaves and each of them respectively shall be liberated and remain free from bondage during the remainder of their lives; And I direct my Executor at the time of proving my Will to exhibit a list of their present ages and have the same recorded in order to enable them hereafter to prove the time of their liberation”; execs: Nephew Hayward Foot; wits: Lee Massey, Eliz. Washington, Robert Washington Alexander Wade; probated 16 Dec 1799 (Fairfax County Wills, WB H, 1798-1801, pp. 52-55)

Albemarle County

18 Mar 1788

Henry Washington

Eldest child Francis Maria Washington, one half of my Negroes; wife Ann is pregnant; if child is a male, he is to get half negroes; if a female then whole of estate both real and personal shall be equally divided between my two daughters and should the child above die underage and unmarried then the whole to my beloved Ann; Ann is executor and James Quarles her father with Robert Quarles his son Executors; probated 9 Oct. 1788; Henry Washington, Chiles Terrell, Thomas Meriwhether, Thomas Quarles, James Quarles (WB no. 3, 1785-1798, pp. 50-51)

Berkeley County

This county was founded in 1772 and used to be in Virginia, but was reapportioned to West Virginia in 1863.

9 Sep 1781

Samuel Washington

Sons: Thornton, John Perrin Washington, Ferdinand, George Steptoe, Lawrence Augustine; daughter Harriet Washington; brother John, land bought from him; Isaiah Pemberton, Samuel Pemberton, Samuel Washington, Wm McCormick, David Shepherd; slaves: Aaron, Phil, David, Sall, Nelson, Glascow, Cecillia; execs: brothers George, John Augustine, Charles, James Nourse; wits: Charles Washington, John Cooke, John Lairs; probated 18 Dec 1781 (Will Book vol. 1 for 1772-1788, p. 237-39)

5 Dec 1782

Susannah Washington

Son: John Perrin Washington; daughters Nancy Holding, Susannah Holding; sisters: Willis of Gloster (sic); Lewis of Gloster (sic); Friends: Dr. James Armstrong, Dolphin Drew, John Bryan, James Nourses, Sr., Francis Willis; negroes: Molly, daughter of Lucy; execs: Francis Willis, Jr., William Reynolds; wit: Warren Washington, Jr.; probated 20 May 1783 (Will Book Vol. 1, 1772-1788, p. 310)

26 July 1787

Thorton (sic) Washington

Wife: Frances Townsend Washington; son of Thorton and Frances: Samuel; former wife: Mildred with two sons to her but names never given; guardian to son to first wife: Washington Berry; guardian to son of second wife: the male execs; three half brothers and a half sister; exec: wife Frances, Lawrence Washington, Jr., Warner Washington, Jr.; wits: Augustine Pasmore, Nathan Haines, Thomas Throckmorton; probated 16 Oct 1787 (Will Book, vol. 1, 1772-1788, p. 464)

18 Jan 1789

Division of Thorton’s estate: To Mrs. Frances T. Washington and son Samuel Washington; negroes: Gerrard, Lucy and Child, Dinah, Alce (sic), Jack, Penny and child, James Smith; To Thorton and Thomas Washington: negroes James, Harry, Lucy, Nell, Nancy, Judith; tyo Samuel Washington: Gerrard, Lucy and child, Dinah, Alce, Jack, Penney and child, ad James Smith; To Thomas Washington: Boston, David, Nelson; to Throckmorton: bob, Jude and child, Nancy, Aggy; approved by Robert Throckmorton, Thomas Throckmorton, James McCormick (Will Book Vol. 2, 1788-1796, pp. 34-36)

19 Feb 1798

Rich Willis

Nephew: Perrin Willis; niece: Anna Rich Willis; devisees: Mrs. Hannah Washington of Fairfax Co.; Mrs. Hannah Whiting of Gloucester; Warner Whitin son of Peter Beverly Whitin; slaves: Humphrey and wife Letty, Jemima Oliver, young Humphrey, Laney and her four children; Richard, James, David, Judy and her three children; execs Matthew Wright, Peter Beverly Whitin, Robert Baylor; wits: Israel Ore, Francis Whiting, Ephraim Garrison, William Reiley, T. Fairfax, H. Washington (Will Book vol. 3 1796-1805 p. 251-52)

25 July 1799

Charles Washington

Wife: Mildred; son Samuel; negroes Will Nancy, Fortune, Manuel, Winney; wits: Abraham Davenport, John Briscoe, Alexander Sanderson, probated 23 Sep 1799 (Will Book, vol. 3, 1796-1805, p. 252)

Middlesex County

3 Apr 1765

Henry Washington

Wife unnamed; daughters: Elizabeth Washington, Catherine Washington, and Ann Washington, when 21 or marry; son Thacker; execs and guardian: brother Warner Washington, John Cooke, sr., Thomas Cooke, Matthew Whiting, Sr. and Francis Whiting, Jr. wits: Griffith Eldrington and William Berry (WB E 1760-1772, p. 254-55)

Old Rappahannock County

This county no longer exists, for it was divided into Essex and Richmond Counties in 1692.

28 May 1670

Anne Hoskins, spinster

Deed of gift: Brother John Washington one mare colt lately fallen of the gray mare branded with A H; if he dies before he receives mare colt shall revert back to me, Anne; Test. Wm Gannock, Arthur Spicer; rec. 3 June 1680 (Wills 1677-1682, part II, p. 277)

Southampton County

4 Mar 1747/8 (1748 by our dating)

John Washington

Son Arthur, daughter Elizabeth, son John, son Thomas, daughter Faith, daughter Mary, son Jesse; exec wife Elizabeth; wits: Charles Crosby, Thomas Washington, rec. 14 Mar 1754 (WB I, p. 137)

10 Dec 1761

Arthur Washington

Wife Sarah, son George, daughter Sarah, daughter Mary, daughter Elizabeth, wife of John Abraham; granddaughter Martha Abraham; granddaughter Sarah Abraham; exec wife Sarah and friend Joseph Nowsum; rec. 10 Dec 1761 (WB I, p. 408-09)

30 Dec 1762

William Washington

Sister Mary Hart, niece Elizabeth Hart, cousin Robert Hart, Jr. cousin John Washington, cousin Joseph, son of George Washington; wife Sarah; exec. cousin Joseph Washington; wits: J gray, Aaron Philips, Jesse Browne; rec. 13 Jan 1763 (WB II, p. 14)

11 Sep 1763

George Washington (not that George)

Son George land adjoining Richard Johnston and James Jordan Scott; son Joseph; execs sons George and Joseph Washington; wits: James Jordon Scott and John Beal, Joshua Beal; rec. 13 Oct 1763 (WB II, p. 56)

10 Oct 1763

John Washington

Brother Jesse, sister Faith Washington, sister Mary Washington; exec brother Jesse; wits: Benjamin Bailey, Joseph Philips, Aaron Philips; rec. 8 Jan 1767 (WB II p. 181)

5 Nov 1780

George Washington (not that George) of Nottoway Parish

Wife Sarah; daughter Martha, son David, land adjoining Joseph Washington; provision of unborn child; execs wife Sarah and Henry Briggs; wits: Joseph Charity, Mary Johnston; she qualified as admin of will; rec. 9 Oct 1793 (WB IV, p. 38)

6 Sep 1770

Arthur Washington

Son James, land adjoining Benjamin Blayely (Bailey?); brother Jesse Washington and Joseph Philips; son Arthur, land given me by my father; son Amos, land descended to me from my brother Thomas, decd.; daughter Olive Washington; execs friends Joseph Washington and James Gray; wits: J Gray, Jesse Carrel; Micajah Holleman, qualified as exec; rec. 14 June 1787 (WB IV, p. 209)

2 Oct 1800

George Washington of Nottoway Parish (not that George)

Son William; wife Easter (sic); grandson Henry Johnson, son of Matthew Johnson and Sally his wife; remainder of estate to be sold and divided among all my children then living; execs son William and Davis; wits: Joseph Bracy, Arthur Drake, James Whitehead; rec. 20 Oct 1800 (WB V, p. 213)

Surry County

9 Nov 1724

Richard Washington

Son George; son Richard; son John Washington; son Thomas; son James; son Arthur; day Elizabeth Lanier, son-in-law Sampson; daughter Priscilla Washington; daughter Ann Washington; daughter Faith Barker; daughter Mary Hart; grandson Thomas Lanier; grandsons Arthur, Richard and Samuel; grandson John Washington, land in Isle of Wight Co.; Richard and Joseph Barker: John Simmons and Howell Edmunds, overseers of will; probated 15 May 1725; wits: Howell Edmunds, Daniel Eelbank, Richard Shaky (Book 7, p. 583)

Isle of Wight County

6 Mar 1764

Sarah Washington

Legatees Timothy Tynes, the son of my brother Robert Tynes; the money I received from my husband’s estate of Joseph Washington; sister Jane Tynes; my father’s estate to be divided among the five children of my brother Robert, viz. Robert, Henry, Mary, Jean, and Sarah Tynes; execs: cousin Timothy Tynes, son of my brother Robert; wits: Robert Tynes, Sr. Robert Tynes, Jr., Mary Tynes, Robert Tynes qualified, Timothy Tynes being under age; rec: 6 Apr 1764 (Book III, WB 7, p. 334)


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  1. Thank you for this page! I am a Direct descendant to John Smith (AKA Francis Dade) 1650 Warwick Co Va- MY SAR Qualifying ancestor is Rev. Townshend Dade

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